YG's one and only plan

My YG LIFE ^_^

Jiyong’s POV


It was already after dinner and everyone else had gone out. My members with Bom Noona went out to chaperone Minzy to a school gathering.

Tch! The horror in Minzy’s face upon hearing Tabi insisting that she can’t leave the house without them.

Poor Minzy, being stuck in one house with her oppas. Winner and iKon were summoned in the office.

Winner needs to get ready for a comeback, iKon needs to get ready for debut. So the big house has only me, Se7en hyung, Dara Noona, Akdong siblings and Hayi.

I was having a beer by the pool watching Akdong and Hayi by the grass jamming with the guitar and singing random songs.

From the huge window I could see Dara Noona cleaning something in the kitchen.

It’s been awhile since I’ve been alone like this with pure YG family. I’m usually out with Kiko and our friends.

Japan has been home to me for the past couple of months and my mom was not happy about it really but that was part of the deal with Kiko. And I really want to keep mypromsie this time.

“Mind if I join you in your moment of silence?”

I looked up and found Se7en Hyung holding a beer folding his pants and dipping his feet in the pool.

“Wow, the pool even has a heater. YG outdid himself really.”

I smiled. “Hyung mian. For not being able to visit you while in service.”

Se7en hyung smirked at me and took a sip of his beer. “I thought you were going to say sorry about something else. But it’s ok. Heard you’d been busy living in Japan.” 

I couldn’t say anything.

Se7en Hyung is Dara Noona’s close friend, and even if I met him first his love for Noona is undyingly faithful that I know how much he wants to slap me at the back of my head right now. 

Before he left for military Dara and I were broken up already but when I got together with Kiko 4 years back it was chaos in the office.

YG Sajangnim wanted to strangle me if it weren’t for Seungri who stood between us.

Yes, it was big chaos behind the cameras.

Not to mention a year of not talking with the 2NE1 girls until Dara took the first step and showed everyone that it was all behind us.

Tabi hyung wanted to kill me because Bommie Noona wasn’t talking to him because of me.

Psy Hyung and Tablo Hyung joined us at the time were 2NE1 and Big Bang weren’t talking so imagine that awkwardness. 

From outside I saw Dara walked from the kitchen to the second floor. Noona. That’s right, Dara Noona, still haven’t got the hang of it even after 4 years. 

“You guys ok now?” Se7en hyung asked. 

I sighed. Are we really ok? Is she ok? 

“I guess so. She seems ok while we were doing grocery shopping and while making the mango graham cake.” I answered but inside I was asking myself the same thing: is she ok? 

“Well that’s good then. If there’s something I want to hear when I get back it’s you and her being like before.” Hyung said. 

Ermm. Like before. That’s not likely to happen. 

“I don’t know about that Hyung.” 

“Well try. Besides you and Kiko are happy right? So nothing to worry about.” Se7en hyung smiled and gave me a pat on the back. 

I didn’t answer. I just smield.  Is there really nothing to worry about? 

“Ok what’s wrong?” Hyung asked. 

I looked at him waiting for me to answer. Should I tell him? 

“Ok fine.” I sighed no use in hiding when he can see I’m not ok. “Well technically she’s trying to understand the whole situation but then of course you know it’s not ok. And being here. Being with everyone it just make things more… I don’t know.” 

Ok. I’m not good at being discrete. Sorry. But I can’t exactly say out loud what I wanted to say. 

“So it’s like everything is ok but sometimes it’s not and being here with the family, having fun, making you feel nostalgic and all makes you feel that everything is in haywire?” Hyung summarized and what a lucky guess he’s doing right now. 

I snapped my fingers and pointed at him. “Bingo!” 

Hyung took another sip of beer and glanced at his feet still dipped in the pool.

“I get you. But if you’re having fun why prevent yourself from having fun when you’re not really hurting anyone? Like I get why you feel like you shouldn’t be close and all but if both of you are ok and we’re being like Switzerland then why bother worry? Just have fun when you feel like it. Don’t feel complicated when there’s nothing to it. I mean there used to be a time when a hug was just a hug and a pat on the back is just a pat on the back no malice, platonic and stuff.” 

