Moving In

My YG LIFE ^_^

Moving day…

“Are we really going through this?” Top asked looking at Jiyong.

The five of them have gathered in Big Bang’s studio while listening to songs that they’ll include in their next album.

“That’s not the right question Hyung. Do WE have to do this?” Seungri corrected his hyung still in the rebellious stage of being filmed 24/7 again.

“Just stop thinking about it and just do it. It’s not like we can defy the Sajangnim anyways.” Jiyong told them.

Yongbae let out a loud sigh as he agreed with Jiyong.

“Don’t worry too much. She’s not going to be there anyways.” Jiyong told his friend.

“Did you see how hyped up the fans are with the news?” Daesung said.

“Everyone is rooting for you and Dara Noona already.” Seungri commented.

“This is going to be trouble.” Daesung opened up to his hyungs.

“Look, let’s just focus on what’s in front of us and just worry about the other stuff later ok?” Jiyong instructed s trying to shake their worries away even if he knows that’s far from happening.

The door opened and their crew walked in and started to set up their cameras.

“Here we go.” Top said as each of the members exchanged glances.


Meanwhile at the YG Mansion…

AKMU’s Soohyun entered the house with her eyes sparkling at the large living room that was welcomes you as you walk in the big house.

“Oh my goodness the living room is big enough to be a dance studio!!!” Hayi who was walking behind her exclaimed.

The two were followed by their managers who were bringing in the girl’s suitcases and also Chanhyuk’s

“Wow!” The two girls gushed as they went through each part of the house.

The house has 9 rooms. Seven bedrooms, 1 studio, 1 study/library/office, 1 gym area, a basement, a pool, a barbecue place at the backyard, a dining area fit for all, a kitchen, a common area, a living room.

YG knew that his artists have different personalities and he made sure that they will feel comfortable at their new house.

“Oh wow!” Chanhyuk said as he roamed around the house.

The three of them went downstairs to look at the basement and the studio.

“Wow he even gave us the most modern equipments.” Chanhyuk said as he touched carefully the new music equipments inside the studio.

After a few minutes the three of them went up again and checked out the huge kitchen and dining area that will be able to accommodate all of them.

“Wow, it’s going to be fun cooking with Bom Unnie here!” Hayi said.

“We have two fridge!!!!” Soohyun’s eyes were sparkiling at the sight of the refrigerators.

Just then the front door opened and iKON members started to file in.




The 7 members all scattered and checked on the house.

“Oh! Anneong! You guys are already here?” Jinhwan greeted upon seeing AKMU and Hayi by the kitchen.

“Yeah.” Hayi smiled back.

“DAEBAK!!!! WE HAVE A POOL!!!!!” Junhoe excitedly told the others.

“Have you guys seen the rooms yet?” Hanbin asked Chanhyuk who in return shook his head.

“Not yet. We were just about to but then you guys arrived.”Soohyun answered.

Before they could go up to the second floor their managers bade goodbye.

“Come on, let’s all look for our rooms!” Donghyuk excitedly said pulling Yunghyeong towards the stairs.

iKON together with Chanhyuk rushed upstairs to see their rooms.

“Oh looks like the girl’s room are at the third floor!” Junhoe said.

“And there’s one group of boys that will be staying with the girls on the third floor.” Bobby informed everyone.

“Oh! Who?” Hnabin excitedly checked the assignments posted on the room’s door.

“OH! Jinhwan hyung! You’re on the third floor!!!” Donghyuk said trailing behind Soohyun and Hayi who were on their way to their floor.

“Man this house is big!” Junhoe exclaimed.

“This must’ve cost a fortune!” Yunghyeong agreed.

“Hey guys!!!! Come up here!!!!!!” Donghyuk shouted from the third floor.

The boys hurriedly went upstairs and saw right away the view of the city from the glass window at the common area.

“Oh wow!” Yunhyeong said in awe of what he was seeing.

“I gotta give it to the Sajangnim he really prepared for this.” Chanhyuk said as he scanned through the girls’ room, the study/library room

“Jinhwan hyung! This is your room!!!!!” Junhoe called his hyung excited to show him.

“I wonder why it’s you guys staying here with the girls and not Jiyong Hyung’s group.” Bobby wondered to which the others just shrugged their elbows.

