Starting Over Again

My YG LIFE ^_^

After 3 days… 

YG Building… 

“The house is always empty.” Sean informed YG. 

Teddy was seated across from Sean and the two were called as they were monitoring the artists 24/7. 

“Hmmm Look at this.” Sean passed a folder to him and YG read it. “The quantity of subscribers of the 24/7 YG Life in cable has increased. And the house is always empty. Well, Dara is most of the time home and according to the statistics she alone can maintain the ratings in a high rank.” 

“So we should change it to Dara’s life?” Teddy joked to which Sean snickered. 

“My wife told me that too. Although netizens loved the first day when Dara and Seunghyun ran around while baking, leaving trails of flour all over the house.” Sean continued. 

“Oh is that when Bommie made them face the wall for an hour?” Teddy laughed. 

YG shook his head. “This is not good. Something should happen.” 

“HYUNG!!! WHAT DO YOU WANT TO HAPPEN!?!?!?” Teddy joked while covering his mouth. 

“YAH! YOU PABO!!!! I’m talking about group activities, bonding and such. That’s the sole purpose of this show! To let the audience see the real YG Family!!!” YG said closing the folder that he was reading.

“Hyung, is it that bad?” Teddy became serious.

YG nodded. “Half of 2NE1 is not talking to 2 of Big Bang. If Seunghyun and Bom breaks up it’s the end of it! Plus the fans really hate Kiko. I don’t really understand why.”

YG sighed as he massaged his forehead. “After AON Minzy and Seungyoon I thought they were just being close friends but I don’t know what happened that they’re awkward with each other.”

“But that’s their private lives shouldn’t we back off?” Sean is not so sure what YG is planning but it feels like their prying on their lives already.

“I did. I actually kept quiet for awhile but it’s not helping. Bom needs the PR, GD needs to be away from Kiko for him to create good music. WINNER and iKon needs to be with girls as to not feel stuffy. If they want to fall in love in there they can.”

Teddy and Sean stared blankly at YG. Did they hear it right? YG wants WINNER and iKon to date?

“Jiyong fell in love with Dara that’s why he was able to write such beautiful songs. If Hanbin and Seungyoon fell in love or just have at least a bit of a crush, then I assume the results are the same.” YG explained.

“Hyung, Dara and Jiyong barely talk now. CL is in the States.  I think Hayi is going through tough times right now and Soohyun well how are you subtly going to tell them to go and get wild and date?” Teddy told him.

He thought for a moment as Teddy and Sean continue to talk about what had happened the past 3 days which was basically nothing since everyone was busy with their own schedules. 

“Call Seungri and Bom.” YG finally said after a few minutes of silence. 


After an hour….

“Sajangnim?” Seungri peeked his head as he slightly opened the door.

“Come in.” YG answered in a serious tone.

What the heck!?!?!? What did I do?!?!?! Seungri thought to himself. He nervously went inside the office and saw Teddy, Sean and YG sitting at the couch having a meeting.

Seungri sat beside Teddy across Sean and YG.

“Sajangnim I swear I didn’t do it. The hyungs forced me to!!!!” Seungri blurted out raising both hands.

YG raised an eyebrow and wondered what he was talking about. “Your hyungs forced you to do what?”

Seungri was taken aback and realized that he wasn’t summoned for the foam party they did in Japan. Well it was for a friend of theirs but what happened in that party is good enough for the downfall of Big Bang so they all agreed not to utter a word about it EVER.

“To organize a house warming party in the mansion?” he lied. Years of experience has enhanced his brain to always think of a  back up lie whenever he blurts a confessionthat he wasn’t called for.

YG wasn’t buying the lie but the idea is not bad.

“You know that sounds like a good idea.” Sean said nodding.

“Ei?” Seungri couldn’t believe that he actually got away from it.

“What’s going on in that house?” YG asked Seungri.

“ermmm...” Seungri hesitated. If he tells him what’s going on in that house then his hyungs will know it’s him who told YG.

“Sajangnim?” Everyone turned and Bom was standing at the doorway.

“Noona!!!” Seungri grinned and waved at her. Saved by the noona. Seungri thought.

“Bommie, just in time, sit down.” YG asked.

Teddy and Seungri moved to have Bom sit at the middle of the couch.

“Am I in trouble?” Bom asked thinking she’ll get scolded because of Seungri.

“No. We just want to ask you guys something.” Sean assured them.

With that Seungri felt a big weight was lifted from him.

“So, what’s going on in that house?” YG asked.

Seungri and Bom exchanged glances. They don’t know what to say.

