A Bandaged Soul
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[Heechul POV]

I have been worried about yesung for a while now, that kid doesn’t know how to tell others his issues and I have noticed his antics more times to count now and I have waited and hoped he would seek me or either teuk out but now my patience for turning a blind eye was running thin.

So I had decided to talk to him after concert, and ask him to come clean with me. He was generally okay, I saw the concert he was having fun and enjoying with the members except one of them, he was ignoring ryeowook and this was weird, he doesn’t ignore him, he’s the most protective towards him then all the rest of the members. He never got angry with him even with how much the younger tease yesung. He has a soft spot for him so it was unusual.


After the concert, leeteuk asked ryeowook what was wrong because he was literally upset but he choose not to say anything believing he would solve the matter with yesung himself. But leeteuk being the mother figure looked towards eunhyuk for answers and he split everything, well mostly I had guessed it but leeteuk didn’t know what to say, leeteuk looked towards kyuhyun direction for confirmation and he nodded his head in response and now the room was quiet. 

He asked where yesung was and kyuhyun told that he went outside. We don’t know what was going on here, and the said person wasn’t even in the room, kyu said he will go out and find him, and I tagged along. 


When we were out kyu told me that he actually doesn’t know where he went so we split up to search for him and then what I saw was the last thing I wanted to see.


On the bathroom floor, yesung was sitting and his body was full fledge trembling and he was pale literally pale as ghost. 

With a million thoughts running to my mind of why he was sitting there like that, what happened in this short interval to make him tremble?

But I pushed the thoughts back into my mind and ran towards him sitting down, and when I tried to pull him up actually pulling up didn’t even happen, when I made contact with him, he tried to pull himself free, he rejected the contact. Alarmed as I was I called out to kyu!!!.


“YESUNG ah?” I looked at him, and touched him again, he didn’t reject it. Kyuhyun had also arrived in that second. He looked up at the door to check who was at the door, his body tensed up I felt it but it was gone the moment he confirmed who was standing there and dropped his gaze back to the marble floor. 


I motioned kyu to help me up with yesung, kyu didn’t come at the first time, but came to yesung closer the second time after I yelled at him and we took him to the waiting room. Kyu had seated yesung on a chair.  

Leeteuk was asking me what’s wrong. Oh, I wish I knew the answer, I am as clueless as the rest of the members here.

I looked towards the other member’s direction, leeteuk, ryeowook, eunhyuk had concern written on their face, if faces could form words that’s what they looked like. Siwon, shindong and donghae were confused.

An eerie moment of silence hung in the room, no one if they should say something or not, but leeteuk was going to do something before ryeowook went to where yesung was and knelt down to him, he eyes were still fixed to the ground. Ryeowook said in a child-like cheerful voice “Hyung?” 

Yesung looked up to his direction and smiled at him before he went up from his seat and grabbed his stuff and informing the members he’s tired and he wants to leave.


“Yesung, wait a second” leeteuk said in a concerned tone.


“Hyung, I am just tired, I will be fine tomorrow.” If yesung was trying to show a smile then the attempt failed miserably and all the members could see it.


“Yesung you either listen to leeteuk or you come with me” 


Yesung looked at my direction and he was confused, I am not a person who invites members over so ofcourse he would eye me like that but right now me inviting them over is not the main concern, yesung not going to be out alone today no.


“I am quite serio

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