“ANYBODY HOME!?!?!?!?!?!?!” they all heard a loud scream from below to which one by one they went downstairs.

“Oh gosh this is going to be tiring going up and down this floors.” Hayi suddenly realized.

“HYUNG!!!!!!!” Bobby ran up towards Mino who gave him a warm hug in return.

All of them exchange pleasantries and then it was WINNER’s turn to admire the house.

“WE HAVE A BASEMENT!!!!” Taehyun happily pointed to his hyungs the stairs towards the basement.

“DAEBAK!!!” Seunghoon couldn’t believe it.

“And a music studio too.” Hanbin told them.

“And the latest equipments.” Chanhyuk added.

“Hayi Noona will help you girls with your luggages.” Chanwoo offered but suddenly gulped upon seeing that the two girls have 3 big suitcases.

Bobby laughed and patted the maknae on the back. “Come on maknae, let’s get this started.”

The boys helped each other in bringing their luggages up to their floors and then helped the girls with theirs up to the last floor of the house.

Soon enough they were all gathered at the common room at the ground floor. With the Junhoe panting from going up and down from the flight of stairs.

“Hyung. I’m so tired already.” Junhoe tiredly rested his head on Jinhwan’s shoulder.

“This house is so big.” Taehyun said as his eyes busily roamed around the room.

“Cleaning it would be a problem.” Mino told them to which they all agreed.

“I’m getting nervous. At first I was excited that we will be living with the sunbaes but now I’m not so sure.” Yunhyeong revealed to them.

“I know how you feel, even if I’ve been with the sunbaes a little longer than you guys I still feel awkward with them sometimes.” Hayi added.

“Sometimes I feel like there’s some tension between them right. Like the sunbaes are all ticking bombs wandering around and one wrong move KABOOM!!!!” Jinwoo shared with the group.

Everyone agreed with him. There’s certainly tension between Big Bang and 2NE1 although both groups are brotherly sisterly fond of each other but sometimes they make you feel that something’s off.

Just then the front door opens and EPIK HIGH walks in.

“HYUNGS!!!” the boys greeted

“Anneonghaseo.” Hayi and Soohyun greets them.

“Oh, you’re all here already?” Tablo asked.

“Ah no hyung just us kids. The Sunbaes are still not here.” Seungyoon explained.

“Wow, I think I’m regretting not joining this.” Tukutz says out loud while scanning through each corner of the first floor.

“That pool is wow!” Mithra happily pointed at the pool seen through the glass wall.

“This place is huge!!!!!!” Tablo looked at the hoobaes and all of them nodded at him.

“Go upstairs hyung! Look at the rooms!!!!” Bobby told them.

“We have a music studio at the basement too!!!” Mino proudly showed off to his sunbaes.

EPIK HIGH goes up on the second floor and checked the rooms and then off to the third floor to check it too leaving WINNER, Ikon, AKMU and Hayi on the ground floor talking with each other.

“Waaahhh!!!! This house is way huge!!! I mean Tukuts and I can sleep over and just sleep at the sofa and it wouldn’t be crowded still!!!” Tablo couldn’t believe. This time the Sajangnim really has outdone his self! He thought.

“Well, I’m sorry I can’t stay you guys and help you out on our moving day. We have rehearsals up to tomorrow.” Mithra apologized and grabbed his backpack. “I’ll see you guys tomorrow afternoon instead!”

The kids bid goodbye and went back to whatever they are doing. Seems like even if they see each other everyday stories are never ending.

It was nearing lunchtime already when the boys started whining of being hungry.

“You guys want to order for delivery or do we cook?” Jinhwan asks.

“Since it’s moving day let’s just call for delivery.” Seunghoon answered.

“Who’s paying?” Taehyun asked first before agreeing.

“I’m not.” Junhoe raised his hand.

“Me too.” Seunghoon joined in.

Chanhyuk chuckled and shook his head. “Ok fine. AKMU’s paying.”

“I’ll give a bit too.” Mino smiled.

“Me too.” Bobby volunteered.

“Great. Now what are we buying?”








“Hyung!!!!” Seungri whined at Top. “I really don’t want to do this!!!!!!”

Top moved his shoulders trying to get rid of Seungri’s hand. “Do I look like I care?!?!?!”

“HYUNG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Seungri cried out lout annoying his hyungs even more.

