Well  don't worry you never look like an idiot while crying, especially to me

Her heart and mind jumped as she heard a deep voice from behind her.

She quickly stood up and turned and looked at the owner of that deep voice who was standing in front of him, handsomely, beautiful smirk plastered on his face. Moments passed and both of them kept looking at each other, as there were only two people in the whole world. Joong ki smile slowly fading and his throat bobbed as he killed his instinct to hug the girl who was making him fall for her even harder, just by her gaze.

Both of them broke their contact, when several voices interrupted them,

"Well here you are noona, we were wondering where did you go."
Yeobeen quickly turned to wipe her tears.

"Well uhm, I was busy on phone."
She tried to make up.

"But noona you left your phone behind, hyung came after you as soon as you left to give you your phone. "

"What? "
She half screamed

"Did he listen to all things? Yeobeena, you"
A thought came across her mind.

"Dy, "
Dong Yeon nodded

"Well I looked around but couldn't find her, I just reached, here is your phone"
He said coming closer to her and gave her phone.

"But I easily spotted noona from the doors. "
Both Yeobeen and joong ki gave Dong-Yeon a dirty look.

"Aish, this couple they look like they will kill me. Well it's worth it"
He thought to himself.

"Gon, have you talked to yoonhye why didn't she come?"
Yeobeen who had completely forgotten about her friend, because of arrival of a certain person, asked.

"Yes, she messaged, she got caught up in some work, so she is not able to come. "
He replied

"Oh, it's strange, she herself said us to meet here. "
She said.

"Well, juana we should leave now, we are getting late, you know. There are so many places I want to show you. "

Joong ki said walking towards the actress and he himself cringed at the last line he said.

"Yah, Joong Ki you can't play with her just for teasing yeobeena."

While Kwak Dong Yeon successfully turned his laughter into cough and Yeobeen practically rolled her eyes and clenched her fists.

"Dy we should go now, I have to return to hotel too."
She said smilingly not taking any wrong meaning.

"Well, dong Yeon I will take your car you can come by cab or something. Give me your keys".
He didn't ask him just told him that he was taking his car.

"Dy hyung."
He obliged.

"Than excuse us, "
Joong ki said after taking the keys.

"It was so nice to meet you, miss Yeobeen sshi, I hope we meet again. I really liked meeting you. "
Dalrio came closer to Yeobeen and hugged her.

Yeobeen too try to hug her back but she couldn't at first,

"Yeobeen hug her, she is so sweet and she has done nothing. "
She thought to herself and hugged her back.

"It was good to meet you too, miss delrio. Hwaiting for your film."
She said too with a fake smile of her face.

Joong ki chuckled at her,
"She is a top class actress on screen but in real she can't hide her emotions well."

Delrio said goodbye to all of them and joong ki bowed without looking at yeobeena, he left.

She was standing there seeing two people going away, her heart beating sadly, she didn't want one of them to go but it looked like he was going farther and farther away from her.

"Well we should leave now too" .
Yeobeen said as they disappeared from her sight.

"I will go first, I will take a cab" .
Yeobeen told them.

"I will drop you" .
Kim gon said.

"No, your route is different. I will go by myself. Goodbye than. Take care both of you."
She waved them at without stopping went out to look for a cab.

Both of men standing there sighed hard on her departure. Both of them turned to look at each other the same time and laughed hard, high fiving each other.

"Well, we succeeded. I didn't think that they talk but at least they met. "
Dong Yeon said.

"Haha yes, your plan was good, when yoonhye first told me I was a bit hesitant but now it feels good to succeed. But juana was not in plan right? Why did you invited her?"
Kim gon asked.

"Well, I thought we should tease noona more, Delriosshi call came by chance and at that moment that idea popped up. So I invited her. Well it was good that she arrived, did you look at noona face? "
Kwak Dong asked laughing.

"Haha yes, it was all red and I could barely control my laughter when joong ki stormed out when you said that yeobeena is blushing. The expressions on his face were priceless."
He laughed too.

Both of them met 1st time but since they were included in the same plan, it looked like they were old friends when they walked away still laughing and talking.

2 days earlier in Vincenzo's group chat.

Lee hang na: "guys what's uptade on joong ki and yeobeena? Did they solve the problem or not? "

Yang Kyung wo: "nope, it doesn't look like. I meet joong ki yesterday, apparently he was happy but I know deep down he is missing her so much."

Yoon hye : "same goes for yeobeena, she pretends that everything is good for her and she is happy but her smile and everything about her has changed. I hate both of them, we gave them three whole months, we didn't they get together? 😡😡"

Taecyeon : "patience, patience let us think of something."

