Part 2 Manila Day 2

My YG LIFE ^_^

That night


Everything is so quiet. Dara thought as she sits on the sand and watch the calm sea.  The family has spread out in different places, Seungri, Daesung, Se7en and the Epik High boys are out partying.

Bom was with Tabi. CL was resting in their room. Minzy as expected was with Seungyoon. Hayi and Soohyun are with WINNER and Ikon. GD was with Yongbae talking about something that she discretely left to have some peace and quiet.

This past weeks was chaotic that she has been needing her “me” time a lot lately. Everything is just overwhelming for her. She doesn’t know if what’s happening is real anymore. The thought of her and GD being together again scares her. The thought of loving that boyish grin is frightening. The thought of being alone, missing im sends chills on her bones.

Relax. It will be over soon. She can’t wait for everything to be over. So she can stop pretending to her members that everything is alright. So that everyone falls back to their right places.

She put out a loud sigh. It’s too late isn’t it? You fell too deep again huh?

“Well that was deep.”

Dara turns around and finds Jiyong behind her.

. GET A GRIP DARA. She thought to herself.

“What are you doing here?” Dara asked as the boy sits down beside her.

“Well Yongbae needed to talk to Chaerin and when I looked for you she said you went somewhere quiet.” He answered.

“Ahhh” waas the only thing Dara could answer.

“I promise to be quiet.” Jiyong raised his right hand.

“No need. I was just... it was... well everything is just happening too fast.” Dara uttered.


Should I talk to him?

Idiot Jiyong it’s her quiet time why are you even here?

The two idiots are seated beside each other and without turning their heads they try to take a glimpse of what the other is doing or where they are looking.

The two of them caught each other taking a glimpse of the other that they both chuckle.

“Seriously Jiyongie it’s fine. You don’t have to pretend to be quiet. You can talk to me.”

Jiyong sheepishly scratched the back of his head.


Dara waited but Jiyong couldn’t seem to continue.


Oh-kay. Calm down Dara. She thought to herself.

Idiot Jiyong what are you doing?

The truth about Jiyong’s feelings, no one really knows but him. And lately what he has been afraid of happening just happened.

Hes feelings are starting to be unstable.

Meaning yes, at first he was being close to Dara because, well they were close even before but because the aim of YG Life was to show the camaraderie between YG family.

But the greatest lie Jiyong has been portraying is that he is no longer affected when it comes to Dara. And he kept telling this lie even to himself because the thought of Dara rejecting him again was too painful to bear.

He was now liking their bond, how she smiles at him again and how they enjoy the moments they spent together even if they were just friends. Not to mention that there’s  an innocent girl back in Japan who’s patiently waiting for him.

He thought about their past. How everything ended with a snap. How Jiyong’s ego got in the way making him give up their relationship even before it started.  If only he waited. If only he ran after her and told her he will wait for her to be ready.

“I’m sorry.” Jiyong suddenly blurted.

Dara turned and looked at him questioningly.

“For breaking your heart. Everytime.” Jiyong softly said.

Dara’s heartbeat stopped. Did he really just say he broke my heart?

“Don’t be too full of yourself Jiyong it wasn’t just you.” Dara stopped him. Ok fine, let’s have this talk, It’s bound to happen sooner or later anyways.

“It wasn’t just you. I had my share of doing why everything happened.” Dara continued. “I wasn’t ready that time and I always thought you were going to be by my side. I didn’t realize that you would eventually find another. I guess I became too complacent with things.”

Jiyong shook his head. “But I should have done something Dee. I should have talked to you. I should’ve tried to fix it. I shouldn’t have walked away. I was being selfish. I was being stubborn and for that… I…”

Jiyong paused for a moment, turned to stare at Dara’s eyes, and sighed. “And for that, I never forgave myself. For every tear you shed I just couldn’t forgive myself.”

Dara’s eyes widened and couldn’t believe what she just heard.

But why? You should be happy now. Dara thought to herself.

“Ji…” she couldn’t say what she wanted to know.

Jiyong looked away from her and stared at the beach in front of them.  “I may act all mighty and great but inside, the guilt lingers. Every time I see you it tears me into half. Everytime I see you, everytime I look into your eyes the guilt inside me just kills me.”