“You think so?” I looked at him and wondered if it was possible. I hope it is.

Otherwise everything will be chaotic not to mention the fans that will go ballistic and yeah if they do I’m guessing my girlfriend is at the losign end since everyone is rooting for Daragon to be real. 

“OH MY GOSH! UNNIE! UNNIE! KWENCHANA! OPPA! OPPA! HELP!” We heard Soohyun screamed from the 3rd floor. 

Se7en Hyung and I were deep in conversation that we didn’t even notice the three dongsaengs going inside alredy.

Hyung and I rushed out of the pool and ran inside the house. 

“WHAT HAPPENED?” I heard Chanhyuk in panic. 

“I don’t know I came inside the room and saw her on the floor!” Soohyun’s voice was shaking. 

“Unnie! Unnie! Get her on the bed!!!” I heard Hayi. I panted as I rushed upstairs behind Se7en Hyung. 

“What’s going on?” Se7en hyung asked as soon as we reached the 3rd floor and we saw Dara on the bed pale and gasping for air. 

“What’s wrong with you? DEE! DEE!” I rushed at the other side and held Dara’s hand on my face. 

“I… can’t… “ she tried to talk but she was having too much trouble breathing. 

“Ok. Ok. Don’t panic. Every one go out, Hayi you stay with me.” Se7en Hyung instructed but I didn’t want to leave her side that I held her hand tightly.

“Jiyong get the nebulizer from the medicing cabinet for sure we have one.” 

Seeing that I didn’t want to leave her side he sends Chanhyuk instead. 

“Ok sit her up. Dara, listen to me, calm down, CALM.DOWN. Now follow me in breathing.” Se7en Hyung instructed showing her how. 

It took a minute or so and soon Dara’s breathing was calm.

Hayi set up the nebulizer and after another minute her breathing was regular and just to make sure Se7en let her use the nebulizer with sterilized water. 

I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. She was obviously avoiding mine and she was just staring at Se7en Hyung.

After a few more minutes and her breathing went back to normal and she has calmed down. The color of her cheeks has gone back too.

“Dee what happened?” I asked still watching her closely.

Dara looked worriedly at Se7en as if she’s hiding something.

“I don’t know, I was cleaning and when I went up here I felt light headed and all.” She explained. Yes, I can see that too, it was a lame excuse.

I don’t know whether to believe it or not. “Has this happen a lot of times?”

She hesitated for a moment and then shook her head.

“I’m tired. Can I go to sleep?” she then said lying down on the bed.

Something inside of me wanted to ask her more but I figured she does need rest.

Akdong and Hayi stayed at the second floor common room just so someone will be near her in case it occurs again.

Hyung and I went downstairs and still something inside of me was bothered.

“Se7en hyung are you sure this is your first time to see her like that?” I asked again.

“Yes why?” Se7en hyung answered while sitting on the couch.

“I don’t know it just seemed you saw her in that scenario before. Like you know what to do and all.” I said.

Se7en hyung looked at me and smirked. “You should learn first aid then, so you’ll also know what to do. Ah don’t worry. You’ll learn that once you go inside the military.

I wanted to accept his explanation but I still feel bothered for some other reason. I was still going to insist that he knows something when Minzy barges in stomping her feet and stopping in front of me and Se7en Hyung.

“What’s wrong?” Se7en Hyung wondered.

Bom Noona came in followed by Seungri and Daesung. Yongbae was behind the two but waved and went straight upstairs.

“My whole life is ruined.” Minzy pouted as she sat between me and Se7en, her arms crossed.

Me and Se7en Hyung stared at her waiting for an explanation and when she didn’t give us any we turned to Bom Noona for an answer.

“Don’t look at me I’m not her silly oppas who glared and shooed away about tons of guys who wanted to party with Mingkki.” Bom raised both her hands, turned and went upstairs.





The next day...


Se7en crossed his arms and stared at the smiling person in front of him.

What do I make of this? He asked himself.

“Hyung! Who’s on the holy sh-“ Se7en covered Mino’s mouth to prevent him from finishing his sentence in front of the visitor and the camera.

“Who is it?” Bom looked from behind Se7en and her eyes widened at the sight of the Super Junior member.

