Manila Day 1 and 2

My YG LIFE ^_^

Author’s POV






 Their plane from Korea has landed and the airport is in chaos.

Airport security was tight since everyone wants a photo with the YG Family.

Se7en and Dara were at the front of the line to guide the rest of the family while Jiyong and Top were at the last part of the line to make sure everyone is alright.

After passing through immigration and after getting all of their luggage they headed towards the exit where thousands of fans waited for them.






Translation: B.I. Son of a you’re so handsome!!!!


One by one they rode the bus that’s waiting for them that will take them to their hotel. Their flight to Boracay was scheduled the day after.

“Oh my gosh this is amazing!!!!” Bobby excitedly sat down beside Chanwoo.

“This is far more chaotic than when we went here with the Noonas.” Jinwoo said.

“Really?” Yunhyeong asked.

“Wow Noona your popularity here is over the top.” Chanyuk of AKMU said.

“Daragon? It’s still alive?” Se7en couldn’t believe the posters that he’s seeing.

Jiyong have been noticing them too but he just didn’t say anything.

“It’s always like that here in the Philippines. Noona’s fans are the most avid supporters of Daragon. Dongwook and Taehyun this is your world cause like everyone is begging for Daragon to come true.” Minzy told them.

“Sinchayo?”Daesung couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

“Well last year at AON they were SOME who has posters of DARAHAE but not as much as Daragon.” Minzy added.

Donghae? Tsk. He can’t beat me. Jiyong thought. Wait what!?!?!

“I’m so happy!! We’re back here! Bommie!!!” Dara was full of energy and excitement.

“Unnie...are we still staying at the same hotel we did in AON?” Chaerin asked.

“I think so.” Dara answered.



That night...


“So what are your plans?” Chaerin asked WINNER, IKON, AKMU and Hayi.

“Well, we can’t go down to the casino so we’ll just hang around here go night swimming or something.” Hayi answered for the group.

“Well I’m not a minor so I can go down at the casino” Jinwoo said.

“Me too.” Mino wriggled his eyebrows.

“But since we’re rookies we can’t and we WON’T. Right?” Hayi being the sunbae of all raised an eyebrow at them.

“Well, I don’t think we’re going to the casino either but we might go for a night swim.” Chaerin smiled as she heads out the door. “Behave you guys.”

“Hayi come on! We’re on vacation! And whatever happened to Jiyong Hyung’s rule that no one can stop us to what we’re going to do?” Mino grunted.

“Look I know Jiyong Oppa said that but that’s for them. They have established their status in the music industry long enough for fans to know they won’t mess up their lives. Unlike us that needs to work four times more just to achieve what they have.” Hayi explained. As much as she would like to have fun and go out and drink because they were allowed by the Sajangnim, they can’t because they might get a scandal.

“Hayi’s right. We can’t just do what we want we have a reputation to take care.” Seungyoon agreed.

“I wonder if the food is good here.” Chanhyuk said as he scanned through the menu of the room service.

“Ok, this we can do. Let’s go down to the restaurants and pick where we can have dinner.” Hayi suggested.




The adult group of the YG Family are waiting for Jiyong and Yongbae at the main lobby of the hotel with Dara’s friends Jorross and his wife Cath.

After a few minutes of waiting they see Jiyong walking out of the elevator with Yongbae in tow.

“Finally!” Se7en rolled his eyes. It probably took forever for Jiyong to persuade Yongbae to join them.

Aish these lovebirds better not ruin my vacation otherwise i’ll flip! Se7en thought.

“Where are the kids?” Jiyong asked Dara.

“I think they’re just grabbing a bite to eat and then go for a swim or just hang out at one of their rooms.” Dara explained.

“Wow, you look like a married couple!” Jorross suddenly commented.

Dara nudged her friend but Jiyong just smiled weakly. “By the way Jiyong this is Joross and this is his wife Cath. Joross this is Jiyong and Yongbae.”

After exchanging handshakes Joross lead them outside where a long van was waiting for them.

“So where are you taking us?” Minzy asked.

“Well, the plan is to have dinner first in BGC then we can go clubbing for awhile.” Cath explained.

