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My YG LIFE ^_^

The phones of the YG artists started to receive messages, after reading it one by one they approach their teammates to ask what was going on...




CLROO: Why are we being called in?

KRUNGY: Bommie?!?!?!


BOMMIE: I’m reflecting remember?


MINGKKI: Not me.


CLROO: Probably a promotional thing. My flight is in 3 days and I still haven’t packed!!!


MINGKKI: I’m in school. Who’s picking me up?


KRUNGY: I will. Bom are you good?


BOMMIE: Yeah, My manager is picking me up.










SEUNGRISEO: Sorry to burst your bubbles hyung it’s not me.


DAESUNGIE: Jiyong hyung are you sure it’s not you?


JIYONGIE: Of course it’s not me you idiot.


YONGBAE: I wonder what’s going on.


TABI: I’m supposed to hang out with my friends today... little Seunghyun I swear if this is you.


SEUNGRISEO: I told you  guys it’s not me!!!!






 TABLO: You guys are there any scandals out there that we should know about?




DJTUKUTZ: Not that I know of.


HARUSDAD: Are you guys sure?








TAEHYUN: It’s official. He’s going to fire me isn’t he?


SEUNGHOON: Yeah and throw you to the volcanoes as a sacrifice!!!


TAEHYUN: wwwwaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


MINO: tsk! I wonder what’s going on?


JINWOO: We’re deads that’s what’s going on.




SEUNGYOON: I can’t even think straight right now.



AKMU and Hayi:


HAYI: You guys got a text?


CHANHYUK: The Sajangnim wants to see us.


HAYI: Me too.


SOOHYUN: I didn’t do anything.


HAYI: YAH! So did I!


CHANHYUK: It’s not probably about a scandal.





CHANWOO: Hyung can I pretend to be sick and just skip this one out?


DONGHYUK: me too!


HANBIN: Did you do anything wrong?




HANBIN: Then why would you hide?


JUNHOE: Dude you’re the only one who’s not afraid of the Sajangnim.


YUNHEYONG: Since he’s really fond of you why not you attend the meeting and just relay the facts to us?


HANBIN: Because the text said all members!


BOBBY: Let’s just go and see what’s up.


JINHWAN: I don’t feel good about it though.














“Good everyone’s here!” YG said as soon as he saw all his artists huddled together in his office.


“Hyung are you angry?” Seungri blurted out loud.


“No.” He answered but then looked at Seungri seriously. “why should I?”


Seungri shook his head nervously.


“Anyways, I called you here today since all of you are going to be involved in my next project.” YG revealed to them.


“Is it another YG concert?” Tablo asked.


“No.” YG answered still trying to be mysterious while his artist are dying from curiosity.


“Ei, spill it out HYUNG!” Jiyong was getting impatient.  


YG hesitated for a moment but then he had to tell them anyways...


“We’re making a version of Roommate. We’re having a variety show named “My YG Life”


Each of the artists groaned and Dara was massaging her forehead.


The thought of being under the camera again daily is not really good news but what the CEO says usually stays.







author's note:


yes, we're having our own version of roommate!!! 12 episodes just for you ^_^ sunsky, topbom and daragon are you ready?!?!?!  bi + hayi, soohyun and jinhwan, minzy and seungyoon... yes!!!! I will make this every applers dream of coming true wahahhahaha ok... credits of the idea to maryetta01 for this idea ^_^

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