Shooting for vincenzo started and all of the cast became very busy. Both Jeon yoe been and Song joong ki started to grow close to each other and with the other geugam people as shooting proceeded and all of them could be seen as a family on set. The drama set became a gift for them especially for, joong ki, for whom it became a healing point, and jeon yeo been played a great role intentionally or unintentionally in making him happy.
The set was filled with laughters and the most beautiful and contagious in all of them was of director's kim. She took care of all the staff and actors and treated them like family.

At first, yeo been was a bit shy but later she became more cheerful and happy and comfortable with the people around her.

Song joong ki and jeon yeo been started to become more close to each other as days passed as they spend most of their times together shooting and rehearsing and the free time with staff and other cast. Joong ki, first realized, how much unintentionally he became close to jeon yeo been, when she had a day off 1st time from shooting after 4 months due to promotion for her upcoming film.

When joong ki arrived at the set that morning, he noticed that a specific cheerful voice has been missing. After a while, he asked the director :
"Where is yeobina?"

"She had her day off. She has to do some promotions for her film"
The director replied while looking at the script

"By the way, why are you asking? Are you missing her?" The director

"Haha no, its just I thought there were her scenes."He replied not knowing what he was saying

"Dy dy". The director nod her head jokingly

"Haha I am serious." He was laughing too

"Haha I didn't say anything" . The director was laughing hard.

He got up to rehearse his action scene. After returning from set, he took a shower and sat at couch, thinking

"Am I really missing her? Why did I keep looking for her hoping she would show at set today?" He thought to himself

"Isn't it obvious that you are missing her and who wouldn't you both are together all of the time on set. You have been together for last 4 months. It's natural and she is your friend" . A voice from deep inside him implied

"I hope its just friendship and nothing else I can't afford another rumor."
He said, as if telling himself sternly.

He got up but his thoughts remain fixed on her. Their 1st and 2nd meetings, their fun on sets, their pranks all of them were coming to his mind.

" What is happening to me why can't i think on any thing else?"He became angry at himself

He should have known something was unprecedented when he found himself unable to shake the feeling off, as he did effortlessly so many times before.

He picked up his mobile, and his fingertips pressed the contact icon. He wrote J and there was her number in front of him. He was unsure what to do

"What's the reason that I call her or send her a message? what will I say?"
He thought to himself

"Why are you worried as if you like her? She is your friend don't friend converse with each other?" A voice whispered back

"Yes,we are good friend. I will call her to ask about her movie or schedule. There is nothing else to it." He assured himself.

He pressed the call button. No one picked up. Just as he was declining the call, releasing the breath he had been holding, he heard a sleepy voice of yeo been

" Yeobisayo. Who is it?"
Her voice was much like a person who has been awoken from a deep sleep.

"Uhm, its me". He replied slowly.


"Whooo??? Why did you wake me up from sleep." She was annoyed
She took the phone off her ear to check tha caller's id.
When she saw his name, reality hit her and she sat straight up on her bed

"Oh biande oppa, I thought it was some prank call. I was sleeping therefore I didn't saw the name when I picked up."
She said, her voice became clear

"No, its okay. I didn't know that you could've slept. I shouldn't have called" . He replied

"No, actually I was tired when I came back from shoot therefore I slept early. Otherwise I sleep late."
She told him while resting her back on the bed crown, now fully awake

"You should sleep early, it's good for you." He stated just to keep the conversation going

"Yeah everyone tells me so but I can't sleep. Usually at this time, I am out on streets taking stroll alone".
She told him

"Why?" He curiously asked

"I don't know. I think one should take some time our for himself however busy his routine is. It helps you to relax and work better. Since I missed it early today, therefore I am thinking to go out now." She replied thoughtfully

"At this time? Its 10 PM. Isn't it late? You shouldn't take such risks now. What if people recognize you?"
He asked

"Don't worry oppa, I am not that popular. No one knows me."
She replied smiling a sad sarcastic smile

"Why are always like that?" He asked her in an angry tone.

"What happened oppa? What do you mean?"
She was taken aback by his tone

"Never mind, I just called you to ask about how was your day, but sorry I disturbed your sleep. Than take care, bye"
He cut the call before she could speak.

"Why she is always that unhopeful for herself? Why don't she just appreciate herself just like she appreciate others".
He was angry at her.

"I Shouldn't have talk to her that way" He said to himself after a while.

"I will makeup to her by bringing her favorite coffee and donuts tommorow."

Whereas on the other side, a walking jeon yeo been on street was puzzled about joong ki's behavior.

"It is unlike him. He doesn't get angry"
She thought to himself
"Did I say something wrong? And he called me 1st time too I wonder what happen at set today. Maybe I had unintentionally did something wrong
I will apologize to him tommorow."

She went a little far but couldn't feel like it, so she returned back and went to sleep again knowing that it would be hard for her to sleep peacefully again as her head was full of joong ki's thought.

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