Chapter 18

My YG LIFE ^_^

“Perfect!!!!” Yang Sajangnim was ecstatic with the result of their “master plan” to get Chaerin and Yongbae back together.

Well right now the fans are going cray cray not only because SunSky is officially dating in public but because Top and Bom were in a backhug!

And of course... the highlight of it all was the peck on the cheek Dara gave Jiyong!!! Daragon websites and other social media networks crashed because fans went crazy!!!!!

YG family trended for hours because of the controversial revelations that happened and this is all in one company!

“PERFECT!” Yang Sajangnim excitedly repeated.

“Sajangnim aren’t you going to get mad? I mean this is publicly admitting something.” Seungri didn’t quite understood his’ hyung’s reaction.

“Pabo! This is what we hoped that would happen right? Everything cleared out with that ending!”

Bom and Seungri exchanged nervous looks and then turned to look at Jinu who just shrugged his shoulders.

“So what’s the next plan?” Sean asked cautiously.

“We will have a YG party tonight!!!!” Yang Hyun Suk happily told them to which Bom and Seungri just stared at their President.

“Hyung did you hit your head or something?” Seungri courageously asked earning a glare from his boss.

“We need to show the people that we are solid and that we are one, no matter what!!!” YG declared.

“Whatever happened to you guys are too young?”Bom asked raising an eyebrow.

“Well you’re all grown up now!” YG cheerily answered.

Bom shook her head while Seungri scratched the back of his head.

“I have a bad feeling about this.” Jinu said.

“Oh come on! The fans are happy! What could possibly go wrong?!!? Stop worrying and start inviting people from their circle ok?” YG excitedly said while patting the back of Jinu.

“Sajangnim you’re overly happy and it’s scaring me.” Seungri honestly said earning another glare from their President.


“Are we going to be in house arrest?” Top joked when Seungri, Bom and Jinu arrived at the mansion.

“Nope.” Seungri answered and sat down the couch looking very tired.

“Did you get a lot of scolding?” Dara worriedly asked.

She didn’t know that the cameras were still rolling and a few minutes after the kiss all their phones suddenly beeped with fans all over the globe sending their thoughts on that moment.

Chaerin and Yongbae joined them holding hands and being so cuddly.

“Ugh this sweetness is making me puke!” Daesung commented to which CL rolled her eyes at him.

Jiyong was a bit far from where they are since Dara is being all cute and shy after their millisecond of moment was seen on tv.

“Spill it out unnie the suspense is killing me!!!”Minzy grabbed Bom and shook her playfully.

“I’m going to the basement and play on some music.” Jiyong suddenly said to which everyone turned to look at him.

“Well you better hurry up hyung cause we got a YG party tonight.”Seungri finally blurted to which everyone turned and looked at him.

“What?” Top couldn’t believe what he just heard.

“You mean the Sajangnim wasn’t mad?” Yongbae asked again to which Bom and Seungri shook their head.

“Is this a hidden camera? Will the Sajangnim just burst in here and start scolding us?” Daesung asked with this blank look on his face.

“No. They’re telling the truth. Hyung asked me to invite your crowd tonight here.” Jinu confirmed and everyone sat still and kept quiet.

“Why don’t I feel good about this?” Daesung suddenly said.

“Me too.” Jinu agreed.

“Come on guys! It would be fun! Lighten up!” Jiyong decided to cheer the team up and winked at Dara.

“I agree with Jiyong I mean how many times does Hyung throws a big party for us?” Yongbae agreed with their leader.

Bom excitedly stood up and opened the sliding door leading to the pool to shout out to the younger YG artists who were swimming.


“Neh Noona!” Seungyoon nodded together with Hanbin.


Before the Party...

“I’m sorry guys.” Dara told the girls as they’re all huddled up in Dara’s room prepping up for the party.

“What are you sorry for?” Minzy asked putting on some make-up.

“I feel like this is happening because of that stupid peck on the cheek.” Dara explained.

“Well yes and no. It doesn’t change the fact that Bom Unnie and Top Oppa were in a backhug and me and Yongbae officially dated but yeah yours was the highlight of it all because it was the most unexpected.” Chaerin explained.

“Don’t worry too much about it Unnie it’s fun to have parties.” Hayi tried to comfort Dara.

“More time for Hanbin and you to party right?” Minzy raised an eyebrow.

Hayi giggled earning a frown from Soohyun. “Well at least you both like each other.”

