A Chapter of Flashbacks

My YG LIFE ^_^

-GD and Dara Flashback-

-2NE1 trainee years... prepping up for debut-


“I like you.” Jiyong blurted out in the middle of dinner with Big Bang and the girls and Se7en.

Dara’s eyes widened and she was lost for words.

“Oh my God.” Bom exclaimed with both hands covering .

“Did he just-?” Se7en looked at Daesung whose mouth was wide open in disbelief.

“HYUNG!!!” Seungri exclaimed.

CL looked worriedly at her Unnie.

Minzy nudged her Unnie to say something.

“J-Ji.. I...” Dara looked at him.

“It’s ok. I’m not asking you to like me back.” Jiyong coolly told her.

“What? I- Then..” Dara couldn’t still say anything.

“Just you wait and see. Soon you’ll like me too.” Jiyong grinned at her.




“Jiyong what’s this I’m hearing that you proposed to Dara?” YG asked sternly.

“Yeah hyung I did. Last night.” He glared at Seungri but the boy just shook his head saying that it wasn’t him who told YG.

“You do know they haven’t debut yet. Dating her would only distract her.”

“Don’t worry hyung. That’s not going to be a problem.” GD assured their Sajangnim.



-Year when 2NE1 has just debut-


“Our schedule is so hectic I don’t have time to think about breathing.” A tired Dara revealed.

Him and Jiyong are alone in Big Bang’s studio and Dara was seated at the couch while Jiyong swiveled his chair in front of her.

“Hmm... Poor baby girl... Do you want a massage?” Jiyong offered wriggling his eyebrows.

“Tch! !” Dara stuck her tongue at Jiyong.

Jiyong chuckled and moved closer to Dara until they were face to face.

. Dara thought as her heart beat paced.

“Do you know how adorable you are?” Jiyong smiled at her.

Ok. I’m dying. Somebody help. Dara felt embarrassed. Even if Jiyong has been very vocal that he likes her and how he announce to the whole of YG that he’s dating her, she still can’t get used to his public showing of affection.

“J-Ji..” Dara said trying to avoid his eye stare.

Jiyong softly laughed at the blushing Dara. “Have I ever told you I love the way you blush when you’re shy.”

Dara felt her cheeks burning. Damnit Jiyong.




-Some time between August to September 2009-


“Let’s date. Officially.” Jiyong looked at Dara with a serious face.

“J-Ji-“ There goes the most awkward topic of all time. She thought.

The past months Jiyong kept bugging her to date officially.

“Jiyong. We’ve talked about this.” Dara nervously answered.

“Dee, I thought you said you have feelings for me.”  Jiyong looked at Dara pleadingly. He wanted to shout to the whole world that he is dating her. He wanted everyone to know that they were a couple. “What? are those feelings gone now?”

“NO. Of course not!” Dara raised her voice.

“Then why don’t you want to go official?” GD was clearly getting annoyed. What’s wrong with going official? How come she doesn’t want to do it.

Dara fidgeted she was not comfortable talking about this. “Jiyong”

“What?  are you having second thoughts? Are you not sure with me? Am I doing something wrong?” Jiyong continued to ask.

“No. It’s not that. It’s just. 2NE1 has just debut. We have a lot of things going on.” Dara is trying hard to say her point. Jiyong waited to hear for a valid reason. “I may not have time for you...”

Jiyong stared at Dara who was struggling in explaining. Damnit Dara just be honest. Dara thought to herself and finally sighed.

“Ji, I’m not ready. I’m not ready to tell the whole world that I’m dating. Our group just debut. I’m not sure how the fans are going to take it if they knew that I’m dating. What more if they find out that I’m dating you.”

Ouch. Jiyong’s heart broke into a million pieces. It was true. Kpop fans can be harsh and cruel. Not a lot of girl groups succeed in the Kpop scene and because 2NE1 is more on the hiphop genre getting into a scandal like this woule really get their group into trouble.

“Then let’s just call it quits.”Jiyong finally said standing up and then walking out the studio door.




“Dara...” Bom opened the door of their dorm bedroom but couldn’t see anything because the lights are closed.

“Dara?” With the little light coming outside the room, Bom found her sitting on the floor hugging her knees crying.

“Hey.” Bom whispered as she and the other two quietly went inside the room.

