A Bandaged Soul
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After an hour Yesung had finally stopped crying and exhaustion had taken over his body and he slept still gripping Heechul. The cries which all the members heard and couldn’t do anything to help their member made them feel useless except for lending a shoulder they don’t know how to ease his pain and this frightened everyone. Heechul was still caressing Yesung's body and moving up and down in an attempt for the nightmares to leave his little friend alone. The members had not taken a step or spoken anything in the entire hour till Yesung was finally asleep.



Leeteuk looked up and though Heechul didn’t say anything more, there wasn’t any need to speak those words out aloud either. Yesung eyes were all swollen and he looked really miserable, everyone could see it. Heechul withdrew his arms and put him back and try to tuck him back into bed but as soon as Yesung felt the warmth leaving him.

“D-don’t l-leave mee al-onee” sleepily Yesung tried to roam his hands to get that protection he felt back.

Ryeowook was quick and grabbed Yesung’s tiny hands 

“Hyung, we are here” Ryeowook gently squeezed his hand insuring him, he was there and that was all it took and Yesung was back to his sleep and all the members wished it would be a dreamless one.


“Teukie Hyung, I will sleep here,” Ryeowook said, not letting go of Yesung’s hand.

“So will I.” Heechul said, looking to the sleeping figure.


“We want to sleep with Yesung Hyung tooo” Donghae whined. Eunhyuk also nodded his head wanting to be in the same place with their Hyung.


“You can’t all sleep here, Heechul and Ryeowook will stay, the rest move to your rooms” Leeteuk said.


“Hyung, we can all sleep on the floor here” Kyuhyun said proposing an idea and the rest cheered except Leeteuk who wanted to pace himself.


“Kyu, there isn’t enough space for all of us to squeeze in.”

“Don’t worry Hyung, leave it to me” Shindong and Siwon rushed out and came back with blankets and futons.

Donghae and Eunhyuk went ahead to grab pillows for everyone.


What do I do with these kids? Leeteuk thought but still he smiled when all the members were sleeping all on the floor just because they wanted to be next to Yesung.


After a while, everyone had fallen asleep, Leeteuk was still up and he glanced at Ryeowook who was still didn’t leaving Yesung’s side and Heechul who was next to him. Sighing Leeteuk stood up and placed blankets on both of them smiling softly at them before he went back under the blankets and finally after such a long day, he finally slept.


Yesung woke up feeling alive and rested after a long time. He tried to move up but felt something heavy on him, he shuddered at first but when he actually opened his eyes to take note on the person, he was surprised. Heechul hyung was sleeping beside him and Ryeowook was firmly holding his hand, glancing around the room he found all the members sleeping on the floor. And when he finally remembered the details from last night and also asking them he didn’t want to be alone, he smiled softly, seeing everyone here for him.


“Yesung-ah. Good Morning” Leeteuk said, he had woken up before Yesung did and wanted to greet him the moment he saw him trying to figure out what was going on, he looked cute like that looking lost in the situation but finally spoke when he saw him smiling and it made me really happy seeing him like that, his eyes were still puffy from crying all night but he looked better now. “Had a good sleep?”


“Yes, it was the best sleep I had in a long time.” Yesung said.

Heechul stirred from his position and he also opened his eyes and found Leeteuk and Yesung conversing. Yesung heard Heechul 


“Sorry Heebong because of me you couldn’t sleep properly.” Heechul who had just woken up tried to understand what he was talking about, -oh he means that I slept in the seating position.-


“It’s okay, Yesungie” Heechul said as he ruffled his hair.


“No, buts”

Yesung pouted and Heechul just grabbed his cheeks and playing with him, Yesung in response in defending against heechul’s attack pulled his hand out from Ryeowook, and Ryeowook who in the whole night had only one thought in mind not to let go of his hand felt something missing and he woke up.


“HYUNG!!” Ryeowook spoke in his high pitched voice which earned the growls from the still sleeping members.


“Ryeowook, what are you? An alarm? Stop yelling in the freaking morn……” Kyuhyun spoke but was cut short when he saw Yesung staring at the maknae.

“HYUNG!!” Kyuhyun yelled and was hit by a pillow thrown by Eunhyuk.


“Yah, what ar

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