“Awww.... don’t worry Soohyunnie you’re still young. You’ll have lots to like out there. Besides Bobby is being extra attentive with you lately.” Chaerin gave her a quick hug.

“What are you talking about Unnie he’s always been like that.” Soohyun wondered.

Hayi shook her head. “Na-uh! He became more attentive while we were at the beach and when we got back he was always taking extra care with you.”

“Well maybe he is just being a good friend.” Soohyun shrugged the idea of.

Just then a soft knock was heard on the bedroom door. Dara opened it with Bobby rubbing the back of his neck. “Uhm noona is Soohyun there?”

“Soohyun.” Dara called with her teasing face on.

The rest of the girls paused to check who it was and when Soohyun came closer to the door they all smiled and giggled.

“Oh Oppa weh?” she asked wondering what’s up.

“Uhm I wanted to match your clothes. Is this better or this one?” Bobby asked showing two different sets of clothing.

Soohyun smiled and checked out the clothes Bobby showed. “I think this one.”

“Thank you.” Bobby said and winked at Soohyun. “You look lovely.”

iKon’s rapper turned around and left and as Soohyun closed the bedroom door, the other girls were all teasing her.

“Match clothes?”Minzy said raising an eyebrow.

“You look lovely?” Bom joined in the teasing.

“Nah. I don’t think he’s just being a friend.” Chaerin joined in too.

“UNNIES!!!!!” Soohyun whined to which the girls gave off soft giggles.

That night....

YG arrived with Jinu and Sean and the other producers of YGE.

The whole night Chaerin and Yongbae were all lovey-dovey even in front of the camera!

Top and Bom were inseperable too and YG has just this big fat grin on his face like he was the happiest person on earth.

“Hyung  you’re scary.” Teddy told YG when it was just him, Jinu and Sean that’s there.

“What?” YG asked acting all innocent.

“That grin on your face. It’s like you have an evil plan brewing.” Jinu said.

“Come on guys relax! Let’s have fun!” YG said pionting at the other YG artists that are having fun with the karaoke.


“So…” Jiyong said standing beside Dara who was giggling because Bom and Top are dancing weird moves while Seunghoon belts on a Ricky Martin song “Living La Vida Loca”

“So.” Dara smiled brightly at him.

“So how about I take you out for ice cream tomorrow?” Jiyong randomly asked catching Dara off-guard.

“Sinchayo!?!?!” Dara was ecstatic.

Jiyong chuckled. “Yep.”

“Call!” Dara excitedly answered.

This girl loves ice cream. Jiyong thought to himself.

“Uhm Jiyong… about the other night….” Dara tried to explain but her cheeks are all pink again.

“Come on Dee. Don’t worry about it ok?” Jiyong winked at her to assure her.

“Hey love birds how about joining us here?!?!” Bom shouted at them that everyone turned around to look at the two causing Dara to blush again.


“OH HECK NO!!” Seungri screamed at the top of his lungs when he opened the door of the house.

In front of him is the one and only Kiko Mizuhara.

WHAT THE IS THIS!?!?!?! I KNEW THIS WAS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE!!!! Seungri was having a mental breakdown that he didn’t even move to let the girl in.

“Yah Seungri what’s wrong with you now?” Tablo asked and when he saw Kiko all he could say was a loud “ OH .”

“Uhm good evening to you too.” Kiko awkwardly smiled.

“what’s wrong?” Soohyuk who was behind Soohyuk  wondered why Seungri and Tablo was acting weird.

Behind Soohyuk was another model friend Jonghyun and of course Xin.

“Ermmm come in.” Tablo said moving Seungri aside so the three of them together with Xin could enter. Seungri who was now massaging his forehead.

“Guys…” Tablo called the rest of the group and like in the movies when they saw Kiko walking towards them dead air filled the room.

Jiyong who had his arms around Dara’s waist while talking to the others froze up and was in shock to see Kiko. Dara on the other hand took one step farther from Jiyong breaking free from his hug.

“Kiko!” Chaerin greeted trying  to awaken everyone.

Oh yeah. We do have Kiko. Yang Hyun Suk suddenly remembered and was having one of his episodes of a panic attack.

“Kiko.” Jiyong finally came down to his senses and walk towards her.

“Hey.” Kiko smiled and gave her a peck on both cheeks.

“What are you doing here?” Jiyong asked. Faith is playing with me.

“SURPRISE!” Kiko said opening his arms and smiling brightly at him.