“DARA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Bom shouted loudly startling both Mino and Se7en.

Dara rushed towards her wondering what’s wrong and her eyes widened upon seeing Donghae.

“Hae, what are you doing here?” This is not planned. She thought.

“Uhm, well, we were talking last night on the phone and you suddenly didn’t talk and next thing I knew I heard panicked voices and so I was worried, came in to check if you’re ok.” Donghae smiled warmly at her.

Bom was trying to hold her giddiness while Mino and Se7en stayed motionless listening to the two.

“Why are you guys huddled on the front door?” Jiyong was suddenly going down the stairs and looked at where the others were staying.Great. Ironman. He thought it was too early to deal with him that he just waved at him. “Morning.”

Donghae nodded and smiled back. “Morning.”

“Where are our manners! Dara bring your guest in.” Bom suddenly realized they looked stupid hanging around the front door.

“Ah neh.” Dara obliged and signalled her hand for Donghae to come in.

Mino, se7en and Jiyong wen t to the dining area while Bommie followed behind feeling giddy about something.

“Thank you. You’re a lifesaver.” Dara whispered to Donghae even if she doesn’t know how on earth he knew he should be here right now.

“You owe me bigtime.”he whispered back.

It was chaos in the dining area with boys like WINNER and iKon and Big Bang in the family eating is a contest.

But when Dara and Donghae entered the dining area everyone froze to their position.

“Guess who decided to join us for breakfast.” Dara shyly told the group.

Jiyong stared at the two of them as they join them. Wow. I guess they really are serious. He thought. He watched as Donghae made the effort and got Dara everything she needed.

“You sure you ok?” Donghae asked Dara who smiled back at them.

Meanwhile, everyone looked from the two lovebirds to Jiyong.

This is trouble. Yongbae thought.

That’s so sweet of Oppa. Minzy watched as Donghae takes care of Dara.

“Donghae have some breakfast too.” Tabi said finally breaking the silence.

“No it’s ok. I had breakfast at our dorm before leaving. I have got to go soon though I just wanted to check on Dara.”Donghae smiled at them.

The gutts of this sunbae. Hanbing thought and looked at Seungyoon.

This shouldn’t happen in a YG show. Seungyoon thought and caught on the gaze of Hanbin.

Just then Donghae’s phone rang and it was his manager. “Well, I guess that time is now.”

He then turned to Dara and patted her head. “I have to go Dee.”

“DEE?!?” Daesung and Seungri said out loud making everyone turn and look at them.

Donghae smiled knowing he hit a nerve with Jiyong’s face.

I ONLY CALL HER DEE. Something inside Jiyong wanted to punch Donghae in the face.Wait why am I even like this?

Se7en observed what’s happening and noticed Jiyong’s nostrils enlarging, and his eyes throwing lasers at Donghae after hearing him call Dara Dee.

Interesting. Se7en thought.

“I’ll walk you out.” Dara offered and stood up leading Donghae to the door.

“Thank you.”Dara told Donghae with a very thankful look on her face as soon as the two of them got out of the mansion and Super Junior’s van waiting up front.

Donghae notices the family looking at them from the inside that’s why he cupped Dara’s face with his hands and smiled at her.

“What are you doing?” Dara wondered.

“Your family is watching so pretend that it’s ok.” Donghae smiled while talking. “Let’s pretend we’re smiling and loving each other.”

Dara chuckled. “I still can’t figure out how you knew.”

“You called me before you fainted you idiot and told me I have to go there last night then I heard chaos and everything and figured I just drop by this morning when everyone is here.” Donghae winked at her. “Now I have to go.”

“Bless you Donghae!” Dara chuckled and waved goodbye.

She turned around and went inside the house finding Se7en waiting for her.

“Dara, mind accompanying me with a little shopping today?” he asks to which Dara just smiled and nodded.






“So what’s up with you and the Super Junior guy?” Se7en asked straight to the point.

He told Dara they were going shopping but he just wanted her alone to talk.

“Nothing.” Dara answered.

“Answer me honestly or I swear I’ll upload your baby pictures while bathing in Instagram!” Se7en warned.

