Creeping In Your Heart

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Lee Minah, her friends call her Lee, she was your average student. Good friends and a roof over her head, if only her father was there to share the roof with her and it wouldn't be so lonely.

Lee takes her usual journey to the local library, it was better than staying in a lonely house without her father. Lee was never one for fairy tales but when she found herself in the section of the library holding every girls dream of finding their prince charming she couldn't help herself from grabbing the first book she saw fit.

Alice in Wonderland, there's no romance in that right?

Well I suppose there isn't meant to be nine men sitting at a dining table either, but there is.

Lee finds herself literally stumbling towards a table with nine beautiful men sitting at it, they promised her she was not safe, that this place is monstrous.

How will she get out?

How will they all get out of this hell?

"We'll be creeping in your heart babe"





Alice - Shinedown

Cloud 9 - EXO

Love Me Right - EXO

Monster - EXO

Voodoo Doll - Vixx

The Closer - VIXX

Fantasy - VIXX

Monster Lullaby Ver - EXO

Hurt Lullaby Ver - EXO

Memory - VIXX

Love Me Do - VIXX

El Dorado Lullaby Ver - EXO

Promise Lullaby Ver - EXO

Love Ya - SS501

Heathens - 21 Pilots 

Trailer by infiresmongji

Meet The Characters;

Lee Minah (Lee)


"I'm not meant to be here"

"What's happening have you all gone mad?"

"I have a gift"


 The Mad Hatter

"We, as you see here Lee, are the monsters. But in reality it is not us who are the monsters, it is the people claiming we are that are the monsters"

"We were mad to begin with my dear"

"We wouldn't want anyone to catch us, now would we sweetheart?"

"For as long as we are here you have nothing to fear"

"I knew you were different"


 The Sane Hatter

"You asked for the same respect that we would give the Queen, and now you have it. Lucky, you didn't even say please, how rude"



"I know I was out here for a reason. It must have been to find the truth, the truth is always in the untold, the untouched, nature would always hold the truth, no one destroys nature. Now, what was I finding the truth for?"

"Well I'll be damned, I thought we had been following him this whole time"

"Well, they would go to any lengths to keep us from leaving, they wouldn't want their play things to leave, then what would they do with themselves?"



"Man you're even shorter up close"

"Hey, don't give us that look, it makes us feel bad for ourselves"



"Contrariwise, I'm Chen and he's Baekhyun"

"But what if she's not the right one? Then, of course, she can leave, the sooner the better so we don't get our hopes up"

"I did do a pretty good job, didn't I? I suppose I do deserve to hold the damsel in distress in my arms"


 The March Hare

"Why isn't it ovbious? You're in Monsterland, like Wonderland, only completely opposite. Spoon"

"That damned dog almost bit between my legs! How rude can one get?"

"That prick called me an idiot!"


 The Dormouse

"Look kid, at this point in time there is no escape. You are our key to freedom and we are yours, none of us can get to that hole out of here alone"

"Hasn't that already been established? Idiot"


 The Cheshire Cat

"Well hello stranger"

"It's us you should trust sweetheart, never believe the words of the Knave of Hearts or the Red Queen, they are evil"


 White Rabbit

"We are making our great plan of escape of course, because no departure is a departure of success without a plan and a team of great minds. Now get over here, we only have so long before the Queen has her mutt check on us"

"This is taking to much time, do you see? Our tea is getting cold this is simply not worth the time"

"We don't have time for his bull!"

"I don't have the time to answer your questions right now Chanyeol, I need to rest"

Hi, this is a new EXO story I plan to release chapters for once I finish my other two stories!

EXO and Lee will go by their names, but I will try my best to give them the personalities of the character I've matched them to.

A big thank you to INDITE GRAPHICS SHOP I love the poster and background! 


And thank you so much to Sandunind for the current poster I love it!

As the story grows, so will the quotes on the characters.

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BlackCherry15 #1
Chapter 9: Wait, what is Minah's gift? And i'm interested in the Queen's backstory, if she has one.
Chapter 8: I have an idea about what's going on with her but I'm really not sure. Thanks for updating! Awesome as always!!!
Chapter 6: OH MY GOD!! TAO'S ALIVE?!?!?!?! At least that's what I think.... Please update soon this is amazing.
Chapter 7: Ooh this is good! It needs more love tbh
Bayleaves20 #5
Chapter 1: Loving your story, author-nim. :3
Fotiadini #6
Update soon please! XD This sounds like it would be a really awesome story XD