When jeon yeo been saw the man who turned wearing mask to be song joong ki. All the pieces of puzzles became fit perfectly.

Song joong ki became shocked on seeing her in front of him standing.

"Yeo bina you what are you doing here, how did you find me?"

She didn't reply she step more closer to him and lowered his mask to see his face.

It was the same, why didn't she realized it sooner the uncanny resemblance between that person and joong ki,their voice, way of talking

What happened are you alright?"He asked her worriedly. Her hand still on upper corner of his mask.

" You are same right?"She looked like she was in some kind of trance." You are the person I met that day. Here, at this same place we are standing now right? You told me about your hardships how it is difficult for you to cope up with life and you didn't knew"her eyes went to meet his"you didn't know if you were ready to start a new chapter or not. You told me all this."

He slowly held her hand that was near his mouth and lightly squeezed not saying anything.

"Oh that's why you got angry on phone call that night because I was saying the same things you didn't like, right?"
Still no reply

"Why didn't you tell me that we have already met, why didn't you tell me that night that you were the person I was waiting for after our meeting. Why? She tried to pull her hand from his grasp but he held tightly.

"Biande, I didn't want us to be awkward. We both were strangers to each other that night and the conversation we had, we both show a different part of one another to each other. I am sorry. I just didn't want my costar to think of me as a lonely person. That's why I couldn't muster up the courage to tell you."He replied in a low voice.

"Costar? You only think of me as a costar?"
She asked in a low voice, She didn't know why but her eyes started to tear up.

"No no it's not that". He tried to explain but words fell short for him.

"Than what? I thought I thought there was something more to us than simple costars. I thought we were good friends oppa. I thought that maybe a part of you likes me back too just like I like you. But you only think of me only as mere costar. Yeah I was wrong, I shouldn't have expected something from a person who isn't even ready to start a new life. Who give catharsis to other but isnt ready to have his own. Who apparently is very happy but deep down he is someone lonely. I am sorry its all my fault."

Her tears started to fall, she pulled her hand from his grab harshly and turned to go whereas he stood still, he was shocked at her confession, he could only hear one line I like you.

" Wait, yeobina wait". He ran after her after coming into his senses.

"Oppa don't just dont follow me."
She replied without turning still walking away.

He ran towards her and came in front of her, breathless.

"Hah, yeobina chakamand."he stood t0 gain his breath.

"What? I told you not to follow me, why did you come after me, why won't you listen to me, how much I tried to stop myself, why do I still fall for you, why do you always make my heart flutter by little things you do, why do you..

Her words were get short by joong ki who pulled her towards him and crashed his lips on hers.

She was startled, tears were still falling from her eyes, but on her mind was only one thing, the man kissing her and that man was none other than song joong ki, the person she likes.

He was still kissing her harshly, he caught her lower lip and a gasp escape from . She tried to get away from him by blocking him with her hands but he grabbed her hands and pull her more closer, she too was melting in his kiss but she told herself to stay still and again tried to stop him by trying to get out of his grasp and succeeded this time and pushed him a bit harshly.

"What are you doing oppa"? She asked him a bit angrily.

"Biande, If I caught you on guard. It is my answer to all the things you previously said".
He replied slowly.

"And why is your answer a kiss? Why did you try to stop me? Why?"
She was frustrated why can't he say what's in his mind.

"Because I like you just like you. You were not wrong. I sincerely like you but I am afraid.

He said at high tone

"Afraid of what oppa?" She said coming closer to him.

"I am afraid of losing you. What if due to people or media we seperate our ways? I can't lose. I don't want to. He said getting away from her. Sorry for the kiss, I couldn't control my emotions.I should have acted muturely.

" Oppa look at me" , she cupped his face with both of her hands." I don't care about others as long as we are happy I don't care about media or people. They are used to do cristism. I know many people wouldn't be happy but I cant lose you because of some people. I don't care what other thinks I only care about you if you want me if you like me than please don't do this. Don't distance yourself from me don't hide your feelings and I will do the same oppa. I don't want to lose you either."
She started to cry still cupping his face and he was just staring at the beautiful girl standing in front of him making him feel loved again making him want to love someone again.

He wiped her tears from his hand and too cupped her face and kissed her forehead.

"I like you", he said in a whisper.
"Da tu," she whispered back and kissed his lips lightly but passionately.

He bumped his forehead with hers and said "don't cry, I don't like you crying"and wiped her cheeks.

" Dy," she smiled beautifully.

Both of them remain in the same position for what seems like an eternity, their foreheads attched, yeo been's hand on his shoulders and his hands on her back.

Everything at that moment screamed love and peace and happiness. The calm river and the moonlight falling on it made the scene look more serene. To both of them, this was the best moment of their lives, alone, with one another. They just wanted to thoroughly enjoy this moment without any fear or thoughts and they did enjoy it by having each other close and in their arms.

"By the way, how did you found me here?" Song joong ki asked her as they were going towards the street. Both in their masks and hats, making sure no one recognizes them.

"Haha It's a secret. I received a tip.
She replied smiling.

Than it must be my driver right?" He was amused.

"Haha how did you guess? But please don't say anything to him, I made a promise to him that I will not tell you."
She asked curiously.

"I know my manager asked him to keep an eye on me that's why I guessed. Don't worry"he paused for a moment "anything you say sweetie

" Hahaha oppa, don't". Both of them were laughing walking side by side their hands touching abit as they walked.

"But how did you get here? By cab?I don't see any car."He asked

" Oh I got in taecyon oppa's car. He had some shooting left so he offered me his car. He was worried about you too. I should tell him. She replied talking her phone out of bag.

"Let's tell him later. His house is near we will go and drop his car and tell him that I am alright." He didn't want any other person in this precious moment so he proposed.

"Yes, that's good idea too. Kunde oppa, why did you leave like that? Why were you that angry?"
She asked remembering it.

"Oh it was nothing. I wasn't feeling well that time. I am alright now."
He didn't know what to say

"Are you sure, it looked like you were angry " she paused "oh by any chance "she turned towards him and smiled mischievously," don't tell me you were jealous."

"Huhm huhm," he coughed, "jealous? Haha jealous of what?" He tried to laugh

"I don't know maybe you were jealous of taecyon oppa you know we were talking that if he hadn't had a girlfriend than he would have liked to go out with.

" Yeah yeah I know." He cut her, flustered, before she could finish her sentence.

" Omo omo so you were really jealous. Hahaha she was laughing hard.

He smiled too seeing her looking that beautiful while laughing.

After a moment or so, she stopped laughing and came closer to him and picked his hand in her small hand.

" Don't worry, I only like you darling.
She intermingled their fingers and smile cutely to him.

He smiled to at her and lightly squeezed her hand.

" Let's go before I change my mind and take you to my home instead of dropping you to yours." He said mischievously whispering in her ear

"Oppaa," she squealed and laughed. Their hands still wrapped around the other's hand and both of them were laughing and joking freely to both of them the most important thing was that they were together this moment.

Song joong ki turned to look at a smiling yeobeen, who was talking just like hong chayoung, and he thought that he must protect this woman and her smile at all cost.


Jeon yeo been thought, while looking at a mischievous joong ki who was teasing her and laughing caressing her hand, that she must keep him happy at all cost.




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