A Bandaged Soul
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Members didn’t know what to do after they heard this information, it was worst then all the members had expected, they knew the torture but this was severe. Leeteuk and Heechul were still kneeling clutching the phone when Kyuhyun came forward and took the phone and scrolled down the report.

Kyuhyun didn’t know what to do with this information, and was pointlessly staring at it before the phone was taken from his hands and passed around, everyone had seen it. The members started crying.


“Why did Hyung suffer so much?” Donghae said as Eunhyuk was embracing him with the hug with tears evident in both of their eyes. 

“How did we fail him?” Leeteuk said not able to look at Yesung's direction.

Heechul was so angry that he took the closest thing which was in front of him and threw it harshly to the ground, the glass spreading anywhere but no one called his act out.

 “So this is why Hyung was so against the police,” Siwon said, and it made sense now.


Yesung decided to live with the torture then get his image tarnished and the members know more than his own image he took note of our in mind and that’s why he had lived with his past buried.


“Teukie-hyung what are we going to do now?” Shindong asked.

“We are freaking going to the police and reporting the matter and get him to rot in the freaking prison.” Heechul growled.


With all the shouts and yelling, Yesung had woken up, and had open the dorm to find a glass shattered across the floor and members were crying?

“Is something wrong?”

As soon as members heard the voice, all of them had quietened at the exact same time.

The weird silence made Yesung feel uncomfortable and so asked again what the problem is and 


“It’s nothing Yesungie, just the manager did something stupid with my schdules and I got really angry and threw the glass away, I will clean this mess up” Heechul said.


His actions clearly warned the members not to mention to disclose anything to Yesung


“But Heebong, why are they crying?” Yesung said when he pointed to the members. 


“We are not crying, Hyung?” Eunhyuk said who had wiped away his tears and was trying his best to put out the gummiest smile he possibly could.

“But-t .. ”

“No buts, hyung. You need to eat, let’s go” Ryeowook came forward and grabbed his petite hyung and pulled his towards the kitchen, he gestured Kyuhyun to go and reheat them up.


“Good timings hyung, we can all eat together now” Siwon smiled and sat beside Yesung.

Yesung knew they were something they weren’t telling but he wasn’t sure what.

Had they gone to the police ? Did something happen there?


“Hyung what are you thinking about?” Donghae said who was smiling but this all felt weird to Yesung and unconsciously he called out

“Heebong ah”

“What is it?” he said 


“Yah leave Yesung alone, you’re teasing the poor guy. Wait let me just clean this.” Heechul was about to say up when Leeteuk came forward and grabbed the broom from him.

“You go sit with him” Leeteuk said in a low tone which was only heard by Heechul

“But Teukie..”

“Chullie I don’t know how to face him right now”

Heechul looked at his friend and nodded and went to sit with Yesung.


With the food reheated and put out again, everyone ate or mostly forced Yesung to eat and were all happy to see him munching. 

“Hyung, does your shoulder hurt?” Donghae said who earned a smack from mostly everyone in the head and he whined.

“Why hit me?” 

“Are you literally clueless? Can’t you not see the atmosphere?” Eunhyuk said who was about to hit him again.

“It’s okay Hyukjae” Yesung looked at Eunhyuk before he turned his direction to Donghae “It doesn’t hurt that much, hae-ya. Don’t worry.” 


Donghae put on the biggest smile, he looks like a baby. After they have eaten, Siwon had pulled Yesung to the tv lounge and put on the movie, as soon as the movie Yesung was engrossed in it and he waved to Heechul and Leeteuk to go out.


They mummed thanks for the direction because both of them didn’t want to tell Yesung where they were going.

Yesung wasn’t dumb he knew why Siwon had pulled him to get to watch a movie, he could Leeteuk and Heechul hyung leaving and he knew where they were going, when he realized the movie wasn’t any more interesting but all that remained in his head that what happens if Hanjae knew what he did. And he dreaded the whole idea even more.

Leeteuk and Heechul had gone to the police station and made a report against the person, but it wasn’t easy no matter how much Leeteuk and Heechul wanted the police not to interrogate Yesung if they didn’t listen. They said it was necessary to ask questions from the victim and we can’t continue the case if he says no. With that Heechul lost it and said “He would be afraid and why do you want to ask him a question? You got the report from his freaking doctor. Just capture the bastard.” 

In response the officer said, “We are sorry but the case happened years ago and the only thing we can do is put on a restraining order for the person”

“He was just pinned down, 2 days ago and you are still thinking it is an old case.”  Heechul clearly became angry at the uncooperativeness of the officer. He was about to give him a piece of his mind before another officer tapped his shoulder asking him to tell me the details. I was about to lash onto him but instead Leeteuk explained everything again and this time handing older reports and newer one. 

The officer looked over it and said, “This is enough, though questioning the victim is necessary but it will not be possible I will contact you again when I apprehend Hanjae.”

Leeteuk nodded and thanked the officer before pulling Heechul out who still had not left the idea of swearing to the other officer.

When they came out, they drove in silence before Heechul said

“Teukie you need to look at Yesung and not run away for him.”

“But chullie, it’s not easy. The bruises you see them in the report. We had imagined the wors

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