Day 1

My YG LIFE ^_^

After 3 hours...


Chaerin softly knocked at the other girl’s room. “Unnie, Minzy, I’m leaving.”

The two girls hurriedly walked towards her and gave her a hug.

“You take care ok?” Bom looked at Chaerin like a mother sending off her daughter.

“Unnie, Just katalk us all the time.” Minzy hugged CL tightly.

“Unnie...” Hayi who just caught her sleep sat up on the bed with half of her eyes open.

“Go back to sleep Hayi. I’ll see you guys in 2 weeks ok?” CL told them.

One by one they went downstairs and saw the iKON boys in the common area.

“Noona. You’re leaving already?” Seungyoon asked upon seeing CL coming down the stairs.

“Daesung hyung placed your luggages in the car already.” Seunghoon who came from the basement informed them.

CL looked at the others wondering what’s going on. “What are you talking about? Where’s Jjangmae Oppa?”

“I called him and told him we’ll meet them there at the airport.” Yongbae said getting the bag CL’s holding and then walking out of the front door.

CL worriedly looked at her members but Dara patted her on the back. “Kwenchana.”

“Daesung’s going to be with you guys. So go.”GD added going down the stairs and giving CL a hug. “Go slay ‘em over there arasso?”

CL waved goodbye to them and headed out on the door.




In the car....


It was awkwardly silent in the car. Yongbae was driving, Daesung was seated at the front seat. CL didn’t know what to say not to mention that a camera was filming them. They weren’t really like that. Everyone in YG has always been hyper and the stories never end until him and Yongbae became distant. After both of them decided to keep things cool for awhile since both of them will be busy with their solo activities.

CL looked outside the window and felt sad leaving her members while they will be left in that mansion taking care of the men and kids of their YG Family.

“So Noona...” Daesung broke his silence and spoke up.

CL turned and looked at him.

“How long are you going to be in the States?”

“Hmmm... well after 2 weeks I’m going back to Korea for shooting YG Life and then go back again. I’m not to sure when be my next fly back to Korea after that.” CL answered, she tried looking at Yongbae through the rear view mirror but his expression was just blank.

“Aaahhh” Daesung answered.

There was silence again in the car after that.

“You guys keep an eye on my girls ok? Especially Dara Unnie.”

Daesung nodded his head and turned to look at her. “Don’t we always?”

Silence. Again.

“And please take care of Bom Unnie and watch the food that she eats.” CL added.

“And make sure Minzy has quiet times for her studies. A house full of rowdy boys can get noisy and with Bom Unnie there it will obviously be a ruckus!” she continued.

Daesung turned to look at her and nodded again.

The rest of the ride was so quiet that Daesung could hear his organs moving inside him. (kidding)

Why didn’t I bring Seungri? He thought.

They arrive at the airport and Daesung took care of her luggages while Yongbae hurriedly opened the door for CL.

CL was wondering why he opened the door by the driver’s side and not the one facing the entrance of the airport. She went down and fixed her clothes and to her surprise Yongbae held her jacket and helped her zip it up.

“Stop worrying about your members we’ll take good care of them like the queens that they are.” Yongbae said and then lifting the hood of her jacket. “Take care of yourselves there and slay’em”

He then held her head and gave her a quick kiss on the forehead. Causing the fierce leader to turn red.

“Be a good girl there ok?” He reminded her to which Chaerin just nodded.

Just like before she felt like a little child being taken care of. She loved it. She loved how Yongbae made her feel so special despite the arguments they’ve been having. It made her more secure, that he was going to wait for her to comeback.

Their moment was cut off when Chaerin’s manager approached them to get CL’s handbag and handed her, her passport and ticket.

CL, Daesung and Yongbae together with CL’s manager walked towards the entrance of the airport.

Chaerin now knows why Yongbae made her go out on the other door. It was to avoid the cameras that were waiting outside and inside the airport.

“Don’t this people sleep?” Daesung uttered softly.

“Well it’s part of their job.” The manager said. Jinu was waiting by the entrance and it was time for Yongbae and Daesung to say goodbye.

No one told him but he felt like he needed to do it so Daesung walked forwards and hugged Chaerin to which Yongbae followed after.

“I’ll miss you.” Yongbae quickly whispered before parting their soft embrace.


YG Mansion

7:30 a.m.

 The whole house was quiet. It’s normal for YG artists to sleep in especially when they don’t have early call time.