Kwak Dong yeon:" yes, now we must do something we have waited enough. Let's formulate a plan. "

Yoon byung hee: "Guys, I have an idea. Why don't we make them meet somewhere, maybe they would realize, if they meet each other."

Taecyon: "yes it's a good idea, but they will not agree" .

Kim hyeong mik: "but what if they don't know, we will make it look like a coincidence that both of them are at same place at same time."

Lee Dal : "well yes it's a good idea."

Im chul so:" guys I know what we should do. Yoonhye you were saying right that you will meet Yeobeen with that doctor guy. Let's select a place, you ask Yeobeen to meet you there and does anyone have plans to meet with joong ki this weekend? "

Kwak Dong Yeon : "yes I told him today that I will come to meet him when he is free. "

Im chul soo: "well it's settled than, Dong Yeon you bring joong ki to the hotel and Yoonhye you bring Beenie there."

All of them applauded chulso for such a fantastic idea

Taecyeon : "wow fantastic it's a really good plan but why dont we do something to spice the things up?"

Lee hang na: "what do you mean?"

Teacyon: "well, Yoonhye you were saying that the doctor guy and Yeobeen are really good friends right."

Yoonhye:" yes, he is a good friend to me too and I am with him at the moment. "

Taecyon: "daebak daebak. Then let's listen guys, Yoonhye you don't go there with Beenie, ask him to be there with Beenie, and when Dong Yeon will bring joong ki ask him to act like he is really close to Beenie, care for her and all those things in front of joong ki hyung. I know hyung will get so much jealous. It will be an exciting."

Kwak Dong yeon:" wow yes it's a good idea. I will also say some sentences that will make hyung to feel more jealous. Wow, I am excited it's like we are in a drama. "

Yeohwa:" I want to be there with you guys too."

And everyone agreed to them and they decided that they will throw a party when both of them finally gets together.

Taecyeon: "OK our hacker girl, go and tell the doctor and make sure he doesn't tell our Beenie otherwise tell him that you will hack into his accounts or something "

Yoonhye: "yes babo😂"

Taecyeon : "yah, I am not babo call me boss. "

All of them started to tease each other, anticipation building inside them for the meeting of their two beloved people.

Yoonhye who was at the moment in the hospital canteen where Kim gon worked, she went to hospital with one of her friends and was now here sitting with him, waiting for him to bring coffee.

"So how are you? Hectic days? "
She asked smiling looking at him who looked tired.

"Routine, but it's my off tommorow and the day after tomorrow" .
He replied laughing.

"Well than we should meet with Beenie, she was asking she is free now too. She was saying she missed us."
She told him

"Well yes, let's meet on day after tommorow. I miss her too."
He replied.

"Well, you two have become pretty close friends".
She said as she looked at him smiling his handsome smile.

"Haha we two are pretty much close too. All three of us are."
He said pointing towards him and yoonhye laughing.

Yoonhye heartbeat missed as she saw her handsome face, full of laughter.

"Yah where are you? "
He waved his hand in front of her face who was day dreaming.

"Well, I am here, actually I have a favor to ask. But before that if you don't mind can I ask you something" ?
Yoonhye said clearing .

"Woah it sounds serious, hacker girl. Yes go on ask, you don't need permission "
He said.

"Well, uhm do you by any chance like yeobeena? I mean not in a friend way but in uhm other way? "
She hesitantly asked and waited for his response.

"Please say no, please say no,"
Yoonhye heart was screaming.

He neither said yes nor he denied, he had a strange smile more like smirk on his face.
"Why, why do you ask? "
He asked her.

"Tell me first."
She insisted.

"Well I don't know, I don't know whether I like her in that way or not. I really like her as a friend and maybe deep down I like her in other way too but that sentiment is so much less, it's not like I deeply like her or something, I think it's only a type of crush and I don't want to ruin our perfect friendship. If you ask than no I don't like her in that way because it will ruin our friendship and all of us already know who she likes."

"Than you don't like her, I mean you don't want to be involved with her romantically right?"
She asked to make sure coming forward.

He smiled at her impatience
"Yess. "

"Thank God," she exclaimed loudly and sat back

"Haha what?"
He laughed at her.

" Aniyo aniyo, you are taking it wrong way"

She was sure her cheeks were turning red.

And to remove attention from herself she told him all about the plan and his role.

"So that is the thing, can you do that? "
She asked.

"Well, I am not sure I am not a good actor. "
He was hesitant.