“Come one we can see you guys 24/7 Just say it.” YG added.

“If you can see us 24/7 then why are you asking us what’s going on?” Bommie wondered.

“You know what I’m asking about and it’s something that’s not seen on TV.” YG discretely answered.

“Dara and Jiyong...” Teddy started off with the infamous couple who can beat the Kate and William of England with their popularity.

“What do you want to know about it?” Bom still not budging on telling everything.

“Look your ratings are high.” YG showed them the folder that Sean and Teddy gave him. “The number of subscriptions of your pay-per-view has risen. Everyone wants to see how YG family acts With each other and yet everyone is avoiding it.”

Bom looked at YG worriedly.

“Don’t worry we’re not going to call them. We just want to know what’s going on so we can do something about it.” Sean assured the two.

Seungri was about to speak up when Bom beats him to it. “Dara and Jiyong are awkward. Ever since he started dating that Mizuhara they have been and every second of Dara with Jiyong feels like hell for her. Chaerin had a time-off with Yongbae and now Yongbae is standing by their decision and Chaerin wants so badly to get back together with him only her pride is in the way.”

YG looked at Bom and wondered why she stopped there. “What about Minzy?”

Bom was surprised at the mention of Minzy’s name.

“Bommie we have cameras all over the place. What ever you heard I saw.”

Bommie’s eyes widened. She never told anyone about that. Not even Minzy. The fact that the Sajangnim mentioned it means he knows about them.

“Well, they’re not going to date. And Minzy decided that.”Bom answered not sure if she did the right thing.

“I know. Minzy told me.” YG smiled warmly at Bom. He was happy that Bom was protecting Minzy like an Unnie should.

“Uhmmm I think I have a schedule.” Seungri wants to get out of there he doesn’t want to be included in this interrogation, he might blurt out something he shouldn’t.

“Sit down. Now what’s going on with your hyungs?” YG looked from Bom to Seungri.

“Errmmm... Sajangnim please they’re going to kill me.” Seungri dropped on his knees and acted like he was crying as he begged YG.

“YAH! What are you doing!!!!”YG moved his leg away from Seungri who was hugging it as he kneeled down.

Teddy, Sean and Bom were laughing at the maknae.

“Just say it Seunnghyunnie, they will never really know that we rattled on them unless you rat on us.” Bom told him.

With that Seungri stood up, fixed his clothes and sat down beside Bommie again.

“Ok. What do you want to know?” Seungri asked.

“Everything.” YG told him.

“Well, Jiyong Hyung is all about business. Being in this show is our job that pays off his luxury clothes and bags and so he does it without any complains. He stays out of the way during the daytime to avoid contact with Dara Noona.” Seungri revealed.

“Yongbae Hyung is quiet and hurting. I don’t even want to go down that page since he’s pretty much bottling it up. Daesung Hyung is dating a model. I’m dating a model. Seunghyun Hyung is in love with Bom Noona but Bom Noona doesn’t want to commit even if they’ve been dating for 10 years now.” Seungri continued.

“YAH!” Bom slapped him at the back of his head.

“Minzy is Seungyoon’s first heart break. So we can just imagine what’s going on with that kid. Hayi is in love with Hanbin.”

Everyone turned to look at Seungri. They didn’t quite expected the last part that he said.

“YAH! How can you just blurt out something like that!!! Hayi’s a girl!!!!” Bom shouted slapping Seungri again. “ And besides how sure are you that she’s in love with Hanbin did she tell you?”

Seungri smiled as he shook his head. “Of course I know. She has the same stare like Dara Noona had with Jiyong Hyung.”

Bom couldn’t say anything else. It was true even she had thought of that before but then she shrugged it off since Hayi wasn’t saying anything.

“Are you positive on this Seungri?” Sean was concerned. They might end up playing with their employees’ hearts and they have to be positive on what their hearts says otherwise it will end up in total chaos.

“Ok fine. I promised I won’t tell but since the Sajangnim said he knows everything... It was during collaboration one night I was hanging out at the rooftop hiding from Seunghyun Hyung when Hayi went up and started talking to herself. The poor girl was so engrossed in herself that she didn’t really notice me. But when she did, well she already said too much that we talked about it over Ice Cream.”

“Did she tell Hanbin? Does Hanbin know?” YG asked curiously.

“Nope.” Seungri shook his head.

“Well, I can’t quite remember the things she kept blurting out that day but it has something to do with she’s scared of being rejected. Second she might end up like Chaerin and Yongbae Hyung or worse Dara Noona and GD Hyung. Third, she’s scared that if something bad happens to iKon it’s because of her.”