“Seunghyunnie do we look like we have choice?” Yongbae said ruffling the maknae’s hair.

Big Bang are in their van on the way to the YG mansion with another van behind them filled with their stuff.

“Are the noonas there yet?” Daesung asked Yongbae to which the man just shrugged his shoulders.

“Hyung, you and Chaerin are still not talking to each other?!” Seungri suddenly stopped his whining in exchange for a good scoop of gossip.

Yongbae didn’t respond and just shifted his gaze outside the van’s window.

“Man, I’m glad Chaerin’s off to the States, I don’t want to be involved in all that awkwardness.” Jiyong said fixing his hair.

“And what about you and Dara Noona?” Top suddenly brought up the topic catching their leader off guard.

Jiyong turned and looked at Top while raising an eyebrow. “What about noona?”

“What are you going to do when you’re left all alone in the mansion with her?” Top smirked at him.

“That’s not likely to happen since she’s always with C- “ Jiyong paused realizing that CL was going to the States. “Well, she’s probably going to stick with the other girls.”

Top shook his head and laughed softly. Typical Jiyong in denial.

“Hyung did Kiko get mad?” Seungri looked at their leader.

“She didn’t have any choice. The way I don’t have a choice that’s why I’m doing this.” Jiyong answered.


“MINO! MINO! MINO!” half of the boys cheered.

“SEUNGHOON! SEUNGHOON! SEUNGHOON!” the other half shouted.

“Come on! Come on! Come on!” Bobby cheered.

Hayi and Soohyun were up on the third floor fixing their things while the boys are trying to amuse themselves by playing wrestling.

Well the truth is Hayi shared the cookies that her mom baked for them and when there was only one left Mino and Seunghoon started to wrestle over it. It has been 5 minutes and neither has one yet.

“COME ON MINO HYUNG YOU CAN DO IT!!!” Donghyuk cheered.

“STOP TICKLING ME!!!” Mino screamed trying to hold his laughter but couldn’t. He burst into laughter giving Seunghoon a chance to take over.

“THAT’S IT! THAT’S IT!” Junhoe shouted as he clapped his hand excitedly.

“WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE?” A voice behind them rose among the crazy cheering inside the room.

Everyone turned to the front door frozen in whatever position they are at. Seunghoon and Mino were tangled in each others limbs and were frozen that way when they saw their Big Bang sunbaes standing in front of them staring back at them.

“What is this all about?” Big Bang’s leader asked.

The boys quickly filed in one line facing their sunbaes with Mino and Seunghoon struggling to stand up and joining the others.

“Chanwoo, what is this all about?” Jiyong repeated.

Chanwoo’s face became pale and looked at his hyungs. Hanbin nodded at him telling him to say what the real cause was. The boy didn’t say anything and just pointed at the last cookie on the plate.


After a few minutes…

“TOP HYUNG! TOP HYUNG! TOP HYUNG!!!” the boys cheered as Top enveloped his thighs on Seungri’s neck.

“LEE SEUNGRI! LEE SEUNGRI!! LEE SEUNGRI!!!!” Jiyong leads the other group of boys in cheering for the maknae.

“I.CAN’T.BREATHE.” Seungri panted as he tries to get out of Tops thighs. Once he got the chance he tried to escape but then Top was able to grab him again and tried to lock his neck with his arms.

Seungri held Top’s arms trying to loosen it a bit when he noticed the 4 girls and Jjangmae looking at them in shock.

“Noo…. Noona!” Seungri was able to say out loud and Top looked at where he was pointing and saw Bom with her hands on her hips and feet tapping on the floor.

Jjangmae was about to say something when Bom beat him to it.

“What do you think you’re doing?”

Top let go of Seungri and the maknae gasped for air as he tries to stand up.

Yongbae turned around and saw CL and the girls, focused on the two Seunghyun fighting.

“UNNIE!!!!!” Hayi greeted as she goes down the stairs followed by Soohyun but saw how Bom was looking at the boys furiously and wondered what happened.

“Someone better tell me what’s going on before I force it out all of you.” Bom warned them

“MINO!” Poor Mino couldn’t escape from his Noona’s gaze and was forced to point at the plate of cookie again.

“You’re fighting over a stupid cookie?!!?” Bom rolled her eyes and just turned around and helped Jjangmae in rolling in their luggages.

