A Bandaged Soul
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Our two day concert in Seoul was going to start from today, all the members were in the waiting room. Some were still changing, some were going through the choreography one more time, and some were putting make up on like final touches. 

Heechul hyung said he will come to see the concert tomorrow, as he was busy with his work. 

Our parents had also come over to see to see our performances and were also in the waiting area with us.

“Jongwoon ah” I turned around to see my mother. 

“Yes eomaa” 

She took my hand and I just followed her without any question. She led me outside and then said to me 

“Jongwoon, Ryeowook called me yesterday and said you were not umm in good health”

I frowned at the statement, I didn’t like them calling my parents and telling them about my situation.

Since we all had to prepare for the concert we were all living close by, I live my parents but for a couple of days I was staying in the dorm with Kyuhyun, Ryeowook and Eunhyuk. 


“No, mom I am really fine and it was our schedule was jam packed and we were preparing so that’s why I am tired, it’s going to finish so I will go back and living in our house.” I tried my best to show my most sincere smile ever. I don’t know if I failed or something but mom didn’t press further and the matter was dropped there.

Shortly the staff also came that she needed to do some final touches and the also to guide my parents to their respective seats. I bowed to my mother and went over to staff to let her to her work, ryeowook came to ask me something but I ignored his presence. He was also surprised when I didn’t answer his questions the second or third time he asked something.

If the members saw it, they didn’t comment on it either they couldn’t believe I ignored him or that there was no time for a conversation to be held. The VCR was being played and it was our que and hence the concert started.


After three hours, we were done with the concert. In the waiting area we all were changing clothes and removing the makeup. The concert was over without any accident and it was perfect. Now, I just want to dive into a shower right now.

After we left the venue, we bid farewell to fans who were still waiting outside to see us. Kyuhyun, ryeowook, eunhyuk and I had to take the same car since we were living together, we just needed one car for all of us. I sat at the front seat, the members were trying to initiate a conversation with me but I just put my headphones and closed my eyes thus signaling them that I want to be alone.

Even when the songs were playing and the members were just chatting with each other, I tried to listen to the music, concentrate on it but my mind was somewhere not towards the members conversation but somewhere I didn’t want it to be.

We arrived at the dorm in 20 minutes, I took my stuff out and headed inside, I went to my room since only four of us are sharing the dorm right now, we each have a separate roo

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