The next day, jeon yeo been arrived at the set a little earlier than her time.

She liked to go early to the set just like her other cast members. Song joong ki,after the director was the person who used to arrive 1st as he was time punctual. That day he was a little late than his expected time.

"Where is joong ki? He didn't arrive yet. It's strange. He is an early bird."
The director said wondering

Yeo been also looked at the clock and wonder why he hasn't came yet.
"I wonder if he is alright."
She thought to herself.

"Ok,yeo bina you can start reharsing if you want to. After the scene with plaza people which we will shoot now,
you have the art's gallery scene you remember right?"
The director said to her.

"Yes,let me get my script from my tent". Yeo bina replied.

"I will get it for you." One of staff member said

"No no, unni take rest I will get it myself" . She smiled

One of her staff member had an off today and the makeup staff didn't arrive yet as she told them that there is no need to come early. Only the staff member who drove her on set was present there,busy talking with another staff member in front of a coffee truck.

She went inside her tent and looked around for script. Her sight stoped at the table where her favorite cafe's Americano and chocolate donout were present

"Is it for me? Who put it here?"She said herself"What's that?"

"Mi dispiace.Spero che mi perdoni."


A sticky note was pasted on the coffee cup


A smile crawled on her lips. She could not understood those words but she was smiling holding that coffee cup in one hand and sticky note on the other because she knew only 1 person can write it and to think of him made her smile without knowing.


"Haha what's that?" She said to herself


And song joong ki stood there at the door,watching her smiling as she hit a jackpot.


"Uhm, so,"he cleared his throat a beautiful smile on his lips


She looked at him who was standing half way on the door with a mesmerizing smile looking extremely handsome, rays of sunshine coming from behind him, making him look more beautiful. She stared at him, her heart skips a beat.


"I know I am so handsome but you shouldn't look me like this. People will get wrong idea."He said teasing her


" Haha no, it was just, never mind." She became embarrassed, her cheeks turning pink.


" So did you accept it?" He asked while coming inside her tent


"Accept what? I don't understand what's written on the note so please Chama(translate)."
She said with a smile doing mama mia style.


"Hahaha", he burst into laughter, which made him look even more handsome, and came close to her and stood beside her, their backs resting on table.


"It means", he said while taking the note from her, "I am sorry. I hope you forgive me."


"Haha so this is what you wrote" She said amusedly


"UhmHmm, were you expecting something else?"
He said teasingly putting his face in front of hers , looking at her eyes directly. Only later he realized that he shouldn't have like this


She was shocked. She became quite flustered, her face turning red


Moments passed and they remain in the same place, a blushing yeo bina and now a awkward joong ki in front of her, only a few centimetres apart.


When joong ki realized their distance he too became quite flustered.


Both of them were just directly looking at each other unaware that the other person's heart was just beating as fast as their's.


After some moments passed, reality hit him hard and he abruptly straighten hismelf, his back clashing hard with the wood of table


"Ouch", he exclaimed,"sorry I shouldn't have done that."


She asked worriedly getting close to him


"Yeah yeah, I am okay."
He said unconsciously taking a step back and turned to go back. As he was leaving the door, he stopped for a moment, his back still towards her.


"Uhm, I just wanted to apologize for my last night's behavior. I shouldn't had gotten angry on you."
He said slowly


"It's ok. I also wanted to apologize to you. I don't know what I had said that made you a bit angry, but still biande, oppa."
She said saying oppa a bit lightly


He turned towards her and walked to her


"Why do you have no trust or no appreciation for yourself? You make all of us happy, you make all of us feel loved, you appreciate all of us but why don't you do all this for yourself."
He asked her in a concerned voice.


"It is not that oppa, Its just reality. I know my work is not tha popular or appreciated but I don't want success. I just want to happy with the people I like. And I am happy oppa, happy that I am working with such an amazing director, writer and cast, happy that I am working with you oppa."


She replied while looking at him trying to smile. her face a bit dull.


" I know you are happy but just tell me why don't you appreciate yourself and your work, why don't you appreciate yourself as an amazing human being who spreads laughter everywhere she goes, who has taught us what happiness really is,who is like a ray of sunshine for us." He paused to take a breath and came closer to her.


