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My YG LIFE ^_^


Yongbae’s POV



Anger. That’s what I’m feeling right now.


I’m so angry that I could break Seungri’s face with just him smiling at me.


I know. It’s far from what the fans think of me but no. I’m really angry.


Angry because ever since Chaerin has arrived she has not shown any signs of missing me.


Happy. That’s what she looks like, and that’s why I’m angry.


How come she’s so happy and here I am sulking in Teddy Hyung’s studio for three days now!


I can’t stand seeing her happy. I can’t stand hearing her laughter. I can’t bear seeing her period.


My moment of solitude was abrupted when Seungri entered the studio panting.


“HYUNG!!!! JIYONG HYUNG.... WE... NOW... LET’S GO!!!!”


I didn’t think anymore and upon seeing him panting and looking worried I just stood up and ran following him.


“What happened?” I asked as we took the elevator and he pressed the rooftop button.




Ding! Seungri hurriedly ran out of the elevator and up the stairs going to the rooftop.


Aish that maknae!!! I followed after him and when I barged out of the door I saw the other members holding beers and grilling meat. 5 folding chairs were placed facing the night scene of cornered.


WHAT THE HECK!!!!! What’s this healing camp?


I looked at Jiyong and he handed me a beer. I turned to Seungri and I saw the stupid maknae smiling brightly at me.


“Damn my acting has improved!!!” He said high-fiving with Daesung.


Reminder to self. Kill Seugri tonight while everyone is asleep. I told myself.


“What’s going on?” I pretended not to know.


“Just grab the beer and drink.” Jiyong told me waiting for me to take the beer. “That’s an order.”


Damn him using his powers of being a leader.


I walked towards the folding chairs and sat at the one next to Top Hyung. Jiyong sat at the chair on my other side while Daesung and Seungri continued to grill the meat.


“Is it that bad that you don’t go home anymore?” Jiyong asked without looking at me.

Yes. As if the last thing I needed on earth was girl talk with the members.


“I go home.” I answered.


“To sleep? Then you leave right away even if it’s your rest day.” He said.


Ok we’re talking about this because?!?! Do we really need to talk about this?


“Seriously?” was all I could say to them.


“Look Yongbae I know you’re hurt but My YG Life is our job right now and we gave our word that we’d do it.” Ok. Jiyong sounded serious. Tch! I know how professional Jiyong is when it comes to our work but I can’t blame him we all are professional.


I sighed and stared at the can of beer I’m holding.


“You know hyung can’t you guys just talk it out? Do you guys really have to avoid each other?” Seungri asked while Daesung gives him a nudge.


I didn’t answer again.


“It’s not hyung’s fault. Noona asked for space and he’s just giving it to her.” Daesung defended me.


“Giving space and time doesn’t really mean you can’t be in one place right? Just ignore her.” Seungri continued to blabber and the fact that Top Hyung is seated beside me is the only reason why I’m not punching him.


“I just have my reasons.” This was the only thing I could say.


“Come on bae, you said you don’t even remember where the fight started? For all you know the only thing stopping you from getting back together is your pride.” My friend of more than 10 years said.


“Just let me be.” Was the only answer I could give.


“So it’s like saying that Hyung and Dara Noona can just not show up at the mansion. So does Jinhwan and Soohyun then Minzy and Seungyoon?!?” Seungri retorted.


It’s official, tonight Big Bang will only be a four member idol group, that maknae has got to go.


“The kid has a point you know.” Top Hyung finally joined the conversation.


“Of course I’m right! Look hyungs I don’t mean to be rude but don’t you think it’s a bit unfair to us your dongsaengs to be stuck in an awkward situation we don’t want to be in?!?!”


I sighed. Though I don’t want to admit it the freaking boy has a point.






The next day... breakfast...



Everyone was already at the dining table when I went down to join them. I walked to the only empty seat which happened to be across Chaerin.


Tch! I fell into their trap again.


“So nice for you to join us Yongbae-ah!” Bommie Noona excitedly said.


“Wow. Our family is complete right now.” Soohyun smiled.


I didn’t bother looking at anyone and I just stirred my spoon at my bowl of cereals.


Just then someone’s phone rang and the girl in front of me started talking. “Hey David. How are you?”


David? Who’s david? What do I care? I continued to stir at my cereal and pretended to have my own world.


When the conversation ended Se7en Hyung questioned her. “So, who’s David?”


“Oh uhm he’s one of Jeremy’s assistant they thought I was still in the U.S. so they were going to invite me to a party.” Chaerin Nonchalantly said.


“Oooh... Unnie you go partying there?” Hayi asked.


Ok, are we really a family here? Is everyone totally ignoring that I’m here?!?!


“Well when they invite me to events and parties i go.” Chaerin answered.


Perfect. Here I am sulking my here in Korea and there she is in the U.S. going to parties. .


“Well that’s good marketing.” Se7en hyung said.


Is it just me or is no one really going to consider my side?!?!


“I thought so too, that’s why I go.” Chaerin continued to chatter while the others have their own business.


I don’t know why but there are more than 5 conversations happening in this room but the only one I could hear was CL’s.