“Unnie.” Minzy laid her head on Dara’s knees.

“Chaerin. Mian.” Dara softly said.

“What are you sorry for Unnie? Don’t worry about it. We’re here for you.” CL sat beside her and hugged her.

And though she tries so hard to stop herself from crying she couldn’t. The tears won’t stop from falling. That night they fell asleep like that, in a group hug, with Dara crying her heart out.



“I heard.” Yongbae sat at the wooden floor of their dance studio.

Big Bang has gathered to find out what’s going on with their leader. Well Jiyong has been dancing his off in the studio the whole day making everyone puzzled because he didn’t have any schedule of dancing to go to.

“She told you?” Jiyong panted wiping his face with the collar of his shirt.

“Chaerin.” Yongbae answered. “You know you’re not the only one suffering here. The girl is promoting with eyebags up to here!”

Yongbae pointed his chin exaggerating how big Dara’s eyebags are. Jiyong didn’t answer he just leaned his head on the mirror wall.

“I don’t get it hyung, you broke up with Dara Noona right?” Daesung clarified.

“How is that considered as breaking up when they didn’t officially date yet. Besides she said she wasn’t ready right?” Top replied trying to defend their leader.

“But that doesn’t mean Noona is not hurting.” Seungri said defending Dara’s side. “I’m sorry hyung but I just want to remind you guys that Noona is hurting too. She was thinking about the 3 other members and not herself. If she was just a selfish person then she could’ve agreed to what Jiyong hyung wanted and just face the consequences after. But no, there are 3 others in that girl group.”

Seungri caught Jiyong’s attention.

“The panda has a point.” Yongbae nodded in agreement.

Seungri may be the troublesome maknae of the group but hey, sometimes his words makes sense.



-sometime in 2011-


It has been months since YG Family has gathered and seen each other that the Sajangnim orgaized a dinner party for all.

“NOONA!!!!!” Seungri ran towards the 2NE1 girls upon seeing them arrive and gave Dara a big hug.

“ouch maknae!” Dara tried to escape the embrace. “I can’t breathe!!!”

“Sorry Noona. So how are you guys?” Seungri excitedly asked Dara.

“Hmmm you miss us that much? Let me say hello to the others first.” Dara laughed and find Seungri’s excitement adorable.

After moving around saying their greetings 2NE1 settled down on the table reserved for them which was near Big Bang’s.

“Oh Where’s Jiyong Oppa and Yongbae Oppa?” Minzy asked noticing that the two are not yet in the venue.

“They’re on their way.” Top answered showing somthing in his phone to Bom.

“Is that Kiko Mizuhara?” CL said out loud upon seeing the approaching GD with the Japanese model holding his arms.

Dara and Seungri who was both busy talking turned and suddenly her world began to break down like pieces of glass.

She couldn’t move, she couldn’t breathe. It felt like her heart stopped from beating.

“And here are the 2NE1 girls, Bom Noona, Chaerin, Minzy and this is Dara Noona.” Jiyong introduced the girls to which Kiko reached out for a handshake.

Dara gave her one but still her stare was blank. She was lost in space. What exactly is happening? She thought as she continued to stare at the two while they roam around the venue and GD introduced her to the other staffs and employees of YG.

“Noona, kwenchana?” Seungri noticed Dara’s reaction and had to cut her from staring blankly at the newly arrived couple.

“What is she doing here?” Chaerin whispered at Yongbae who just shrugged his shoulders.

“I don’t know GD just asked me to pick him up and when I did she was already there.” Yongbae answered.

“Shhh.... Dara Noona might hear you.” Daesung whispered softly but it was still loud enough for Dara to hear.




“You ok?” Seungri joined Dara at the bench she was sitting on.

After eating Dara has vanished into thin air to which Seungri figured out that she’ll be at her favorite hangout up on the rooftop of the office.

Dara looked up and he saw her face wet from all the tears. She then shook her head as tears continue to flow down her cheeks.

“What a night huh?” Is all Seungri could say.

The crying lasted for a few minutes as Seungri just sat beside her in silence.

“I’m sorry.” Dara finally said after her crying moment.

Seungri looked at her wondering what she was saying.

“I mean. Tonight should’ve been for fun and here you are seating beside a crying girl.” Dara answered even before he could ask what for.

