A Bandaged Soul
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Yesung woke up feeling heavy and worn out. His mind felt hazy, he tried not to think of anything. He walked out of the room and into the kitchen absentmindedly. Going towards the fringe and getting water to drink. He gulped down the water.


“Hyung!!” a voice came from the living room, looking up and seeing it was Eunhyuk.

“You are awake!” he said with a full smile showing his wide gums.


“Good morning!?”

“Hyung, it’s evening right now but since you just woke up, so morning”

“It’s morning?” I questioned, I actually slept for a half day?!

“Evening hyung! Are you hungry?” Siwon said making his way to where we were standing.


“Guys. Where’s hy……” a figure emerged from the room where I was sleeping and looked at me.

“There you are. I thought you left” Ryeowook said but I was only thinking why was he in that room again?

“Umm.. what’s going on?” I asked 

“Hyung, don’t you remember you had a nightmare yesterday”

A nightmare in front of them and I don’t recall. I frowned in the idea but 

“What did I say?” my voice trailing with a little bit of tension in it.



“It was nothing… you just you said.. you weren’t okay and umm… you were terrified” the last words were with Ryeowook’s eye moved towards the floor not knowing if he should make contact with his eyes but after a minute or two, he thought otherwise and looked up and it was just as he had thought, Hyung eyes- there was nothing but fright in them-


“Hyung, I am glad you are up” Kyuhyun came to the room sensing the odd and cold tension in it, so he tried to go and back hug Yesung Hyung and his attempt was successful. 

Hyung was back in hitting me and cursing again which was nice to see again, Eunhyuk hyung was also doing something to cheer yesung hyung up. 

He was stiff when I hugged him but Hyung relaxed as soon as he heard my voice.


Though the joyful moment was soon going to be shattered when Heechul and leeteuk hyung came back, they had told us they were going to the police for filing the report and since hyung wasn’t awake at that time they naturally left without telling him.


“Jongwoon ah, you are up” heechul said.

Yesung just nodded in their direction.

It was quiet for a moment before Leeteuk broke the news about the complaint.


“I clearly told you not to interfere with this matter.” Yesung said a voice filled with anger and frightened by what it will lead him to when he finds out about it.


“Yesung ah, the police wants you to explain the details to them in person,” Leeteuk said. 

“I am not going there, I am just going to withdraw it”

“They won’t withdraw it, if the victim says so. We know about the scar words”


It felt like an ice bucket was thrown on him. The words? they knew? Suddenly my legs were wobbling and I couldn’t hold my own weight. Kyuhyun grabbed before I fell and helped me sit. 

“Hyung, we agreed not to tell him about that” Ryeowook said in his high pitched voice and he was angry and it was directed towards leeteuk hyung.

Last night after Yesung’s hyung nightmare, the members agreed to temporarily hide the fact we knew about the scar, it was considered due to Hyung’s mental state right now was too fragile and it was better to wait before asking or telling him. It hasn’t even been 24 hours yet and Hyung just told him. I was so furious at him.


“Yesung ah” Leeteuk continued, he knew he should have waited but it's better to tell him now. Hiding won’t help him. “You.. please trust us.” A pleading voice sounded out. 


“I didn’t want to let you guys know. It’s better if I suffered alone ``Yesung said with a straight voice devoid of emotion.

“Why do you want to know something, I insist on not telling and keep torturing me for answers.

There’s a limit to how much I can bear” I ended up sniffling.


Heechul came closer and kneeled down and looked at me with affection

“Jongwoon, hyung knows that we should have protected you before, I don’t know the full details of what occurred but from the little bits I found out, me and all the members are furious and want that person to be put in prison but being furious isn’t what we thought first. We are sorry that we didn’t notice, we are so ashamed of ourselves right now that we didn’t know, we never bothered, we never even tried to look after you and to protect you. That’s why the things we are doing right now is just so that you could be safe and we are trying to atone for what we should have known a long time ago. hyung is very sorry. I apologize Jongwoonie.”


“Hyung, it’s not your fault, I never blamed you guys. It was my decision to keep you guys out of the mess I created, and I couldn’t for no reason put our group name in danger.”


“Even if you didn’t tell us, we should have noticed it one way or another.” Leeteuk said as he made his way and sat beside yesung. Leeteuk still remembers that Yesung was screaming for our help with the time he spent with that monster. But he still wanted to keep the image of the group so he kept quiet and suffered for so many years relying on drugs to live through.

“Yesungie, please stop thinking of the members and think about yourself for once. I know you always piriteze others before yourself but now is not the time. We care for you and we don’t want to see you suffer again and just for the sake of the members”


“ Buttt hyung?”


“No buts. We have been together for so long, it’s okay to be selfish now.”


“Yes hyung, we are always with you” all the members cheered on and then yesung realized that all the members were present in the room with him.


Taking a deep breath, I closed my eyes for moment before I asked what the members wanted


“What do you want to know?” 


“Yesung ah, when did it start?”

Looking back at the past a sad smile swept across my face, when did it go all wrong?




The company had informed me a new manager was assigned as my previous one enlisted in the military. I was wondering if the new one would be able to keep up with work assuming I didn’t get a newbie. Oh well I might as well take care of him too wondering but before where is he? Wasn’t he supposed to be here half an hour ago? I am going to be late. I waited for like 5 minutes more before deciding to just take my own car. 

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