Shaved Ice with Red Bean

My YG LIFE ^_^

Sometime after SUNSKY had decided for their time off… 


“Yoboseo?” Dara answered her phone. 

“Unnie…” a sniffing Chaerin greeted. 

“Oh, Chaerin-ah, weh? Are you crying? Odiseo?” Dara asked worriedly after hearing their leaders voice. 

“In my room.” 

Dara walks out of her hotel room and heads towards Chaerin’s and softly knocked. “Open it.” 

After a minute or so the door opens revealing a haggard looking Chaerin. 

“Oh my goodness what happened?” Dara asked. Seeing CL in this state is a first for her. Hair unfixed, mascara running down her cheeks, puffy eyes too. 

“I… unnie… is it really this painful?” Chaerin asked tears falling down her cheeks. 

Dara froze and stared at her for a long time. What was she supposed to say? Yes, and there are times that it will hurt more than what you’re feeling right now. At least for you, you’re still together but for Dara it was because they really have broken up and someone else has taken her place. 

Dara couldn’t find the right words to say that she just hugged their leader. And after a few minutes she was crying too. “I’m sorry, if I could not make you feel the pain I would but I can’t. I’m sorry.” 

The two ended up crying in each others arms for the whole night. 



Announcement of being in the YG LIFE reality show. 


Cl was at the rooftop, alone, contemplating when Bom joins her and  sits down beside her. 

“You ok fierce leader?” Bom asks. 

Chaerin shrugged her shoulders. 

“Well, we won’t do it if you don’t want to.” Bom tells her. 

“Don’t be silly unnie, it’s not like we have a choice. It’s just going to be an issue if we don’t’ join. Besides I’ll be off to the States in no time.” 

“I don’t mean to pry on your personal life O great leader but what exactly is the cause of this so-called “time-off” of yours?” 

CL paused for awhile and tried to figure out what really is the root cause of everything. Surprisingly she couldn’t find the right answer. 

“There you are!” Dara suddenly appears with Minzy in tow. “Girl talk?” 
Bom nodded as Dara and Minzy sits on the ground joining the two. 

“So, what caused this thing?” Bom asked again. 

“I… I don’t know…” Chaerin softly answered. 

The three girls looked at each other and then to their leader. 

“What do you mean you don’t know?” Dara’s eyes widened. 

Chaerin couldn’t answer. What was the real reason? 

“But it’s your idea of the time-off right?” Bom asked. 

Chaerin nodded. “I guess it all started when he said will announce our dating officially but then we weren’t allowed. After that we were always fighting already.” 

Dara stared at their leader. That’s it? She thought. Out of everything that’s just it? 

“You and Jiyong are so much alike.” Dara blurted out loud. 

Bom and Minzy turns to look at Dara and then back to CL. 

“Are you girls gonna fight? Cause I’m not in the mood to be a referee today.” Bom sarcastically


“Silly you. I’m just saying. Sorry Chaerin.” Dara immediately said trying to not start a debate with CL. 

“No. you’re right Unnie. I am so much like him. Pft!” CL sighed. 

“So what’s your plan now great leader?” Bom asks taking out a banana from her jacket’s side pocket. 

“Well I’m leaving in a few days anyways. Like what everyone has said. It’s not like we have a choice you know.” 

Dara stares at Bom who took a bite of her banana. 

“What are you looking at?” Bom wondered why Dara kept staring. 

“Why do you have a banana in your pocket?” Dara said suddenly causing all of them to crack up and laugh. 




Off camera after everyone else has moved in the house and were now fast asleep. 

“Still up?” Seungri sits besides Yongbae who was in the ground floor living room with a brandy glass in his hand. “Oooh… drinking. This is news.” 

Yongbae rolled his eyes at the maknae and just kept still.  It’s 3:30 in the morning and he couldn’t go to sleep. 

“What’s on your mind hyung?” Seungri curiously asked. 


He’s not going to let me be is he? Yongbae thought and after a few minutes he sighed and gave in. 


Seungri stood up and headed towards the bar to get another brandy glass, he walks back to the living room and poured brandy in his glass. 

“I don’t really get doing time-offs do you?” 

Yongbae stared at his brandy as he twirls his glass. No. I don’t either. 

“Well I don’t really get women too. I don’t even know where they get those silly ideas like time offs.” Seungri continued and then looked at his hyung. “ ei?” 

Yongbae just nodded. 

“What did you fight about anyways?” Seungri asked taking a sip of his drink. 

“I don’t know.” Yongbae blurted out after awhile. 

Seungri looked at his hyung bewildered. “What do you mean you don’t know?” 

“I don’t know why we were fighting. It’s just that we were always fighting.” 

Seungri shook his head. “Tch, that’s tough hyung! It’s not like you guys fell out of love right?” 

“I love her. I still do.” Yongbae stated for a fact but then he thought of something that pierced his heart. Does Chaerin still do?







While CL is in the States... 

Chaerin’s phone rang in the middle of the night. She grabbed her phone and lazily opened her eyes to see who it is. 

