Vincenzo shooting was near its end as well as the drama broadcast. They bond between all of the cast member and staffs had deepened and they were now literally a family and song joong ki played a great role in it.

Everyone on set called him song banjang as he used to give orders and ideas to others which others happily implied. Jeon yeo been called him with song banjang name most and . They even had a group chat with Vincenzo cast in which daily all the cast were talking. The shooting hasn't been even over but all of them had started to miss each other. They had planned that they would hang out together on weekends.

The drama popularity was rising and feedback was positive too. Everything was going smoothly for jeon yeo been and song joong ki. The Geugam family had also notice something between them and now they used to give each other suspected eyes whenever they were together,earning a confused glance from both song joong ki and jeon yeo been

"What happened?"
Jeon yeo been asked seo miri who was smiling suspectedly looking at her when joong ki gave her his jacket to practice action scene.

"No nothing. I was just smiling looking at the scene."
Miri didn't know what to say.

"You were smiling looking at action scene?"
She became Hong chayoung for a moment.

"Yes look how beautifully joong ki oppa is doing it."

jeon yeo been was still not convinced by her answer but didn't push.

"Are you tired?"
She asked song joong ki after he had completed the shoot and was now taking rest sitting on a couch alone.

"Yes a bit."
He said stretching his arms. Only two of them were present there, most of the staff was busy preparing for shoot and the plaza people were at Arno's restraunt.

"Should I massage you?"
She asked standing up and getting behind him.

"No it's okay. I will eventually feel alright. I just didn't get the right amount of sleep last night that's why I am feeling a bit tired."
He told her the reason.

"You should take care of your health, most of your scenes now are action scenes how will you able to do them properly if you don't take care of yourself."
She said now massaging his shoulder lightly.

"Okay teacher."
He grinned at her liking the way she was massaging.

"Wow you are full of talents. You can do massage so perfectly too. You can open a salon"
He said as he relaxed his shoulder on which she was massaging.

"Kamsamida sunbanim,"she smiled.

" What if someone see us?"
He asked his eyes now close.

"No, I hope not. Most of staff are currently at upper floor and seo miri, chef toto and all the Geugam people are in Chef toto's restraunt."
She explained.

"That's good for us."
He replied taking her hand and putting them on his closed eyes. His back resting against the sofa and yeo been standing behind him.

"You are really tired, you should go home ask director nim she will agree to it."
She was worried about him

"No, I am feeling good now. Just stay like this for a moment."
He replied eyes still closed.

"We should be careful by the way. What If someone see us?"
She asked moments later.

"You said so yourself that they are at restraunt."
He replied.

"But still what If someone comes."
Now it was her turn to be worried

"Doesn't matter I think they already know or have suspected."
He replied.

"Why are you so calm than?"His response made her more worried.

"What should I do? There is nothing wrong in them knowing they are just like a family to us and they would love it if we tell them."
He said

"Yes you are right maybe."
She was now a bit relieved.

And across the building on the other side Kim Yoon hye(seo miri) ,Lee Dal (fake parksaeryoi) ,Im chul soo(ahn giseok) ,Seo yeo Hwa (yeonjin) and Yank Kyung won(chaeluk) were hiding watching yeo been massaging joong ki. All of them exchanged hidden smiles and glances and went inside the restraunt again.

"Where are my 5000 won?"
Yoonhye asked Kyung won bringing her palm in front of him.

"Here take it," he put the note on her palm,"I believed when you told us that they might be going out but I didn't believe them to be that open. I mean on set. What If someone else saw them?"

Kyungwon was moody as he lost the bet he made to yoonhye that they can't find out whether jeon yeo been and joong ki were dating or not on set.

"Yes, maybe they didn't know they could be seen from our side. Well never mind. I am so happy I won the bet and two precious people in my life are dating."
Yoon hye said smiling happily.

"Same, we just have to make sure to support them at every moment". Hyung mok(chef toto) replied.

"If their relationship goes out, many people will bash them especially yeobina, we have to stood by them at every moment."
Lee hang na(gwak hui) agreed.

"Than let's vow to help them and protect them wherever we will be at that time."
Im chul soo put his hand forward and all of them piled up their hands over his just like his character would do for Vincenzo he was doing same for song joong ki and jeon yeo been

"Let's do it."
All of them shouted happily.

Kim Yoon hye and Lee dal again went out to see them now yeo been's hand on joong ki's eyes. Both of them not knowing their precious Geugam family has just made a vow to always help them and protect them.