“It’s not just a cookie noona it’s so delicious!!!!” Bobby said as he walks towards the front door and helped the girls with their luggages.

“Oh. You guys want more cookies? I still have some upstairs I thought you guys wouldn’t like it too much.” Hayi revealed. She then went upstairs to get some more cookies.

Yongbae and CL met eye to eye but quickly looked away to avoid creating an awkward environment around them.

After moving all the girls suitcases which resulted to 4 big luggages for each girl, Jjangmae was called by YG and hurriedly said goodbye.

Bom was trying to move one of her luggages inside the house but it was too heavy to be pulled suddenly Top grabbed it for her.

“YOU!” Bom acted as if she was going to slap him to which Top avoided.

“What did I do?!?!” Top acted innocently.

“You’re the eldest and you’re the one fighting with Seunghyunnie!!!” Bommie exclaimed.

“He started it!” Top cutely answered back trying to melt Bom’s anger. “Man, your luggage is way too heavy. Did you bring the whole warehouse of clothes?!!?!”

“What are you talking about that’s just a week’s supply of clothing!!!” Bom answered and the two continued to bicker about Bom’s luggage as they walk up the stairs.

“NOONA!!!! You’re going to break your bones stop carrying that!!!” Seungyoon told Dara and grabbed the luggage that she was about to carry.

The other boys helped Minzy and Dara out with their luggages.

“Move.” Yongbae told CL as he held the handle of her luggage and started to lift it.

He grabbed the handle of the other handle to which CL tried to stop him. “It’s ok the other boys can help you with that.”

But Yongbae didn’t listen and just grabbed two of the luggages and walked past her.

“Daesungie grabbed the other two.” Yongbae told Daesung as he walked up the stairs to which Daesung complied and grabbed CL’s remaining luggages.

“What was that all about?” Soohyun whispered to Chanhyuk.

Chanhyuk looked at her sister. “Do I look like the type of person who’ll know what’s going on around me?!?!”


“This house is amazing!!!” Minzy said as she flopped on the bed.

“It’s big!!!!” Bom agreed.

“Have you guys unpacked yet?” CL asked as she goes inside Dara’s room too.

“Not yet. Are we cooking tonight?” Dara asked.

There was a soft knock on the door and Soohyun and Hayi went inside the rooms.

“Unnies are you busy?” Hayi asked.

“No come in. Are you guys hungry?” Chaerin asked.

“Uhm we ordered out and just waiting for the delivery.” Soohyun informed them.

“Unnies! This is so exciting!!!! We’re living in one big house!!!” Hayi excitedly clapped her hands.

“Hmmm is it because of your Unnies or because Hanbin is here?!” Dara teased the girl who blushed right away.

“OMO! OMO! You can’t be like that! You can’t just blush right away!! You’re too obvious when it’s like that!!!” Bom said giving her hoobae some tips.

“Too bad CL Unnie will have to leave tomorrow.” Soohyun pouted reminding all of them that CL was scheduled to take off the next day.

Another knock on the door was heard and Chanwoo entered Dara’s room.

“Noonas, the food is here. Let’s eat.” The maknae of YG Family said.

“Aigoo… poor Chanwoo are your hyungs bullying you with errands?” Minzy asked ruffling his hair as she walks beside him out of the room.


The dining table looked like a hurricane passed by and in an instant the food easily disappered.

With so many boys in the house it looks like grocery shopping would be happening twice a week for them.

As usual the maknaes are assigned to clean up which included Minzy and Seungri.

Then Jiyong called up for a family meeting at the common area because they have to set up rules in the house.

“Ok, we need rules in the house. This is to avoid any conflicts between each and every one of us.” Jiyong started.”First of, minors are not allowed to go out of the house after 9pm without supervision.”

“Second, we will have schedules for chores. Being a sunbae doesn’t mean you’re excused in doing them. The main thing is the house should ALWAYS be clean.” Yongbae added.

“Especially the kitchen!” Bom raised his hand as if doing a recitation in class.

“Since we have a little grassy area at the backyard and also for the cleaning of the pool, that would be the boy’s job. I don’t want to see your Noonas and Soohyunnie and Hayi doing those.” Top ordered.

“Inside the house we are brothers and sisters. Therefore there is no leader and sunbaes here. We will treat each other with respect and we will always help out in our little way. If you see litter on your pathway you pick it up you clean it. Understand?” Jiyong said with conviction making everyone agree.

