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(My New Story - coming soon) - XiuHan [Magical AU] & No, I'm avoiding 'the' Hogwarts... - [Read for character introductions, and plans]

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Fic Rec (Tao/OC) - Romantic Comedy - humor - romance - drama - cannon au

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Life, Lemons, and

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I had the weirdest dream with EXO

By exofangurl99 posted
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Song Playlist

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12 Dates to Find 1 [EXO/OC FANFICTION]

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I'M TRYING!!!!!!!!

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Twilight (Kpop Parody)

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Recommendation Contest.

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what if i write a blog in a blogging space?

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I Am A Good Friend... I Guess?

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I'm Back ! - New Stories.

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Dong Saya Dae

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Random Questions About Love/Life

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Any Comedy Anime Recommendation / Suggestion?

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boys and Friendship(Advice needed)

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The results of lack of sleep....:p.... 'Let's make a story of us together'

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