Days passed and life was going smoothly for all of them, many of cast had already received new scripts and jeon yeo been was preparing for her new role glitch. She had also told her mother about her dating with song joong ki

She screamed and jeon yeo been could here her scream in kitchen as she went there to get water after casually telling her mother that she and joong ki were interested in each other.

"Song joong ki? Vincenzo cassano? You are telling me he likes you? It's not 1st April today yeo beena."
Her mother thought she was teasing her.

"Omma, I haven't said such an impossible that you are not able to believe me. I am not making you fool. I am serious. I even met his family and they are so so sweet and they liked me too."
She told her mother.

"You even met his family and you didn't tell your own mother. Aigo Aigo, what should I expect from others when my own child is like this?"
Her mother now came and slapped on her back lightly.

"It hurts,"she sat up." his mother is so sweet unlike you who is always scolding me. She even gave me a gift." She said showing her mother her fingers with rings on it.

"It's beautiful,"her mother said looking at the rings," if she knew what kind of child you are she would behave just like me."
Her mother continued.
"Than when are you inviting him home?"

"Who? Joong ki?"
She asked.

"Yes, if you went to meet his family you should also invite him to meet yours. Don't forget to tell me the day I will prepare special meal for him."
Her mother said.

"Okay okay as you wish, I will ask him to come and meet his eldest fan."
She said teasing her mother now getting out of her reach as she was ready to throw a cushion on her.

"Yah come back what did you say?"
Her mother shouted behind her.

"You heard it".
She said getting back to her room.

She opened her phone and found joong ki's contact number and messaged him.

"Knock knock."

A few minutes later his reply came.

"Who is there"?

"You know who" she typed back.

"Oh is voldemort messaging me?" His quirky reply came

she sent the message and called him.

"Hello, you know who."
He said as soon as he picked up phone

"Haha not funny," she replied.

"How are you?" He asked

"I am fine what about you? Were you busy?"
She asked.

"No no, I was free and I am cooking some pasta at the moment."
She heard him saying

"Haha wow, I didn't know you could cook too. I want to eat it too."
She said

"Than come to my house. You are most welcome Mia signora ."
He said in sweetest voice.

"Yes and than my mother will throw me out from my own house."
She laughed.

"What's better than that? You can live with me."
They were on phone but she could her hint of flirtness in his voice and redness creeped on her cheeks.

"Haha you are flirting with me"
She was now smiling

"It is not called flirt it is called invitation and why would I Flirt with my own girlfriend?"
He asked now boiling the pasta

"Haha I don't know. Well I called you to ask when will you be free?"
She quickly changed the topic.

"I am free nowadays. I just have some interviews scheduled."

He replied after the shooting ended he was called by various magazines for photoshoots and interviews.

"Well, my eomma wants me to invite you home."
She replied

"Oh you told her. What was her reaction?"
He asked now his whole attention towards his phone.

"She didn't believe that the great Song Joong Ki could like me. At first she thought I was just teasing her. But than I told her than I met your family, that's when she believed me. Sometimes I wonder if she is my real eomma. I mean why is it that impossible for her to think that you may like me"

She said in voice of annoyance

"Hahahahaha. I can't wait to meet her. I guess she likes me more than you."

"Dy Dy you are right, she is your hugeee fan. Now both of you can tease me whenever you get together."
She replied
"Than will you be available on coming Thursday?"

"Yes, I am free. I will come at evening is it okay?"
He replied

"Yes yes, than I will wait for you. By the way are you coming on our gathering on Saturday. Kwak dong yeon was telling that you are busy."

"Yes I have a magazine shoot scheduled but don't worry I will make time to come."
He said

"Don't overwork, take rest too? Arasso"
She said worriedly

"As you order miss".
He replied smiling over the phone.

"What about your pasta? Is it ready?"

"No, I have just boiled pasta and now will mix it with sauces."

They keep on talking over phone, joked around, until his pasta was made and he ate it as yeo been said that she will virtually and audioly eat with him.

Thursday arrived and song joong ki prepared himself to meet yeo been's mother. He wore a suit, picked up the flowers he ordered for her mother and went to her house.

As he got in front of her house, he called yeobeen

"I am here."
He said as she picked the call.

"Okay wait, I will come to open door." She replied getting downstairs to open the gate.

she greeted him as he was standing in front of her door.

he replied back entering her house.

"Thank you,"
she said bringing her hand forward to take those flowers.

"Haha not for you,"he winked." Let's go inside."

she replied making her face.

"Omma, Omma,"
she shouted as they entered the living room.
"He is here."

Joong ki looked around the living room, everything was clean. It was not too big but not small either, it looked so comfy and it screamed home.