“That is  a very nice idea!!!!” Daesung gave Cath a high five and boarded the bus.

“This is a warning.” Bommie looked at Jiyong and Dara and then CL and Yongbae. “Don’t you guys dare ruin this night or I swear our fans will see me headlocking you out on the street!!!”

“Fierce.” Joross says but the Cath nudged him to shut up.



“So Joross is Boracay really beautiful like what they say on the news?” Seungri asked.

The group is now at Kpub in BGC, having barbecue for dinner.

“Yes it really is beautiful. Actually a lot of Koreans go there for scuba diving. That’s why I’ve been urging Dara to go there so she can at least promote it with her friends in Korea.” Joross told them.

“Wow this food is delicious.” Se7en suddenly uttered while eating.

“Dara Noona is still big here. How could that happen when she’s not even active here?” Daesung wondered.

“Well, Dara was loved by the Filipinos even from before. Her craziness was embraced and loved by them. You know how she got in the contest? She was waving at the judges and then crying because she’s scared she won’t get in, but she still looked good on the tv screen.” Joross explained.

“And. She’s very humble. She’s never late, she doesn’t get mad, she doesn’t complain and here in the Philippines that’s a plus.”he added.

“Stop it. You’re way too much with compliments, I guess I was just lucky because it was the era of the Meteor Garden when I got in the contest.” Dara told Joross.

“Dude, you winning the contest that’s lucky but you staying in the business and being this popular even if you’re not active, that’s character.”Joross said to which his wife agreed.

“Stop being so humble Dara, everyone knows 2NE1 is popular here because of you.” Bom joined in the conversation.

“Hey CL are you ok? Why are you so quiet?” Cath noticed that CL is not herself.

“I guess I’m just tired.” CL lied. She’s just awkward. Yongbae is with them and they’re not exactly in speaking terms.

Just then the large screen monitor played “No Other” by Super Junior.

“Uy friend, hindi ba si boylet mo yan?” Joross asked in Filipino.

Translation “Hey friend, isn’t that your boy?”

“Manahimik ka nga!” Dara glared at him.

Translation “Be Quiet!”

Jiyong didn’t like the idea of getting Donghae in the picture again.

“So what are your plans tonight? Where are we going?” Dara asks Joross.


“Well after dinner we’re going clubbing. It’s one of the hottest spots right now here in BGC it’s V*lkyrie we’ll just hang around for a while but we have to go home early tonight cause we have an early flight.” Joross explains to which the Koreans agreed as they munch on the meat.

“Are there girls where we’re going?” Seungri asked. He knows this trip is more for his noonas and hyungs but he’s just getting sick of the drama they all have to put up with.

“Oh yes there are!!!” Joross excitedly answered.

“Well then you’re my new bestfriend!” Seungri smirked at him.

“Quiet. My wife is listening.” Joross said making everyone at the table laugh.




“Oh my goodness this place is rockin’!!!” Bom happily said as she clung into Top’s neck and danced to the beat with him.

They were now at the club the couple took them to and everyone was having a great time except for Chaerin.

“You have got to be kidding me Unnie!” Minzy rolled her eyes as she sees their leader sulking while her boyfriend is having the time of his life with Daesung and Seungri with some other girls.

“Hey Minzy let’s go dancing!!!” Se7en invited her and since the music and crowd is too nice to let it pass she gave her hand to her sunbae and followed her to the dance floor.

“Let’s go?”Jiyong asked Dara who in return looked at Chaerin as if asking for her permission.

“Go!” Chaerin gave her permission.

CL watched as Dara and Jiyong walked down towards the dance floor and joined the others. She looked at her boyfriend who was having the time of his life.

Tch! I’m going to break his neck!

From below Dara was dancing with Jiyong but her eyes are fixed on their leader.

“I’m worried about them.” Dara finally broke her silence.

Jiyong gently held her chin and made her face him. “Don’t. Let them work it out by themselves and let’s just have a good time.”

Dara stared at Jiyong as he smiled at her. She felt her heartbeat paced as she stared at his handsome face.

. She thought.

Jiyong notices Seungri shaking his head at him. Don’t judge me maknae.






