A Bandaged Soul
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Kyuhyun and I were going back to the dorm because the recordings were cancelled and rescheduled to who knows when. I was wondering if Yesung hyung had left or not.Kyu and I had been devising a plan to feed him when he won’t be able to run away. With devious thoughts running in my mind to make him eat something proper, they were disrupted when 




Donghae hyung was calling me.


“Yes, hyung?”

“Ah Wookie, do you know where Yesung hyung is?” nowadays someone asking for Yesung hyung is rarely a good sign.



“He had to come to the studio right now for the recording but he isn’t picking up and I called his manager and he said he’s been waiting in front of the dorm but hyung wasn’t out yet. Can you go and check, I know you and Kyu are going back to the dorm right now”


“Okay hyung, I will”

The call was cut leaving me with no happy thoughts.


“Manager-ssi, can you drive a bit fast?”

Kyu eyed me wondering what's wrong and I said it's something to do with Yesung hyung and he understood and urged the manager to drive faster meanwhile I explained to him the conversation that took place.


After 10 minutes we arrived safely, Kyu and I went ahead to the dorm and found it was open, when we cautiously stepped inside, I called out to hyung but there was no response.


Pant pant 


I spinned around to the source of the sound and it left me in awe. Heechul and Yesung hyung were covered in blood, I don’t know whose but it wasn’t a pretty sight to see.


Heechul hyung seeing us

“Kyuhyun-ah, help me with Yesung” Kyu rushed forward and gave hyung a helping hand.

“Who had Yesung's Cousin number here?” 

Heechul hyung looked at both of us frantically and we both shook our heads.


“FIND HIS NUMBER NOW” he shrieked and I went to call Leeteuk hyung as Kyu and hyung went to the bedroom with Yesung hyung.


I called Teukie hyung twice but he wasn’t picking up, I was growing impatient by the minute, I tried called his manager and luckily he picked up

“Where is Leeteuk hyung?” I said without any greetings, screw greetings they not important 

“Ryeowook-ssi, he is the midst of shooting”

“GET HIM ON THE PHONE IMMEDIATELY” I was practically screaming at this point.

“Ryeowook-ssi, I can’t. it’s a live broadcast”

“Screw live, get him on the phone, it’s URGENT” 


After 2 minutes, hyung was on the other side of the receiver.


“Ryeowook-ah, what’s wrong?” hyung voice was laced with worry

“Hyung, do you have Yesung hyung‘s cousin’s number?”

“Ryeowook, you made me leave my live to askme for his number?”

“Hyung, Yesung’s hyung is for god's sake bleeding in the dorm room, and I need HIS NUMBER NOW”


“Hyung, number. now”

“Wait, I'm coming as well”

“Hyung, quickly”


After getting his number, I dialed immediately, it was picked up after five beeps


“Yes?” said the man 

“Yesung hyung bleeding in the dorm, please come quickly”


And the call was dropped.


I rushed to the room where Hyung was and it was awful to look at. He was so pale and Heechul hyung was putting pressure on his shoulder which seemed to be controlling the bleeding but hyung was afraid that it would start bleeding again. Kyu was doing the same but on his leg, and both were not moving, too afraid something would happen.


“Hyung, I called his cousin” I said and Heechul hyung just nodded in acknowledgement, eyes not moving away from Yesung hyung.

After 15 minutes Yesung’s cousin had arrived and pushed out outside of the room and we were standing in the hallway, Heechul hyung and Kyu were stained with Yesung hyung blood and the mere sight was making me throw up, none of us said anything not until we heard some news.


Leeteuk arrived in the dorm 10 minutes later, he was panting hard like he ran a marathon and then when he saw Heechul hyung and Kyu covered with blood, he gasped. Of course he would be shocked.


“Yesung hyung, you left me be in the studio. I am not going to………….” Donghae hyung was standing in front of the door and looking at the scene in front of him

“Donghae, why are you standing in front of me,” and Eunhyuk hyung came and at first he wasn’t looking at us but only at Donghae hyung who was standing in his way but then when he looked at us, he was terrified.


There was a moment of silence which was broken down when 

“Chullie?” Leeteuk hyung came forward and hugged hyung who was kneeling down 

“I-It was becauseee off meeeee” and hyung was crying.

I didn’t even notice he was crying even when I was standing so close to him.

Eunhyuk hyung went to hug Kyu who was also crying and Donghae hyung was rushing towards me and hugged me. We all were sobbing at this time. 


We all were waiting for his cousin to appear, the other members were notified and all rushed to the dorm within the next 30 minutes, both of them were silent, just staring at the blood covering Kyu and Heechul hyung. They wanted to say something but choose silence.


“He is ok now” his cousin's voice spoke up and the members who knew sighed in relief. “Though he lost a bit of blood, he is alright now. it's a good thing you kept pressing the wounds because of this he won’t need to go to the hospital” 

His cousin stepped in the room we all were sitting in. 


“H-his wounds?”Kyu spoke up.


Hearing the word of wounds the members got confused as they didn’t know.

“His shoulder is fine, it wasn’t a deep wound but his leg

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