Suddenly CL’s Mental Breakdown song faded in all over the house and was used as an alarm clock.

“WHAT’S UP YG FAMILY!!!!!” CL’s voice boomed from the speakers startling Seungri causing the lad to sit up on the bed while screaming a loud NO.

Everyone starts to grunt and cover their ears.

“EVERYONE WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!” CL voice screamed all over the mansion that everyone had no choice but to open wide their eyes. “GOODMORNING SUNSHINE!!!! WAKE UP WAKE UP GUYS!!!! I MISS YOU ALREADY… DON’T FORGET TO EAT YOUR MEALS… SEE YA!”

Yongbae smiled as he heard the message… sunshine was shouted a bit stronger and he knew the message was for him.

Bom who was currently one of the oldest in the house stood up and readied herself. She then went down to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for everyone.

Minutes after Dara followed and helped her. Minzy, Hayi and Soohyun went to the gym area and started working out.

One by one the boys in the room went downstairs, Mithra, Seungyoon, Hanbin and Bobby went out for a swim.

“Noona!!!! What’s for breakfast?!!?” Seunghoon was about to ran towards Bom when someone from behind grabbed him by the head and turned him on a different direction.

He turned to look and saw Top walking towards Bom and standing too close behind her.

“Noona… What’s for breakfast?” Top asked cutely.

Bom felt tensed upon feeling Top so close to her.  What is this idiot doing so close to me?

“Ermmm.. eggs, ham and toast.” Bom answered. She had no choice but to act normal and let everyone see their closeness if she acted all awkward towards him the viewers would all find out.

“Lovely.” Top answered and then he was off to have a talk with Seunghoon.


“Thanks Bom and Dara Noona.” Both WINNER and iKON said as they took their sit. Everyone has already taken their sit except for GD who is known for not being a morning person.

“Chanwoo-ah can you call your GD Hyung and tell him breakfast is ready.” Bom instructed.

After a few minutes Chanwoo comes back telling them that GD will not be joining breakfast as he’s still sleepy.

“Just let him be Noona, he’ll grab something on his way to work.” Seungri told Bom who got worried.

“So who’s going out today?” Bom asked.

“I’m out for a week.” Mithra answered. “Epik High will be in Japan.”

“WINNER has a schedule.” Seungyoon answered.

“Hi Soohyun have promotions.” Hayi added.

“I have training.” AKMU’s Chanhyuk answered.

“iKON has training too Noona.” Hanbin replied

“I have uni.” Minzy raised her hand.

“I have nothing to do.” Top said smiling at her.

“I have studio session.” Daesung answered

“Me too.” Seungri replied.

“GD and I have practice for MAMA” Yongbae answered.

“So Dara you and Tabi will be house sitters today.” Bom told her friend who smiled at Top.

“Weh? Where are you going?” Dara asked.

“My parents are here for a holiday so I need to see them but don’t worry I’ll be back tonight.” Bom explained.

“So Dara what do you have in mind to do today?”

Dara looked up and stared at Tabi. She was still struggling with again being in front of the cameras and here is Tabi acting like it’s the most normal thing for the two of them to hangout. 

“I don’t know what you want to do today?” she returned the question. The boys sent them a text message before moving day saying that nothing will change and they have to show the bond between Big Bang and 2NE1 and the rest of the family members. 

“Can we go drag racing?!” Top excitedly said. 

“YAH!!!!” Bom shouted as she pointed her fork at him. “She’s from a girl group!!!!” 

“So what? You want to go ballet dancing instead?” Top rolled his eyes on Bom. 

“I’m warning you Seunghyun! I’ll throw you to the volcanoes!!!!” Bom squinted her eyes on Top. 

“We’ll figure out something later.” Dara snickerd. 

When everyone has finished Mino, Bobby and Seunghoon are the ones in charge to clean up the table and Taehyun and Donghyuk are in charge of washing the dishes.

“Dara-ah, reheat Jiyongie’s food and put it in his room.” Bom instructed and then turned to Seungri. “Panda you go with your noona when she brings the food.”

“Ah weh!?!?!” Seungri whined like a 7 year old deprived kid.

“You idiot! Dara can’t just enter a boy’s room by herself!” Bom glared at Seungri.

Dara reheated Jiyong’s food and placed it on a tray and together with Seungri went upstairs to Jiyong’s room.