“Nonsense. Remember when I was heartbroken before? You and Chaerin did your best to make me smile? It’s like doing the same thing with you. Don’t worry I won’t use this against you.” Seungri smiled as he tried to make Dara laugh.

Silence enveloped them again with Dara looking down on her feet while Seungri look straight far away trying to look for the right words to say.

“Still hurts ei?”Seungri asked. WHAT?!?!!? STUPID SEUNGRI OF ALL THE THINGS TO ASK!!!!  He slapped his forehead with his palm and Dara giggled to it but didn’t answer and just stayed on looking down on the cement floor.

“ ei?” Seungri asked again to which Dara just nodded and tears started to roll down again and Seungri hugged her.




-sometime between 2012 to 2013-


“Tell me to stay Noona. Just tell me to stay and I will.” Jiyong looked at Dara with pleading eyes.

The two of them met up at a secluded cafe owned by Teddy. Jiyong rented it for a couple of hours so that the two of them could talk.

 What are you doing Dara? Tell him to stay you idiot!!! Dara thought. But something inside her told her it wasn’t the right thing to do.

“Jiyong...” Dara hesitated. Just freaking say it!!!! This is your chance you idiot!!!!

Dara sighed and held his hands. “Jiyong. I want to say it, I really do believe me it’s taking me all the strength I have right now to say what I’m going to say...I want you to stay but it’s not the right thing to say. Go back. Fix things with her first. If it really doesn’t work then maybe then we can start anew.”

Her heart once again broke into pieces as tears started to roll down her cheeks. Jiyong walked towards her and embraced her.

“I’m sorry. I just can’t hurt her this way.” Dara added as she sobbed in Jiyong’s arms. If she was just a selfish then yes, she would ask Jiyong to stay to stay with her, hold her and be happy like they used to. But no, she won’t be able to live her life thinking that she had hurt someone. It was just simply wrong.




-2014 when Jiyong and Kiko had their biggest fight ever-


“Noona!” Soohyuk raised his arm calling Dara and Bom towards their table.

“Hello!” the two girls greeted. It was one of their model friend’s birthday and they were invited, the party was held in a club in Hongdae and after rehearsals Bom and Dara headed there straight away.

“Where’s CL?” Hong Jonghyun one of their model friends asked.

“She’s on her way. She had a photoshoot so she’ll be coming from there.” Dara answered noticing the drunk GD who didn’t greet them and just hung his head low.

“What’s wrong with him?” Bom asked pointing at the boy.

Soohyuk held his hand together and formed a heart and suddenly split it into two.

“Again?” Bom said realizing the meaning.

“NOOONAAAA!!!!!” Gd clinged unto Dara as soon as the girl sat beside him. “When did you get here?”

Dara looked at him worriedly. “You’re drunk.”

“NO. I’m just having fun.” Jiyong poured himself another shot of drink and then drank it.

Dara rolled her eyes and decided to just enjoy the party since there’s no use in stopping GD as he wouldn’t listen. Chaerin arrived at the venue with Top and Seungri in tow and just like the others they were shocked to see a drunken dragon enjoying and getting drunk.

“YAH! DUDE! STOP IT ALREADY!!!!” Soohyuk  warned GD but the dragon wouldn’t stop.

“Hyung! Stop already you’re going to throw up later!” Seungri grabbed the glass from him making him angry.

“YAH! LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!” GD shouted and is now attracting attention from some of the guests.

Top and Seungri grabbed the drunk dragon and took him in an empty private room followed by the 2ne1 girls, Soohyuk and Jonghyun.

“What are we doing here? Let’s go back there!” GD insisted as he tries to escape Top and Seungri.

“Hyung, you’re drunk you better sober up here first.” Seungri told him.

“But I don’t want to sober up. I just want to drink and drink and drink until everything fades.” GD revealed.

This is heartwrenching Dara thought.

Oh crap and Dara is seeing this. Why? Bom was worried that her friend my get hurt again.

Why does this always happen to Dara Unnie? CL was thinking the same thing too.

Jiyong tried to escape again but this time even Jonghyun and Soohyuk were trying to stop him but he was really using all his strength to get out of the room to the poin of even hitting the other guys just so he can have free way.


