After coming back home, yeo been told her mother about her new drama news and she was so happy to learn that at last her daughter's hard work has started to pay back and when she told her that the male lead could be Song joong ki, she became so excited as she was a big fan of his

"Don't forget to get his autograph for me. "Her mother told her

" Omma noo i am going to be his co-star how can I ask it" . She was embarrassed even at the thought of it.

Aigoo my no good child i will ask him myself

She smiled at the thought of her mother doing it.

"omma, now at this happy occasion why dont you make my favourite spicy kimchi plus i will order some fried chicken?" . She asked her mother after changing her clothes

"Araso araso. I will make it for you. But this is last time. Now you are offered a big role you should care for your diet no more cheat days and eating unhealthy" . Her mother scold her.

"Sometimes i think you are not my mom but miss bora. You are too strict omma." She replied back

Just than she recieved a message from miss bora, that she have to get ready for tomorrow as she will meet the director and writer including the male leads, song joong ki and OK taecyon, so that they can bond better and finalize schedules.

"Ohh so OK OPPA is playing the other main role. It would be nice to meet him again. He is such a nice guy" she thought to herself.

Omma omma, don't cook the food i told you just give me milk and i will sleep i have an important meeting tomorrow and i can't afford my face to get all puffy and have pimples because of chicken and kimchi." She told her mother getting up

"Thank god, my daughter has some sense in her, Now what made you think of such great initiative and drop you favorite meal" her mother asked

"I am meeting Song joong ki, OK taecyon and the writer and the director tommorow. I have to look for my best dress and there so many things i have to do. There is so little time." she replied while running to her room

"Yah yah dont hype up. Now i tidied up you closet today find the dress and prepare it for tommorow. And don't you dare to make the closed untidy again." Her mother was shouting at her but she was running to her room to prepare for her big day tommorow.

The next day

Song joong ki, in his lavish room, was getting ready to meet his costars and director writer duo. He wore a white shirt with black jens paired up with black mask and his favorite black cap. He double checked the location and drove to the hotel in his car. When he reached the hotel, he was greeted by ok taecyon and writer and director.

"oh biande,it looks like I am late.I thought that the time was 5.00 clock and its 4.30 and all of you are here seated waiting for me" . He said apologetically after sitting at a comfortably in the sofa in front of the director and writer. Taecyon was seated at the chair beside him

"Haha aigo our Song joong ki, the nice and punctual guy, dont worry you are right on time. Its just we came a little early. Mr park and I thought that we should be present to greet you when all of you will come" . The director said with her contagious and beautiful laugh. "But OK here reached even before us"

"It's because my house is so close that's why I came easily and dont worry yeobina has not came either". Taecyon assured him

"Oh yeobina. I think you and jeon yeo been are are really close" . Mr park

"Haha not that close but we filmed together in save me so we know each other."Taecyon replied back while laughing.

Just than, he saw her entering their private room,wearing a black long dress with bead shaped earings with minimal makeup and a bouqet of white and red flowers in her hand.

"Anneyong, biande, I reached at time but I thought that I should come with something as I am meeting all of you 1st time so I ran to the nearby flower shop to buy this. Please accept it."

She said breathlessly, her face red with embarrassment and gave a 90° bow.

Mr park, Miss kim and Taecyon were laughing hard and he was just looking at her smiling.

" Hahaha aigo aigo take are breath girl. she is just like what i have heard about her, beautiful and loving, khinchina you are on time and no need to worry. kumawo for these beautiful flowers. And now sit and drink a glass of water." The director became director and ordered her while laughing.

There was only 1 place for her to sit, beside joong ki at his sofa,as the director and writer were sitting at the sofa in front of song joong ki and taecyon was seated at a comfortable chair beside song joong ki's sofa.

She embarrassedly made her way to Song joong ki and positioned herself beside him after giving him a bow.

The writer poured her a glass of water and she drank it at instant as she was so thirsty.
The director whose fav hobby was laughing, laughed again at her impatience, "I think our filming site will be full of laughter because of you, yeobina, Hahaha"

She smiled shyly at them. Just than the waiter came and ask them to order after ordering and chit chittang. The director told them their schedule according to which their shooting would start from day after tomorrow.
They discuss various things, locations, props, other cast members,script. At the end, all of them were looking like a group of 5 friends laughing hard together at jokes made by taecyon and director.

"I guess our yeobina is very shy." The writer remarked while eating food, "and look her face is all red. Is it because you are seated beside the handsome joong ki?"

"Haha ani, I am not shy its just i like listening to all of you. All of you are my sunbanims. I want to learn from you." She replied with a smile

(Smooth talker, joong ki thought to himself.)

"Haha yeobina, you didn't gave the reply of the 2nd thing are you in a fan moment with our handsome Vincenzo??"
The director back

"Anni," she replied back in rather high tone her face blushing

All of them including Joong ki looked at her in rather amused way

"Ohh so you are saying that uri joong ki hyung is not handsome or are you saying that you are not his fan?" Taecyon back

He looked at her with a little smile waiting for her reaction.

"No no, I mean yes he is handsome and I am his fan but i am not in a fan moment oh I dont know what i am saying oppa why are you teasing me too?" She replied hastily, her cheeks turning red like a tomato

All of them including him were laughing hard at her.

" Ok, no need to tease our chayoung more". He said with smile on his face in order to make her comfortable

"Haha as vincenzo Says."The three of them said

"Gumawo sunbanim," yeo bina whispered to him smiling shyly.

