Dear Diary

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For over a century, I have lived and kept hidden in the shadows. Alone in the world until now. I am a vampire and there is my story. (...) I shouldn’t have come back, I know what at stakes but I had no choices. I have to know her.


Hello dear reader, 

I am back with a new big project this time a BTS x GFriend story (+ one Gfriend ship) . I am writing this story with my friend Ines2602. 

Some of you may have recognized the inspiration from the series The Vampire Diaries. In fact, this story will be based on the T.V. series but of course we will make important changes in the plot and writing style. 

For those who don't know it, let's just say that it is a supernatural story with romance and death. 

Some characters will appear later in the story. This may be a Sowon and Jimin P.O.V. however the other characters are also important. We will develop and detail all the different storylines. 

We hope you will like it 

Thank you


PS: Have in mind that those are not the typical bangchin ship but feel free to imagine whoever you want if that bothers you ;)

Lots of other Kpop names will appear for side characters. The photo covers are made by me. 


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