A Bandaged Soul

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Yesung didnt know what to do with his life anymore, anything less it seemed he was walking on a thin glass which would shatter with on wrong move. He was living his life well, anything was perfect but then those days come again and drive him nearly insane, it has been 7 years but those things have never went away they come back always. It has been so tiring and it was too much and he was slowly breaking.





Authors note: Okay guys, i am not sure whether I should rate it M or not, its going to be dark.

also this is a fanfic, everything that happens with in this story stays inside it, if you find some similarities its just a coincidence. 

i hope you guys enjoy it.

also i will update new chapters weekly, i will really appreciate if you guys can comment, also you can ask me stuff here or i am leaving my twitter id

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