The neighbours

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She likes studying, he likes playing

She hates him, he like teasing her


Imagine growing up with someone

completely different from you, weird huh?


Jungkook and Haeun has been neighbours eversince babies but the thing is,

they are the complete opposite of each other.


The characters



Jeon Jungkook 

The popular guy who everyone wants to be with.

He is athletic and of course have the looks except that he is not that smart.


Kim Haeun

The nerd with looks girl that everyone envy. She is the only girl who is close to Jungkook.

Is very good at scoring for exams and tests except she is not sporty.


Lee Yeji

Haeun’s bestfriend eversince elementary school.

Same personality as her but cuter.



7 members including Jungkook.

Very goodlooking and athletic. 



Other characters will be introduced in the later part of the story. 

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