Chapter 18


Song joong ki was in utter shock when he saw the girl standing in front of him, water dripping from her hairs and clothes. Her face all red as if she had been crying badly. But now her face was turning more red because of the anger building up inside her. She was clenching her fists tightly and looking at the man in front of him with dislike.

"Ohh, yeobeena. You didn't tell me that you invited her too."
The girl who was none other than juano delrio stood up from the sofa and started to walk towards her as usual smiling.

Unconsciously Yeobeen took a step backward. She kept on going backwards not caring about the girl who was approaching her, and just when she felt the door she turned to open it and left.

Joong ki who was in complete shock came to his senses when he heard the door shutting loudly.

"What happened to her? "
Delrio asked.

"You wait for hyung, I will come back in a minute."
Joong ki said running towards the door.

It was raining heavily outside and for Yeobeen it felt like everything was falling hardly on her heart. How she saw him perfectly fine, laughing with another woman. Tears began to flow from her eyes as she made her way. The rain pouring hard on her and she could hear footsteps running behind her.

"Yeobeena, yeobeena wait".
She could hear his breathless voice. But she kept on walking. Ordering her heart to not listen to this man.

"Yeobeena please wait. "
He came behind her and pulled her from her arm. He too was all soaked up by now because of the rain.

Yeobeen stopped but didn't look at him.

"What you just saw inside, it's just a misund

" I have not asked for any explanation and neither I have the right. Leave me"
She said in a cold tone without even looking at him.

"Yeobeena please, just look at me. Listen to me.
He pleaded.

On his words, she looked at him who was pleading her and forcefully pulled her arm from his grasp.

"Don't just don't follow me."
She said and turned to kept on walking.

He came in front of him making her stop.

"Yeobeena please. I have done nothing "
He tried to hold her hand but it was enough for Yeobeen.

Tears were falling from her eyes as she slapped the person in front of him and the person was in shock. He was shocked at the action of person standing in front him.

"You said you have done nothing wrong , she now began to say her hands grabbing his shirt by collars," "you said you have done nothing. Than what about the prank you and all of them played at me? Do you have any idea what was going inside my head when I heard the news, do you have how worried I was, it felt like my heart was going to burst. Do you even care about me? Did you thought that what I would feel after seeing you with that girl after making me fool. I hate you I hate you just get away from me. "

She was crying hard and hitting on his chest. He didn't understand what she was saying the only thing he knew was there is a huge misunderstanding and he will resolve it no matter what. He grabbed her hands that were hitting him hard and started to walk back to his house pulling Yeobeen with him.

"Leave me, I don't want to go inside. Leave my hands."
She was struggling against his tight grip pinching his arm in between but he didn't care.

Both of them stopped when they saw two figures with umbrella coming out of his house.

"Well joong kiya we are going to leave now. What isn't that miss Jeon Yeo been sshi?"
One of the person who was none other that joong ki bogata film costar, Lee Hee joon asked as he came near them.

Yeobeen was a bit taken aback as he saw him with delrio. Using the distraction as an advantage she quickly pulled her hand.

"Dy" , she replied in a small voice.

"Ohh it's great pleasure to meet you. I really enjoy watching your acting. But you guys are all soaked, take this umbrella."
He said pointing to his umbrella.

"Aniya, we were just going back. You guys leaving?"
Joong ki asked.

"Yes, I will drop delrio on way back too. It was really good idea of her that we should do a get together. All of us really enjoyed it."
He said.

"Yess, thank God all of us had free time. It was a day spent good. Yeobeena if you were invited why didn't you came back earlier. All of us really wanted to meet you"
Delrio said with a smile.

Yeobeen didn't understand what was going on.

"Was I wrong? I thought that only delrio was there at joong ki house but it looked like they have some sort of meetup."
She thought to herself.

"Aniya, I just came to check something".
She didn't know what she was saying.

"Oh than we will leave. Good bye. It was nice to meet you."

Lee Hee joon said and both of them waved to those two people standing beside each other pouring rain with no umberalla.

After they left, before Yeobeen could turn, joong ki grabbed her hand again and pulled her with him entering his apartment. This time she too didn't resist as it looked like the puzzle had some missing pieces.

