A Bandaged Soul
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“Hyung?” Eunhyuk said.

While Teukie hyung stormed out of the room with Heechul on his heels after him. My head was down and mixed feelings were swirling in my mind. How do you interact with the members now? They just think I didn’t trust them enough to tell them what happened. But how can I explain to them that it was my problem and I didn’t want them to be involved in it. They don’t deserve a person like me pulling them down, they have to fly, not be enforced to look after someone like me, to be honest I am not even worth the trouble. 

He was right about one thing I am useless and it may be why…..

“Yesung hyung!!” I was pulled out of my thoughts when Eunhyuk was tugging me.

“Yesss?” I answered mostly with a stern tone but a slight tremor in it. The members in the room took note of it.

“Yesungie hyung, do you want to eat something? I made sandwiches” Ryeowook said hoping to bring some brightness to the dull atmosphere.

“Ryeowook, bring sandwiches upstairs, we will eat with hyung together” Siwon said looking towards my direction for permission.

I took a breath and realized I can’t say no to them, not when I worried them all, their expressions just showed that. I nodded in the end.

Ryeowook had an expression that he just won a lottery and was about to leave before.

“Wookie?” he paused, looked back at me and his eyes were worried, guessing that I just didn't want to eat with them so he kinda stammered and said “Yes….. hyung?” 

“Has Teukie hyung eaten anything? If he hasn’t can you ask him to come back with Heenim and eat with us”

Ryeowook was beaming, he nodded and grabbed Sungmin before going out and Siwon followed suit.


Jae hyuk came closer and checked on my wounds and pulled out the IV from me. 

“Hyung, do they all know?” it was a whisper only intended for the one closer to hear.

“You brat” he said hitting me in the head. 

“YAH!!!” Donghae shrieked “Don’t hit my hyung” 

Jae Hyuk took a step back and muttered “Obsessive” he eyed me. 

Donghae was coming closer and was fuming, it felt he’s going to give my cousin a piece of his mind. But grabbing him and pulling him closer with my uninjured hand.

“Hae ya. Stop that.”

“But hyung..” he was pouting 

“Jongwoon, your members are scary,” JaeHyuk said, not really helping the situation here. Donghae was really going to say something to him.

“Hae ya” I said urging him to sit down. He did as I said. “Hae ya, Hyung can deal with it himself. I know you are strong but let’s refrain from getting two people injured. Okay?” I was ruffling his hair and he was pouting. 


“They are really possessive, I should enlist them in a psychiatrist ward” the cousin remarked and then it fueled donghae’s anger and they were bickering again. 

Seeing the whole thing, I ended my chuckling at those two antics. And clearly all the members present inside heard and the whole mood was totally lifted. At that moment Ryeowook came and said, seeing all the smiles from the members.

“Yesungie hyung, what was so funny?” he chirped, Sungmin was in the back following with a plate of sandwiches with Siwon carrying glasses and drinks for everyone.

At that moment, Leeteuk and Heechul had also arrived and saw the lively atmosphere. Heechul was raising his eyebrows and trying to someone to explain it where Shindong said


“We were seeing Donghae fooling himself?”

“Shindong hyung!!!” he whined and then looked at my direction as if asking for me back him up instead I fondled him cheeks instead

“Yesung hyung!!” he was pouting.

“What?” he was making that puppy's eyes. “Cute”


All the members ended up laughing. Shortly with Donghae following and so was I.

Ryeowook came closer and handed me a plate of sandwiches while sungmin distributed to the rest also to my cousin. Ryeowook sat in the now vacant chair and was steadfast in feeding me while I was complaining I could do it myself but he was taking no for an answer and I ended up being spoon fed.


“Hyung, is it delicious?” Wook asked

“It is, you should eat it yourself too” picking up the sandwich and moving it closer to his mouth, Ryeowook nodded and ended up taking a bite. 


All the members were eating on the floor except for me who was on the bed and Ryeowook who was on the chair next to me. Seeing all their smiles made me question when was the last time I had actually laughed and enjoyed the member’s presence without feeling guilty all the time with my mind again going to the abyss of the icy haven and thoughts that lay inside it. My thoughts were interrupted when I felt a tap over my hand and I looked up to see Heechul hyung.

I looked over to him with a confused but genuine expression when he looked at Leeteuk hyung and all the members before setting their eyes on me again.


“Joogwoonie” Heechul said in a voice which I knew how the conversation would diverge towards now and the room was silenced, creeping all over.


“Teukie wanted to talk with you….. but insisted it should be me” his eyes gleaming with something I couldn’t understand.


“Sungmin” he said but his tone changed to anger before going back to how it was before. “And your cousin told us about ………” he trailed off “everything”

“I don’t know why you didn’t tell us. That fact hurts but right now I am not going to question you about those considering what just happened in the day, I don’t want to remind you. But” hyung’s expression changed and he looked at me straight and continued.

“We need to go to the police”

“No” it was a firm rejection of the proposal before I even knew it.

Hyung frowned but continued. “Jongwoon ya, I am currently not asking but telling you here right now. This matter should have been over to the police a long time ago but ……… I didn’t call the police the moment I saw it wasn’t because I was never planning but then taking care of you was far more important than calling the police and I didn’t want you to be interrogated as soon as you wake up. So this is your hyung’s job to take care of you even though I should have done this long time but this is the only way I can, Leeteuk agreed so we are going tomorrow to file the complaint and whether you agree or not. It’s going to be done”

“Hyung then why are you even telling me, just get it done then.” I said though my tone sounded annoyed to another person but regardless of the reason it should be done.

I heard hyung sighed and took a deep breath before putting one of the hands on my cheek and caressing it before he said

“Sungie, we need to put the man accountable for what he did to you now and …….. way before. And we are too ashamed to even look at you right now. ” 


“Still, even then you’re doing whatever you want anyway. So why are you asking me?” 



“Hyung, what’s that scar on your leg?” Kyuhyun’s voiced out and the whole room fell silent

“What scar?” Jae hyuk said in an alarming tone looking at Kyuhyun’s direction


“When I was umm pressuring the wound I saw a scar but they were more like words………“


Panic was rising up, I didn’t hide it and he saw, he saw/ Jae hyuk rushed for

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