First Love


There's no love like the first.  

        -Nicholas Sparks






*Flashback To Four Years Ago* 

"So she's really pregnant." You say looking out at the water. You couldn't even look at your best friend in the face. Everything felt like it was crashing down. 
"Yeah." He said with his face in his hands. 
"I thought you guys didn't.." 
"We did. It was a mistake but a mistake I have to live with." You take a deep breath in. This all felt like a dream. Just yesterday he got drunk and confessed his love for you and now this.The moment you've been waiting for since you were little. Last night was when you lost your ity to him. 
"So your really going to marry her?" You close your eyes not wanting to hear his answer. 
"I have no choice." You don't say anything and just stare out at the water. All that was heard was the rustling of the water hitting the side of the wall. It was midnight so nobody was out. He takes a deep breath in and stands up. 
"I just wanted to tell you first before you heard it from someone else and because of yesterday..." He stops and rubs his face. 
"It's fine don't worry about me. Yesterday was a mistake. You weren't thinking clearly and neither was I." You say getting up. He looks at you with sadness in his eyes. "Good night." You say and walk away. He doesn't chase you and let's you go. 
*End of Flashback*
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