Both of them entered joong ki's lounge, Yeobeen wrist still in his arm. He made Yeobeen sat in the sofa and went inside his room. After a moment later, he brought a towel with him and without saying anything sat on the floor in front of Yeobeen and started to wipe her hairs.

Yeobeen was just watching him doing it she didn't want to spoil the moment but after a minute later she came to her senses.

"Stop it," she said coldly.

But he didn't, he quietly kept on doing what he was doing. Now wiping her face gently but Yeobeen harshly throwed the towel.

"I said stop it".
She shouted.

"Okay, as you say."
He said in a low tone and stood up picking up the towel. Afterwards he went to the kitchen and brought a glass full of warm water and offered it to her.

"Here drink it. It will help you calm yourself"
He said to her.

And it was enough for her. Why wasn't he saying anything why wasn't he talking. All of these thoughts were making her more angry

She abruptly stood up and snatched the glass from him and throwed it harder on the wall. The glass shattered with large sound, its pieces fleeing here and there.

He still didn't say anything. He was just looking at her with an unreadable expression.

"Just go away."
She shouted pushing him harder.

He still didn't budge.

"Why aren't you moving. Get away from my sight. I hate you I hate you so much. Why didn't you think about me. I was so afraid"

Tears were falling harder from her eyes and she kept on pushing and hitting him but he remained still. At the end, he grabbed her hands gently that were pushing him.

Yeobeena", he said in a small voice making the girl who was crying hardly looked at him.

How much I missed him calling me like that.
The girl thought.

"No yeobeena. He made a fool of you".
Her mind told her.

"Don't call my name."
She again tried to get free from his grasp and hit him but failed.

"Yeobeen stop."
He again said in calmly making her stop but her tears were still falling.

He slowly turned her face upward with his hand and wiped the tears that were brewing on her face. His one hand now cupping her right cheek.

"Tell me, what happened?"
He asked in a low voice.

"Why are you asking me that. Didn't you think about me at all? How much I would get worried if I learn that you are badly injured. I didn't expect that from you. You were the one who always said that you don't want me to get worried"

She was saying not looking at him.

"I am injured? Who said that I am injured? "
He asked now a bit taken aback.

"Don't pretend like you don't know. You made the plan with them. You know I would come running towards you If I find out that you are injured. I didn't know to get me back you would do such a thing. You would make fun of my emotions."

After giving him a final push she sat down wiping her tears and gave her face in her hands

"You have got it wrong. I am perfectly fine and I have made no plan with anyone. Who are you even talking about?"

He asked sitting down on his knees.

"You know me, I can never make fun of you."
He tried to remove yeobeen's hands from her face.

But before Yeobeen could reply, she sneezed loudly making both of them jump.

"Oh Mianhae, "
She said on reflex

"Look at you, you are all soaked up. What if you catch cold. Come here. You know I hate seeing you in hospital bed. "

He said worriedly and forcely picking her up. They both entered his room.

He went to the wardrobe to take out clothes appropriate for her.

"I don't want to stay here. Let me go. I want to go home. "
He could hear her complaining.

Okay, you can go home. I will not stop you but first change your clothes."

He said giving her his casual white button up shirt and a knee length short .

"But these clothes are too large for me and why are you giving me a short huh?"
She again Complained.

" It doesn't matter. Only I am here to see you and this short will become your trouser. Now change. "
He replied.

" Than go outside, would I change in front of you? "

She said hardly shoving him outside the room her mood still bad.

He just smiled at her and left the room. After a moment later, a bit shy and embarrassed but still angry Yeobeen came out of the room, half drowned in joong ki's shirt and his short covering her legs. She had rolled up the large sleeves of the shirt, her collar bone evident as the shoulders of the shirt were continuously falling.

Joong ki came out of the kitchen with a cup full of warm milk but he stopped as he saw the beautiful girl standing in his house wearing his clothes.

"Don't stare at me. I hate you looking at me. "

She said in order to hide her embarrassment but before she could sat down he pulled her towards him making her head collide with his chest.

"Yah,"she groaned but instead of releasing her he encircled his one arm around her waist, his other arm patting her wet hairs.

