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“Do you want some more?” I watched Donghae as he waved a cupcake in front of Dara.

Something inside me wants to punch him in the face and I don’t even know why.

“Hey baby, you ok?” For a moment I’ve forgotten that my girl was with me and just thought on a hundred ways on how to bring that Donghae down.

“Yeah. I’m fine. I guess I’m a bit tired.” I answered smiling at her.

Kiko placed her hand on my forehead. “Are you sick?”

I shook my head and she placed her hand on my cheeks. Aaahh. The warmth of Kiko’s hands has reminded me of reality. I’m with her now.

I smiled at her and held the hand on my face.

“HYUNG!” Someone shouted in front of us and I turn to see Mino waving his hand at us calling us to dance with them.

“How’s about we go danicng baby?” Kiko suggested but I know she feels that I’m affected with the two dumb birds beside us.

“Come on Yeol let’s dance!”Hyukjae was pulling Chanyeol away from the two dumb birds.

“Hyung... I... don’t.... want.... to...” Finally Chanyeol gave in and join the rest of the gang in dancing.

I looked at the two beside us and saw that they were in their own world laughing about who cares what. I stood up and pulled Kiko to where the others are dancing.

“Let’s go.”

“Woooohoooo!!!!!!!” Seungri shouted as he splashed a bottle of water to everyone dancing.

“YAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Jong Hyun shouted. “We still have another place to go after this SEUNGRI!!!!”

The maknae just laughed and was having a goodtime.

Minzy was now dancing with Soo Hyuk while Hayi and Soohyun were dancing with Hanbin and Jinhwan.

Yongbae and Yuri were dancing with Hyukjae and Chanyeol and Bom and Tabi? Well, they were dancing, in their own weird awkward dancing way.

Everyone was now hyped up with dancing and Kiko is bringing the house down. I was so into our dance that I didn’t even notice Dara and Donghae has already joined them in dancing.

Poor Hae. I thought. Dara Noona isn’t a good dancer. She’s the most awkward out of the four girls. I guess it’s because of her thin figure that’s why she needs more time to practice dancing than the others.

I focused on dancing with Kiko. Hmmm... I guess I was so busy lately that I forgot how fun it was to go out dancing with her.

“I miss this.” I said as I wrap my hands around Kiko’s waist.

“Really?” Kiko teasingly smiled at me as she wrapped her arms around my neck.

“Oh you don’t know how much I’m tempted to plant a kiss on those lips.” I told her. It’s true. Since our Sajangnim has arrived I’ve been restraining myself on being so showy to Kiko.

“Wooohooo!!! Go Noona!!! Go Noona!!!!” I heard Seunghoon and Bobby shout. I turned to look what was the commotion about and couldn’t believe what’s happening.

“Wow I didn’t know Dara could dance that way.” Kiko said looking at the same direction I was glaring at.

“I didn’t know either.” I said turning away and hating the feeling that I’m getting right now.

What the am I doing? Why am I feeling this way?

I danced and twirled with Kiko but couldn’t get my mind off with the bumping and grinding that’s happening in front of me.

“Hey baby, I’m tired, why don’t we take a break.” Kiko whispered in my ear to which I obliged and lead the way back to our seats.

Soohyuk is taking a break to and now Minzy is dancing with Bom and Top.

“So Jiyong, how does it feel like to be surrounded with a lot of dongsaengs?” Soohyuk asked me.

“It’s. chaos.” I admitted. Well it was the truth anyways. “We’ve only been together what? 2? 3 days? And I feel like I’m in a middle of war every time I wake up.”

Soohyuk chuckled. “It’s that chaotic ei?”

“You should try sleeping over one time and you’ll never want to do it again.” Jiyong shook his head.

“Isn’t it weird being all in one house and not just boys?” Kiko suddenly asked.

Jiyong smiled at her and shook his head. “Well the dongsaengs took after us, they care about their noonas and the girls and they feel protective of them.”

“Really is that all?” Kiko mischievously smiled at him to which the latter smirked and nodded.

“Well that I’m not so sure.” Jiyong said.

“What are you guys doing here seating? Look at that crowd!!!” Hyukjae excitedly pointed at the YG Family and their guests having fun dancing.

“Hyung aren’t you tired?” Jonghyun asked wondering where the man was getting all his energy from.

“We’re idols Jong Hyun! We can last dancing for hours!” Hyukjae looked at him like he asked the most stupid question.

“I gotta say Dara Noona is hot!!!” Jong Hyun randomly said as him and Hyukjae stared at her.

Something inside of me wanted to ignite and beat the crap out of Jonghyun and Hyukjae for checking her out. I don’t understand exactly why. Am I actually jealous of these two buffoons? Nah. It can’t be.



Dara’s POV



“Tonight was so much fun wasn’t it?” I beamed at Donghae.

It was after the party already. Our guests have gone home except for the Teddy Oppa, Jinu Oppa, Sean Oppa and our dear President YG.

Yongbae,Top and Bommie took Yuri and Chanyeol home. Hyukjae and Donghae had a schedule right after that’s why their manager was picking them up.

Donghae and I were waiting for their manager outside the house while Hyukjae continues to have fun with the rest of the family inside the house.

“You really enjoyed it?” Donghae asked

I nodded. “I don’t think I’ve danced like that in my whole life! EVER!”

Donghae chuckled at me. Just then a black van stopped in front of us and when the door opened, Seungri, Daesung and Jiyong alighted.

