As days passed yeo been tried to forgot about all those thoughts she had gotten at her last meeting with song joong ki calling them as bad feelings. Both of them met again on Sunday with Vincenzo's cast and all of them saw the broadcast of last episode together. All of them secretly
shedding a tear at the" The End"words


"I can't believe it's over,"
yeo been said in a small voice after the broadcast ended and all of them agreed to her.

"It only looked like yesterday when all of us guys meet and look more than 8 months have passed."
Song joong ki said

"Yes, but in the end the best thing is we too became like a family." Kim Yong woon(nutria) stated the fact.

All of them eat dinner together, got drunk together, kept on talking about various things, their first impressions, everything and the place where they were sitting was echoing with laughter.

"It's getting dark we should leave now"
Kim hyeong muk said

Song joong ki turned to look at the clock and find it striking at 11.

"Yes its getting very late. We should pack up the meeting"
Song joong ki became song banjang for a moment

"Yes we should."
All of them had drunk a lot but were still in senses except two people
Jeon yeo been and Kwak dong yeon. Both of them were sitting at the corner drinking more and goofing around.

"Yah, song banjang don't become song banjang now let us enjoy. Please"
Kwak dong yeon said with a puppy face looking just like Jang Hanseo.

"He is right song banjang."
Yeo been nodded her head and again took the bottle to pour drink.

"Aigo, look at these two. They are looking proper children now."
Lee hang na said looking at them.

Joong ki went to them and snatched the bottle from yeobeen earning a pouting face from her.

"Why did you take it from me, song banjanggggg??"
She prolonged the banjang word. Joong ki forced himself to not smile

"Yeobeena, get up we are leaving and no more drinks now dong yeon. I can see you."
He turned towards Kwak dong yeo who picking another bottle from table.

"Okay, hyung."
He said now trying to get up. He was more wasted than yeobeen as he had less alcohol tolerance. He stumbled and joong ki supported him to get up.
"Gumawo hyung."

Yeobeen too had less alcohol tolerance but she stood by herself stumbling a bit but than straighted up.

"I am ready too. Let's goo."
She said moving towards the door.

"Yah yah where are you going unnie?"
Yoon hye asked while grabbing her with arm.

"Omg, these two. It was my bad to suggest that we should drink."
Song joong ki scolded himself.

"Look like they can't go on their own. I can take dong yeon with me, his house his not that far from mine."
Lee dal suggested.

"I will drop yeo been  I know where she lives. But can all of you go by yourself?"
Song joong ki asked looking at everyone.
"Seung woo you come with me too. You are also nearly wasted."

"No no hyung I am alright. Look I am speaking and walking properly."
Seung woo replied showing him

"No come with me. I will drop you too."

"No hyung, I don't want to destroy your special time with..
Before he could complete his sentence Yoon hye loudly spoke

"No no song banjang you take unnie with you. I will drop him."

"What was he saying? Special something.?"

"Nothing nothing, he is just drunk" taecyon said coming forward.
"I guess all of us should leave now. Take care everyone."

All of them started to leave party by party and at the end it was only yeo been and him at his house

After all of them left, he too picked up his car key to drop yeo been

"Yeobeena, let's go."
He turned to look at her who was very peacefully sitting on the floor her head laid on his precious sofa, she looked like she was in deep sleep.

He came towards her and crouched down and gently nudged her
"Yeobeena get up. It's getting late. I have to drop you."

She made a voice and mumbled something her sleep he could hear only the sleep world.

"Oh I regret it. Why didn't I remember her low alcohol tolerance. She drank too much. Yeobeena wake up."
He groaned and again nudged her.

"Hmm"she mumbled in her sleep.

"oh joong Kiya, you have landed yourself in a big problem."

He got up and went to kitchen and picked a glass and filled it with water in order to wake her. He went near her and dripped his fingers to splash her face. Just as he was about to he stopped, he stopped to look at the beautiful girl sleeping in front of him peacefully. He put the glass on table and slowly sat down in front of her on the floor, his back resting against the sofa's body. He too just like her laid his head on the sofa in front of her  and stared at her
"She is truly a work of art,"he thought to himself as he saw her."I am so lucky that she accepted me."

His hand on his own moving towards her face which was only some meters away from his own. He gently tucked her hairs behind her ears and caressed her cheeks lightly.

Looking at her there in his own house, in front of his eyes made him realize how much he wants her.

He brought his face closer to her lips but stopped at the right moment.

"No joong ki, you can't. She is sleeping now. You can't kiss her like that. she wouldn't mind but there are some boundaries you must respect"
He told his heart.

He said loudly and poured water in his palm and splashed it on her face making her awake with a shock

"Ouch," she shouted, she was still drunk but now a bit awoken.

