A Bandaged Soul
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After Yesung hyung left so suddenly, I wanted to follow him but I stopped myself;, it would have looked weird if I followed him like that so I just waited for Hyung to attend to whatever business he had. But after a while hyung still wasn’t back, his manager was still in the waiting room chatting with other people so I knew he didn’t leave but where is he?


“Eunhyuk-ssii” I spun my head round in the direction of the person speaking “I saw Yesung-ssi going to the washroom, but he was wobbling and couldn’t walk in a straight line. He looked like he was in pain.”


Why is this person describing Yesung hyung like he was drunk? I frowned and decided to go out and see for myself.


“Hyukjae, where are you going?” Donghae asked.

“I’m going to go look for hyung, someone told me they saw him.” Donghae nodded and also followed me out. 

He said he was in the washroom so I headed in that direction, I was about to yell his name and ask him where he’d been but that changed as I rounded the corner. I did yell but it was purely different on complaining.


“YESUNG HYUNG” I shouted at the top of my lungs and Donghae followed suit.

Yesung hyung was lying on the floor, I ran to him and when I touched his body it was cold... too cold actually.

I panicked. 

I shouted at Donghae to call the managers and an ambulance. Donghae nodded and ran outside, I tried to wake him up but he wasn’t moving and showed no signs of having heard me at all


Then everything happened in a rush, the managers came with Donghae and carried Hyung out of the room and shortly later an ambulance had also arrived.


The paramedics lifted Yesung and carried him inside the ambulance, both of us and managers went to the car in which we came and followed the ambulance. On the way to the hospital, Donghae called Leeteuk hyung and explained what had happened. I could hear him shouting on the other end even without speaker. The managers informed the rest of the members, we had reached the hospital and hyung was rushed in, and we just stood outside. shortly afterwards Ryeowook, Kyuhyun, Heechul hyung and Leeteuk hyung arrived, Siwon and Shindong hyung were on their way. 

Leeteuk hyung was looking for us for an explanation but we didn’t know how to respond, I felt guilty, we were there but we didn’t know what exactly happened. 

We were waiting for the results, when the doctor came out at that same time the two other members also arrived. 


“Are you the guardian of Kim JongWoon-ssi” a doctor asked, looking at us.

“Yes” Leeteuk hyung spoke up stepping forward from the group of worried members, concern written all over the leaders face.

“He’s fine right now, he has a minor concussion due to his head hitting the floor when he fell, so when he wakes up he will feel pain but it will be okay if he takes the medication I’ve prescribed for him.”

“Thank you doctor.” Hyung said. 

 The doctor was about to leave when Ryeowook spoke up

“But then why did he faint? H

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