They both remained still in their positions for what seem like an eternity. Both reminsincing about the time when they used to freely hug each other, both realizing now that how much their arms missed the presence of the other, both realizing that how much really they wanted the other in their arms.

"I missed you".
Yeobeen could hear a small voice of joong ki whispering in her ear.

She wanted to say that she missed him more than him, she wanted to say that she regretted her decision, she wanted to open her heart to him but she didn't she lightly pushed him away.

"If you missed me than why didn't you come to me? Why didn't you say it yourself? Why did you make fun of me and my feelings? Why did you pull that prank?"

She said while turning around, tears in her eyes.

"It's a misunderstanding yeobeena."
He came in front of her.

"No, it's isn't. You planned with them, you planned with them because you knew I would come running to you if something happens to you because because."

Sobs were escaping from her lips as she sat down on sofa.

"Because what" ?
He asked sitting in front of him slightly raising her face with his palm to meet his eyes.

"Because", she paused, tears leaking from her deep brown eyes, making the person in front of wipe them gently.

She wanted to tell him that it's because she loves him but she knew if she says that he will make fun of her.

"Because", she stammered," I don't know. Don't ask me."

She turned her head to the other direction.

"Because you are worried about me right or you love me right?
Why is it so difficult for you to say that you love me, Jeon Yeo been?"

He asked in a deep sensual voice making a shiver ran down in her spine.

"I, I don't love you. It's its only uhm. You are thinking wrong. Let me go."

She didn't know what she was saying but she was sure all her face was red.

But I haven't stopped you.
He said raising his hands smiling a bit.

"Oh yes, yeah. Uhm I am going. I am still angry at you. Don't follow me and I will make sure that all of them will not see me too for helping you "

She said hastily standing up.

"Jeon Yeo been. I hadn't stopped you but now I can't let you go especially tonight. "

He was saying in a deep voice and started walking towards her,unconsciously she took a step back.

"what are you doing? Stay back".
She tried to order.

"I have always listen to you. It's your turn to listen to me now. "

He said now gently holding her hand and pulling her towards him.

"I promise you. I can't even think about making fun of you let alone your emotions. Look I am perfectly fine, I am not injured in any way. You are in some misunderstanding and I don't know about it either. Look at me, why would I do such a thing. I dont even know who you are talking about. Today I was busy whole day. We planned a meetup with my bogata costars and staff. "
He explained her at the end making her look at him because the meetup thing was true

"But byung Hee oppa said that he got call from Kwak Dong"
She told him the whole thing from the start.

"Hahaha, I can't believe it."

He laughed after hearing the whole story.

"Everyone of them knew that you would come to see me if a thing happens to me, so In order to arrange our meeting I think they did it."

After thinking for nearly 15 minutes, evaluating all the things, Yeobeen too understood it but she was still hesitant and all her anger was transferred towards them now
"Yah, I hate them all why did they make fun of me. I mean now I know why they were passing such glances to each other. And byung Hee oppa, omg, who was saying as your health is in grave danger. When I heard that I felt as if I lost you. Aish"

Her anger was now transferred to the vincenzo family and she was speaking without thinking

"Well,they didn't mean any bad. They were worried about us. I think. But yes, why don't we take revenge on them? "
Joong ki said caressing her hands.

"Uhm yess, we will. Do you have any idea? "
She said not noticing his fingers on her hand and he was just looking at her enthusiasm on revenging them.

"Well we will think about it later"
He replied.
"As for now, "
He was saying but was paused by her

" Yah I am still angry at you"
She pulled her hand from his grip as she noticed.

"Now why? I didn't do a thing."
He complained.

"Well what were you doing with her at this time? And why was she at your house?"

She said with a Hint of jealousy in her tone which joong ki easily recognized which was another reason of her crying

" Who?" He asked acting as if he didn't know." Ohh you are talking about juana?"
He asked her smiling secretly.

"Juana?" She said in exasperated tone"Why do you address her like that? Are you that much close to her. I know she is sweet and pretty but still you..

Before she could complete her sentence, joong ki gently cupped her right cheek pulling her face closer to him and lightly kissed her lips but much to Yeobeen dismay he after a moment broke the kiss.

"You look so cute when you are jealous. "
He said smiling rubbing her chin.

"I am not jealous and and why did you kiss me? "

She asked hastily in order to change topic.