“Why would she think that?” Bom finds it ridiculous for people to blame Hayi to whatever happens to iKon.

“Cause behind a successful man is a woman.” Bom didn’t quite get what Seungri was uttering but she suddenly felt sorry for Hayi.

“Plus, she’s still on dating ban so now, Hayi is awkward with Hanbin and she’s trying to avoid him actually.” Seungri lastly added.

“Soohyunnie and Jinhwan?” Teddy asked the two.

Bom sighed. It seems this meeting will take longer than she expected.

“Errr...” Seungri looked at Bom as if asking for permission.

“Oh you’re going to say it anyways.” Bom rolled her eyes at Seungri. “Soohyun has a crush at Jinhwan. That’s about it.”

“The thing is Jinhwan sees her as his dongsaeng and that’s about it.” Seungri added.

“Waaahhhhh you’re tandem is scary. You’re pretty good at this stuff.” Teddy slowly clapped his hand at the two YG artists.

YG furrowed his eyebrows and massaged his forehead. “This is bigger than I thought.”

They all looked at him and waited.

“If everything in this turns bad then my whole YG family will go down.” YG told them feeling the stress he’s facing.

“So what do you want to do now?” Sean asked him.


That afternoon… 

Hanbin came up from the basement after a jamming session with GD and Bobby when she noticed Hayi seated at the side of the pool with her feet dipped on the water. 

“What are you doing here by yourself?” 

Hayi was startled and almost fell in the pool. “Yah! You scared me.” 

“Sorry.” Hanbin apologized. “        What’s up.” 

The two of them became close after YG paired them for collaboration during the Mix and Match period. 

“I’m just having these thoughts.” Hayi sadly looked down on her feet dipped in the water. 

“Aba---oooout?!?” Hanbin asked cutely. 

“My career.” Hayi lifelessly answered. “Will I survive for another comeback?”

“Of course you would. You’re Lee Hayi.” Hanbin smiled brightly at him. “You’re our inspiration during Mix & Match so you better not lose hope for yourself.”

Hayi looked down and tried to feel good but she knows she won’t be. She was just lying about her career. She just didn’t really want to be in the same house with him. It’s like torturing her while she tries to move on.

“I know!” Hanbin excitedly smiled at her. “How about we play a game?”

“What kind of game?” Hayi looked at Hanbin and wondered what he wanted to play.

Just then Hanbin splashed water on Hayi’s direction and the girl started to scream.

“YAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Hayi laughed and started to splash water at him too.


Both of them turned and found Bobby by the back door smiling brightly at them. Hanbin laughed at him but Hayi suddely felt awkward.

“Bom Noona’s looking for the two of you!” Bobby shouted.

Hanbin stood up and reached out his hand to Hayi to help her get up. Hayi felt awkward and didn’t want to hold it but it was hard to get up from where she was seated so she had no choice but to hold it and let him help her. The two went inside and saw Bobby and Dara with Bom waiting for them.

“What’s up Noona?” Hanbin asked standing beside Bobby.

“Hmmm I called the family and we’re having dinner here tonight.

“Really?” Everyone looked behind them and saw Top.

“Yes. Really.” Bom said sternly. “So Dara you bring Hayi, Hanbin, Bobby and Chanwoo to the supermarket and buy this.”

Bom gave the list of groceries to Dara and noticed GD going up the stairs from the basement.

“YAH! Kwon! You drive them to the grocery store!” Bom pointed at the man who was clueless of what’s going on.

Bom then tossed the keys to GD who was still staring blankly at everyone.

“It’s ok. I can drive them. Besides we won’t fit in his car. I’ll just take mine.” Dara suggested shaking her head.

“Nonsense! YG lent us a van. Take that. Ok? Now go! Go!” Bom ordered shoving Dara and Hayi followed by the 3 iKon boys.

Bom smiled as one by one they went down to the basement with Dara and Hayi looking liked they were being punished.

“What are you doing?” Top wriggled his eyebrows at her.

“What ar eyou talking about?” Bom innocently asked.

“I know you. You’re planning something.” Top said as Bom clinged her arms around his neck.

“Hmmm... I’m planning for us to be alone here. The cameras are off...” Bom whispered in his ear.

Top wrapped his arms around her waist tightly and whispered back. “Tempting but you missed one.”

Bom looked at him questioningly and then Top pointed his head to their left and Bom saw Seungri staring at them.

“I’m sorry. I... well... this is... eww...” Seungri shook his head and headed out to the basement.