Jiyong then looked at Soohyuk and Jonghyun who both just shrugged their shoulders.

“Have some wine and eat! Go! Go! Go!” Bommie suddenly turned her motherly instincts again and pushed Jiyong and Kiko towards the buffet table.

Seungri on the other hand quickly stood beside Dara and gave her a little nudge.

Dara just smiled back. “What happened to the karaoke? Who’s singing next?”

“HANBIN!!!!” Hayi quickly pointed to B.I. just to clear the air in the room to which the other boys chimed in.

YG stood beside Jinu and whispered “Did you invite her?”

Jinu shook his head discretely.

“Maybe she saw the kiss.” Sean told them while the three of them faced the kids as Hanbin sings a trot song and Tabi and Bom came back to doing weird dances.

“This will create chaos!” YG sighed and true to that each of the artists mobiel started beeping.

One by one they checked their phones and looked at each other.

“YAH! NO PHONES TONIGHT! TURN IT OFF AND THAT’S AN ORDER!!!” Bom shouted at them to which all of them complied.


The night was getting deeper and the mansion is getting packed with all the YG artists, models, actors, actresses.

“Hey you ok?” Chaerin approached Dara who was at the second floor of the house.

“Yeah.” Dara smiled weakly as she let out a loud sigh. “It was getting crowded downstairs I needed some air but then some of the managers were smoking at the backyard so I couldn’t stay there either.”

CL looked at her worriedly.

“Chaerin? Dara?”

The two turned and saw Jiyong going up the staircase.

“I’m going to go find Yongbae.” CL excused herself and went down the stairs.

Dara was about to follow behind when Jiyong grabbed her hand making her stop in front of him.

“I’m sorry.”

Dara looked at him blankly.

“I didn’t know she was here. I didn’t even know she was going here. I’m sorry really. I don’t –“

“Jiyong it’s fine.” Dara interrupted him before he could even finish.

Dara tried to walk again but Jiyong squeezed her hand.

“Don’t worry too much ok?” Dara smiled at him letting go of his grip and descended down the stairs.


Dara joined the others who are having the time of their life with this random play and singing at the karaoke. Jiyong on the other hand went to the other side of the room where Kiko and their model friends were standing having wine and chatting.

“Bom Noona you’re up next!!!!!” Mino handed the mic to her while Seungyoon punched on some random numbers and raised the volume. It was always funny when it’s Bom’s turn to sing because her and Top would dance so weirdly you’d actually rethink if you’d still like them as your bias.

“Oh no.” Minzy shook her head upon seeing the title.

Dae chuckled while CL and Yongbae looked worried.

“You’re on the phone with your girlfriend, she’s upset...” Bom excitedly sang.

“She wears short skirts, I wear t-shirts, she’s cheer captain and I’m on the bleachers… Dreaming bout the day when you wake up and find that what you’re looking for has been here the whole time.” Bom suddenly realized the song and turned white.

Top was holding back his laughter while Dara felt awkward.

Hayi kept nudging Hanbin since almost all of them have figured out the song.

YG held the back of his neck. “I think I’m going to have a panic attack.”

Jinu and Sean chuckled and patted him at the back.

Bom suddenly pulled Tabi and they started to dance again while Hanbin pulled Junhoe and Chanwoo making them dance whatever they could think of. Seungri and Daesung grabbed Dara who is as red as a tomato and the three of them joined the others dancing and fooling around.

HA! I’ll let you have a piece of my thoughts! Bom thought as she belted out on the song.

She jumped up and down and started to walk towards the guest, patting them, winking at them, as if she’s on 2NE1 concert.

“and you’ve got a smile that could light up this whole town… I haven’t seen it in awhile since she brought you down.” She continued to sing as she walks towards Jiyong’s group.

“She wouldn’t.” CL felt nervous and tightened her held on Yongbae’s hands.

“You say you’re fine, I know you better than that. Dude whatcha doing with a girl like that?!?” Bom sang looking straight in the eyes of Jiyong and shrugging her shoulders before turning around flipping her hair and starts to jump around the lounge area where WINNER and iKon doing some American Indian dances making them look like complete idiots.

“Ugh! I think I’m going to have a heart attack!!!” Chaerin said clutchign her chest while Yongbae chuckled.

By the bridge part all of them were already singing along even Dara!

Tabi grabbed the mic and started belting out of tune “Been here all along so why can’t you see… you belong with me?” and then embracing Bommie passing the mic to Minzy who continued singing.