"No need". He whispered back

He wanted to tell her that there is no need to call him sunbanim but didnt say as he didnt want to make her uncomfortable.

"Okay so all of us will meet on the filming site now with other cast. All of you must take care and stay healthy. All of us have to make vincenzo a blockbuster drama not for media but for ourselves too. All of us should be a family by the end of this drama."

The writer said energetically and they all toast to vincenzo and new beginnings.

After drinking several glasses, they decided to leave, all of them were in their senses,except yeo bina,who was dozing off at some instances due to drinking.

Taecyon had to leave early. He left after saying them greetings.
The writer also had some work pending so he left too.
Now it was only three of them the director, joong ki and a drunk but in her sense yeo been.

"Ok so I will see both of you at the shooting day, then, take care both of you." the director said to them as all of them were ready to go.

"Yeo bina, how will you go back? You seemed a bit drunk? Should I drop you?"The director asked her in a worried way

"No director nim I will call my managernim. She will pick me up."
She said in rather slow voice.

"Are you sure? I can drop you." The director asked again

"No no gumawo. I will call her. You should go now you have other meetings too."
She said while seeing her off giving a full 90°bow again slowly

"Okay than take care". She waved back to both of them.

After her departure, silence fell, as a bit awkward song joong was standing at parking lot with a but drunk yeo been.

"Uhm, so,"he cleared his throat to get her attention.

"Ohh sunbanim you are still here. You should go to" . Yeobina said after noticing him standing there

"Yes, but you should go too, did you call your manager?"
He asked her

"No, yes I am going to call her."She was dozing off as the time was passing.

She searched through her bag for her phone but couldn't find it.

"Ohhh", she exclaimed, "I think I have left my phone at my house."

"Than do you remember your manager's number you can call her from my phone."
He asked her.

"Thank you sunbanim." She said while slowly typing her manager's number and pressing dial button

After several minutes of trying there was no response

"What, isnt she picking up?" He asked in a worried tone

"No. I dont know wae". She replied while handing his phone back to him

"Than how will you go now?" He was worried about her

"I will take a cab no need to worry sunbanim you should go. I have taken a lot your time. Kumawo for your help."

"Are you sure you can take a cab? I can drop you if you like?"

"No no we shouldn't take risks. What if people see us? I will be okay. Don't worry. Bye". She said while walking towards the road to get a cab

He was still worried about her but she was right too he couldn't take such risks. He started his car and drove aimlessly on the streets a part of him looking out for jeon yeo been on the streets. Just as he was turning around, he caught a glimpse of her, sitting alone on footpath, saying something to herself in a drunk tone.

At that moment, a flashback of their first meeting came to his mind. Same way of sitting, doing the same thing
"the girl hasn't changed a bit, he thought  to himself angrily," what if someone recognizes her, she is not even at the start of her career and she is taking such risks."

He got out of the car and start walking towards her slowly and cautiously making sure no one recognizes him, not that alot of people were but he still had to take care.

For a moment, he stood in front of her, but she didnt look up, she didnt even notice that someone else was there looking at her.

He than sat on the path beside her and cleared his throat in order to get her attention. But still no response
That girl, he thought to himself

He than whispered "Yeobinshi" getting close to her so that only she could hear.

On hearing her name, she jolted and bumped her head with his who was sitting close to her.

"Oooi, my head, biande". She said while patting her forehead

He patted his forehead too and replied "kinchina"

"Kunde,How do you know my name"?
She in a drunk tone asked as she didnt recognize him

"It doesn't matter,I will tell you in car lets go I will drop you home or call your manager again. We shouldn't be seen here". He told her getting up

"No, i don't want to go, I am waiting here for someone". She told him

"Oh so i was worried for no reason, someone knows you are here, is it your manager? Should I call her to ask where she is?". He said feeling relieved

"No, it isnt my manager, It is some stranger, I dont know who he is and will he will come or not but I should wait as I promised.but who are you?"

She said in a low voice, looking at ground

A huge thundercloud rolled at that moment and song joong ki who was returning back to car to take out his phone, stopped dead at his tracks, and was taken back in to the evening of 7 months ago

" Haha, anni, I will always remember you." He heard a cheerful and drunk yeo been's voice from past

"And how do I know that you will remember me?" He heard his low voice smiling at her

"Haha, I promise if ever I get my main lead role. I will wait for you to tell"

A laughing yeo been's voice said to him

"Haha and how do I know that you will be waiting and where are you waiting "
He said back slightly laughing

"Thann..." She said looking around here and there in a drunk manner, "you see that department store in front of this park, I will wait for you there and if it would be closed than on the footpath"
She told him

At that time, he laughed her off, thinking the girl is drunk and she is just blabbering.

But now at the moment, when he looked in front of him he saw it, the place where they first met. Drizzle began tou pour and he turn around to look at the girl who was looking around sadly, waiting for someone, not knowing that the person she was waiting for is standing right in front of her.

And song joong ki, he was in shock at nature's ways, the girl had fulfilled her promise which he had forgotten about and he was unknowingly present at the moment, at the same place.

"By any chance , are you the same person"? The drunk girl asked him looking at him expectantly, waiting for his response

He was bewildered and thought to himself as he sat down on his knees in front of the waiting girl, looking at her face and unconsciously removing the strand of hair covering her face

Is it fate.... Or destiny??


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