“Yoboseo?” Chaerin answers blinking her eyes and looked for the wall clock to see the time. 

Silence. For the next 5 minutes it was just silence.


“Hey.” Chaerin broke the silence between them.


“Good night.” Yongbae just said and then hung up.






“Why don’t you just get back with him Chaerin?” Bom rolled her eyes at their leader.


The girls were at the YG building during break time and the cameras are not around when Chaerin video called them.


“No.” Chaerin stood by her decision.


“Then why are we even having this conversation?” Bom replied.


“I chose this path unnie!!!!” Chaerin defended herself.


“And so?” Bom raises an eyebrow. It’s obvious that Chaerin wants to get back together with Yongbae but her stupid pride is in the way.


“I just... Just stop Unnie ok?” Chaerin said giving up on even trying to defend her decision.


“Chaerin, you know that whatever your decision is we’re always behind you right?” Dara reminded her. “Just make sure that you yourself will not regret it.”






Text Message...


YONGBAE:  I miss you Chaerin... I still love you...





Yongbae’s POV


“Yongbae-ah, what are you doing here by yourself?” Dara Noona peeked at the balcony where I have been standing for quite some time now.


I didn’t answer and just stared so far away. Noona stood beside me and didn’t say anything. She probably feels sorry for me.


“Hang in there Bae. Don’t let go.” Noona blurted out without even looking at me.


Something insde me wants to ask her what she’s talking about but my pride tells me no. I sighed. Why is loving complicated? It’s supposed to be a happy thing. Something good. Why does it have to be like this for me?


The truth is I don’t even really know what started the fights, the shouting and all. I kept thinking about what Seungri said the other day. Did she fall out of love? Does this mean she doesn’t love me anymore?


And here is Dara Noona saying this to me. I feel like crying. Yes, behind my sculpted body and my eye smile is just a weak man longing for his woman. Though all my fans should know this by now. No matter how cold and hiphop BigBang looks they will always be these little dork kids.


“NOOONAAAAA!!!!!” We heard Jiyong shouting below.


“ugh! What now!” Dara Noona seemed pissed with Jiyong looking for her. “You know I don’t know what happened and why that boy suddenly wants to be BFFs with me!!!!!!”


I chuckled. Typical Dara Noona still naive about everything. It has been a week and a half since we moved here in the mansion and I don’t know what happened either but Jiyong slowly became clingy with the girls and especially to Dara Noona. Well at least they have fixed their differences and are slowly being like how they were before.


“Don’t you like it noona? It’s just like the old days!” I told her.


“Tch! Old days... I feel like I’m losing years with that boy!” Noona grunted.


Suddenly Jiyong shows up behind us.


“Yongbae is No- OH THERE YOU ARE NOONA!!!!” Jiyong smiled brightly.


“What’s wrong?” Noona asks


“Nothing. I was just looking for you cause the other girls are not here and they said you’re here.” Jiyong answered back.


Dara Noona looked at me and raised an eyebrow and I chuckled in return.


“Weh?” Jiyong turns and looks at me wondering what was that all about to which I only shrugged my shoulder. “Anyways, the kids are out and it’s just us three here you guys want to go out and have coffee or something?”


“Whatever.” I nodded to which Dara Noona agreed also.





Soohyun’s POV

YG Building rooftop


“Hello there, what are you doing here?” someone from behind me.


I turned and saw Bobby Oppa approaching me. “Catching some fresh air. You?”


“Well, I’m looking for a hiding Donghyuk.” He answers.


“Oh I’ve been here for an hour now so he couldn’t possibly be here.” I told him as he sits down beside me.


“Oh really? I wonder where that kid is.” He turns his head and double checks he face. “So how are you? Why the long face?”


Great. Just what I needed an iKon member to see how affected I am with Jinhwan Oppa ignoring me.


“It’s Jinhwan Hyung isn’t it?” Bobby Oppa says to my surprise.


Ok fine. I hung my head low. This is embarrassing really.


“You don’t have to be shy about it.” Oppa says coolly.


I still didn’t say anything. My own brother doesn’t even know about this cause if he did I’m sure he’s going to be pissed off. Only Hayi and I knows about how sad I’m getting because Jinhwan Oppa has been ignoring me lately.


“Ok, since you don’t want to talk about it how about we go out and get some Bubble Tea before heading back to the house?” Oppa suggested. I lifted my head and turned to see a smiling oppa who lost his eyes because of his bright smile.




Bobby’s POV


Cafe near the YG mansion...



“Are you sure it’s alright to have bubble tea in public like this?” Soohyunnie looked at our surroundings to check if there are cameras up.


She’s really cute and innocent with everything that she’s doing that’s why I don’t get why Jinhwan Hyung is avoiding her everything she wants to hang out with him.


“Are we dating?” I asked her as she scaned through the cafe again.


She looks at me bewildered and shook her head.


“So why do we have to hide in public while we eat and drink snacks?” I told her to which she understood what I meant.


