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Where Wendy wakes up as a member of a top girl group that is not Red Velvet.



"Unnie..." Cat like eyes reminiscent of her best friend's stared back at her.


"Snap out of it. We still got to practice. I know its been more than a year but you and I both know they've been waiting for us as much as we have." 


Wendy broke eye contact. Funny. Even in her current predicament what she said was true. She has been waiting for this. To sing to a crowd that would eagerly listen. To perform again. 


"Wendy unnie," the girl prodded once again. 


At that moment, she set aside her problems and tried to focus on the situation at hand. She sighed and smiled at the girl. 


"Okay, but you still have to teach me after," she reasoned. 


"Please, that's Lisa's job, not mine, " Jennie rolled her eyes but proceeded to grab her wrist and lead her back to the practice room. 



Hello to my new readers! This is my first ever story here on aff so I'm so so happy that a lot of you has given interest in this weird fever dream I somehow came up with. Enjoy the story and feel free to comment. See you in my fics! 


OMG this one too hahahha Look at my agendas getting featured. Aff family is so weird but I love y'all still the same. Let's be weird together. Thank you for the feature aff! 

Hi! I missed y’all! I’m sorry for the MIA. So here’s a chapter! Hahaha thank you for the feature again hahaha I didn’t think we’d get this far❤️
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