The next day...

“This is DAEBAK!!!! I’M SO EXCITED!!!!” Bobby and Mino bounced up and down on their beds.

“Oooohhh... easy there tiger...” Top felt nauseous from watching the two jumping around.


The whole YG fambam are now in Boracay with Dara’s couple friend in tow to be their tour guide. The flight was full of moans and groans since most of the family are nurturing a hangover and to the surprise of everyone hangover soup is not a thing in this country.

Too make things worse you have to cross the sea by a boat to get to the island proper and again... the endless groans of the people who partied liketomorrow does not exist.


Top was about to lie down when they heard a knock on the door, Mino ran to open it and Mithra brightly smiled at them.

“HYUNG!!!!!” Mino gave him a hug and Bobby ran up to him too.

“YOU’RE HERE!!!!” the two excitedly greeted while Top could only manage to raise his hand.

“Hangover?” Mithra asked the two boys and they nodded. “Well same as the others. But yeah I’ll be in the room with my band members since we’re still not sure how long I’ll be here. But just to avoid any inconvenience I’ll just stay with them.”

Another knock was heard and Mino opened the door showing a brightly smiling Dara with a sleepy G-Dragon in tow.

“Hey guys!!!! Let’s go!!! Let’s explore the island!!!!”

“OKAY!!!!!” Mithra, Bobby and Mino excitedly said but Top hid under the covers.

“I’m sleeping.” Top said.

“What?!?! But the sun is up and the sea is great!!!” Excitement can be heard from her voice.

“Well I’m still hungover. So you guys go ahead and besides you can bully our leader all you want!!!” Top bargained to which Dara just nodded and pulled Jiyong away.




Jiyong’s POV


“waaah!!!! Stop it!!!!” Bom Noona screamed as Seunghoon and Seungri splash water at her. “I’m going to get you kids!!!”

I heard Dee chuckled beside me. She has been all giggly and laughing ever since we entered the country. I guess she really feels like this is her second home. Once she stepped her foot here she was carefree and all.

She told us how protectiver fans are here like they will mob you and all but they really don’t care about dating here they just want a photo op, an autograph and a hug and then they’re off.

“AAAAHHH!!!! BEACH!!!!!!” Yunhyeong screamed before diving in the water.

“Have you guys been deprived of going to the beach?” Dee’s guy friend, Jorross who has been very patient with all the chaos mind you, asked her.

“Well we don’t have time you know. We’re always doing concerts, recordings and stuff. Besides it’s always cold in Korea.” Dee answered.

“Some friends will be here to join us later tonight.” Dee turned to look at me and I just nodded. We were all just sitting by the sand letting the waves splash on our body.

“Then tomorrow we can do some activities when you guys are no longer hungover. We can do the flying fish, banana boat, parasailing, cliffdiving.” Jorross suggested.

In a flash Seungyoon, Bi and Chanwoo are beside him. “Cliffdiving? We’re going cliffdiving?”

“Oh yes! Yes! Tomorrow! Hoy Sandara ano ba tong mga alaga mo!” I chuckled as I watch Jorross figure out the kids.

Translation: “Sandara, what’s this?!?!” (Filipino usually say this when we can’t figure out a situation or a person.)


“AAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Dara screamed stretching her arms and feeling the breeze of the air.

Everyone stopped and stared at her.

“Sorry!” she blurted holding up a peace sign.

“You really love being here huh?” I asked to which she nodded smiling brightly.

That smile. I missed that smile. Was it that long since Dee smiled? Or was I just away for a long time that I didn’t notice?




Minzy’s POV


After lunch we all headed to our rooms to escape the scorching heat of the sun. Otherwise, Korea will greet a burnt YG Family. Haha. And so the filming was stopped to give the crew some rest too well those inside the room were being filmed.

I on the otherhand put on my track suit and wore a cap and shades and headed to the shore to walk. The sea breeze was too much not to enjoy right now.

The sajangnim was right, going here was needed. Everything was so tensed up back at home that everyone would literally ran to the rescue in case one of the oppas and unnies got into a fight.

I suddenly thought of Seungyoon, and how I miss being close to him. I miss doing fun things with him. UGH! Why did things have to be complicated when you like a person?!!?!