“Oh, where’ve you been?” I asked not realizing that they have left the house. I looked inside the van and saw that they used their managers van.

“We took Kiko home.” Seungri answered.

“Ahhh.” I felt a slight pinch in my chest at the very mention of her name. Get a grip Dara.

“Geez Noona you didn’t even notice that we were gone?” Seungri shook his head as he went inside the house followed by Daesung.

Jiyong looked from Donghae to me by the look on his face I know he wants to say something. He followed Daesung and just when he was about to go inside he turned around and looked at both of us.

“Just don’t… stay out too much someone might see.” He then went inside and closed the door.

“Oooh…” Donghae mouthed as I playfully slapped him on the chest.  “What?!?!”

“He might hear you!” I whispered.

“And so? Look I know I agreed to be your pretend lover boy tonight but the party is over and so are my services!” Donghae softly reminded me.

“I don’t even know why I hired you!” I playfully pouted at him.

Yes. I’m kind of pathetic I know. Hiring your close friend just so your ex would think you’ve moved on and so that your best girlfriends would stop pestering you to date every other idol that shows interest in you. But, don’t blame me a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.

Honestly, I do not know what got into me but I just knew Kiko was going to be at the party tonight and that I have to invite some guy that would save me from that awkward situation of being in the same place with my ex and his current.

Donghae was the best candidate. One, he knows what happened between me and Jiyong. Two, he’s not going to take advantage of the fact that he’s my date tonight. Perfect.

“Earth to Dara!” Donghae waved his hand in front of me. “You’re lost in your own world again. You’ve got to stop doing that!”

“You think they bought it?” I wondered.

“Well the dragon was ready to spit fire at me awhile ago if it weren't for a certain fish that lured him away." Donghae explained wrapping his arms around my waist. " So stop worrying ok?"

This is normal for us. Platonic. that's the word. We could kiss good-bye and it wouldn't mean anything but a kiss goodbye. i could hug him just because I want to and it is just a hug. Others like Bommie thinks its different but for us it's not. Donghae knows I'm still not over my dragon of an ex boyfriend and I now he only thinks of me as his friend.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and buried my face on his chest. "Thank you for being here."

"OH.MY.GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" someone screamed behind Donghae and we turned to see Soohyun, Hanbin, Hayi and Mino staring back at us. Behind them Jiyong, Hyukjae, Seungri and Minzy were all staring at us too.

Perfect. My innerself smirked.

"Why are you guys so shocked? Aren't you guys used to hugging?" Hyukjae asked confusedly.

"Well, not with a non YG family member." Seungri answered observing Jiyong's reaction.

"Noona!" Hanbin said pulling me away from Donghae. Mino looked at me disapprovingly. Yes I know, my dongsaengs are really overprotective of me. 

"What? We were just hugging, You know just like how I hug you guys when you're all tired." I tried to explain but they ignored it. 

Just then a van stopped in front of us and it was SJ's manager. 

"Thanks for inviting us." Donghae smiled at me and gave me another quick hug. "You owe me big time." he whispered.

"Alright. That's a lot of hugging." Seungri separated us just when Donghae was about to give me a quick peck on the forehead.

"Suju, you need to go to your schedule now and Noona, you go inside now it's past your bedtime... Hanbin go pull noona away they might end up not separating if we don't meddle with this." Seungri continued to babble away but Donghae and I just chuckled. And to perfect our little role playing he winked at me before closing the door of the van. I love you Lee Donghae, you really know how to piss a man!

I took a glimpse of Jiyong whose face was obviously irritated. Wait what am I talking about? Why do I even care about his freakin' reaction if Donghae did kiss me!

"Come on Noona! Inside you go!" Hanbin said following orders from Seungri. I didn't bother arguing with him since I'm pretty tired already, besides the goal of the night has been achieved, they all think I'm with Donghae and having Jiyong get irritated because of Donghae is a plus already.

I went inside the house and was heading towards the stairs when the Sajangnim called my attention.

"Dara hold on, we'll have a family meeting first." YG said.

I walked towards the common area and slumped at the sofa beside Chanwoo.

The family all huddled up at the common area and was waiting for YG's next announcement. I scanned through my phone and saw a message from Donghae.

Had fun tonight. ^_^ Hope you did too. Dee.

Typical Donghae, teasing me again, I feel like he's going to torture me with this for the next five months. My eyes were about to close out of sleepiness when Bom's voice boomed at the whole room.

"DARA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DID YOU REALLY HUG LEE DONGHAE?!!?!?!?!"

My heart stopped beating. I slowly turned to look if our Sajangnim heard it. Impossible that he didn't because everyone in that room turned to look at me.

"Oh, mian." Bom suddenly blushed at the sight of our boss trying to calm down.

"I'll pretend that I didn't hear that. can you all just huddle up so I can say my announcement and leave?" 

The rest of the fam settled in. 

"Hyung, are you going to send us to our dream vacation?" Top excitedly asked.

"You wish. Do a Big Bang comeback first and I might actually consider that." YG said killing Top's excitement.

"So what's the big news Hyung?" Jiyong impatiently asked.

"DongWook, as in Se7en DongWook, will be joining you guys starting tomorrow." 





author's note:


hello everyone!!!! so yeah... sorry I'm so jam packed at work that I don't get to write as often as I want too. anyways... vote vote vote and comment comment comment my loves ^_^



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