“Relax Soohyun. Everyone knows it’s Jinhwan Hyung you fancy so don’t worry about it.” I added.


The girl suddenly blushes and kept her head low again. I couldn’t help but smile at her cuteness.


“So how’s everything with AKMU? Are you preparing for another album?” I asked just so we have something to talk about.


“Well, Oppa and I are submitted some songs to YG and we’re still waiting for his reply about it.” She answers as she tries on her shaved ice with red bean. Seriously only in Korea do you find food like this. Imagine the first time I’m here, the amazement I felt at the different food I never knew was possible to be cooked that way was being cooked that way. Did I make sense?


Anyways I stared at the girl who was concentrated in dealing with her red bean shaved ice whatsoever. What am I going to do with this kid?


“Hmm... I envy that shaved ice.” I said catching her attention.


“Hmmm?” she asked looking at me.


“Cause it has your undivided attention while I sit here watching you have a conversation with your food.” I said pointing at the food.


“Ei... oppa!” she smiled playfully slapping my hand. That’s more like it. A smile.


“Have you ever tried bungee jumping?” I asked. Random. I know.


“Ermmm... no. And I don’t think I can.” She munched on some more ice.

“Why not?


“Cause it’s scary.”


“We should do that some time let’s invite the Hyungs and Noonas!” I enthusiastically said.


But Soohyun turned pale and pouted. “I’m scared to do that.”


“You haven’t even tried it. It will be fun I’m sure the sunbaes would love it!” I excitedly said.


“What will we love?”


Soohyun and I turned to look and saw Dara Noona and Jiyong Hyung and Yongbae Hyung with a tray of snacks.


“Hyung!” I scooted to give space  to them and so they can join us. Thank you hyungs! My conversation idea stopped with the bungee jumping after that it’s going to be all silence between us so thank you for the reinforcements!


“Where are the others?” Yongbae Hyung asked as he grabbed a chair from the other table and sat down.


“Well we were on our way home and decided to grab some snacks first since Soohyun needs a breather.” Ooops. The part of Soohyun needing a breather slipped. Damn.


“Why?” Dara Noona asked raising an eyebrow at her.


“Hey Hyung want to go bungee jumping some time?” I suddenly asked Jiyong hyung who got surprised at the random question.


“Well yeah that sounds fun.” He answers.


“Cause we were just talking about it before you guys came and wouldn’t it be exciting if we all went out on a trip and do bungee jumping or extreme sports or whatever like jet ski!” Ok I have to admit I was just trying to lure them away from the topic on why Soohyun needs a breather but extreme sports is making my blood rise up with excitement.


“Oooh! Jet ski! I love jet skiing!” Dara Noona’s eyes sparkled at the thought jet skiing. “I used to do that a lot in the Philippines.”


“Really?” I was surprised to hear that. Dara Noona looks so fragile that I couldn’t imagine her doing extreme sports.


“Yeah if you watch the previous 2NE1TV before I did an episode there with me jet skiing.”


“Wow! Daebak!” I saw Jiyong Hyung, Soohyunni and Yongbae Hyung watching us as the two of us gets hyped up at the conversation.


“Oh sorry.” Dara smiled realizing how the others are just staring at us.


“You love going back to the Philippines unnie.” Soohyun finally spoke. Thank God!


“Well uhm yeah. I have friends there and the weather is not so cold there but yeah sometimes it gets super hot though. But I just feel so happy whenever I go back there.” Dara Noona confessed to which she caught Jiyong Hyung’s aattention.


“I’m not saying I’m not happy here but I’m just saying I’m happy and comfortable when I’m there too.” Dara Noona added.


“Let’s all go there some time like the whole family and I have some friends from the States and they’ve been there and to this island named Boracay. They said it’s one of the world’s best beaches.” I jumped in the conversation again.


“That would be wonderful!!!!” Dara Noona got excited again. “Then we can try cliff diving instead of your bungee jumping!”


“CLIFF DIVING!!!!” Ok I know I’m too hyped up but hey I’ve been under a lot of stress not to mention being stuck in a house with your sunbaes who have issues with themselves that I don’t even want to know what, so a little stress reliever would be ok.


Dara Noona was about to say something but her mobile rang.  “Chaeriniee!!!”


We all looked at her and listened as she talks with CL Noona.


“Really? Is that a joke? REALLY!!!! OK! OK! OK!” Dara Noona hang up and stood up.


“I gotta go.” She tells us hurriedly.


“Where are you going? Wait I’m your driver!” Jiyong Hyung asked standing up also.


“Chaerin arrived just a few moments ago I’m picking her up at the airport!”




author's note:


because you know i'm all about that bass.... bout that bass... yes i'm mean I waited for 12am before updating lol so how are you guys? I'm sorry for keeping you guys waiting but I'm going to be in a hiatus for awhile. since i'm super kaduper busy at work and my boss is like making me do all of the work so yeah... COMMENTS JUSEYO... totally in love with your comments! vote up peeps! ^_^








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