*knock knock* 

She softly knocked on the door and when no one answered she opened it revealing GD soundly asleep.

“HYUNG! WAKE UP!!! You and Yongbae hyung have a long day today! Your breakfast’s here by the side table.” Seungri was busy with his phone as he stood by the door and Dara going inside and placing the tray by the side table.

Without even opening his eyes he grabbed Dara’s wrist and pulled her on top of him.

“Five minutes more Panda... Please” he moaned.

Just then Top and Yongbae walked behind Seungri and saw what was going on.

“YAH!!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO MY DARA NOONA?!!?!?!” Tabi joked in an aegyo voice.

“What?!” GD opened his eyes and saw a flustered Dara.

“OH MY GOD! What are you doing?!!?!?” Bom who was behind the two guys can’t believe what she witnessed.

“YAH! PANDA I THOUGHT IT WAS YOU WHO WAS HERE!” GD exclaimed sitting up, embarrassed of what just happened.

“I- We- I” A shocked Seungri didn’t know what to say.

Bom slapped Seungri at the back of his head. “YOU IDIOT!”

“I... HYUNG! Why would you even do that to me?!!?!” Seungri finally caught his words and asked his hyung who was still in shock.

“I... you... It was a joke!” GD defensively answered.

Dara couldn’t say anything and quietly excused herself.

“YOU DON’T DO THAT TO MY NOONA!!!!!” Tabi cutely exclaimed.





That afternoon....


Dara and Top were left at home while the other family members are off to their own schedules so shooting was halted since Dara just kept playing the guitar and Top kept trying to bug her.

“NOONA!!!!!” Top whined for the nth time. Dara was by the pool strumming her guitar while Top has been all over the place.

“Aigoo...” Dara shook her head as she continued to play the guitar.

The whole day she was still flustered with what happened early this morning.

Hugging, arms around the shoulders, fixing of hairstyles... these are some of the actions that are common between them. Since YG are more on the hiphop side skinship seems to be not restricted between them. But today, it was the most uncomfortable situation Dara has ever been.

It has been awhile since him and her had moments like that... They were still trainees... He just debuted. He wanted it official. She wasn’t sure. Kapoof! It ended.

“Hey.” Top sat down beside her and gave her a glass of orange juice. “Freshly squeezed with a bit of water and sugar.

Dara took a sip of the juice and then grinned at Tabi.

“You ok?” Top suddenly asked.

Dara looked at him blankly but her heart beat started to race.

“Come on Tokki. It’s pretty obvious you were in a state of shock this morning.” Top softly laughed and looked away from her.

Dara didn’t respond and just shrugged her shoulders.

“Why did you agree to do the show Noona?” Top bluntly asked.

Dara stopped strumming the guitar and looked at him. “Because YG said so.”

“And because Hyung said so you’ll just do it?” Tabi asked again.

Dara shrugged her shoulders again. “I trust him too much I guess.”

“Typical Noona, always thinking about others before herself.” Tabi sighed and then took a sip of his juice.

“I just don’t want to be a burden to anyone.” Dara said. “You know that.”

“Even if it kills you inside seeing him everyday? How ok he is?” Tabi looked at Dara and waited for her reaction.

“Tabi that was a long time ago.” Dara faked a smile.

“And yet every time you end up in a room with him your eyes shows your true feelings.” Tabi insisted.

Dara didn’t argue anymore. She has been friends with Tabi for too long to even hide anything.

Tabi took a big gulp and finished off his juice and then smiled brightly at Dara. “Noona!!!! Let’s do something fun!!!”

“Like what?!?!” Dara stared at the tall guy jumpin up and down in front of her.





Bom got out of the company car driven by her manager. She met iKon by the front gate.

“Oh you guys are here this early?” she asked as the boys greeted her.

“The Sajangnim sent us home early.” Hanbin informerd her.

They went inside and a messy common room greeted them with white stuff all over the place.

“What the-“ Bom was about to say when they saw Dara running from the kitchen.


After a few seconds Top came running after her.

“NOONA!!!! NOONA!!!!” Top shouted as he happily ran after Dara.

Bom felt like she was going to faint with all the mess in front of her and to think the two oldest in the family are the ones to blame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!








author's note:


hello everyone!!! hope you like this chap!!!! please be patient with me still brainstorming with the story.... and of course I'm just making up the story as it goes....

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