"Why did you that? Where am I?"
She asked not remembering the surrounding as she was still sleepy and drunk.

"My bella signora, you are at my house, sleeping on my couch. Get up now it's getting very late. I must drop you."
He said getting up.

Hmhm, I don't want to leave. I want to sleep here with you This spot is so good"
She said  cutely and drunkly,not even knowing what she was saying

"Haha If you were in your senses. I would love your this proposal.But"

he paused his Adam's apple bobbed. he took her hand and made her stand up and caressed her face and whispered in a voice he himself could barely hear

"I will not cross the line today, as much as I want to. Now let's go."

He took her hand and pushed her forward supporting her with his arms and made her sit in his car.

"Yeobeena, wear your mask and cap."

"I don't know where it is."She said her head now resting on the seat.

"Open your bag and look inside. We can't get ourselves caught at this hour."
He said patiently.

"I don't want to look around. I am tired"
She mumbled

"Oh my God,"
He groaned and opened her bag taking her mask and cap out.

"Here wear it. "
He said putting them in front of her

"Put than on me, please song banjaaang"
She said pouting

She brought her head closer, so that he could put the cap, he patiently put the cap and than lifted her face with her chin now putting on mask on her face tucking the strand behind her ears.

"Here, you are done now, where will you find a man like me"
He said to her jokingly as she lower the mask

"I don't need to find, I already have you."
She said and lightly kissed on his lips caughting him off guard.

"Yah you should never ever drink alone."
He said as she again put her head on the seat and was nearly dozing off

Yeobeen's home was at 30 minutes drive from joong ki's house. At the time they had reached her house she had already slept.

"Yeobeena we are at your home get up".
He said nudging her as they arrived in front of her house

"Yeobeena" he said now a loudly to awake her.

"Hm?"She awoke and looked around her surrounding."Where are we?"

"We are at your house. Get up."
He said getting of the car.

He came to her side and helped her to get of.

"I am alright now."
She said as she was looking not that drunk now.

"Did I slept in your car? I guess I drank too much. "
She asked him after getting down

"You slept in my house too."
He replied her earning a shocking and loud what from her.

"Yeah I am serious. But don't worry nothing happened."
"Thank god,"
She whispered to herself causing him to smile.

"Although you offered me, you said I want to sleep here with you"
He acted for her
"But I rejected."

she hit him harder on shoulder.
"Don't make up things. I know I do stupid things when I am drunk but there is no way on earth I could say anything like that."

"I am not joking. You said that you even kissed me in my car."
He was telling her the truth

"No no I don't believe you."
She was embarrassed at herself causing him to laugh now.

"But let's suppose I asked you that,"
she asked after a moment,"although I don't believe you,"she abruptly said," "but let suppose you are tell truth than what did you reply, when uhm"

"When you said that you want to sleep with me?"
He said openly now smiling earning a small nod from her.

"Well, I said that I don't want to cross the boundary. I will cross it when you will be fully awake in your senses just like you are now."
He whispered the last line seductively in her ear making her hairs in back stand.

"Well, I don't believe you."She said after composing herself. "Bye".

She hastily opened her door with key and went inside and he stood outside her gate smiling hard at her reaction

The finale of Vincenzo achieved the highest rating as well as it was also trending on social networks including Netflix in various countries. There was too much hype for it. Vincenzo's cast group chat was full of messages about critics and fans reactions on last episode, new records,demand for season 2 etc. Someone also had share song joong ki interviews to different magazines both published on the ending of drama.

There were two things common in all of his interviews, which everyone noticed and fans were speculating it, 1st thing was his support and love for Vincenzo's cast and crew, he mentioned them in each of his interview and the other thing was his attachment with Hong cha young and jeon yeo been. Netizens were quick to notice how in every interview he always mentions jeon yeo been and Hong chayoung.

"Wow, hyung likes Hong chayoung character more than Vincenzo I think."
Kwak dong yeon typed in their groupchat after reading joong ki's interview which Mr lee had shared.

"Yes, oppa loves Hong chayoung."
Yoon hye replied with wink emoji at end.
Kwak Dong too sent a wink at her reply

Jeon yeo been picked her phone to see why it was vibrating so much and there were more than 50 messages in their groupchat.
"What did I miss?"
She said to herself as she opened the chat.
It was Yoon hye, Kwak dong and Lee dal bickering in the group about some Vincenzo merch.

Yoon hye was in favor of one merch and dong yeon was in favor of other and Lee dal couldn't decide to support whom.

"Well, I like this one more."
She typed pointing to dong yeon'merch which was shirts having inzaghi as design.

"Here is my noona I got 1 vote"
He typed after her reply.