"Well, I have read that when two people love each other they kiss and not only they kiss,"he moved forward and whispered in her ear, 'they also make each other souls and bodies their owns."

She pushed him back covering her face with her hands causing him to laugh hard.

He stood up and sat on the Sofa beside her, facing towards her, he rotated her body so that she also faced him.

"Jeon Yeo been."
He spoke in a deep voice making Yeobeen look at him.

She asked.

"I missed you."

These three words for enough for Yeobeen to make her realize more that how much she missed him too, his face, his voice everything and she hadn't even confessed it yet and he have said it two times.

"I really missed you. After you it seemed like I was thrown in a dark pitch. Those three months, I have lost count how much I missed you and wanted to see you in those three months. After your going, I realized, I realized that I don't like you Jeon Yeobeen "

He paused as he too looked at the face who was looking earnestly at him.

She was waiting for him to complete his sentence but he didn't, he kept on looking at that beautiful face and after a moment he completed his sentence

"I don't like you Jeon Yeo been. I love you."

If someone could hear Yeobeen heartbeat at that moment, he would say it with sure that she has abnormal hear beating. She was looking at the face of the man who just confessed to her. She was looking at the man she loves telling her that he loved her too.
She could feel her eyes starting to burn and she didn't know why her tears were coming. Maybe they were tears of happiness.
She thought to herself.

"Where have you gone?"
He waved in front of her face and she came back to reality.

She didn't know what to say. He chuckled at her reaction. He held her hands in his hands. His thumbs moving on backside of her hands.

"Did you miss me? "
He asked her and she nodded slightly her eyes still down.

Are you by chance blushing on hearing my confession? "

He said laughing. She hit him lightly on his arm.

"Don't tease me."
She replied cutely and tried to hide her blushing face.

He was still laughing hard at her.

"If you keep on teasing me than I am going."
She said standing up causing him to stop his laughter.

He didn't move rather he pulled her by her wrist making her land on his lap.
An ouch escaped from .

"Do you think", joong ki's one hand was behind her waist supporting her and the other was tucking the her loose hair strands behind her ear," do you think I can let you go tonight?"
He said in a whisper.

"Do you know how many times, I have wanted you here beside me? Do you know whenever I returned from shooting, how many times I checked my mobile hoping that you would message or call me although I knew that you won't but my heart, "

He picked her one hand and put it on his heart making her face more closer to his. She could practically feel his breath on her face,

"My heart was looking out for you, missing you and it wanted you and how can it let you go when you are in front of it."

He was whispering in her ears making her heart beat more faster that his, she was looking at where he placed her hand on his chest and slowly after a moment raised her eyes to meet his, who was only a few centimeters away from her, in her reach.

Oh I much I missed this moment.

She thought to herself and unconsciously moved her face a bit forward, joong ki took it as her permission and gently cupped her cheek, crashing his lips on her.

Both of them remained still at their places, no one deepening the kiss, they both were feeling and cherishing the touch of the other on their lips, both realizing that how much the missed that touch, both reminiscing about the times, as the their lips moved against each other syncrously, when they wanted the other one to hold them. Both remembering their old happy days, their kisses and they days they spent without each other, crying and missing the other, a tear fell from yeobeen's right eye as she deepened the kiss, uplifting joong ki's face from her free hand by raising his chin, her fingers moving around his jaw, her other hand still on his chest.
He too took the signal and deepened the kiss, his tongue moving around her lips and his teeth biting her lower lip, earning a gasp from her, his hand moving to her chin as he pushed open and entered with force making her grab him from his shoulders. Both of them fighting for dominance, their mouths enriching the taste of other, feeling dejavu, but in the end Yeobeen backed not that she didn't have the energy but because she liked him, she liked how he was savoring her. Gently, he laid her down on the sofa, his body now hovering her, as he pulled her nape, his lips kissing her ferociously. Him on her lip suddenly, as their kiss got faster, made her groan and he stopped.

He raised his face to meet her eyes. Both of their eyes looking at each other, as if telling how much they are enjoying this moment.

Yeobeen raised her arm, was was gripping joong ki's wet shirt, and brought it to his face. Her hand traveling around his face, his forehead, his eyes and his wet and swollen lips. She stopped as her fingers reached his lower lip.

