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Alrighty then....Um...Boy did I change alot since 2 years ago when I first started my account. Um,


Boyfriend is my number one Kpop band. Ever.


If it wasn't for them, I wouldn't be able to fangirl with other huge Kpop fans, read such wonderful fan fics, or even give the Apple Company so much money from buying Kpop songs. Lol.


I know lots of people said that Kpop changed their lives, but I never really believed it until now.


It literally did change my life and I'm so thankful for it. I just feel more completed in my life now that it's a part of me and thousands of others as well.


So to AsianFanFics and the whole Kpop industry, (basically all of South Korea),


Thank You. <3


My AFF family whom I love :{D  [Who I'm really close to here, lol.] 


NumberOneShawol ~ An amazing writer and the best unnie!! She lives in the same area as me too ;D


007GuiLunxox ~ She's a funny girl, we wall each other about animes mostly. Plus, she was one of my first friends on here :)


JKcashluv5 ~ She's so nice!! Oh yeah, and she's also engaged! Congrads!! :{D <3


AlmightyDivaKey ~ Always in a good mood! But beware, her happiness will rub off on you :))


kittensteps ~ Soo helpful!! She's awesomely awesome. >:D

Look at my blogs to know more about me like my pet peeves and junk. Please feel free to ask me questions too! I like to blog about my personal life, Kpop, obsession over hot guys, etc.


Lawls. K byeeee~^^


My Instgram- @no_rice_no_life

My Kik- @no_rice_no_life

My Tumblr- @youreasquare

Snapchat- @jakeefswag @no_rice_no_life