Calm Snow


SinB was torn between hell and the calm snow ... what will she choose ? And if both choice were the same in the end ? 


Hey guys

This is a new story with SinB as the main character. 

I am not sure about anything. So I am like you, discovering the story little by little too hhhh. 

However I need your help: indeed you will help me writting this story by responding to the polls. 

Thanks and I hope you will like it :) 



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Ines2602 #1
Chapter 26: Is it the end ?? I love how things seem to take a new turn. But I can't help but feel sad and anxious because the speech of umji feels like she has lost her faith and thinks sinb is dead. It's like a sad tale. Now I just can't wait to see the next part. Thank you for this story! I mean it sincerely, I'm a big fan of Calm Snow!
Ines2602 #2
Chapter 23: Sowon has indeed nothing to do with all this tragedy (or at least this dark magic controls her against her will) And Sinb keeps on saying her existence isn't worth it. Both of them deserve some peace I wish they could leave with umji and yuju and take a new start. But honestly I totally understand why Sowon insists to stay here. Because it's her kingdom and she feels responsible for everything. Leaving to the sun kingdom is like leave her people. She doesn't want to be coward.
Ines2602 #3
Chapter 21: First of all, this chapter fraughts with emotions. It made me realize how brave Sinb is and how hard her life is. He went through so many things, she even denied her own identity because it was so hard to live with her past and to be left on her own. Umji shoundn't be upset with her. Better yet, she should understand her because as Yuju said her kingdom is a nemesis and sinb was scared to be assimilated to it (she probably thought everything was her fault). Sinb is one of the most "bring hope" and saddest character at the same time. The duality of her character is beyond everything.
Ines2602 #4
Chapter 18: This chapter was so sad and everything went through really fast. It's so hurtful knowing the relationship between sowon and umji to see sowon was about to kill her own sister. The one she je looking at since the beginning and her only humanity trigger.
mr_buckwheat #5
Chapter 28: whew finally caught up. this was so interesting, i’m amazed by how you wrote this out. now, on to the next!!
Ines2602 #6
Chapter 17: Why? Just why? Deep down I knew Yuju would be friendzoned but honestly is umji blind or something? Yuju has the full package. She is pretty, strong-minded, selfless and she took her courage to expose her feelings. Poor Yuju.
Ines2602 #7
Chapter 13: Looks like Umji didn't finally listen to yuju. By the way I want to know more about yuju family background and how she became friend with umji. I feel like beyond this protective look and caretaker yuju really loves umji. On one hand I ship umji and sinb together but on the other hand the relationship between umji and yuju is so precious! I feel bad for yuju she must feel like a fifth wheel.
And this village thing is kind of strange I don't think I get everything about it but we will see !
Anyway I long to read your next chapter !
Ines2602 #8
Chapter 12: I knew there was something going on between umji and sowon but siblings ? I didn't excpect this! Somehow on this chapter I felt for the first time pity for sowon. It's interesting you made a pov sowon you should make it more often!
Ines2602 #9
Chapter 4: Sowon looks so scary for real. I doubt she could be a gentle person.
Yeosang6202 #10
Chapter 2: Thank you for having made a story with my bias (Umji) and my bias wrecker in it (SinB). I wonder who is really Umji, she seems to hide something. I feel something off on her but I can't tell what. And Sowon seems so nasty I'm even scared of her haha