He let her do what she was doing as he too was enjoying her exploring his face. He could see amazement and appreciation in her eyes as she looked at his face.

She lightly tugged at his chin and pulled it and gave him a peck on his lips and than returned back to her position, her hand now caressing his face.

"I missed you a lot. I am sorry. Both of us had to suffer because of me. I am sorry for doubting your intentions. I don't know but seeing you with another girl made me so much angry they way you were laughing with her, they way you were talking to her all made me jealous and I doubted your intentions. Mianhae, chincha Mianha and I am sorry for that slap to I shouldn't have hit you, but seeing you there laughing hand to hand with a girl, when I was imagining you injure really made me so much furious. I am so sorry. "

She was saying with her one hand fidgeting with his shirt collar, moving down to its buttons and other hand around his waist. At the end she raised herself to kiss him on the cheek where she slapped him earlier.

"But you were right, I was jealous and I am not sorry for it. I will get jealous again if you do something like that again so don't do it again. Otherwise I may do it again."

He was smirking looking at the girl who was not meeting his gaze but playing with his shirt button.

"Don't worry. I have no intention of doing so. No matter how much beautiful and tempting the other girl is, don't worry I will not do anything with her."

He said at the end to making her punch his shoulder.

"Yah, I hate you. Go away."

She said trying to push him and squirmed under him and he too stood up but before she could sit, he swiftly picked her up with his hand in bridal style.

"Where are you taking me? put me down."

She was struggling and he smiled and made her way to his bedroom.

"Wait wait, what are we doing in your bedroom?"

She asked raising her eyebrow. He looked down at her and kissed her lips for a second.

"Why did you".
Before she could complete he kissed her again. By time, the duration of their kiss increasing.

Stop kissing and answer me".
She said in between his kisses and punched him again.

"Well we are doing what lovers do in a room alone at night."

He finally said teasing her and than putting her down on his bed gently.

Her shoulders were almost due to the loose shirt.

"Uhm", she didn't know what to reply and he noticed her reluctance.

Yeobeena, he sat down on his knees in front of her.

"If you don't want than I have got no problem. I am ready whenever you are. I don't want to rush things if you don't want them. I am already too much happy that I have got you again. For me your presence and your happiness always comes in first place. If you don't want it than I don't want it either."

He said holding her small hands in his looking at her eyes searching for answers.

And she was just looking at him thinking that what good deed did she do in the past life so that she got a man like song joong ki. The man who always prioritized her happiness and her wellbeing first. The man, for whom, she always cames first.

She put her one hand on his shoulder as she grabbed his nape from other hand kissing him softly. After a few moments she broke the kiss.

"I just want what you want. I only know one thing. That my happiness is only with you and I am happy with whatever you want."

She whispered softly and joong ki took it as her permission and stood up, kissing her without stopping, deepening the kiss as he made her lay gently on her back with him above her.

This time their kiss was full of passion and fire. Yeobeen hands going through his hair locks and grabbing them hard, as he bit her jaw lightly. His mouth travelling from her Jaw to her neck. His one hand supporting his body and the other hand grabbing her nape pulling her closer. He harder on her neck near the collar bone and she gasped loudly, her one hand clunching the sheets beneath her and the other grabbing his shoulders, making him chuckle. They kept on exploring each other, their bodies mingling with each other like the found their mate.

It was pouring hard outside but the temperature inside their room was on fire and Yeobeen was sure that if it wasn't for rain and thunders the whole neighborhood could hear her gasps and moans.

After taking shower and cleaning herself, Yeobeen wore another night shirt and trouser of joong ki and slowly made her way to the bed where joong ki was waiting for her, wearing his night suit all cleaned up.

Joong ki easily spotted that she was feeling pain in her legs and got out of the bed to help her.

"Ani, I am alright."
She said as he picked her up and gently laid her on bed.

"Lay down, I am coming in a moment."
He said putting the blanket over her.

She smiled at the man who was taking care of her as if she was a child. She waited for him and he came after 5 minutes with a cup full of warm milk in his hand.

"I bought it earlier as I knew you would need it after sometime".
He .
"Here drink it. It will give you strength".