He stopped for a moment and than hesitantly took one hand of yeo been in his hands. He resumed while looking at her hand, his thumb caressing back of her hand, not knowing what he is doing


" I don't know about the others. But this is what you are for me. You taught me what happiness really is."


He said to her in a low voice and at the last word, he looked up to her face.


They were staring at each other not knowing what to say, yeo been's hand still in his hands and she too didn't try to get her hand out of his grasp.


Minutes passed and they remain at the same position looking at each other, searching for themselves in the other.


After what looked like an eternity, they heard a knock on the Door.


He dropped hers hand and turned to go back.


Just than the door opened, and yeo been's makeup artist appeared.


"Oh biande, I thought only yeo been unnie was here."
Her manager bowed after seeing joong ki standing there.


"No were were finished. I was just going back" and without stopping for a moment he exit the tent.


"Biande unni, I didn't know you were busy."
Her makeup artist said to yeo been


"No no, we were done, he only came to give me the coffee."
She said forcing a smile on her face.


"Unni, do you have a fever, why are you so red? "
Her makeup artist came close to her putting hand on her forehead.


"No, I am just a little tired maybe that's why. Let's get done with the look than I have to go and rehearse."


She said while sitting at the chair. She was only present there physically,because her mind and heart maybe too,were busy with the thoughts of person that just left and his words.


Song joong ki, who abruptly left the tent stopped before going inside to meet the director to catch his breath.


"Omg, what have I done? Why did I pick her hand? Gosh, its so awkward.
It isn't like me, I never pick up my co-stars especially ladies hand like that. What's gotten into me."
He was embarrassed


"Hey, why are you late today and why are you all red?"
The director came outside as she saw him coming.


"There was traffic so I got late and maybe I am red because I ran here from the parking lot."
He didn't know what to say


"Okay, now come inside and rest for a while, most of the plaza people have arrived, yeo bina too went to her tent to get the script. I wonder what's taking her this long."
She said to him.


"Huhum."He just nodded not knowing what to say.


" Today we have to shoot the scene here and than at the art gallery, you remember right?"


he director asked him ruffling her hands through the script.




The art gallery scene? NO, He exclaimed a bit loudly


"What happened? Today is that scene shooting too and after that your scene at the plaza's roof with Paulo's men. Didn't you go through the schedule last night? It's unlike you."she paused"Are you alright? You were even late from your fixed time not that I have any problem but I know you are extremely punctual and you haven't even saw the schedule. Is everything alright? If you don't feel like it, take the day off today. Maybe you are tired. Yes go home and take rest."
The director was worried about him




No no, I am okay, I thought there was some other scene due today and I was a bit tired yesterday so I couldn't go through the schedule. Biande"
He said while smiling.

"You sure, right?" she asked again

"Dy directornim". He replied

But his thoughts for fixed on only one thing. The art gallery scene,which means the kiss scene with jeon yeo been & what he had done earlier, he thought, he couldn't even face her let alone kiss her.But now he had to, as the circumstances demand.

"I am a professional actor, I shouldn't have done it. Now matter how close we are how good friends we are, I shouldn't have done any of it at her tent. I don't know why I am that worried about her, why I want to get close to her, get her attention, want to be liked by her?" He was frustrated at himself.

"Now it can't be undone, only you should pay a price."
A voice from himself whispered back. "You must act professionally around her and towards her too. Even if you like her, there is no future for both of you. Have you even thought about her will she even accept you because of your past and maybe if she likes you too there is no future for both of you. No doubt she is a loving girl but people have their priorities too and you yourself don't even want her to come close to you, to see the lonely side of you,it will only bring pain to both of you. And you know you can do anything in the world to not see her in pain."

"Yeah, you are right. Only I can pay the price and I will, by distancing herself for me. I cannot see her getting hurt because of me. She has enough problems in her life too and I don't want her to be worried because of me. I can do it. I have done it once before too and I can do it again too. I don't want my dark past to haunt her beautiful future."

He told himself strictly and sternly and calmed his heart that was beating irregularly and sadly.

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