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Sweetheart, It's Our Secret!

CEO Do Kyungsoo measures all human relationships through money, so when he accidentally gets tangled into a scandal with top star Kim Jongin, are his stocks rising or are they actually plummeting? || KaiSoo

I Want A Daughter Instead! [HIATUS]

By MrsKevinWoo updated
Characters U-Kiss Eli, Jo EunMin (You), Kim SungHoon.
With 8 chapters, 2 votes, 68 subscribers, 2730 views, 56 comments

                                                                          This is a seqeul of 'My Boyfriend Is A Bully?' .                                                                   If you have not read the story, please do read it first. ^^                                                                                               The story continues when Eli and Eunmin got married after they've graduat

Married Life With Him!!

By CAPtaiin updated
With 9 chapters, 2 votes, 68 subscribers, 2670 views, 14 comments

You,Bang _____~ is pretty cute lady who married the richest guy in Seoul [Wu yi fan]. You and Wufan Started Dating 4 years ago and now you married with him for 3 months. What Will Happen if his Ex come back. Top Model,Jessica come back from New York after dumped Wufan 4 years ago and now she try to seperate You and Wufan. Kim myungsoo and Kim Hana is Wufan's best friend ever. They are married for 1 years and they are reall

Chasing Happiness

By Mademoisellekris updated
Characters Kris & OC.
With 2 chapters, 4 votes, 67 subscribers, 670 views, 4 comments
Status Members Only, Subscribers Only

  One said, “the girl is lucky to be with him because he will do his best to treat her.”  

Idol life or married life?

By prettykitty2221 updated
Characters siwon,OC,kiseop
With 24 chapters, 5 votes, 67 subscribers, 4240 views, 34 comments

hey this is admin E this is my first time writing and english is not my first language so bear with me and please subscribe and comment i

I still love you .

By Chrisitne_Shawolelf updated
Characters Oh Sehun , Lee Eunae (OC) , LuHan
With 24 chapters, 1 votes, 33 comments

Would you still date and marry that someone that you ever loved so dearly .. even after knowing that he is a playboy ? Would you still hope that he will be the one beside you to protect you when you're in need ? Would you still hope that he will be the one to wipe away your tears when you're crying ?

After so Long [Edited-ish]

By cherry_love_blossom updated
Characters Wu Kris, Kim Anna (you)
With 2 chapters, 7 votes, 64 subscribers, 6740 views, 25 comments
Status Completed

Anna, an orphan since 19 years of age has been forced into an arranged marriage with Kris, Korea’s #1 Playboy by his grandpa who thinks that Anna would be a great wife for him since her grandpa and he were great friends. Agreeing, without the elders knowing, they will get a divorce after 2 years of that marriage. After a year of being together, no one has conf

Marrying A Playboy

By SHINeeLuva1 updated
Characters Kim Kibum/Key (SHINee), Lee Jihae (Fictional)
With 17 chapters, 63 subscribers, 2670 views, 55 comments

Marrying is a natural thing... But on the age of 18?! Goodness that's too young. What's more is... the person that the girl is going to marry is no other than a playboy. Twisted right?! 

My teacher, my husband

By Star-awr18 updated
Characters You, Jung Taekwoon aka Leo (VIXX)
With 3 chapters, 5 votes, 61 subscribers, 820 views, 6 comments

Your ears filled with laughter, chair legs screeching against the wooden floor. Excitement and anxiousness were written on the faces of your classmates. You sighed with a small smile on your face; you had to admit, you did sort of miss school. You watched as the popular girls, the popular guys and the not so popular all file into the classroom from the corner of the classroom. A handful of unfamiliar faces st

When you're looking like that. - Part 2

By crazytomatoes updated
Characters you, Lee Minhyuk and Block B
With 22 chapters, 1 votes, 59 subscribers, 2240 views, 24 comments

"NO YOU'RE NOT TAKING A STEP FORWARD." I glared. "NUH-UH I MEAN IT MINHYUK."  , I thought as I felt my back brushed against the cold concrete of the wall behind me. Minhyuk kept his focus on me. I glared into his eyes, not wanting to break the rough eye-contact session we were having.  He let out a scoff, visible enough to show the dimples on both sides of his cheeks. He took another step forward, causing me to shriek. "MINHY

What? Marry you?

By triangle updated
Characters Woohyun, Jiyoon, Hoya, Yoobin, Dongwoo, Hyuna, L, infinite
With 20 chapters, 1 votes, 58 subscribers, 5090 views, 40 comments

It all started from that one night. And so, they got married. They don't know each other at all but they live under one roof. They fight every second, minute and days of their lives.  Wondering why did they get married at first?  What were they fighting for every day and night? 