“YOU CAN’T YOU’RE IN’ DRUNK YOU RETARD!” Top was getting annoyed at how Jiyong is handling things. Plus the thought of Dara witnessing all of this.


“ENOUGH!” Dara screamed at the top of her lungs stopping the guys from fighting. “Just freakin’ let him be.”

She was about to turn to walk away when Jiyong kneeled on the floor and started sobbing. “Noona. Ottoke? What should I do now. I’m stuck here again.”

All eyes on the two. It’s as if time has been paused and everone waited for Dara’s answer.

“Stop being an idiot Jiyong. You know where you’re supposed to be. You know what you’re supposed to do. You should be doing that instead of getting all drunk up here.”

With that Dara turned her back and walked away.



CL and Taeyang flash back


-trainee years-


“Chaerin” Yongbae greeted as the new trainee passed by.

Jiyong smiled widely upon hearing this and Seungri grinned at him as well.

“Chhhhaaaeeerrrriiiinnnnn......” Top teased and the boys starts a ruckus.

“Ei hyung! Stop it!” Yongbae answered.

Jiyong wriggled his eyebrows at his bestfriend.

“What?” Yongbae looked at him.

“You like Chaerin.” Jiyong said and the boys starts to shout and cheer around him.

“Shhh... be quiet!” Yongbae locked Jiyong’s neck in his arms playfully shutting him up.

“AH! AH! Arasso! Arasso!” Jiyong shouted in defeat.

“Our Yongbae is in love” Top batted his eyelashes.

“Errmmm hyung that’s... ewww...” Seungri squirmed at the sight of Top.

“So are you going to ask her on a date Hyung?” Daesung asked.

“No.” Yongbae answered back.

“Why?” Jiyong looked at him bewildered.

“Because...” Yongbae didn’t give a clear answer and suddenly changed the topic.






“Oppa!!!!” Chaerin hurriedly ran to Yongbae and Daesung who just got out from the gym.

“Oooohhh...” Daesung whispered to Yongbae teasing him.

Yongbae smiled brightly and waved at her. “Hey Chaerin what are you doing here?”

“We just finished rehearsals. Oppa, let’s get ice cream!” The young girl excitedly asked Yongbae.

Yongbae hesitated. Even though the two of them have been close with each other Yongbae still has this crush on CL and he couldn’t even tell her.

“Please? Please?” the girl kept doing aegyo at Yongbae that he couldn’t say no.

“Ok. Let’s go.” Yongbae agreed patting Daesung at the back asking him to go with them.

“Hyung I can’t come with you guys I have a meeting with the Sajangnim in a few minutes.” Daesung lied. He did have a meeting but it was already finished he just wanted Yongbae to have some alone time with CL.

“Ah is that so? Ok I’ll see you at the dorm then.” Yongbae and CL bid goodbye and headed for the ice cream store across their building.

“kyaaahhh!!!!” CL was excited for her chocolate chip ice cream cone and Yongbae couldn’t help but laugh.

“Why are you laughing at me?” CL pouted at him like a little child.

“I’m not.” Yongbae said stopping himself from laughing but CL was so cute with her facial reactions.

“Do you know how cute you are when you do that?” Yongbae suddenly said catching both of them off-guard.






“Hyung is it true? Your dating IU?” Seungri barged in the studio and found Big Bang and 2NE1 together.

Yongbae glared at Seungri and turned to look at how CL’s reacting.

“Ooops.” Seungri said covering his mouth with his hands.

Dara nervously looked from Jiyong to CL. The truth is CL and Yongbae are too close now that everyone is thinking that they are dating. Apparently news broke out in the office that Yongbae and IU are dating.

“Is it true?” Bom asked since no one dared to insist on the question.

Yongbae didn’t know what to say. Him and Chaerin were close. In fact people often mistake them for being a couple because of this closeness. But he could never ask her out on a date. It was not because he couldn’t do it. It was because he was scared of the effects of it in both groups. With their busy schedule will they be able to work it out? Just thinking about it makes him feel uneasy already.

CL playfully slapped him on the chest pulling him back in reality. “Oppa! You’re keeping secrets on me now huh!!!”

What is going on I thought her and Yongbae were a couple. Bom thought to herself.

Chaerin-ah. Dara worriedly observed.

