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Oh my Sehun!

We’re all a little weird. And life is a little weird. And when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall into mutually satisfying weirdness —and call it love— true love.

Get Back

Yongguk and Himchan, two young boy college students in love were like a glue and paper. They can't be apart. They have different side, and old stories from their life before they now together.  

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That's Impossible

Bekerja di balik tabir sememangnya menjadi impian Kim Hyejin. Namun, ada satu perkara terjadi kepada Hyejin yang merumitkan keadaan.. Apakah sebenarnya yang berlaku???  Siapakah yang membuat keadaan menjadi rumit??? 

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CharactersKim Hyejin, Byun Baekhyun, Exo, others K-Pop idols
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I Can See A GHOST???

"Kau nak tahu tak... ada hantu kat sebelah kau..."   " Janganlah main-main Luhan!!.."   " Penakut tahap Gajah betullah budak cengeh ni.."     " Saya takut pun pasal perkara ni jugakkan...Lagipun awak tu hantu Sengal..." Trailer.......  

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CharactersHaera | Luhan | Others Character
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I'M KWON Jiyong Guardian Angel

What if you were told that you were a kpop idol's Guardian Angel ? Would you doubt your abilities to help Gdragon's soul , none the less help him change his habits and become the man that God wants him to be and help him fall in love with the one he was supposed to marry.   Lena Brown  Gender:Female Eye color: Hazel Ethnicity: African American Age: 24 Date of birth to death: December 32,2013-January 9,2014 Cause of death:car accid

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Charactersbig bang members, fictional character
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NOT LIKE THIS [이건 아니야]

“Kau bertahan lah!!” “Aku tak boleh, Baek..” “Kalau kau sayangkan aku, kau bertahanlah..”

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CharactersBaekhyun Chanyeol Taeyeon Chunnie (OC)
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Hate Before Saranghae

Aku tak suka JEON JUNG KOOK merangkap adikku sendiri.   Sebab dia,                    omma tinggalkan aku  Sebab dia,

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My Master Is Crazy

" Chunri,kamu jadi pembantu rumah dia..sekejap aja..ek?                  Dia budak baik tau!dia dengar cakap,dan lebih tua dari kamu,jadi dia tak terlalu

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Baby, Don't Cry (Sequel to The Last Memory)

After married for 2 years, you and your husband were blessed with twin. Different gender but similar faces. Both of them named Hyun Jae(girl) and Hyun Su(boy). The twin really love you until they can't seperate with you even for a couple of minutes. Sometimes, you get annoyed because everything you did never complete. You have work to do and at the same time you need to take good care of them. So, the key to this prob

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"Kau siapa..?"Tanya Hana,gadis berabut panjang lurus dan comel.  "Aku Chanyeol...tak akan kau dah lupa"Terang Chanyeol dan cuba mendekati Hana . Hana menjauhkan dirinya dan bersedia untuk mewushu Chanyeol.

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CharactersOC,chanyeol,chen ,exo
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Sadness, Please Go Away

  Sebab kau aku tak boleh kahwin dengan orang yang aku cinta! sebab kau hidup aku merana! sebab kau..Chorong jauhkan diri dia dari aku.  - Kim JungMyeon/Suho -     Saya dah buat keputusan, kita cerai lepas kita graduasi - Im Yumi -    

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Coup D'etat

Prologue - Description South Korea’s President was attacked by terrors which terrified him and his family. Letters sent through the airmail and emails sent from nowhere contained terrors. Someone attacked the President’s bodyguard—and South Korea—the country and the people—they’re all in danger. Someone murdered the President's bodyguards and their

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My Cold Sweet Love

“Aku tak pernah jumpa perempuan pelik macam kau ni seumur hidup aku..mase kecik kau makan apa hah minah pelik??kau buat apa??dosa apa kau buat hah??dosa apa aku buat sampai aku kena hidup dengan kau??.   “Ehhh..aku pelik kau cakap??aku pelik??dah kau

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A New (A Sequel to Thank You For The Broken Heart)

        TITLE: A New INFO : A sequel to Thank You For The Broken Heart

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CharactersYou, Sehun, Kai
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BAP vs the World

For the past three years at the Agent Training Academy, Bang Yongguk and his best friends, Jung Daehyun, Kim Himchan, Yoo Youngjae, Moon Jongup, and Choi Jun-hong, were the nobodies of the Academy. Despite all the hard work they've been giving, it seems to be not enough for the top dogs of the Academy, in which they despise. Because of this, they were often isolated and looked down by the other agents in training. They could no longer take being looked down and insulted by everyone higher an

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CharactersBang Yongguk (you), BAP and a couple others! :D
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The Red Shoes

My 6th fanfic.. Do subscribe and upvote + comment . May God bless you!

