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It's a new start  for  Daniela as she leaves  everything  and everyone  behind to  start  a new  career in Korea. What  awaits her  there changes her  life and  brings back all the things  she has been running away from, will love be enough to survive what’s to come to her?


I faked  a smile  as I said goodbye to my mom 


“I will be ok , don't worry I will be back soon”  


I turned away to say goodbye to the rest of family there  and hugged everyone  goodbye  I hugged my father tighter,  there was no need for words ,  there was an unspoken understanding between us.  My mother pulled me into her arms once more and told me yet again


 “ You don't need to go , You don't need to runaway?”


“I am not , this  is a great opportunity I'll call You once I arrive , ok?  Love You” 


 I assured her with a smile I'm sure didn't reach my eyes. I left my family standing there  as I made my way the airport security, not noticing  much I went straight to my flight and boarded the airplane, recalling my mom’s last words  “You don't need to runaway” 


I was  running away , running to Korea. I wanted to get away I wanted to forget  and Korea was just the place for me : I knew nobody and nobody knew me except Bomi my best friend  from college  who offered me a job  at an entertainment  company she  worked for . She offered me a job  to help her  company break through the Latin American market and she insisted  I was ideal for the  job. I still wasn't sure what to expect  from this  job  or  what exactly were my responsibilities there , but  this was  exactly what I needed : A  NEW LIFE …


hope someone is still reading this. it may not make much sense as to how this ties with the last chapter. but lets keep in mind that this is Seunghyun's story before Daniela but soon it should all tie together and make sense,
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