"I am coming," he heard a woman's voice coming from kitchen.

A middle aged women, facial features resembling to yeobeen's features, a gentle looking woman emerged from kitchen and throw her hands around him. He was a bit taken aback at first but than relexed.

"Aigo, my favorite person is here. You are just as same as you look, extremely good looking my child. I was desperately waiting for you."
Yeo been's mother excitedly said.

"Omma, you are embarassing me. "
Yeobeen said trying to pull her back.

He signaled her that it's okay as she lipped biande to him.

"I was waiting to meet you too. Yeo been told me a lot about you. Here, I brought this for you. I hope you like them omoni." He paused
"Can I call you omoni?"

(haha omoni? Smooth talker. Yeobeen thought to herself and smiled)

"Yes yes, I love it. You are just like my own child. Thank you so much for these. Now sit and make yourself comfortable."

After some moments it looked like that her mother and song joong ki were long lost friends wo had met up after long period of 10 years. They were joking, laughing hardly, teasing yeo been.
Joong ki ate dinner at her house and couldn't stop praising her mother's cooking

"Omoni, wow. How did you know all of these are my favorite dishes? He was in awe." You cook so well."

"Aigo, my child I am so glad you like it. I always tell yeo beena to cook to but she has no interest. She can't even boil egg properly."

"Eomma, this isn't I can't only boil or fry egg properly otherwise I can easily make western dishes which you don't like."
She replied eating her food.

"Don't worry Omoni, I can make dishes by watching recipes on YouTube. She doesn't have to learn cooking if she don't like it. I will make it for her"

Just after saying it, he realized that he had outspoken as water got caught in jeon yeo been's throat and she coughed harder and her mother was smiling mischievously and wasn't even hiding it. Jeon yeo been glared at him.

"I meant that if ever you are busy somewhere else and uhm she is alone than I can help her. By the way, the kimchi is best omoni."

He quickly changed the topic his cheeks turning bit red.

They kept on talking, her mother telling him stories about yeobeen's childhood. Yeobeen got up as she had heard them more than thousand times and started to clean up the table.

As she was in kitchen, putting the dishes, her mother took joong ki's hand in his own and quietly started to say

"Apparently I scold yeobeena a lot. When she is annoyed she even sometimes say that she thinks I am not her real mom as I only scold her." But, she paused for a moment," but you know I always do it for her own good. My child has suffer a lot in life. When she told me that she wanted to became an actor, I supported her but I didn't know that this part would have that much hurdles and difficulties for her. She practically knocked on every agency's door but no one hired her as she was not beautiful like others, she didn't have great physique like others. My child was so lonely, she had only us. I remember hearing her cry at nights but at mornings she was fresh ready for another opportunity but no one gave her not until miss bora and miss moon seri met her and recognized her talent. Even after getting into industry she has endured so many hurdles. For the past 4 years, she daily went out at nights to give herself some time away from other people."

She again paused to wipe away the tear that had leaked from her eyes

"And you want to know when it stopped? When she came back to life fully, when she again became full of happiness, carefree yeobeena. It is when you came into her life that she changed, she became just like when she was a teenager, a young girl full of dreams. You can see the happiness from her face, she has a different glow whenever she talks about you or is with you and same goes to you. I know you like her too and you will always stand by her but I wanted to say this myself too. Please always be with my yeobina, my child. Always protect her, never let her fall into that dark past again which she had overcame with much difficulty. She is now becoming a public figure and just like people will love her some will also hate or bash her. I just want you to promise me that you will be there for her, you will protect her at those times. It's a mother request my child."

She said again wiping her tears.

His eyes were also full of tears. He covered both of her mother's hand with his and said.

"I promise omoni. I will always protect her and I will always do what is right for her."

Just than they heard yeobeen's footsteps approaching, they quickly wiped their eyes.

"Aren't you guys tired gossiping about me?"
They heard her cheerful voice.

"What's that why the environment is so tense?"
She asked as she saw them.

"No it's nothing we were just talking about various things it's just Something got into my eyes."
Her mother said while getting up
"I will go and do the dishes."

"No eomma, leave them I will do it later at night"
Yeo been said

"Don't worry, I love this you know right. Give company to my joong ki in meantime."
Her mother replied back reaching the kitchen.

"Wow, you are full of talents. How did you manage to charm her within hours?"
She asked

"Just like I managed to charm her daughter within hours, did you forget about our meeting at the restraunt."
He winked and smiled at her.