He gave her the cup and sat down on mid of the bed beside her. His back against the crown of bed.

She put her head on his broad shoulders, and started to drink the milk.

"You don't regret right?"
She asked after a moment.

" Regret what?"
He asked

"You know uhm" she paused "what we did earlier."
She replied blushing and putting the empty cup on her side table.

"And what did we exactly do earlier?"
He asked playing with her fingers.

"Yah don't tease me."
She replied hiding her face in his shoulders.

"I loved every moment of it."
He replied giving the answer she wanted to hear.

"What about you? Did you enjoy it? Did I hurt you?
He asked her after some moments later now both laying in bed facing each other. Joong ki's arm beneath her head.

"Enjoyed what?"
It was her turn to now.

" Well do you want me to say it?"

He too teased her back and he love when her cheeks turned pinkish red.

"This is our 1st time and your blushing so much hard. What will happen to you in future."
He said pinching her cheek.

"Ouch", she groaned. "I don't know. Don't tease me. Let's go to sleep. We have a long day tomorrow."

She said burying her face in crook of his neck and he gently caressed her hairs not forgetting to kiss her head before going to sleep with her.

The next morning was extremely beautiful it was as like the whole nature was celebrating their love. The September sun rose and shone on the beautifully on the flowers and leaves having droplets of water on them. A cool breeze was causing them to dance in their motion.

Yeobeen woke up first. Although she normally couldn't sleep in New places but tonight, she did. When she opened her eyes, she found one arm under her head and the other on her stomach. She quietly turned her direction to look at the man sleeping peacefully beside her.

She was looking at the man, who always looked like a sculpture to her. Sleeping like this, he was looking in great peace. Looking at him made her remember the last night events and her cheeks turned pink as she remembered. She slowly ruffled his hairs with her fingers gently, so that he couldn't wake up.

"I am so lucky that I have you,"

She whispered and slowly rose up, trying her best to not awake the sleeping man. Before getting out of the bed, she didn't forget to kiss the forehead of the man.

"Aish, eomma would be worried".
She said to herself as she opened the phone and found missed calls from her mother and miss bora.

She called back her mother who picked up after 2 or 3 bells.

"Yah yeobeena. Do you know how much worried I was. Where were you whole night? "
She asked her with a worried tone.

"Mianhae, eomma. I forgot to tell you. I was."

What should I tell eomma?
She thought to herself

"I spent the night at friend's house. It was raining too much outside so I couldn't come."

Well, it's partly truth.
She thought to herself

"Than at least you should have told me".
Her mother scolded her again.

"Minahe eomma, I really forgot".
She apologized again.

"Aish, you never listen to me. Now don't disturb me. I have so many chores to do and I have to meet with my friends too today. You have the spare key right?"
Her mother asked.

"Dy I have you go out and enjoy. Don't forget to give my love to your friends. Bye"
She said and put of the phone.

"Let's see what he has in kitchen."
She said to herself as she made her way to the kitchen.

She looked around and quickly found the contents.

"Well, I at cooking but let's try".
She thought to herself happily.

Within 45 to 50 minutes,the breakfast was ready. She had made soup, warmed up the left over rice and kimchi she found in fridge and also boiled two eggs as she thought it's good for health.

"Wow I am done".
She exclaimed as she beautifully set the dining table but her smile evaporated when she went back to the kitchen and saw it. Dirty dishes were pile here and there. One egg shell was on floor and other other was on slab.

"Aish, when did it get so much dirty?"
She said to herself with her arms on her hips.

"Ouch, my legs."
She groaned as she again felt wave of pain in her legs. She was feeling the pain since last night but after the work today it somehow increased.

"Mianhae for making it hurt."

she heard a voice behind her and two arms wrapped themselves around her stomach and joong ki put his head on her shoulder.

She smiled at him and touched his arms that were wrapped around here.
"When did you wake up?"

"When you were clanking my crockery."
He teased her.

"Oh Mianhae, was I too loud?"
She asked turning her head slightly to look at him.

"A little but you know what. I really liked that sound. The sound of someone outside there doing something from me. It felt really good."

He said interlocking their hands. Both still standing in kitchen.
She smiled at his answer.

