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Jongdae, I love you. Please be happy.

By kyungfident posted
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Hiatus. Thoughts of Leaving

By Faedra posted
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Help. My fanfic keeps on appear as unlisted

By Sillysesame posted
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Life is not always easy

By Min-yeon posted
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My ffs being uploaded/plagiarized without my permission

By Najaeri posted
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I'm afraid

By DizzyJames posted
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By Syk_production posted
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the app????

By SleepyKitty14 posted
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I'm not the only one, am I?

By DGNA_Forever posted
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Fanfics issues ;A;

By sanae68 posted
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Readers of The Awkward Hybrid...

By momokhat posted
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Continuation of the Open Letter to Side Moderators

By Korekrypta posted
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Open Letter to the Site Moderators as there is no clear way to contact them.

By Korekrypta posted
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Car issues, a retelling part 1

By kiaroseuchiha posted
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Updating issues - HELP!

By kiaroseuchiha posted
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By JeannaKleford posted
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By KPopGirl18 posted
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EXO issues

By Divergin1004 posted
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By liejinlie posted
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