My Sister's Husband [Haitus]

By jeniations002 updated
Characters Kim Bum | So Eun
With 2 chapters, 2 votes, 57 subscribers, 5510 views, 22 comments

Kim So Eun | 20 Years Old | Young sister | Always stand in Min Young's shadow  

♥ ‪♔‬ My Cute Husband ♔ ‬♥ ‪

By puffyyx updated
Characters Teen Top, ChunJi, you
With 6 chapters, 1 votes, 13 comments

You were married to one of the members of Teen Top.Chunji or Lee Chan Hee was your husband. At first you were asked to marry Chunji by force as your father wanted you to marry his best friend’s son. At first you didn’t have any feeling for him but slowly you realized that you loved him very much.   What if one of your ex-boyfriend suddenly came back into your life, will your married with Chunji can still be standing strongly?  


By yummymarshmallow updated
Characters You(O/C),Baekhyun and EXO.
With 7 chapters, 2 votes, 56 subscribers, 870 views, 15 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Your name is Kim Hana.You just a simple girl but you really love to create songs since you are 11.You also a fan of EXO.You really love them but not really crazy like other fans.You create a lots of songs just for EXO.One day,you get a chance for go to EXO fan meeting and gave a box that full of cds to Baekhyun,a member of EXO.As soon as you gave it to him,you quickly leave.Baekhyun didn't s

My husband and oppa in law

By jaehon updated
Characters Gi Kwang / Taecyeon / You / Lauren ( Gi Kwang & Your daughter )
With 8 chapters, 56 subscribers, 3490 views, 26 comments

Jaehon : First of all, as I said Gi Kwang was the original characters for the story of “when Myungsoo get jealous with his own son” but i decide to change it to Myungsoo because i wanna make a chaptered story

couple of trouble.

By Kimthea updated
With 21 chapters, 55 subscribers, 7850 views, 33 comments
Status Completed

Taecyeon was one of the hottest male celebrity in korea, but suddenly,

The December Family

By SarahChi1023 updated
Characters You, Woohyun, Minors
With 5 chapters, 1 votes, 55 subscribers, 5900 views, 21 comments
Status Completed

You have been married to Woohyun for two years now and your time together has been pure bliss. 


By dokyungsoonut04 updated
Characters Kris, OC
With 3 chapters, 1 votes, 54 subscribers, 700 views, 8 comments
Status Subscribers Only

have you ever loved someone

Married to SHINee's Jonghyun. (Forced Marriage)

By Kangarooo updated
Characters Jonghyun SHINee Park Haemi(OC)
With 9 chapters, 21 comments

Park Haemi is forced to marry the SHINee's main vocalist, Kim Jonghyun. Will their marriage work? Or it will just lead to a divorce. Park Haemi

Sorry girl, You're mine !

By luMinAh updated
Characters Luhan , Shinyeong [ 0c ], dan akan datang watak-watak baru yang semestinya bukan EXO sahaja.
With 1 chapters, 7 votes, 51 subscribers, 500 views, 12 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Duduk dekat2 memang boleh kena barah hati! Bukan diabetes. Kenapa mulut dia terlalu 'manis' sangat? Yup, memang. Memang dia pun perangai dua kali 1oo sama je. But, kenapa mesti dia? Kenapa si senget tu jugak yang perlu jadi suami dia ? Why must him? Hurm.. nampaknya dia kena kaji semua ni. Dia tak nak masuk WE GOT MARRIED dengan senget tu. Hell not! Dia lebih

Mrs. DJ Heenim

By SeeLovesHee updated
Characters Kim Heechul, Kwon Nara (fictional)
With 17 chapters, 50 subscribers, 22 comments

This is just story about Me, Kwon Nara. And my husband Kim Heechul. My life as an actress and his wife. His life as a Super Junior's member and DJ at Youngstreet Radio. This story mostly about our daily life as a secret married couple. Why secret? It's all because of our job and our fans.

Haven't Had Enough

By HummingBirds updated
Characters Im Yoona, Cho Kyuhyun.
With 1 chapters, 50 subscribers, 4010 views, 21 comments

When two large companies in South Korea went bankrupt at the same time, they have a plan to bring their company back on it's feet. And that is by marrying their heiresses.  Im Yoona, who was the heiress of the Im's company, one of the largest company in South Korea, was against the idea of being married just to save her father's company. especially when she find out who will she ties the knot with.


By peculiars updated
Characters YOU , Baekhyun
With 5 chapters, 8 votes, 2660 views, 15 comments
Status Completed


The Married Life of Kim Taehyung

By Kwon_Minyoung updated
Characters Park Yura (OC) | Kim Taehyung; V (BTS) |
With 3 chapters, 5 votes, 11 comments

The married couple of 4 years, Kim Taehyung- also known as V from BTS and Park Yura, a simple, hardworking Seoul girl had settled down, and now are raising their 3 year old son, Taekwon and their barely 4 month old daughter Taeguk. But being young parents takes a toll on their realtionship when really none

Red Fluke [Hiatus]

By chickenburger updated
Characters Byun Baekhyun, Kris Wu and Kim Saehyun [OC] + Kim Saerom [OC]
With 17 chapters, 4 votes, 49 subscribers, 1850 views, 21 comments

  It was tiring for Byun Baekhyun to see a duplicated version of his dead wife lingering around his view, with the same perfect face, filial attitude and familiar attraction.