As she was going through messages, she saw joong ki's interview articles and started to read them. A constant smile was on her face as she kept on reading them.

"Omo, Omo is he trying to tell people that there is something going on with us? He is mentioning me and Hong chayoung too much."
She thought to herself and opened their private chat and messaged him.

"Aren't you mentioning me to much in your interviews? Netizens would notice something."
And pressed the sent button

He came online as he was free at that moment.
"Didnt you like it? I thought you would love it. And I was telling the truth in all answers."

"Yeah, I liked it so much that you picked me as your best chemistry, but you should be careful".
She sent the message.

"If for being careful, I have to lie than I don't want to be."
His message came.

"There is no point talking to him,"she thought to herself.

" But yeobeena, look how much he cherishes you and it was evident from his every answer" .
This thought made her smile secretly.

" Where did you go?"
His message again came.

"No, I am here" she typed,"by the way I really liked it when you mentioned me. It made me feel somewhat special."
She typed and pressed the send button

"Than, I guess I succeeded in my mission, to make you feel special."
His reply came with a wink at end.

"I know you are blushing right now."
His message again came.

"No no, I am not."
She typed faster although she had became red.

"Haha like I would believe"
his reply came.

Both of them kept on talking  about everything their days, their future schedules etc as it was usual for them.

Days passed and jeon yeo been became extremely busy in her schedules. She had to shoot for glitch, had to give interviews and there were pending photoshoots too. She woke early in the morning and mostly came last and at that time she was usually that much tired that she directly went to her bed. She found no time to talk anyone but always try to make time for joong ki. Their daily conversations had became shorter but both knew the difficulties.
Jeon yeo been mostly was embarassed saying that they can't talk properly due to her but for joong ki such things doesn't matter. He knew how hard it becomes when life gets busier therefore he always tried to tell her that he is okay with it. He was a considerate and thoughtful man and boyfriend and for him such things matter the least. But despite their less communication,the care and support and feeling for each other didn't dropped on the other hand they were deepened as they use to miss each other a lot.

Life was going busy but smoothly for them. 2 weeks past but Vincenzo was still trending on Netflix and twitter. People were loving everything about the drama,song joong ki and jeon yeo been but until Thursday morning

when everything changed and the circumstances became different due to a breaking article on SUNSET MAGZINE with headline claiming the dating news of song joong ki and jeon yeo been with their pictures beneath.

On Wednesday night, when jeon yeo been came home she was happy as tomorrow was her off, after freshing up, she happily called joong ki not noticing the clock which was striking 01'o clock. Caller tune was ringing, after around 30 to 40 seconds he picked up his voice like a man awaken from deep sleep.

As joong ki was sleeping he didn't notice the caller ID while picking the phone.

"It's me. Biande I didn't notice the time. Biande"
She replied, she got angry at herself for not noticing the time.

"No no it's okay. Why are awake till now , it's late."
He said now waking up, his back now resting on the crown of his huge king size luxurious bed.

"I got from the shoot late. That's why"
She replied.

"It's so late you are taking care of yourself and your health right? Don't forget to take vitamin pills and get proper sleep."
He got worried about her

"Yes yes, don't worry I am taking care of my health and taking my pills too".
She assured him.

"That's good, never forget. I don't want to see you ill."
He said.

"Are you free tomorrow? "
She asked with her eyes closed her head resting on her bed crown.

"Well I have only 1 magazine interview scheduled tommorow morning after it I guess I am free. Why? "

"Well tommorow is my day off so I thought maybe we could meet."
She suggested.

"Are you missing me?"
He asked his eyes closed

"Do you want to hear truth or lie?"

"Truth, I always prefer truth in relationships."
He smiled

"Well yes I am missing you so much, like a crazy person. Whenever I have free time I want to talk to you, see you, I miss you. Why am I becoming like that?"

She was confessing and asked

"Well look like someone in falling in love with someone, jeonyeobinshi"

He replied with a smile on his face waiting for her answer as he knew that she would decline it but her answer shocked him

"Yeah, I think you are right joong ki shi."

She said in a low voice which he could barely hear.

Moments passed and they remain silent, hearing each other breathing on phone, feeling each other presence.

"I missed you too. I really missed you alot. Let's meet tomorrow."
Joong ki said breaking the silence

"Yes, send me the location and time I will come."

"Let's meet at my house."

He didn't know what made him say that

"Your house? "
She asked

"Yes, I thought it would be safer if we meet a close place right. If you are not comfortable than it's okay we will decide a restaurant."

"No, I like the idea and why would be I uncomfortable. Well it's done than. I will see you tomorrow. "

"Yeah, I can't wait to meet to meet you too. "

Both of them kept talking until on a question of joong ki jeon yeo been remained silent, he waited for a few moments.

