The Unspoken Memories - Oh Sehun


Park Hyun Seul, she came back from Germany to South Korea after 4 years to expecting her past did not hunting her. Little did she knows her unspoken memories to be reveals and her past will follows her. Being an Engineering student that graduated with honors, it is easy for her to be accepted as a student in Seoul National University, one of the most prestigious university in Korea.
Park Chanyeol, a giant, a derp and a caring and loving brother to Hyun Seul. Being the same-aged siblings makes them only have each others' side as someone to hold to. He was born on the early years while Hyun Seul was born later on the December.
Oh Sehun, an arrogant, sassy boy. 
Hyun Shin, will exist later on between them ;)
Date started: April 12, 2015

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Irenespet #1
Chapter 1: Aww the brother sister interaction is so cute
zangsia1 27 streak #2
Chapter 13: Sehun needs to prove to seul before its too late
Chapter 12: Whaaaaaaaaat i honestly didn't see that one coming. Okaaaay. Haha
zangsia1 27 streak #4
Chapter 12: Moving on they are still husband and wife!
zangsia1 27 streak #5
Chapter 11: Wow... Sehun now has a chance to help her.
1 points #6
Chapter 10: Oooooooooh SEHUUUUUN. ❤❤❤ >=<
zangsia1 27 streak 1 points #7
Chapter 9: So sad for Sehun
zangsia1 27 streak #8
Chapter 8: Sehun needs to apologize and clear things up with her
1 points #9
zangsia1 27 streak 1 points #10
Chapter 6: What happened before?