A Bandaged Soul
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We reached the venue in 20 minutes and everyone was there already and it was a rush against time because everything was all over the place since the recording was decided the last minute, every staff and member were hurrying up to get changed before the concert would start. 

Heechul hyung had also arrived and was going through styling as well since all the members had decided whether he take part in performances or not, we are going to include him the recordings and any other way to be with super junior. Also it’s always fun to have the diva in the house.

After everyone have changed and the recorded was done, we were five minute mark away for the concert to start. All the members gathered together for a group hand cheer up and Heechul hyung said best wished and went to stadium to his specific seat. 

We were halfway through the concert when a ringing accompanied with a severe headache shot up, it made me dizzy and we were singing live at that time and totally forgot the lyrics, my brain wasn’t processing. I could hear members chanting my name yesung hyung, yesung hyung. I cursed myself for not taking any meds but they make me more tipsy and sleepy then actually helping me. But I forced the headache at the back end of my mind and quickly resumed singing. It didn’t act up. Was it gone? No. did it leave me alone? Yes it did and for now it was enough. The concert was literally ending, we just had two songs to perform and we were in the back changing to simple jeans and a white shirt and just in case I gulped down the pills because I didn’t want to ruin the show. 

We all went up to the stage and performed to the two songs and waving all the time to the fans, eye contacting everyone we could with smiles plastered on our faces because we enjoyed the stage and were always thankful for the support. 

Just like that the concert was over and a success. At the back, all the members were giggling and having fun and Heechul hyung also came backstage with us and just when I was going to go and join the rest. Someone tapped my shoulders and looked to see a staff. I gave a confused look at his direction and he pointed someone is outside and is looking for you. I frowned, I didn’t invite anyone so who was able to come at the backstage like that? And why didn’t anyone remove him or her. I was about to ignore the person and had the staff remove him but didn’t want to escalate stuff, it may be just a fan who sneaked behind. And I will be done with the said person in 5 minutes or less so I just decided to meet him/her. I asked where the person was and he pointed me to direction and I just nodded and trialed to that direction. From the direction which he gave me the person was standing close or actually standing near the bathroom, an odd place to stand or wait in general though. I reached to the place but saw no one on sight and thinking it was prank by one of the members because normally how could a fan come at the backstage and who will stand here of all places and your just going to attract everyone’s attraction on you. Fuming with anger, these brats are going to get a piece of my mind.

Before I could storm to the waiting area. A hand shot from behind me covered my mouth and dragged me inside and shut the door. I was struggling to get myself free, before a shiver was sent down to my very bones.

“Hello jongwoon. Nice to see you are doing well.” 

Those words or actually that voice enough made me stop struggling.

Was I afraid?

No. that’s an understatement.

I was petrified.


“Oh jongwoon, look you trembling under me. I miss those days where just a word would make a super star start whimpering from just my voice and it looks like it still has the same effect on you. You are still the same insecure boy I had met then”


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