"Let's go than, the breakfast will get cold. I will tidy the kitchen after breakfast."
Yeobeen said turning back breaking their hug and went towards the table by pulling him with her.

"I only made the soup and boiled the eggs. The rice and kimchi. I found them in fridge".
She told him as they began to eat.

He first tried the soup and she was expectantly looking at his reaction.

"Is this your first time cooking?"
He asked after he took his 1st spoon.

"Why? Is it that bad?"
She asked him worriedly.

" Haha Ani, it's not bad, I just remembered that eomma told me that you don't cook normally that's why I asked."
He explained taking another sip.

By the time she too had started her breakfast and took her 1st sip.

"Yes I don't cook normally, but today I wanted to."
She replied.
"Well it's not that bad but isn't that tasty either."
She commented on her soup

"Don't worry, I will teach you if you want every morning "
He commented and she choked on her food.

"Every morning?"
She said after drinking water and he laughed at her reaction.

After eating their breakfast, both of them put the dishes in kitchen, Yeobeen again looking at the kitchen wondering from where to start.

Joong ki chuckled behind her and pulled her with him and made her sit on the sofa.

"But I have to tidy the kitchen."
She complained as she sat on the sofa.

"I will do it. You just sit here" .
He said to her.

"But how will you do it alone?"
She asked him again standing up.

" Its just going to take 5 minutes. Watch the clock."
He said again making her sit down and he was true within 5 minutes he was back.

"Wow, you are skilled. You tidy the whole kitchen alone and that too within 5 minutes."
She appreciated him

" Well, I like doing such chores."

He said moving his hands and jumping on the sofa she was sitting at and lay down. His head on her laps. She moved her fingers through his silky hairs.

"I have to go home too. Wake up"
She said to him as he closed his eyes.

"Spend today with me".
He said holding her hands still laying on her lap as she his hairs.

"And what will I tell eomma?"

"Don't worry. I will tell her myself that you are with me. She will get happy."
Joong ki replied.

"Wait wait, were you guys in contact? "
She asked stopping her fingers.

"Yes, there was no need for us to break contact and at the end both of us knew that her daughter will come back to me."
He said teasing her looking at her face from down.

"Well what if her daughter hadn't came back? What made you that sure? "
She said pinching his nose lightly.

" Ouch,"he exclaimed rubbing his nose.

"Well, I knew she would come back. Because she loves me. "
He replied taking her hands again and playing with her fingers.

"Who told you that she loves you? I don't remember saying anything last night. In my memory it was you who confessed to me. "
She replied looking at him.

"Well, what was it, something is playing in my mind yes. It was something like,
Yah yeobeena, don't cry. You can't cry now. You told yourself that you can't cry. It doesn't matter how much you miss him or how much you love him, if he is happy something like that"

He mimicked her voice and replied.

"Oh yah,"
Yeobeen pushed him and got up quickly
" Why did you hear it?"

Joong ki who was down on floor due to sudden attack got up laughing.

"Well anyone could hear it. You were saying it aloud.
He replied.

"Yes but still. I was saying it to myself"
She punched his shoulder.

"Aish,you are a big hitter. I have lost count how many times you have hit me since yesterday. "
He said as he rubbed his shoulder and looked at the girl who was apparently not happy.

He came towards her and wrapped his arms around her waist.

"What wrong with my hearing it?"
He said smiling

"I don't know. I mean you already knew about my feelings and you didn't tell me about yours and you still didn't came to me".

She said looking at him acting sad as she too wrapped her arms around his back.

"I listened it by chance and you were the one who made both of us suffer seperation cara not me. So it was my right to tease you a bit."
He replied kissing her forehead.

"Yes but still. I wanted to confess to you too like you did last night."

She replied playing with his collar and he smiled formed at his lips on hearing her answer.

"Than confess to me now. I am listening."

He said making her look up to him again.

"No, it's now your punishment. I will not say it now".

She said wrapping her arms around his neck.

"Well you don't need to confess. I already know you are head over heels for me me but still I will wait for it. But in mean time".

He said kissing her jaw lightly and at the end tickled her.

"Yah oppa, don't. It already hurts."

She was laughing hard as he was tickling her stomach and kissing her on neck. The whole house was echoing from those two beautiful laughters.

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