The sky was beginning to pour and on the footpath of an area of seoul, two people were sitting looking at each other unsure of their future.

"So are you the same person?" Jeon yeo been asked again

Her question pushed him into reality and he removed his hand lingering lightly on her hair strand. He pushed down his mask so that she could see him.

"Ohh joong ki sunbanim? This is you. Biande i couldn't recognize you because of mask"
She said coming into her senses.

"Its okay" . He said to her. "I am going to call your manager I hope she picks up"

"Why are you going to call her? She was not present there mentally

" To pick you up, if a reporter or someone finds you here your career will be doomed. Now get up and sit in my car. I will try to reach her."Song joong ki said while dialing her manager's number

"Dy sunbanim." She said while making her way towards his car with difficulty.

"Here, let me help you." He opened the door for her. "What's the name of your manager?"

"Miss bora."She told him

"I think you should keep your mask on your face," he said hesitantly to her as she tried to remove her mask, "we can't afford rumors."

"Oh yes sunbanim, biande" she apologized and put on her mask

"Anneyong, Is this miss bora, jeon yeo bin shi manager?' Song joong ki asked as the call was picked up

"Yes, who are you, sorry I couldn't recognize your voice." Miss bora replied.

"Oh I am song joong ki, I called to tell that can you pick yeo binsshi and drop her home. I don't know her address therefore I couldn't drop her myself." He asked.

"Where is yeobina? Why didn't she call me herself? Is she alright?"
She became worried

"Yes she is alright just a little drunk and she forgot her phone that's why she couldn't call you. I will text you location. We are in a black BRV car."
He said

"Are you two alone? I mean where are other three? Don't tell me you two are alone." She exclaimed

"All of them left as they had pending schedules and yes we are alone that's why I am asking you to pick her up."

"Don't worry, keep on your masks don't let anyone spot you. I am coming"
The manager rushed at him

"I called your manager, she will arrive shortly to pick you." He told her while shutting the car door and putting on his mask

"Gumawo sunbanim, biande I caused you so much trouble on our 1st day of meeting."
She said while half bowing towards him

"Kinchana". He said, "your manager seems quite strict. She didn't like the idea that you were here with me alone"

He told her in order to avoid awkwardness

"Don't take her serious, she is always like that, she don't want me to be caught up in any controversy. Therefore maybe she didn't like the idea of you and me being alone"

She absent-mindedly told him

"Oh, than didn't she oppose the idea of you doing your big project with me?"
He asked while looking at her, searching for answers.

At his words, she turned to face him, silence fell between them

"You are right, she didn't like the idea" . She was telling him slowly, "kunde I dont care about such things. If a thing is bound to happen it will happen. Even if I didn't accept this offer, if I am bound to caught up in some rumor or get bashed I will get bashed whether I work with you are not. So why should I drop this perfect chance of working with you and working in this perfect drama just because of your's past or some insensitive people remarks."

She was still drunk, but all of those words she just said were coming out of her heart.

Song joong ki, looked at the girl, and admired her for her bravery and her thoughts.

Just than a horn from a car beeped and he saw a woman coming out from her car making way towards his car

"Uhm I guess this is your manager, you should go now. "He said to her clearing his throat

"Yes, she is my manager, gumawo sunbanim. You are really as I heard about you caring and kindhearted."

She said her thumbs up in the air and smiling cutely to him

Unconciously, his hand on its own accord move forward towards her hand, yeo been for a moment came to her senses at his touch, she looked around her manager who was just a few steps away from the car. She looked at the man lightly holding her hand who whispered to her in low voice

"There is no need to call me sunbanim. You can be comfortable with me."

She was shocked at his tone, her cheeks turning red but before she could reply, her manager knocked at the window ordering to come her out.

On the knock, he came at his senses too and hastily left her hand and looked here and there as he was searching something to hide his embarrassment.

Jeon yeo been, opened the car door, her manager scolding her, but she couldn't pay attention, her attention was fixed at the man sitting in the car still not looking at her.

"Joong ki shhi, gumawo for all your help tonight" , her manager thanked him and he said no problem with a small smile.

"Now wait here and come to sit in the car when I start it". Her manager left to start the car and she stood there awkwardly. She heard the car being started and her manager signaling her to come and sit and joong ki starting his car to leave.

She was making her way to the manager's car, just as she was few steps away from it, she unintentionally stopped and ran back towards song joong ki's car which was just turning to go away.

He timely put his feet on brakes and tyres screeched. She came towards his window's site and he lower the window and asked in a worried manner

"What happened? Are you alright? Did you forget something?"

"No it's just I forget to tell you something". She said, her cheeks turning red.
"I wanted to say, gumawo" she stopped for a second, "gumawo oppa for everything."

She said and than ran hurriedly without even seeing his response towards her manager's car which drove away, leaving a half shocked half amused song joong ki in his car at her new leading lady antics.

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