I was deep in my thoughts that it took me a minute or two to notice someone sitting closely to me.

“Hey.” He finally broke his silence.

“Hey.” Was I thinking too much of him that he’s here?

“nice beach huh?” was all he could say.

“Yeah.” I answered shortly.

And then there was silence... Yes... I actually don’t know what to say and things have been awkward between us ever since I tried to avoid him.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the person but the unnies and I have gone through a lot to reach where we are right now. I’m not sure if a dating scandal will be ok. Besides, CL Unnie is going to debut to the States soon, the last we need is a dating scandal.

The silence was broken when Hayi came running pass us and then Hanbin running after her and grabbing her on the waist.

“Omo!” I blurted out and the two of us watched as Hanbin throws her to the water again. The two of them laughed so hard not caring about if anyone is seeing them, taking photos of them, filming them.

“Look at them.” I said out of envy.

How does Hayi do that? Is it because she doesn’t have any team member to think of? But what about Hanbin?

I sighed.

“Hey don’t be sad. You know how I hate it when you look stressed. How’s about I make you a deal?” Seungyoon said lifting my chin up and making me look at him.

And my heart failed me. It’s going badump badump again at the sight of this man.

“Wha- what kind of deal?” yeah go minzy. Really suave.

“How’s about we don’t care about anything here. In this island. And whatever happens here, stays here. When we go back to Korea I won’t even insist on dating anymore. Just let’s enjoy this vacation since we’re allowed to pretty much do anything we want?” he suggested.

Are you crazy?!!?! I wanted to ask him. There are cameras and such. I watched and looked at Hayi and how happy she was. They were now joined by Donghyuk and Chanwoo and they were laughing endlessly making fun of each other.

What the heck! What have I got to lose anyways? Everyone is being close to someone out of their group anyways! Seungyoon is right this is the perfect time! As long as I’ll be careful when there are cameras and then it’s fine!

“Deal!” I said and it looked like he didn’t expect that answer because his eyes grew wider.

“Seriously?” he asked again.

I nodded and smiled at him.

And the boy went overexcited as he stood up and carried me  and threw me to the sea!


“MY CLOTHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I screamed but its too late I was soaked.

He ran towards me and hugged me again. “Thanks.”

“NOOONNNNNNNNNNNNNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!” Donghyuk and Chanwoo ran towards me and acted as if they were ready to throw me to the waves.

I ran as I screamed loudly. “WAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH SEEEUNGYOONNIEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”





CL’s Pov


Dara Unnie, Bom Unnie, me and Soohyun were lazily watching a movie playing on the cable TV when someone rang the doorbell of our hotel room.

Dara Unnie stood up and opened the door.

“Noona is Soohyunnie there?” I heard Bobby’s voice asked.

Dara Unnie opened the door widely revealing finding in his boardshorts and sleeveless undershirt.

Soohyun sat on the bed and loked at Bobby. “Oppa weh?”

“The guys and Soohyunnie will be playing beach volleyball, you want to come watch?” Bobby asked while Bom Unnie signalled him to go inside the room.

“Oh ok. I’m just going to change into my swim wear. Is my brother there?” Soohyun asked to which Bobby nodded.

Then the door flew open and Minzy came in soaking wet.

“What happened to you?” I asked.

“WINNER and IKON threw me into the ocean.” She pouted.

“Hey Noona that was Seungyoon who threw you first!!!!” Bobby defended.

“Seungyoon?” the unnies and I said at the same time.

“Ok I’m ready! Let’s go!” Soohyun hopped and pulled Bobby out of the room. Since when have those two became close?

As soon as the door closed Dara Unnie, Bom Unnie and I exchanged looks and waited for Minzy to change her outfit.

 “So…” Bom Unnie started off when Minzy got out of the bathroom wearing her bikini and was now looking for a swim shorts to match with it.

“Seungyoon huh?” she continued.

Minzy was busy looking for her shorts that she didn’t say anything. Bom Unnie got impatient that she threw her pillow to her.

“What?!?!!?” Minzy cluelessly asked.