The song ended and like a flash of lightning Bom started to ran towards Seungyoon.



After a few more singing, dancing, drinking, Yongbae picked out a song and whispered something to Junhoe.

“This next song is for you my lady.” Yongbae pointed to CL and winked at her.

Junhoe started singing the fist line to Michael Buble’s Hold On.

Yongbae grabbed Chaerin by the waist and started dancing. Hanbin danced with Hayi while Bobby sheepishly asked Soohyun to dance. Tablo naturally held on his wife’s waist and got her locked on an embrace while dancing.

Of course tension rose when Kiko wrapped around Jiyong’s neck and since Jiyong was a gentleman, he danced with her.

Seungri was about to dance with Dara but YG beat him to it.

“I think we need some Appa-daughter dance.” YG smiled and pulled her to a dance.

“You ok?” YG asked to which Dara smiled weakly. “Of course you’re not.”

Dara didn’t answerand just looked down on her feet.

“Kwenchana. Everythign will fall into place at the right time.”

Of course Dara felt weird hearing this from THE YANG HYUN SUK whom everyone is afraid of.

“I know. I know this is not usually how I am. But seeing how you acted today I felt like you needed a dad to save you from this.” YG smiled warmly at her.

“Thank you Sajangnim.” Was the only thing Dara could say.




“You ok?” Bobby asked Soohyun who was blushing.

“Uhm yeah?” she answered.

“You’re not sure if you’re ok?”

Soohyun didn’t answer and gazed over where the remaining iKon members were.

“Ah...” Bobby understood the meaning behind her silence.

The whole night Jinhwan wasn’t even talking to her or even noticing her. It was always Bobby or Hanbin or Chanhyuk who’s taking care of her.

“I must look pathetic don’t I?” She sighed.

“Hey.” Bobby raised her chin to make her look straight at him. “You don’t look pathetic ok? Relax.”

Soohyun didn’t say anything and just gave a weak smile.

“How about you stop worrying about him and start having fun with me?” Bobby smiled widely hiding his eyes.

Soohyun couldn’t help but giggle. Yes. Bobby Oppa really knows how to make her smile.


“I love you.” Yongbae looked at Chaerin straight in the eye.

“Well I love you more.” Chaerin answered.

“I’d love to be forever like this.” Yongbae said as he grabbed her waist a little more closer.

“Well. I’d love that too.” Chaerin answered and then sealing it with a kiss.


“Hey. You ok?” Kiko asked noticing how uncomfortable Jiyong is.

“Uhm yeah. Just a bit...” he was trying to find the right term on what he was about to say but Kiko beat him to it.


Jiyong looked down on his feet. He doesn’t want to be a jerk and yes Kiko is his off-cam girlfriend but lately spending time with Dara justs sends him other feelings.

“I’m sorry.” He apologized to which Kiko smiled and hugged him tighter.

“Well that’s all I needed to hear.”




“Tabi I don’t like how things are turning out.” Bom told Tabi who was focused on the direction where his feet is moving to.

Bom on the other hand has his hawk eyes glued on both Dara-YG and Jiyong-Kiko dance partners.

“Why did she even had to come?” Bom whispered getting annoyed that everything was going well inside the house and here comes Kiko ruining the moment.

“I don’t like this. We need to do something about this.” Bom continued to blabber.

“I’m trying ok? I’m trying!” Tabi answered back focusing on his feet.

“What?!?” Bom suddenly didn’t get what he was saying until she looked at him counting quietly while focused on his feet.

“NO! NO! NO! It’s not about how you dance! It’s about how the party is going! Look everyone is getting serious!!! This is bad for the show and DARA!!!” Bom said slapping Tabi on the chest.

Tabi let out a big Oh and then smirked. “Follow my lead my corn-loving lady.”

Then Tabi stretched out one of his arm together with Bom and started to dance like they were imitating a sloppy tango dance walking and dancing weirdly.

And yes. The mood changed again and guests started to laugh at them.

“I love you, you pabo!”

“I know!” Top smiled and winked at Bom grateful that his plan worked.




author's note:

hello there. I'm so sorry everyone for the long wait. truth is I am broken hearted right now. yeah. ei? PUNYETA PABILI NG PANAKIP BUTAS! hehehe so yeah. sorry if this chap is crappy I literally had to drag myself and act all in love just to come up with this chap hahaha

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