Damnit Seungri. Jiyong thought glaring at their maknae.

I’m going to die later. Seungri thought.

“It’s just one date.” Yongbae finally gave in after Bom’s urging.




“You ok?” Minzy joined CL at the rooftop of the YG building.

CL didn’t respond and just shrugged her shoulder.

“Come on Unnie it’s pretty obvious you’re affected.” Minzy said sitting down beside her.

“It is? Damnit.” Chaerin covered her face with her hands. “Look at me I’m acting like an ex girlfriend when in fact I’m just a colleague!”

“You know it really puzzles me why Yongbae Oppa is not asking you to date when before it seemed that you two were dating.” Minzy said.

“I look pathetic.” Chaerin shook his head.


“There you are! Bom and Dara are looking for you guys, you left your phone at the studio.” Yongbae handed CL her phone as the two of them stands up and starts to walk back inside the building.

“Chaerin.” Yongbae stopped her and held her hand.

The lady turned and looked at him in the eye.

“Chaerin, Uhm sorry.” Yongbae sadly said.

“Hmmm? For what?” CL replied pretending not to understand.

“For not telling, about IU. It’s not a date actually it was just a meeting that her manager and my manager set up. It was just a spur of the moment and I didn’t even know who I was going to meet” Yongbae stuttered as he tries to explain.

“Oppa. It’s ok.” Chaerin coldly stopped him.

“It is?” Yongbae felt stupid as he stuttered in front of her.

“Yeah. I mean you can date whoever you want.” Chaerin answered.

“I can?” Yongbae repeated.

Just then Chaerin’s phone rang and she answered it. “Neh Unnie, Neh, I’m on way there.”

She then started to walk and leave Yongbae alone in the rooftop.






“I like you.”

“OH.MY.GOD.” Bom shouted covering with her hands.

“Did she just-“ Daesung asked Seungri who nodded in return.

“CHAERIN!!!!” Dara gasped shocked at the sudden revelation.

“This is something new.”Jiyong smirked.

“Chaerin- what? Why? Isn’t it...” Yongbae couldn’t finish what he was going to say.

“It’s been awhile that I’ve figured it out Oppa. And I know you’re holding back because you’re my sunbae. That’s why I figured I should say it first, so you’ll not feel awkward about it.” CL honestly said.





“Come here.” Yongbae grabbed Chaerin and tickled her.

It was vacation time for Big Bang and 2NE1 and the two of them decided to join Dara and her friends in Maldives.

“OPPA! That tickles! Oppa!!!!!” Chaerin laughed as she tries to escape from Yongbae’s arms.

“Kiss!” Yongbae excitedly puckered his lips awaiting for a kiss.

Chaerin went near him and was about to give him a kiss when she suddenly ran away from him towards the balcony to scream for help to Dara.

“YAH YOU!!!!” Yongbae ran after her and held her on the waist. “Where do you think you’re going little miss?”

He then turned Chaerin facing him and she wrapped her arms around his neck.

“Now where’s my kiss?”Yongbae sweetly smiled as Chaerin leaned forward for a kiss.

“Hmmm... thats better.”

The two cuddled and hugged for a moment. 

“I love this.” Chaerin said burying her face in Yongbae’s chest.


“This.” Chaerin looked up and gave Yongbae another kiss.






“Let’s officially date.” Yongbae told her wearing a serious face.

“Seriously?” Chaerin smiled brightly at him.

They were seated at the wooden floor of the dance studio quietly talking while the other YG Family members are rehearsing their parts.

“Yep. Everyone knows anyways.”

“What about the Sajangnim?” Chaerin wondered. For sure YG wouldn’t really agree on that.

“I’ll talk to him.” Yongbae answered. He and CL have been dating for such a long time now and they’ve been keeping it a secret.

“What if he says no?” CL felt discouraged.

“Then we’ll runaway and never come back” Yongbae joked and winked at her.

“Ei. OPPA!!!!” Chaerin pouted.




“You know that’s not possible Yongbae. You’re at the height of your career. Both of you are. You can’t kill this with a scandal like this.” YG disapproved of the idea of going official.

“Hyung. I don’t think it’s going to affect us in anyway. We’re still going to work hard we’ll just go public.”

YG shook again. “You know that it’s impossible.”