Top planted a kiss on Bom’s lips as the two of them laughed at the maknae.




On the way to the Supermarket...


Dara was seated at the back seat with Hayi while Hanbin was seated at the front beside GD.

Chanwoo and Bobby were seated behind Dara and Hayi and the van was quiet. Hanbin was a bit awkward he wanted to sit with s but Dara said he should take the passenger seat. Dara was quiet because she didn’t like the idea of ending up grocery shopping with Jiyong.

Hayi was in the same page as Dara as she was trying to avoid being in the same vicinity with Hanbin.

“So... Noona...” Jiyong started the conversation tensing everyone up.

Every one in YG knows what’s going on with the two of them and every one has adjusted to the fact of saving her when she fumbles and goes all awkward in front of GD.

“Hmm??” Dara said looking out side the window avoiding his gaze through the rearview mirror.

“What are we buying?” Jiyong asked out of the blue.  That’s so lame Jiyong.he thought to himself but he needed to say something as they are being filmed.

“Uhmmm.” Dara took out the list and it rolled down up to Hayi’s feet.

“Now that’s a long list.” Hayi uttered upon seeing the end of the list on her feet.

“Well, toilettries, bed sheet?!?!? What the?” Dara read it out loud. “Tootbrush holder?!?!”

GD chuckled as he continued to listen to the list which included, bedsheets, comforters, toothbrush holders, napkin holders, scented candles, party balloons, party hats.

“Aish this girl!!!!” Dara said as she continue to read on the list.

“Uhmmm how are we going to buy all of that?” Bobby joined in the conversation.

“We’re not. We’ll just buy the food.” Dara decided to leave off the furnitures and whatever is not edible unless they’ll be needing it tonight.

“Are you sure Bom Noona’s going to be ok with that?” Hanbin was worried. He didn’t want to be on Bom’s bad side just cause they didn’t buy any balloons.

“Hmmm how about we do it this way we buy first the food and when we go home and she says she needs it we go out again and buy it right away. If not let’s pick another day for it.” Jiyong suggested to which everyone agreed.

Typical leader Jiyong. Dara smiled as she thinks about GD being always there to fix things for her.  What are you thinking? You stupid idiot stop thinking about him again!!!

“Noona are you ok?” Chanwoo asked Hayi catching Dara’s attention.

“Yeah are you ok? You’ve been quiet since we left.” Dara focused her attention on Hayi who shook her head.

“Are you mad at me?!?” Hanbin asked from the front seat.

“What are you talking about! Of course not!” Hayi exclaimed getting hyped up at Hanbin’s question.

“Why would Hayi be mad at you?” Before AKMU, WINNER AND IKON, Hayi was the baby of the YG family so GD has always been protective of her just like how he is with the rest of the 2ne1 girls.

“Uhm cause i splashed water at her when we were by the pool?” Hanbin explained.

“We’re here!” Hayi excitedly announced just for the sake of ending the topic.




“Noona can we buy this?” Bobby was holding up a big bag of potato chips when Dara turned to look what he was asking for.

“No. That’s not on the list. Besides that’s junkfood.” Dara disapproved.

“Ei. Noona please? Hyung! Can we get this?!?!?” Bobby pleaded and turned to GD for help.

“Ok.” GD nodded.

“Yes thank you!” Bobby high fived with Chanwoo and placed the chips on their grocery cart.

Dara was scanning through the aisle and checking on the list at her hand, Hayi was walking beside her while GD was a few steps behind. The iKon members are following behind them with Chanwoo pushing the cart.

“Oh! Unnie! Can we buy ice cream?!” Hayi tugged Dara’s arm when they passed by the racks where there are ice creams.

“Uhm. No. Bad for your throat.” Dara said pulling her away.

“Jiyongie Oppa!!!!” Hayi whined. Ice Cream is a good remedy for a broken heart and since she’s currently mending a broken heart so Ice Cream is a must!!!

“Ok get one.” Jiyong said.

Hayi smiled brightly and her and Chanwoo got 2 tubs of Ice Cream. Dara stopped from walking and glared at Jiyong.

“What?” Jiyong asked innocently.

“You can’t do that.” Dara answered.

“Do what?”

“You can’t say yes to everything that I say no to!” Dara frowned. Ice Cream and Chips were not on the list and Dara just wants to focus on that. If they continue buying stuff not on the list they might not be able to buy the things they might need

“It’s just Ice Cream Dee.” Jiyong got shocked at what he just said.

Dara was taken aback too. Dee. That’s what Jiyong calls her AND only Jiyong calls her Dee. The two looked away from each other and pretended to scan through the aisle.