"Yeobeena, are you listening?"
He asked.

But only voice he heard was deep breathing of jeon yeo been who was sleeping with phone between her head and pillow.

"I guess you have slept. You awoke me from my sleep and now you are sleeping peacefully. Poor me."

He said on phone. He didn't want to disconnect the call so he too put his phone on his pillow and lay down.
After an hour, both of them were sleeping soundly but their phone call was still activated, as playing the role of connecting them.

The next morning jeon yeo been awoke very happily, she ruffled through her closet, picked a dress and looked at it in front of mirror.

"I guess this will do, I look pretty in this dress."
She said to herself.

When she picked her phone she checked the call log as she didn't remember when they end the call as she had slept in between the call.

"4 hours, why is the call duration 4 hours, we only talked 1 hour and I am pretty I slept in between our conversations."
She was puzzled.

"I guess he couldn't disconnect it. I hope I didn't say something awful in my sleep".
A smile creeped on her face as she thought.

"Well let's check, what's going on chatbox why am I getting so much messages"
She said opening the app as it was ringing continuously. Just as she was about to open the latest chat, someone called her.

"Eonni bora? Is everything okay why is she calling me that early?"

She thought as she looked at the ringing phone and picked it.

"Yeobessayo, eonni. How are you?"
She asked in her usual cheerful tone

"How can be I alright when you have decide to give me a new headache and just dropped a bomb at me."
She heard her manager's quick and angry voice.

"What happened? Is everything alright what did I do? "
She asked not knowing what she was talking about.

"You are Dating SONG JOONG KI and you are asking me that is everything alright? Obviously my little sister nothing is alright. "
Her manager's voice dropped a bomb at her.

"What are you talking about eonni? "

"When were you going to tell me that you two were dating? Since when are you two going out and why both of you forgot that you are celebrities. For God sake couldn't you be more muture. Well never mind, I am coming at your house to pick you up get ready in 5 minutes. "
Her manager was furious

"Eonni wait..,"
she said but in vain as she had already disconnected the call.

"What's going on? How did she find out? I am so worried"

Her hands were trembling as she opened the naver site and the no 1 trending topic on it was her and song joong ki dating news.

She clicked on the link and found out the article which had became talk of town and was spreading like a wildfire.


And beneath the headline was their photos, though it were a bit blur and dark but anyone could recognize them. It was pictures of the day when she went to meet his family. The pictures were in front of her house where he put the rings on her.

She groaned and her head falling down on her lap
"What am I going to do now? "

Within exact 5 minutes she heard horn honking on her door, she hastily put on her cap and mask and ran out of the door not even replying to her mother who asked where was she going.

She opened the door and sat on front seat, miss bora looking at her furiously.

"What is this yeobeena?"
She said in a high tone.

"I don't know."
She replied back.

"You don't know that you are dating song joong ki, to me it was much bad that you were his leading lady but everything went smoothly people liked both of you, but now you have done the worst. You are dating song joong ki, a divorcee and he is not just a divorcee he is ex husband of korean one of the most popular actress."

Miss bora was so much angry at her

"I know, I tried but biande, I couldn't help falling for him and he likes me too."
She again whispered

"For God sake yeobeena, you have just started your career whereas he is at the top of his career. It will not affect his career that much as it will effect yours. And how do you know he likes, he is known to have perfect friendships with all his leading ladies and cast."

"Eonni, please"
She too now said in a bit higher tone.

"We are going to his house. I have called his manager too. We will discuss it when we reach there."

She told her but yeobeen didn't reply she didn't what to say.

She didn't have the courage to open her phone and check people's reaction. She was afraid, afraid of what the future holds for them, as she didn't want to lose him

Song joong ki, too recieved the news by his manager, Mr Cho who called him early in the morning.

"Joong ki,did you saw it? Is it True?"

he heard his manager's impatient voice

"What are you talking about? Did I miss something? I was sleeping. "

He didn't know what he was talking about.

"A rumor has broke out. About" he paused "about you"
His manager said in a low voice.

"What rumor?"
He whispered not wanting the malicious thoughts inside his head to came true but alas his thoughts were right.

"A rumor had broken out that you and miss jeon yeobeen sshi are dating. The magazine also released your photos with out. We didn't give a statement yet but media have been calling us since morning and the rumor is spreading like a wildfire."
His manager explained

"Omg," he groaned," now what?"
He didn't know what to say

"I am coming to your house, miss yeobeensshi with her manager is also coming. Her manager told me to be present here with you. She sounded so angry. I will see you than"
His manager told him.

"Okay hyung, I am waiting."

He replied in a small voice and gave his head in his hands not knowing what to do anymore,
not knowing what the future holds for them as he was afraid, afraid of losing her


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