Yongbae didn’t know what to say. He promised Chaerin he’ll be getting YG’s approval no matter what.

YG sighed. “Look I know it’s every idol’s dream to announce that they’re officially dating but not now Yongbae. You and CL are one of the hottest idols in town and I can’t afford for you guys to just throw it all away.”






“I think we both need time away from each other.” Chaerin told him in the middle of their fight.

Yongbae stared at her blankly. He knew that their relationship was on the rocks already but he didn’t expect this to come from CL.

“Is that what you want?”  Yongbae couldn’t believe that CL would give up like this.

“Oppa, we’re going to be really busy this year. Not to mention we’ve been fighting even about the littlest things.”CL frowned.

Yongbae knew CL was saying the truth. The other day they had a fight just cause Yongbae got mad because CL wasn’t able to answer his call.

“I don’t want to hate you and I most definitely do not want you to hate me too.” CL honestly said covering her face with her hands.

Yongbae kneeled in front of her. “Ssshhh... that’s not going to happen. I will never let that happen.”

“It will happen oppa! It will! Just the other day you were ready to barge in our photoshoot just cause I wasn’t answering your calls.” Chaerin didn’t remove her hands from covering her face.

Yongbae sighed. “Ok. Let’s have time off.”





Minzy and Seungyoon’s Flashback




“Lalala...lala...” Seungyoon sang a tune as he tapped on the keyboard .

The door of the studio opens and Minzy enters. “Oh! Seungyoon-ah are the unnies here?”

The boy shook his head and went back to what he was doing. Minzy noticed the stress in his face.

“Is everything ok? Are you okay?” Minzy asked walking towards him to see what he was doing.

“Neh. I’m just having a hard time with my assignment.” Seungyoon sighed.

Minzy looked over his shoulder and saw the score sheet he was working on.

“Hmmm want me to hear it?” Minzy offered.

Seungyoon shrugged his shoulder and started to play the tune and started to hum the song to give Minzy an idea of how it’s supposed to be.

“I have this.” Seungyoon played the tune. “But then the next is kind of off. I can’t seem to find the write tune to connect the two verse... on how I can move from here to here.”

Seungyoon is getting frustrated when Minzy started playing with the keys and helped him. “How do you do it like this? Then how about doing this to get to... this?”

“Oooohhh nice...” Seungyoon suddenly felt hyped up.




After Team A won and became WINNER...


“Yoboseo?” Minzy answered her phone. The girls and her just got back at their dorm and she was getting ready to go to bed.

“YO-BO-SE-O!!!!”  a loud shout can be heard even when you’re far from where Minzy is.

“OI! Congratulations!!!!! Happy is an understatement of what you’re feeling right now isn’t it?” Minzy smiled as she hears the loud cheering and chaos from the other line.

“Why did you leave early I was looking for you guys and they said you went home.” Seungyoon asked.

“Uhmmm we have an early schedule tomorrow so we’re not allowed to stay up late.” Minzy explained.

“Ah is that so? Well I called to say thank you.” Seungyoon’s voice calmed down.

“For watching?” Minzy wondered what the guy was talking about.

“For always supporting.”

“No sweat. What are families are for?” Minzy smiled as she lay down her bed.

“Let’s get some coffee some time. My treat!” Seungyoon invited.

“Oooohhh... OK!”




AON Tour Rehearsals...


“Wahahaha! Damn Kang!!! you’re stiff!!!” Minzy teased as she tries to teach Seungyoon to dance.

“Shut up Gong! Can’t you see I’m trying!!!” Seungyoon answered laughing at him self.

“Why did I even agree to practice dancing from you? You’re like the dance maniac among 2NE1.” The two of them had an agreement that Minzy and him will be teaching him how to dance one of 2NE1 songs only Seungyoon is so awkward in dancing.

“Because I’m Gong Minzy and you can’t resist my request ^_^” Minzy proudly said.

“Yeah yeah! Whatever!” Seungyoon shook his head.

The two starts again with the dance steps and Seungyoon missed a step causing him to be off balance and fall unto Minzy. Luckily the girl has quick senses that she was able to catch the falling Seungyoon and still maintain her balance causing Seungyoon and Minzy to be face to face an inch apart from each other.