Dara hesitated for a moment.

“Is it what I think it is?”Se7en asked discretely since there are cameras following them.

Dara didn’t answer and just stared at him.

“It is isn’t it?” Se7en worriedly looked at Dara. “Why? What’s going on really?”

“Look. Just let it go and let it be and watch I didn’t plan for any of this and it was supposed to be just one time and just stop snooping around. Other’s might catch on.” Dara answered.

Yes a discrete one too.

She still likes him. Se7en concluded upon hearing what she had to say.Boy this is trouble.





“Oppa what are you doing?” Soohyun enters the studio with Jinhwan and Yunghyeong inside.

“Oh nothing just making music. Trying to add up songs for our debut album.” Jinhwan answers as he and Yunghyeong continues on making music.

Soohyun sits down by the couch and listens to it.

“What’s up?” Yunghyeong asks wondering why Soohyun was with them.

“Uhm well I was bored and was wondering if Jinhwan oppa wanted to come with me biking at the park nearby.” Soohyun invited.

“Sorry Hyun, we still have a lot of things to do here.” Jinhwan apologized at the girl who was deeply saddened at the rejection.

“Oh, no it’s ok. I’ll probably ask Taehyun Oppa instead.” Soohyun smiled weakly and headed towards the door. “See you later.”

Yunhyeong checked if Soohyun was gone and then turned to Jinhwan.

“Hyung we’re not busy today. Why did you reject the kid?”

“Be quiet and continue looking for good music.” Jinhwan said not even looking at Yunghyeong.






Soohyun had a long face when she went up the stairs to which Hayi noticed.

“Hey why the long face?”

Soohyun looked at Hayi and just shook her head. Why is oppa avoiding me?

“Soohyun, you ok?” Bobby approaches her and asks her.

“Huh?” Soohyun looks up and saw Bobby worriedly looking at her.

“Uhm yeah. I uhm nothing. Just a little bored.” Soohyun answered.

“Oh yeah? I know! Let’s go biking outside!” Bobby invited.

“Uhm ok I guess.” Soohyun answered softly not seeming to like it.

“Can I come?” Hayi asked.

“You’re going? I’m coming too!!!!” Hanbin rushed beside her as Hayi rolls her eyes.

The four of them heads towards the door just when Dara and Se7en enters the house.

“Oh. Where are you guys going?” Se7en asks.

“Biking.” Bobby said smiling widely hiding his eyes.

“WHOA! I want to join!!!! Let’s go! Let’s go!” Se7en said following the kids dragging Dara.





“Waaahhhh!!! This is so lovely!!!!” Hayi smiled and lifted her face to feel the cool breeze.

“Wow. Can’t believe we could be out like this. Alone.” Dara felt excited.

The sidewalk by the Han River has a few people walking that they were hardly noticed.

“Oppa! Race you to the end of the line!” Soohyun told Bobby and the two starts their race.

“YAH! WAIT FOR US!!!” Hanbin and Hayi both shouted and followed them.

“Oh my goodness! This is so much fun!!!” Dara laughed as she looked on Se7en.

“You miss this huh?” Se7en smiled at her and she nodded.

“I DO! I DO! It’s so fun!!!” Dara answered swerving her bike.

“Wow. I missed that smile of your Sandy.” Se7en blurted out loud.

“I know I miss smiling like this too!” Dara unconsciously said too.




YG Office...


“The ratings are consistent and everything is high. The director wanted to ask if they are to edit Donghae’s apperance.” Jinu handed a folder to YG.

“Uhm if we edit it out the people who has the 24/7 subscription would question that. So just edit it out nicely. Be there when they do.” YG instructed.

“Hyung what’s your plan really?” Sean asked.

“I need my family back. Even if it means them dating each other again.That's my one and only plan.”




author's note:


hello everyone! how are you guys? well last week the Pope was in the Phils and I'm one of those people in the middle of the street literally squishing my way just so I can get a glimpse of him. so anyways. I'm busy at work but I'm serious with my story here. anyways, please bear with me if it takes time. still gathering my thoughts and all... please comment. and yes boohoo with Jinhwan... naughty naughty! hahaha

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