"Haha, how can I forget about it? When I saw the great song joong ki with my own eyes. I was in total fan moment and I thought you are really good looking."
She smiled remembering that evening of 8months ago.

"You were looking good too. You looked very shy that day. He said
But Later I found out that you were complete opposite of being shy."

He too replied causing her to laugh.

"Come on, I will give you tour to my room just like you gave me to yours."

She said taking his arm and going upstairs.

"Here it is," she opened the door,"not that much clean and tidy and big I must say but I like it."
She said as they entered.

"I like it too."
He said as he looked around her room, unlike his room her room was full of small and big lights, Golden lamps and decorations which made her room look more beautiful.

"It is very well decorated."
He praised.

"Yes, omma loves to decorate things. She is free nowadays so she decorated most of it."
She replied sitting on the bed.

He came and set beside her. "Your mother loves and cares about you a lot, you know."

"Yes I know but what made you say that?"
She was puzzled

"Nothing I just noticed it."
He replied.
"Your house and your family is really beautiful."
He continued as he saw a family photo in her room

"Yours too."She replied.

"Sometimes I think that maybe it was in my destiny, to meet you, to like you."
He whispered.

"What made you say that?"
She asked now looking at him.

"You know we both had a bit of same past life, we both had a bit dark past, we both went through a lot of hardships, for both of us this project was new and important and both us found happiness and new life in it and with each other."
He explained.

"Yeah, you are right. You are absolutely right."
She said taking his hand in hers.

"But I promise you I will always keep or try my best to keep you happy. I don't know about future but I assure you that this present belong to us. To both of us."

He looked at her and smiled, tucked the her hair strand behind her ear.

"Acting is your dream right? You will always want to act, want to be loved by people right? It's your passion,right?"

"Is it even a question?" She laughed. "Yes it has became my passion now. I now can't even think now what I would do if I wasn't in industry but Why are you asking that?"
She asked.

"No reasons." He smiled at her.
"I will do anything for you to fulfill your dreams and passion. I just want you to be happy always."

(even If I am not there, he thought to himself and shuddered at the thought he just got)

She smiled at him and put her head on his shoulder.

"You should leave now it's getting darker."
She said after moments passed.

"Yes, I should leave."He said but remain at the same position.

"When will we meet again?" She asked

"Well on sunday, we have plans with Vincenzo family remember? "

"Oh right I forgot.Then we will now meet on Sunday. You are with me now but I am already missing you."

"We can meet whenever you want us too. Just tell me we can meet daily too if you want."
He replied.

"No, I am not that childish. We have to be careful too."
She said now getting up.

"Yes, you are right."
He too got up and both of them went downstairs.

"Omma, Omma."
Yeobeen called her mother, "he is leaving ."

Her mother came from the kitchen and hugged him.

"It was so nice to meet you. You are same as I thought you would be kind hearted and everyone's favorite. Let's meet again soon."

"It was pleasure to meet you too omoni. Yes, just call me whenever you need to see me I will be here."
He smiled at her hugging her back.

"Now now, it's getting late."
Yeobeen said making them break their hug.

"Okay Omani, goodbye. Take care"
He waved at her

Her mother waved back as they left.

"Now go and don't forget to tell me when you reach home."
She was worried.

"Okay mam, as you say so."
He bowed at her.

She laughed at him
"Than see on Sunday"

"Just tell me when you are free I will come to you"
He said coming closer to her and hugging her.
"Take care of yourself."

"You too, take care. Don't forget to rest"
She hugged him back. She didn't know why but her heart kept telling her not to break the hug and she didn't.
She kept on hugging him not saying anything
After minutes passed, he asked

"Are you alright?"

"Yes yes, I am alright. I don't know what has gotten in me today. You should leave."
She replied lightly detaching herself from him.

"You sure? If anything is bothering you just tell me"
He was a bit worried about her now.

"No no, nothing is bothering me.Go now."

"Okay. I will leave than."
He said while walking towards his car which was in front of her street. His back now towards her.

"What is going on with me? Why I don't want to let him go today? Why"

He had reached the end of street and he turned last time to have a look at her and waved her. She tried to smile and waved back.

"Why do I have this ominous feeling that everything is going to change. Why Do I feel that I can't see him anymore?"

She whispered so lightly to herself that even she couldn't hear it. She wiped the tear that had unconsciously leaked from her left eye and went inside, trying to jerk all the bad feelings she was getting.

But all of her suspicions came true when exactly two week later, on next Thursday, an article came on the front page of popular magazine, the sunset, with pictures of her and joong ki hugging and walking hands in hands, with a big headline




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