Ok. This is really getting awkward. What do I say? What do I do!?!? This won’t do we have got to let go of this guilt and this awkwardness. Dara told herself.

“Ji..” she started and looked at the boy seated next to him.

Jiyong turned and looked back at her.

That boyish look. The way he pouts at you. Arrrgghhhh are we talking or is he seducing me Goodness!

Dara took one deep breath and started to pour out her feelings. “Ji, it was a long time ago. A lot has happened already. You can’t let the past hold you back, I mean, we. We can’t let our past hold us back.”


“Let me finish first.” Dara told him. Yes because I don’t know how long I can control my feelings. Dara thought to herself.

“Whatever guilt you are feeling towards me, please, get rid of it. I’m fine you don’t have to feel guilty or anything. I mean look at us, we walked through different paths, we’ve achieved our goals, but our paths are bound to meet and meet as we are in one industry. We may be different from the person we once were but it doesn’t mean we can’t be friends right?” Dara tried her best to look and sound ok. Please don’t be guilty. I need you to be fine. So I can be fine.

Jiyong stared at Dara and couldn’t say anything. His heart was aching. Why did you have to be this nice? I know you’re hurting Dee. I can see it through your eyes. Why the are you so nice to me?!?

Dara smiled at him and patted his shoulder. “C’mon Ji. We’re in this beautiful place with the family. A first after so many years, can’t we just go back to how we used to be before? Friends? A family that cares for each other and protects each other’s back?”

No we can’t because you’re not ok. Jiyong told himself.

“Please?” Dara smiled cutely at him.

And at that moment Jiyong’s heart beat paced. It’s been a long time since he saw that cute begging face of hers. Too long that seeing it again made his heart flutter.

“Dee…” Jiyong felt guilty. No matter how much Dara tells him it’s all in the past her eyes says it all.

“NO! I won’t take no for an answer!!!!”Dara started acting like a child and pouted in front of him.

Oh for crying out loud! Did you really have to be cute in front of me?!!?! Jiyong thought.

“Can’t you just trust me and be happy? Cause that’s all I want to happen for all of us to get along and be close just like before.” Dara continued.

Jiyong paused for a moment and contemplated.

Can I just really forget about everything and not be guilty? He thought.

“Eiii… come on Ji.” Dara pouted.

She has got to stop doing this for crying out loud!!! Jiyong thought.

Jiyong sighed and Dara knew he was going to agree already.

“Yey!” Dara smiled brightly at him.

“Are you sure you’re ok?” Jiyong asked.

Dara nodded looking like an innocent child. “And you know what would make me feel much better?”

Jiyong waited and just stared at her. Her face, her smile. I missed this. And for a moment he forgot about everything else and just adored the beautiful woman in front of him.

“Can we get ice cream?!?” Dara told him.

Jiyong laughed softly. I know this is selfish of me but what the heck. “Well let’s go and get that ice cream then.”

Jiyong stood up and held out his hand and helped Dara up. For a moment they stood close facing each other and what their mouths were saying are different from what their heart is feeling.

“Dee..” Jiyong was about to start talking seriously again but Dara held his lips together.

“Eh-hep! Stop it Ji, I’m fine. Let’s just forget about it and be like how we used to be ok? Like nothing happened. ”

Dara let go of his lips and Jiyong nodded. “Right. Ice cream then.”



Bobby’s POV


“Jinhwan Oppa here’s some meat.” Soohyun offered and held out the barbecue on a stick.

“Ah gomawo.” Jinhwan took it and continued talking to Junhoe without even looking at Soohyun.

Soohyun pouted out of disappointment.

“Soohyunnie can I have some barbecue too?” Bobby who noticed how Jinhwan continues to ignore Soohyun, called her.

With the diappointed look stuck on her face Soohyun got Bobby a barbecue from the grill and handed to him.

“Sit.” Bobby ordered and the girl followed.

The boy then munched on the meat on the stick as he watched Jinhwan Hyung fooling around with the others.

“Hey… come on, aren’t you loving this? We’re at a beach, doing bonfire and barbecue and the most important of all no one cares who we are. You should be enjoying this moment.” Bobby nudged her.