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CharactersXi Luhan | Byun Yura(OC) | Kim Jongin | Hwang Tiffany | EXO
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The Dreams I Gave Up

The same way an arranged marriage is made, Baekyeol was born. And does everything turn into a happily ever after that easily? The struggle of Baekhyun to keep his sanity and his dreams... "I

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CharactersBaekhyun, Chanyeol, rest of EXO
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Celebrity Survival

The 5 Rules All People Must Appy In Order To Survive The Celebrity Life: 5. Be Supportive To Your Fans 4. Be On Point To Every Occasion 3. Don't Let The Paparazzi Take A Bad Side Of You 2. DON'T Get Caught Up In Scandals/ Rumors

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Characters(OC) Taecyeon Son Dong Woon Lay Jum Ji Hyun Riachann (& others)

When Two Worlds Collide

Eunmi Park was not the most popular kid at school. She was often bullied, humiliated, and ridiculed in every way possible because she was different from everyone else at the University of Seoul. She can no longer take the abuse and needs answers on how to end her problem. One day, she meets two people who are different like her. However, they're not from our world. They may not even be human. Could they be the answer to her problem? Could they be trusted?

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CharactersEunmi Park (you), Yunho, Changmin and a few others! :D
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Not all people got the happiness that they alwayas wanted. Not all people got the sadness that they never want to feel. Not all people feel the same. Not all people love the same person. Not all people can do everything. What if you were trapped at a time where you should do what you cannot do? What if you who were already got anything you what, got anything you never want?

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CharactersYou as Jung Minhee - Kim Myungsoo as Myungsoo - Bae Suji as Suzy - find the other casts on the story!
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❊ Nightskiie's Counsel Column || Open || ☾

Why hello there c:  I'm Kur-ray and the reason why I made this story is because I want to help people and their problems 

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CharactersYou, you and yourself, and your problems, and anything else ಠ_ರೃ
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Killing My Brother's Best Friend

Your and your oppa were abandoned since birth, and we raised by man who trained you to be survivors. But by 'survivors', he means killers. Yeah, and since you were little you both had severe training and learnt techniques to how to fight in combat, and you are sent out on missions to kill people that your 'father', Chan, he's known as, has ordered you to.  

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CharactersYou, B1A4's Baro and Sandeul
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She's been hurt, and now, she's afraid to love

  "Don't forget me" I said    "I won't" You told me... But somehow that's exactly what you did "It's like screaming but no one can hear"                                                                                    

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CharactersTaemin, Yoi Takenawa(Fictional), Yuri choi(Fictional), Elaine Tokko(Fictional), Heather Mee (Fictional), Shinee
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Welcome to Ankylon

Main character: Cho Kyuhyun - Bad influence in society, has no sense of direction completely lost its how he ends up in jail. Other members of Super Junior as well but you can decide how important they are to Kyuhyun, or to the story.   Ok so names of places are made up as are the rules if there are any similarities in my fic to your idea then it’s purely coincidental I don't own any of the characters  

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Neverland~Angels Against the Fallen

Neverland is home to many legendary and mythical creatures. Neverland is also home to the immortals that call themselves, U-Kiss. Neverland is divided into two separate, but equal parts; the ‘pure’ side, home to U-Kiss’ angels and the ‘tainted’ side, home to their fallen angels. The ruler of all is known as Prince Alexander. He lives in a small territory of Neverland called Xanderland. He is neither an angel nor a fallen

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CharactersAutumn (OC) & all 9 members of U-KISS
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Be My Bias

Your best friend is Lee Taemin. You've been friends since the beginning of high school.

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CharactersLee Taemin, You, Kevin Woo
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