A Bandaged Soul
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Another win for insomnia, I couldn’t sleep the whole night, before I could at least sleep for 2 or 3 hours but now even that doesn’t happen. I walked out of the guestroom, last night was so hectic that I forgot that Heechul hyung had a dog and it wasn’t here.

I went to the fridge and when I opened it, it was stacked with water bottles, I chuckled this is definitely hyung fridge, buzz I looked to see my phone, it had been on vibration mode since yesterday. I opened it to see the messages mostly it was from the members, I left them all unseen, not wanting to have a conversation with them right now, so it was the best decision to ignore it for now at least. But then a message came from the manager informing me that I need to go to the company for the selection of title songs for my upcoming solo, which I had entirely forgotten. Yesung ssi I heard you were staying in Heechul ssi house, so I am going to arrive there in about 20 minutes, please be ready to leave.

A simple message, I moved towards the shower to take a bath, it looks like hyung was still a sleep so I tried to make as little noise as possible, after a quick shower, I debated on waking hyung up and telling him or just leave a note or message behind but my debate ended when Heechul hyung room opened and he came out with only a tee and boxers on, and it looks like he was still sleepy. He rubbed his eyes and looked at me. Then went to grab himself a water bottle and then spoke,

“Jongwoon, where are you going?”

“Ah, I need to go to the company for the song selection, I need to leave in 5 minutes”

“Oh, okay. Send me the song which you select, I want to hear it too.”

“Sure, hyung”


“Umm, hyung”


“Where’s gibok?”

“He’s in the vet, I need to pick him up today.”

“Oh, okay.”


 Honk honk


“Hyung, it looks like the manager have arrived so I am going to go. Bye”


With that I went outside to the parking area where the car was waiting for me. I greeted the manager and placed my stuff in the other free seat. And we drove in silence, after a while when we reached to our destination, I saw a familiar looking car there as well.

I asked, “Is there any other member here?”

“Yes, eunhyuk and donghae are there in the practice room, I think they are working on the choreography for their unit.”

“Oh, I see.”

“Do you want to stop by the room before going to the upper floor?”

“No, I will see them later after I am done with the song selection”

The manager nodded and we went inside, I could hear the noise and sound of feet making contact with floor, they are working hard. Smiling at the thought, we went to the upper floor in the lift.


End of Yesung POV



I and donghae were in the same car going to the company for the dance practice, manager told us that yesung hyung would also be coming since it’s the day he needs to hear the songs for his solo album.

Donghae was excited since he wanted to ask yesung hyung a favor with few of the verses of the lyrics so it was win-win situation for him, he could ask him just there since he

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