"It's too easy and remember it's all for Beenie we both want her to be happy right. Let's help her than"
She tried to persuade him.

"Okay, I will try to act good."
He smiled
"By the way, what will be my reward"?
He asked her teasing her.

"Well", she posed as if she was thinking, "I will take you out for dinner and fulfill your one wish. Just tell me the date and time, I will make sure. "

"Haha are you sure?"
He asked eyeing her suspiciously

"Dy Dy, doctornim. "
She bowed both of them laughing hard and talking.

Present day


Yeobeen reached her home and went straight to her room without even greeting her mother.


"Well, what happened to her? She went in good mood. "
Her mother thought.


On entering the room, her eyes went to the bouquet of flower on her side table, the pastel flowers had already lost their color but it was like their soul was alive, Yeobeen had no mind to throw them as it was the last gift he gave her.


She quietly lay down on her bed, her heart feeling heavy after seeing him.


"What does my heart aches so much".
She asked herself putting her hand on her chest.


"Yah calm down, why did you beat like a crazy person after seeing him? And why it felt like you stopped working when you saw her happy with another woman. You shouldn't act like that. "
She scolded her heart.


She opened her phone and press the gallery app, various pictures appearing, she went to an album labeled ❤️ and many pictures of herself and joong ki appeared, she scrolled through them, opening some of them, memories and moments flooding in her mind and tears leaked from her eyes. Subconsciously, she opened messaging app and her fingers went to a specific chat, she pressed to open it and scroll to read all of their conversations.


Him telling her that he really liked his acting and projects.

Him telling her to just be comfortable with him

Him telling her that she is most prettiest.


Him telling her that she is really a rugby ball and a ray of sunshine not only for him but for others too.


Him telling her that she should have faith in herself.


Him telling her to meet because he missed her.


Him telling her that she means the most to him.


Him telling her that she shouldn't pay heed to all those rumors and they should stand by each other.


A tear escaped from her eye, but she continued scrolling to read


Him telling her to be safe.


Him telling her that for him her happiness is the top priority and he will do anything to see her happy.


Him telling her jokingly that he is falling deeper for her.


And than


Him telling her... nothing


as there were no more messages, their long conversations ended. Tears flowing from her eyes as she started to cry with sobs as she was missing the man she loves and she wanted to be with him at that moment


After dropping dalrio at her hotel, he was driving aimlessly on the deserted streets, don't know where is he going, where his destination was because the destination he wanted to go, he couldn't go there because the doors were close for him.

He was driving his car and than stopped looking around to see where his heart and mind has taken him and it was the place where everything was started.

It was the place of their first meeting, their first confession and their first kiss. He slowly opened his door to get out and went to the spot where he had always met her.

He sat down on the ground, the beautiful river rushing in front of him, to him the rushing sound of river was similar to his heart sound which beating hard since he met her again after 3 months.

"Yah calm down, he patted his chest lightly, why are you beating so hard after seeing her? Don't behave like a child."
He scolded.

He opened his phone and unknowingly his fingers went to the messaging app to look at certain someone chat, he clicked open the chat and scrolled through it, memories flooding in his mind as he looked at the messages of

Her telling him that she was really a big fan of him in her early days.

Her asking her that how does he always have a great energy.

Her asking her about necessary vitamins.

Her telling him that he is really handsome

Her telling him that he should take proper rest after shooting.

Her telling him to take his meals on time.

Her telling him to call because she misses him.

Her telling him that she will remain by his side no matter what

Her telling him to remain safe

Her telling him day by day he is becoming the most important person in her life.

And than
Her telling him... Nothing,

It was the end of their conversation there was nothing more to scroll down.

Tears flowing out from that grown up 36 years old man eyes because he was missing the woman he loves and he wanted to be with her at that moment.

Two weeks passed but of them didn't meet see each other again,both of them waiting another beautiful coincidence so that they could see each other again but nothing happened. The two of them wanted to meet each other again but more than them the whole vincenzo family was desperate. When Dong Yeon had told them about the restaurant day, all of them were really happy to learn that they were right and both of them really missed each other. Each of them were sure that maybe both of them would contact each other now or meet again to sort out things, but their hope didn't fulfill as both of them hadn't contacted each other. Two weeks had passed and it was getting on their nerves that why aren't the contacting each other.

Yoon byung hee : "Any uptade on our jeonki couple?"