Soohyun sighed as she watched how Jinhwan is really ignoring her and having fun.

“I feel so stupid oppa.” She said while staring at her feet on the sand.

Bobby started strumming his guitar again and looked at Soohyun with a questioning look.

“Why am I even doing this? I feel stupid to think that Oppa will like me.” Soohyun disappointingly told him.

Aigoo look at this kid being all sad. I wonder why Hyung doesn’t like her. Bobby thought to himself.

“Do you really want to know if you have a chance with Jinhwan Hyung?” Bobby asked strumming his guitar loudly as to no one else would hear them talking.

Soohyun moved closer to hear him clearly.

“Just leave it to oppa ok? I will help you but whatever I do you will just have to trust me ok?” Bobby winked at her that startled Soohyun.

She was about to ask him again but then Minzy arrived with WINNER and called her.

“Soohyunnie!!! You should’ve gone with us the water was so refreshing and because it was a full moon it was well lighted!” Minzy excitedly shared to her to which Soohyun tried to hide her frustrations.

“Where are the sunbaes?” Mino asked Junhoe who just shrugged his shoulders.

The other ikon boys were still preoccupied with the game in their tablet that’s why Soohyun was also being ignored by the others even her brother!

After a few minutes of talking with Minzy and Hayi, Soohyun turned to Bobby again to ask him.

“Oppa what was that you said awhile ago about finding out about him?” she discretely asked since Minzy and Hayi can sense right away conversations like these.

“Just trust me ok?” Bobby reassured her and just continued playing on his guitar.

“Oooh I like that song!!!!” Taehyun said upon hearing the tune he was making and sang along.

Chanhyuk joined them sitting on the sand and played his guitar together with Bobby as the others sang along.


“What is going on here?!?” Se7en raised his voice a little as he entered the girl’s room.

Epik high and his room were beside the girl’s room and just when him and the boys were about to get something inside he heard shouting coming from the other room.

Yongbae and Chaerin just looked away. Chaerin sat on the side of the bed while Yongbae placed his hands on his hips.

Epik High was behind Se7en and just waited for an answer.

“I said what is going on here?” Se7en was starting to get pissed. This two has been getting on his nerves eversince he joined the program.

“It was just a misunderstanding.” Chaerin answered to which Yongbae smirked at.

“Are you sure?” Se7en of course didn’t believe them. “Then why does it sound like two people ready to kill each other?”

The two were quiet.

“It’s him who started shouting at me.” CL defended herself.

Yongbae shook his head and looked mad. “Oh I started shouting? When did I started shouting? Are you sure about that?”

“Yes I’m sure about that, cause I wouldn’t have started to raise mine if you didn’t.” CL argued.

“Really? I shouted? Really Chaerin?!?!” Yongbae’s anger was starting to fume up again.

“ENOUGH!” Se7en angrily raised his voice.

The two of them became quiet. Since they were kids they were always scared of YG first and then Se7en and then the managers.

“I don’t care who the started this argument, we’re all adults now and I expect you to behave like one. Your hoobaes are with us and I don’t want them to think that this kind of behavior is alright. For goodness sakes I never acted this way with Byul infront of you!” Se7en calmly told them which made it even scarier.

“Now the kids are having a bonfire by the shore. We are all going there and you will be at your best behavior.”Se7en told them as he turned to walk out of the room.

CL sat at the side of the bed and crossed her arms. “It’s ok oppa I think I’ll sleep early tonight.”

Se7en turned around looking more pissed. “Didn’t you hear what I said? We’re going there. NOW.”

“Their filming right now I don’t think it would be a good idea if one of us will not be shown.” Tablo suddenly joined the conversation.

Taeyang turned around and headed for the door while Chaerin let out a heavy sighed and started to walk towards the door but stopped by Se7en.

“Chaerin, you’ve never been a brat. I know you’re better than this. There are cameras there. It’s bad enough that the people witness your little misunderstanding by the pool. Don’t add any more fuel.”





author's note:


and so I took the courage to finish up this chap but as you can see the sweetness is forced. ugh! anyways... I won't update again until we all vote for Big Bang in Mcount. Can we make them into like.. 95% please?!?!?

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