“Seungyoon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Dara Unnie said curiously waiting for an answer.

Minzy saw how the three of us girls are waiting for an answer that she sighed. “Ok. But please don’t judge me!”

The three of us just nodded.

“Ok so we decided, since we’re here in a different country and since we’re on vacation AND. Since we’re technically allowed to date, the two of us decided that we could spend time together here. “Minzy admitted.

“That’s wonderful!” Bom gushed. While Dara Unnie and I worriedly exchanged glances.

“What?!” Minzy looked at me.

“Nothing. It’s just. I’m worried.” I said.

“Me too.” Dara Unnie added.

“Guys! Come on give the kid a break. Like technically she didn’t hav a normal childhood. And technically YG did allowed us to date while here.” Bom Unnie defended.

“Look Unnies, it’s really not dating anyways cause we will always be with you guys. But since we both know we can’t be in any relationship we just wanted to enjoy a vacation together and it will end as soon as we stepped on Korean soil.” Minzy explained.

There was a moment of silence and the four of us just exchanged glances.

“She does have a point Chaerin.” Dara Unnie sided with her. Of course! She’s having the clingy Jiyong here too!

The three of them stared and waited for my response. It’s true that amongst all of us Minzy really did start early and she really didn’t have the normal childhood a girl should have. She’s always the tomboy type since growing up we’re surrounded by boys at YG.

“Ok then.” Cheers erupted as I agreed. “BUT! But! You have to be careful and make sure you guard this.”

I pointed to where the heart is located.

“I promise!” Minzy raised her right hand acting like taking an oath.

I think I’m going to have a headache! This is bound for disaster!!!!




Bobby’s POV


“You think Jinhwan Oppa is there?” Soohyunnie asked me as we walked to where the guys are.

“Yeah he was there when I left to get you.” I answered.

Aish this girl, Jinhwan, Jinhwan, Jinhwan. I feel sorry. I know for a fact that Jinhwan Hyung just sees her as a little kid. I told hyung to tell her so many times already but he said that Soohyun does not really like him and that it’s just a joke.

What will I do with these two really?

“This place is wonderful isn’t it Oppa?” Soohyun said taking a deep breath and looked at the sea.

“The weather is nice and just right.” I agreed.

We arrived at the spot where the boys are playing, I sat between Hayi and Soohyun.

“You’re not playing oppa?” Soohyun asked.

“I’m a sub.” I answered.

We watched as the guys continued to play the game. Taehyun, Seungyoon, Mino, Jinhwan, Yunhyeong and Chanhyuk in one team. Jinwoo, Hanbin, Chanwoo, Seunghoon, Junhoe and Donghyuk in another,  

Taehyunnie served the ball answered by Chanwoo tossed by Seunghoon and spiked by Junhoe, Mino dove in the sand trying to catch it but he was too late.

“Woohoo!!!!! Let’s go Team B.I!!!!!” Hayi screamed to the point of breaking my eardrums.

The cameras must be loving this. There are a lot of Koreans in this country and so far some have been very respectful of our privacy.

“Hmmm you and Hanbin Oppa are really getting close huh?” Soohyun teased.

“Just how you and Bobby are.” Hayi retorted.

“Hey what have I got to do with this?!!?!” I exclaimed.

“You two are unexplainably being close to each other.” Hayi said.

“Uhmmm and so?”

“Exactly my point what’s the big deal about me and Hanbin being close?!” Hayi defended.

“The fact that you are going beyond normal just to defend your closeness is already a big deal!” I chuckled as Hayi just shook her head.

Hanbin Hyung served the next ball to which Jinhwan Hyung received passing to Taehyunnie.

“WOOOOHOOOOO!!!!! GO JINHWAN OPPA!!!!” Soohyun screamed

My poor eardrums!!!!

“What’s up familia!!!!”

We turned to see Se7en Hyung with the Epik High Hyungs.

“HYUNG!” the guys stopped their game and greeted the hyungs.

The four of them sat beside us and watched the guys.

“Let’s go! Let’s go!” Jinwoo Hyung clapped his hand as Yunhyueong get ready to serve.