Kwak dong Yeon :" none, I hate both of them. "

Yoonhye : "Same, why aren't the telling the other what's in their heart. I thought maybe after seeing yeobeena with gon, oppa would try to do something . But no. "

Kwak Dong yeon: "same I thought too maybe after seeing hyung with another girl Yeobeen would try to meet him. "

Taecyon: "2 weeks has passed and there is still no progress what should we do now. It's like the damage is down but a final blow is remaining and when the final blow is given everything will get back and fit. "

Yehwa: "yess I was thinking it too. Some final push must be given to them or to any of them."

Lee dal: "than what should we do? And whom should we talk to first?"

Taecyon: "whatever our plan or prank would be let's do it with yeobeena. Because all the breakup thing was her doing. Uri cenzo hyung 😭"

Yoonhye: "Although I love Beenie but I agree let's do it with her."

Lee hangna: "But what about plan does anyone have a plan? "

Dongyeon: "I don't even have a pla of plan"

Taecyeon : "ohh my dongeseong watching FRIENDS? "

Dong yeon: "hahaha you got me. "

Im chulsoo: "Aish you guys, talk about your dramas in private later let's solve  this important matter first"

Yoonbyunghee: "I have an idea, it's a bit childish but given their feelings for one another it should work. "

Lee hang na: "what's that?"

Yoonhye: "well me and hwaso and meeting yeobeena today, so what if we told her in between conversations that something happened to joong ki during shooting or he got injured or something like that. I am pretty sure she wouldn't say anything in front of us that time but maybe she would go to check on him. "

Yeohwa: "yes we will pretend that we are taking to each other but will make sure that she hears us and we will say that media doesn't know it yet because joong ki oppa didn't want to hype up his injury or something like that. I am up for it. "

Yoonhye: "yes I like this idea too. I know she will try to check on oppa in one way or another."

Dongyeon: "but what if nothing happens that what? "

Taecyeon: "than we will forcefully make them meet each other. But I think this technique will work, the emotional technique".

Lee Dal : "hwaiting byung hee hyung and noona"

The weather looked gloomy that evening, she was standing in her room watching from her window, as the rain drops were slowly falling on the grass and leaves, for them it was a blessing but she didn't know why all of it were increasing her sadness. If she hadn't plan that evening with byung hee and seohwa, she would have hopped into her bed and tried her best to not reminsince about the past.


She got ready quickly, by the time  it was started to rain a bit faster, she even thought about cancelling the plan.


"Well no, I have to meet them. We had made plan one week earlier".
She thought to herself turning her phone off.


She took the taxi to the restaurant as she didn't want to drive that day. She could easily spot byung Hee and seo Hwa sitting. She waved at them.


"Annyeong, it's been a really long time"
She came and hugged both of them


"Yes, our schedules didn't meet, but I am glad we made time today although it is raining. "
Yehwa said.


"Yes, I agree."
Byung Hee replied.


The three of them kept on talking about their schedules, new works and life during their meal.
Yeobeen recieved a message from her manager and she got busy for a moment. Both byung Hee and yehwa looked at each other and nodded.


"So yes what were we talking about?"
She asked she put down the phone.


"We were taking about glitch, oh chakamand.
Byung he said raising his hand.


"I think I am getting a call, oh it's dongyeona."
He said pretending to pick up a call.


"Hi dongyeona, how is he now?'


He asked acting if Kwak dong Yeon was on phone on the other side but in reality, no one was on the other side.


"Aigo, thank goodness. He is alright. He made us so much worried. No no don't worry tell him we won't tell anyone. "


Both Yeobeen and yehwa were listening to him talk to dongyeon on other side Yeobeen not understanding what's going on.


'Dy Dy, make sure to give him my greetings. You too take care. Dy bye."


After sighing he cut of the phone, yehwa trying her best to not laugh out loud and at a moment when she lost it she successfully turned her laugh into loud cough causing yeobeen to pour water for her.


"What happened oppa? Did something happen to dongyeon? "
Yeobeen asked looking at byunghee worriedly


"Aniya, dongyeon is right, joong ki is the one who is..."


He kept on saying but stopped after saying his name.


Yeobeen felt like the whole world around her stop on hearing his name.


" What happened to him?"
Her heart asked.


Yeobeen kept on looking at byung Hee so that he could complete his sentence but he didn't. He acted like he shout out a big secret.


After some moments she found the courage to ask,
"What,"she paused,"what happened to him? 


"Uhm well"
byung Hee decided to add suspense and looked at yehwa, she too took his hint and both looked down.


"What happened? "


Yeobeen voice started to tremble she wasn't ready to hear anything bad. He should be alright, he must be alright.


"Well, joong ki forbade us to tell anyone but actually he got into a huge incident during the filming. He and production company have decided to try their best so that media companies doesn't find out as he doesn't want it to be hype up."


