A Bump on the Road


Grocery shopping. We all hate to do it but what are you going to do for food then? You get in and out of the store just as usual...or so you thought. In a distance, fan girls are screaming and running after 2 boys. They managed to escape from the screaming when they bumped into you with a big CRASH! You look at up at each other not knowing that's when your journey begins. Love, heart break, passion, leading on, using you = all parts of this story. As you get to know them, a competition begins with some other very-known-loved characters. Will this fight get out of hands? Which side will you choose? And most of all...just which one do you really love?




You: A 19 year old girl who lives alone with a goldfish in a 2 story house. You're secretly rich but you never like to bring it up/show it off. You hate s thought you think they're sort of hot. ;3

(^^picture yourself! :{D^^)


U-Kiss: The 7 kind princes of Neverland. They're high ruling, dark, and powerful creatures though. Some what ed too because they say "it's been a long time since a girl like you came to Neverland"..



Boyfriend: Your very flirtatious bestfriends you ran into. You get into funny, cute, and depressing moments with them. Who knows? Maybe love might develop between you guys.



Hey guys!! I was trying to get inspried without copying off of anybody else's awesome stories so you can tell it's hard for me. (>.<) Lol. I hope this story will eventually be good as I write and think about what will happen! Dang, I love this site so much. :{D <3 Hope you'll like it!!

*writing* lolwut ._.
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