The exchange of ball was intense but in the end Hanbin and Chanwoo blocked the ball together causing Chanhyuk Hyung to dive at the sand but he couldn’t save it.

“SCOREEEE!!!!” Hayi screamed and clapped as Hanbin’s group jumped for joy.

“Oooh... we have a cheerdancer here ei?” Tukutz Hyung raised an eyebrow.

“Yeah prepare your eardrums hyung.” I teased making Hayi and Soohyun roll their eyes at me.

Another intense exchange of ball happened but this time it was Hanbin who ate sand trying to catch it.

“WAAAH!!!!!!!!” Hayi screamed and Tablo Hyung nearly spit the water he was drinking.

“Easy there tiger.”Se7en Hyung .

“Why is everyone picking on me?” Hayi pouted to which Mithra Hyung chuckled and patted her head.

I suddenly felt thirsty so I stood up to find a store to buy water, I entered to one and found Bom Noona and Top Hyung buying something.

“Hyung!” I greeted Top Hyung and Bom Noona turned around.

“Where are the others?” she asked.

“They’re playing volleyball outside.” I said.

“Who’s winning?” I turned to see Jiyong Hyung with Yongbae Hyung behind him.

“Hanbin’s.” I smiled. I picked 2 bottles of juices and then 1 bottle of water.

I paid for the drinks and Noona and the Hyungs followed me to where the others were playing. I sat down between Hayi and Soohyun again and then showed the bottles of juice and water to her and made her pick whichever she wanted.

She took the bottle of water so I gave the juice to Hayi.

“Hmm... favoritism.” Hayi uttered to which I just shook my head. I was about to say something but I noticed Bom Noona eyeing us so I decided to change the topic instead.

“So what’s the score?” I asked them.

“We’re now in Set 2 in favor of Hanbin’s team.” Mithra Hyung answered.

Dara Noona and her friends also joined us in watching to now what looked like a big competition as we noticed that the audience are growing in numbers.

“Let’s go Kim HANBIN!!!!” Hayi shouted and cheered.

“COME ON SEUNGYOON!!! LET’S GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Minzy Noona joined in the cheering! Unbelievable!!!

“JINHWAN OPPA FIGHTING!!!!!!” Soohyun screamed too. Tch. This girls.

“YAH! I’m your brother and you’re not even cheering for me!!!!” Chanhyuk pointed at his sister to which the rest of us audience laughed at.

I looked at Soohyun and she was too focused on Jinhwan. Aish this kid.

Should I tell her? I shouldn’t. It’s not my business. But poor girl.

She might get mad if I didn’t tell her but if I did then Jinhwan Hyung will be the one to get mad at me.

KATOINKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The ball bounced off my head when it hit me.

“Oh Oppa!!! Kinchanayo?” Soohyun worriedly looked at me.

“Bobby!!! Miane!!!” Jinwoo Oppa apologized.

I just smiled at them and gave them a thumbs up.

“Oppa are you alright?” Soohyun asked again.

“Ei, it’s just a volleyball! No harm done.” I said ruffling her hair.

“Oooh... careful you two, Jiyongie and Dara were like that once.” Se7en Hyung suddenly said and winked at me.

We turned back our attention to the game. Donghyuk served, received by Seungyoon, spiked by Mino Hyung to the other side of the court, received by Jinwoo, tossed by Seunghoon and spiked by Hanbin to the other side.

“Oh my goodness this is intense I can’t watch!” Dara Noona said covering her eyes and turned to Jiyong Hyung’s shoulder. Hyung had this big grin on his face.

“I can’t watch too!!!” Top Hyung said and covered his eyes leaning on Bom Noona’s shoulder to which Bom Noona just rolled her eyes.

Chanhyuk dove and was able to save the ball, Yunhyeong received it and tossed it Chanhyuk spiked it to the other side but it was received by Donghyuk, tossed by Seunghoon and spiked hard by Hanbin to the other side and sent it directly to the sand.

“YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!” Hayi screamed for joy as she clapped out of happiness.

Hanbin on the other hand pointed at her and winked.

“OH.MY.GOODNESS. they are exactly like DARAGON!!!!” Se7en Hyung said rolling his eyes.              


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