Yeobeen felt like her heart stopped beating. From the tones of their voices it looked like he got into a serious injury.


After a minute or so, she tried to process the information and asked


"How is he now? Is he better?"


She tried her best to steady herself and her tone.


'Yes, Dongyeon just called me to tell that. He has shifted home now. The doctor has told him to remain at bed for at least 2 weeks. Omo, it's a miracle he survived."


He said dramatically. At his response, not only Yeobeen but also hwaso turned to look at him, Yeobeen eyes looked like they were ready to cry whereas hwaso eyes were questioning him because all this wasn't included in their idea. The decided that they wouldn't made his injury that big.


Yehwa stomped on byung Hee foot under table so that he could stop and he tried his best to stop the gasp escaping from his mouth.


Whereas Yeobeen was quiet, to her the surrounding around her doesn't matter she could only hear the huge sound of rain drops and thundering of clouds, her heart was beating fast and at any moment she could broke down. She tried her best to compose herself and smile but she couldnt bring herself.


"How could I not know? I don't know what to do. I want to see him, I want to meet him."
All thought were swarming inside her head but her face was expressionless.


"Uhm, I actually have a schedule  so uhm I will leave first."
Yeobeen stood up and tried her best to keep her voice normal.


"Dy, Dy it's getting late now and it's raining hard too". Should I drop you?
Yehwa offered


"No, I will go by myself."
She said and waved them goodbye.


When she left the restaurant, she kept on walking, doesn't realizing that she forgot her umberalla. The rain water was pouring on her and within a matter of seconds she was all wet. Her eyes were also flowing and she didn't know whether it was her tears or rain waiter. She stopped a taxi and her mouths on it's own said the place name. She didn't even know why she wanted to go there. But she did. After reaching her destination, she slowly got out of the taxi, and looked at the place in front of her. It was like she woked up just now.


This was the place where everything started. The place of their first meeting, their first confession and their first kiss.


She slowly made her way to the spot they always met at. The river was rushing in front of her, the thundering of clouds and the rushing sound of river all making her miss him and wanted to see him more. By the time she was fully drenched in rain and tears were flowing from her eyes. She sat on the ground, her hands covering her face as she was sobbing loudly,


"Mianhae Joongki chincha Mianhae. I don't know what happened to you. How are you. I just want to see you joong ki. Mianhae"


She didn't know why was she apologizing but her sobbing became hysterical as she thought that the man she loves was seriously injured. The man who left everything he was doing as soon as he knew about her injury was laying in the bed suffering but she wasn't there for him. All those thoughts were making her cry more and at that moment when a thundered rolled loudly she decided, she decided that it was enough. She will go and meet him, she will go and see him with her own eyes.


She quickly stopped another taxi and gave him the address of his apartment . After reaching the destination, she slowly with heavy steps started to made her way to his apartment. She didn't what she would reply if he asks her why is she here. At that moment her only thought was that she wanted to see him and she will see him no matter what.


After reaching in front of his door, her heart pacing first, worrying in what condition she will find him. At first she tried to rang the bell but her hands stopped.


"I wonder if he still has the same password. What if he changed it? "
She wondered as she typed the password.




She could remember joong ki telling her.


"I have changed my password to 1926 you know both of our's birthdates. It will be easy for you to remember and you can come whenever you want."


Her heart ached again as she remembered his cheerful voice.


It was the first time she was using his password. Because in past she always went with joong ki and didn't find the need to use it anytime.


She was a bit shocked as she heard the lock opening with a beep.


"Why," she thought, "why didn't he changed it."


She quietly open the door of his apartment and made her way inside. Her hairs dripping rain water and her eyes and face all red due to crying.


She could hear voices coming from his lounge.


"Who is here", she wondered to herself.


Her ears heard a huge sound of laughter, a female laughter and her feet stopped. They stopped on their own as the entered the lounge and Yeobeen regretted, she regretted why she came here. Why did she fell into his trap this easily. The purse engripped in her hand fell on its own with a loud thud as she saw the scene in front of him.


Many Empty alcohol and soju bottles were on the table, some bowls of ramen and other dishes could also be found but her eyes stopped on two persons in front of her. A perfectly fine, dashingly smiling song joong ki sitting on the floor and a beautiful woman, sitting on sofa, laughing hysterically, hitting him in between.


Both of theirs' heads turned into the direction of voice and for joong ki it was like he was dreaming.


He couldn't believe his eyes when he saw the person standing in front of him, shock in those eyes that were looking at him and for the first time he thought that those eyes also have resentment for him.


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