A Bandaged Soul
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Once everyone had left the room, I dropped the strong act. Oh god what was I doing shouting at Eunhyuk hyung like that?!! He wasn’t at fault, well he was with him, but hyung said someone told him that Yesung] hyung was in pain, why doesn’t he allow members to know about him. , this is being ridiculous, I couldn’t make sense of any of it. tThe doctor’s reasoning didn’t make sense either but it did in a way as well but Hyung had never fainted from lack of sleep or food before. Was it really that bad on him these days?

But he was angry with me when I called him out to eat and he hads set his mind onat ignoring me, I couldn’t understand what I’d done wrong. Was it something else I did?. I was so confused.


I was so worried when the hyungs called me to tell me he fainted, I was with Kyuhyun in the dorm at that time. and hyung called us, we put it on speaker and the words that followed made us sick and worried. We both have known Yesung hyung the most since we are in a sub unit; we had spent a lot more time together than the other members and hyung always seemedcomfortable with us, even when all we do is to the point he does a swearing marathon and we both just laugh at him. Holding his small cold hands tightly I whispered,.

Hyung, please wake up, tell me what’s wrong or at least tell me what I did, I will fix it but please don’t ignore me like this again. 


It was almost night time and Hyung hadn’t woken up, the other members had also arrived at various different times when they got free, Leeteuk hyung came last still shocked that hyung hadn’t woken up so he went to ask the doctor., When he came back  he said that Yesung hadn’t slept for weeks so his body was now trying to make him rest even if it was being done forcefully.

I was still sitting in the chair next to Yesung hyung’s bed and I looked at the members faces and from the looks of it most of them felt guilty for not knowing about his health., everyone was still lost in silent thought when….



Hyung groaned, he was waking up.


“Yesung hyung!!!!” I chirped.

The other members also joined in all at once


“Aghh, why are you guys shouting? My head hurts already. Stop shouting.” he said, while trying to get in a seated position. He scanned the room, and confusion was written all over his face. 


“Hyung, do you not remember, you fainted!!” Eunhyuk hyung said.


I was close to him so I saw his face expression change from confusion tofrowning.

What was going on?


“Yesung ah?” Leeteuk hyung called out to him, I watched as he slowly raised his eyes to look at him.

“The doctor said that you haven’t slept in weeks, why didn’t you tell us?” Hyung's voice was full of concern.

But Yesung hyung didn’t reply immediately, not until Heechul hyung also spoke up.

“Yesungie, you can tell us, the doctor said you haven’t been eating either and it’s the second IV bag you’re on. This is bad for your health.”


“It doesn’t concern you.” 

If a single sentences could shatter someone’s heart, it certainly did with those words. Everyone sat in stunned silence for a few seconds 


“Hyung!, we are worried about you here, how can you say

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