“Hyung!!!! Can we buy this?” Hanbin was holding one canister of Pringles waving it in the air.

Jiyong didn’t answer instead he turned to Dara to wait for her approval. Dara sighed heavily and gave a slight nod.

“YES!!!! Thanks Noona!!!” Hanbin excitedly said.

“I feel like we’re a family Jiyong Hyung is the dad, Dara Noona is the mom and we’re the kids.” Bobby said out loud that Dara and Jiyong looked at each other for a minute before looking away again.





“Waaah... Noona this is really great cooking!” Seungri exclaimed not leaving any left overs.

“Why thank you.” Bom answered smiling brightly at him.

Top observed the two. Usually this two would fight at the dining table criticizing each other’s move. But ever since they got back home today the two have been quiet and have been avoiding each other, then now, Seungri’s complimenting Bom’s cooking.

Something’s up. Top thought to himself.

“So Noona, how was your meeting with YG?” Seungyoon blurted out.

Bom froze at the question and looked from Seungyoon to Seungri.

“Meeting? What meeting?” Top asked. This is fun. Let’s see how far this two could go.

“oh, I saw Bom Noona awhile ago I was about to call her but she already went inside YG’s room.

Everyone turned to Bom waiting for her answer. Dara was looking worriedly at her.

“Oh it’s nothing! I was just..” Bom was still thinking of  a good reason. One does not require any more question in the future.

“Ok fine I’ll tell you.” Bom said putting down her fork. “The Sajangnim called Seungri and I that we bicker too much on TV that it might send a negative feedback to the viewers. And to tell us that we have to fix our schedules because the house is always empty.”

Top stared at Bom. She’s not actually lying but I feel like something’s off.

“So we got permission for a housewarming party tomorrow. And the Sajangnim allowed us to bring friends over.” Seungri declared.

“Sincha Hyung?!?!” WINNER and iKon declared.

“That’s why tomorrow we need everyone’s help. Ok?!?” Bom said.




After Dinner...



 Dara and Tabi are both seated at the 2nd floor common area staring at the TV when Bom passed by them as she was going to her room.

“What are you guys doing?” she asked wondering why they are not playing the video.

“We’re going to watch a Filipino movie. It’s Dara’s turn on what movie to choose.” Tabi answered.

“I know you’re going to watch a movie the question is why you’re not hitting the play button.” Bom frowned.

“Popcorn’s here!” Seungyoon and Jinwoo shouted as the two of them were holding two tubs of popcorn and gave one to Top.

Minzy, AKMU and Hayi took their seats. iKon decided to watch too and Chanwoo and Donghyuk came up with two tubs of popcorn and sat on the floor with the others.

“What’s showing?” Yongbae asked as he sat on the other couch joining them since he had nothing to do.

“Starting over again.” Mino answered.

“This has English subs right?” Daesung asked sitting beside Yongbae.

Jiyong sighed and since everyone including WINNER is huddled up on the common area it seems fit that he joins them too. I’ll just sleep while they watch. Jiyong told himself.

It was time for Bom’s night ritual but since all their subjects are in one room she decided to join them and scooted next to Tabi.



The movie lasted more than an hour and in the middle of it the girls started to tear up... 

"This is so heartbreaking." Minzy commented.

"This is so sad." Soohyun sniffled.

"YAH!" Bom slapped Tabi who was crying as well!

"Why did they have to meet again! THIS IS SO CRUEL!!!" Tabi couldn't hold his tears.

"uuuwaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!! my heart is aching with this movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Seunghoon cried and Taehyun comforted him with teary eyes.

"Are you alright?" Hanbin asked Hayi whose tears wouldn't stop from falling. He then patted softly her back to comfort her. "Shhh... it's just a movie. it's ok."

"Omo! Noona kwenchana?" Junhoe asked Dara who couldn't stop crying now.

"Ah.. N-neh..." Dara wiped her cheeks to get rid of the tears falling down.

Jiyong turned and looked at the sobbing Dara.

"Aish... why can't I stop crying. It's just a stupid movie." Dara tried to stifle a laugh but tears continue to roll down her face. "Excuse me."



Why did you leave me?

How do I unwrite the past?

You're so stupid! There's someone else!!!

How do I undo the mistakes?

How do I unlove you?



Bom repeated these lines in her head and watched as GD longily stared at Dara as she went up the stairs into her room before standing up and going down the stairs headed who knows where.




author's note:


hello sorry for late chap! in a rush! headed somewhere! i love you! comments! 


credits to the owner of the video and to the quotes... 

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