A moment of silence filled the air as the two locked eyes and felt something different.

“Uhmmm.” Seungyoon cleared his throat feeling his cheeks had blushed. “You know in the movies, the prince usually catches the princess.”

Minzy rolled her eyes and let him go causing him to drop on the floor. “Shut up.”




AON World Tour

Early morning swimming


“Hey.” Seungyoon greeted.

“Hmm?” Minzy turned and saw Seungyoon approaching her.

The YG Crew decided to do a morning swim. Dara, Mino and Jinwoo are playing pool volleyball. Chaerin is with Bom sunbathing and Minzy chose to be in the shade and read a book.

“What’s that you’re reading?” Seungyoon asked.

Minzy showed the book and it was the third installment of “The Hunger Games.”

“Aaaah... ok honestly I like that book but it makes me sleepy.” Seungyoon smiled.

Minzy laughed at him. “Aigoo you’re hopeless.”

“What? It does!” Seungyoon exclaimed.


From a distance Bom nudged Chaerin and pointed her head on their direction.

“What’s up with that?” she asks the leader assuming she knows everything.

“I was going to ask you about that also. They’ve been really close lately.” Chaerin responded.

Bom raised an eyebrow at her. “When you’re really close something’s going on?”

“Hmmmm well if you’re always together even in your day off then yeah..” Chaerin answered.

The two of them observed Minzy and Seungyoon. Something about the way that two looks in each other’s eyes that tells them something is going on.






YG Building, Studio...


“Why are we going here?” Minzy asked as Seungyoon drags her inside the studio room and makes her sit on the couch.

Seungyoon then drags a chair and sat across from her.

“I just want you to listen. And I know this is crazy but just listen to what I have to say first before saying anything ok?” Seungyoon fidgeted as he tries to make her understand.


“I like you. No, like is an understatement. I’m falling for you.” Seungyoon revealed.

Minzy was calm and pondered on what Seungyoon just told her.

“I know it’s crazy right? But I do I really do... and I can’t stop thinking about you... I hope you won’t get mad... I just I tried not to... But it”

“No. I understand.” Minzy cut him off. “Actually, I think I’m falling for you too.”

Silence happened. Yes, after that mutual revelation, silence took over the studio.

“We’re in deep aren’t we?” Seungyoon asked her letting out a loud sigh.

Minzy couldn’t say anything and just sighed.

“I’m sorry Kang, it’s just. I can’t right now. With the AON tour, YG family tour, school. I don’t know...” Minzy didn’t know what to say. No words are comforting at times like this.

If only they were normal kids, living a normal life then this would’ve been a teeny bopper moment for her. A guy she likes, proposed and liked her too, her innerself should be dancing “I AM THE BEST” right now. But no, instead both of them were sad.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said it.” Seungyoon now realized that had he not opened the topic it wouldn’t be like this. Saying his true feelings just confused things.

Minzy shook her head. Her heart hurting.

“Please don’t think that I’m not happy with what you said. Believe me I am. I’m glad that the guy I like, likes me back. But... it’s just not the right time yet.” Minzy sadly told him. She was ready to cry.

“Hey don’t cry on me. Don’t worry, maybe someday...” Seungyoon no longer knows what to say. The truth is they can wish that someday they can be together but what if even that never comes?

Seungyoon gave Minzy a soft warm hug. “Maybe someday...” was all he can utter.




Inside the booth...


Bom covered and careful not to make any noise.

Poor Minzy. She thought. She locked herself inside the booth because Jjangmae was restraining her to eat some cupcakes, she was munching on the cupcakes when the two went inside and started talking that she didn’t have enough time to reveal herself because Seungyoon already started talking.

This is so sad. She thought to herself as she waited for the two to get out of the studio.







author's note:

hello sweets!!! sorry this chapter took so long... i'm sorry I don't have the right timeline for the others... OH and for those wondering about Top and Bom... well they're not broken so they're not here... anyways... I'm sorry I needed to do this chapter so that the story can move along... and that you'll understand why that house is an empty one for most of them ^_^ SO HOW ARE YOU GUYS?!!?!?!?!?! Oh has anyone see Kiko's vajayjay in IG? that girl really doesn't care what she does ei... i'm guessing that's why Good Boy hasn't won again in Inkigayo... 



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