“Oh excuse I have to take this call.” Dara said standing up and walking a little far away from the meeting. “Yeah Donghae?”

Jiyong caught the name mentioned and tried not to be distracted.

“Next, we all know how our schedules get so tight so number 1 rule on the floors with bedrooms is to be quiet. We all have to be considerate to one another so please be reminded that there are people who need sleep therefore partying are not allowed on the second and third floor unless everyone is awake.” Jiyong continued while Daesung continued to write the rules on the paper.

After a few minutes, Dara went back to her sit with Jiyong doing small peeks at her.

“Next, NO bringing of GIRLS in the house. NO bringing of BOYS in the house.” This rule was unexpected that almost all of them looked at him shockingly.

“Ermm… hyung…” Seungri didn’t know what to say since filming is still going on.

“What about our friends?” Bom asked.

“What if I need to do schoolwork and have to be here? Can’t I bring my classmates here?” Minzy added.

Top raised an eyebrow at their leader noticing where the comment came from.

“How about this. No bringing of friends in the house when not accompanied by another family member?” Top suggested.

“I agree.” Dara smiled and nodded her head.

“Violence is absolutely forbidden in this house and the perimeter around it, if we have problems with each other we talk it out and we don’t talk behind each other’s back. Do you understand? We’re a family we don’t need drama in our life.” Jiyong looked at his hoobaes sternly.

“Any violations of these rules are up for a punishment that is to be decided by the group.” Bommie said strictly.

“Ok, I think that’s fine for now Hyung and we’ll just add up the rules as time passes by.” Daesung recommended to which their leader agreed.

“Does anyone have any objection with the rules?” Jiyong raised the paper.

No one objected, of course no one will who will dare object when it’s G-Dragon of Big Bang who’s setting up the rules.

“Okay everyone sign in this paper. Anywhere here as long as you’re sigature is here.” Jiyong instructed and signed the paper before handing it to Daesung. “Ok now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be in the basement trying out the new equipments, those who want to join me may do so after you sign.”




That night...


“Jiyongie?” Yongbae looked for Jiyong inside the studio. After their meeting he had a schedule to go to and while parking he noticed the lights in the studio are on so he thought it was Jiyong inside.

“Oppa’s upstairs with the other guys.” Chaerin softly told him.

AWKWARD... Chaerin thought. Of all the people that he had to cross paths with why did it have to be him.

“Oh ok.” Yongbae turned around and held the handle of the studio door. “What time is your flight?”

“In about 3 hours.” Chaerin answered looking at her watch.

“Oh ok.”




“NOONA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Seungri was like a little kid following Dara around the house.

“Seunghyunnie I told you no!” Dara answered back getting impatient with the man.

Seungri began doing his tantrums stomping his feet, pouting and acting like he has constipation.

Dara went upstairs and still the man is following her and annoying the out of her.

“NOONA PLEASE?!?!!??!”he pleaded.

Dara rolled her eyes and went over the second floors common area.

Jiyong and Daesung were watching a movie when Dara flopped herself between them trying to get rid of Seungri.

“What’s wrong?” Daesung looked at Seungri wondering what he’s up to.

“Noona won’t set me up with one of her model friends.” Seungri whined like a child.

“That’s a good thing.” Jiyong uttered without moving his gaze on the T.V.

“Eii... hyung!” Seungri scratched the back of his head not believing that his hyung is taking Dara’s side.

“noona! Come on! Just give me the number. I won’t even tell her you gave it to me!!!!”

Dara feels irritated that she stood up and stomped her way up the stairs unto the third floor.

“NOOOOONNNNAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Seungri whined again following Dara upstairs.

“This house is never going to be quiet is it?” Jiyong looked at Daesung to which smiled back and just nodded.



author's note:


kyyyyyyaaaaahhhh!!!!!! ok i'm excited with this fiction of mine. anyways... please pray for the philippines everyone as a strong typhoon is on it's way. anyways... so here's the first day of filming. ok so i'm still just writing randomly and do not even know if what i'm writing is on camera or off camera but whatever...  don't want to stress to much about that. so how do you like it so far?!?!?!?! 

i still don't have access with KTG so to those who have the pdf I hope you can share it to me ^_^ COMMENTS JUSEYO....

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