“So Unnie you met a lot of celebrities already?” Hayi continued to pry.


Reminder to self don’t take Hayi jogging and eating this week.


“Well Will of BEP and Taboo introduced me to some... Like Adam Levine and his wife... Usher...


I could no longer stand what I’m hearing. I stood up and sarted to walk away. From my peripheral view I could see all of them looking at me.


“Where are you going? You haven’t touched your food yet.” I heard Bom Noona said.


I didn’t say anything I flipped my hood to cover my head and continued to walk outside.



Chaerin’s POV

After 2 hours…



That face….


I can’t forget his face this morning…


When he walked out and didn’t even say anything…


I guess he was really mad…


Hmph! Why would he be mad ever since I got here he’s always out? I should be the one to get mad!


I sighed as I twirled on the chair of the studio.


Yongbae… what am I going to do with you huh?


The door of the studio opened and Dara Unnie peeked with a worried look.


“Hey unnie…” I smiled.


“You ok?” she asked sitting on the couch behind my chair.


I shrugged my shoulders and swirled my chair again like a kid.


“I don’t get you two.” She continued talking. “What exactly are you fighting about?”


I couldn’t answer. I had so many sleepless nights while in the States thinking about that too.


How I endured being away from here I don’t know.


Why I had to be away from him I don’t know either.


All I know was I needed time away.


“Chaerin are you sure you want it like this?” She looked at me worriedly. “Are you sure this is what you want?”


I again didn’t answer and just shrugged my shoulders.


“Cause it looks like your pride is the only thing stopping you from apologizing.” Dara Unnie added.


Is it true? That the only thing stopping me is my pride?


“NOONA!!!!” Jiyong Oppa suddenly barged inside the studio startling me and Dara Unnie.


“What?” Dara Unnie looked irritated.

“Nothing I was checking where you are. Ok then, go back to talking!” Jiyong Oppa smiled at us and waved goodbye closing the door and leaving.


I chuckled as Dara Unnie shook her head. “Aigoo that boy. Really.”


“What’s up with that unnie? What’s going on?” I couldn’t help but ask.


Ever since I came back from the States I noticed the closeness Jiyong Oppa and Dara Unnie has. It’s like how they were from before. Like everything is ok now and nothing happened.


“What are you talking about?” Dara Unnie looked at me innocently.


“You guys are bffs now that he’s checking on your whereabouts?” I asked raising an eyebrow at her.


“I really don’t know. I woke up one day and he’s all clingy at me.”


Jiyong Oppa clingy? At Dara Unnie? I smell trouble.


“And you’re liking it.” I told her and in return she shook her head.


“Look, you got it all wrong ok? We just talked things out and decided that after all these years we should be friends at least. Besides, he’s happy with Kiko, and me and Ironman are getting along well so why do we have to ignore each other?”


Of course I didn’t buy it. This smells disaster BUT who am I to judge them? I can’t even fix my own problems so I shouldn’t get involved with theirs.


“Just make sure you’re not going to get hurt Unnie. I don’t want you to go through all that again.” That was all I could tell my Unnie. She went through hell when they separated and went through it again when Jiyong Oppa started to date Kiko.


“Don’t worry I’m not going to let myself fall into the trap again.” She assured me but something in her voice makes me think again.






It was dinner time already when me and Dara Unnie went upstairs. Bommie Unnie was with Minzy, Hayi and Hanbin cooking dinner.


Soohyun, Bobby, Chanwoo and Donghyuk are playing football.


“Look at these kids.” I told Dara Unnie. “When did all of this happen?”


“Last week.” Dara Unnie joked and I turned to look at her.


“Chaerinnie have a taste of this!!!” Bommie ran to us holding a spoon making me taste the kalbi jim she’s making.


Not bad. I guess staying here is doing wonders with Bom Unnie’s cooking.


“Perfect.” I smiled brightly at her. I went out to the backyard to watch the kids play football while Dara scooted between Daesung and Jiyong to watch tv.


“She kicks and booom she scores!!!!” Bobby’s voiced boomed across the backyard as Soohyun scored using their make believe field.


“YAH CHANWOO-AH!!! WE’RE LOSING!!!” Donghyuk shouted at their maknae while Chanwoo scratches his head.


I smiled as I watch them play again when I noticed the person standing by the pool looking far away.


Should I talk to him now?


I sighed... I guess I should.


“Hey.” I said upon reaching where he was standing.


“What?” He answered. He sounded angry.


“Everything ok?” Ok. I know it’s a stupid question but hey...


“Ok? Wow, everything ok?” he shook his head and looked at me like I said the most stupidest thing in the world.


“What’s wrong?” I really don’t know why he’s getting mad at me seriously I was just asking if he’s ok.


“WHAT’S WRONG? DAMNIT CHAERIN ARE YOU THAT NUMB?” He raised his voice at me.


I stared at him blankly. What did I do now? I sighed. Here we are again. Fighting.


He was supposed to say something else but he hesitated and walked out on me again.


“Yongbae.” I called halting him from walking out.


Oookaayy... what do I say now?


After not hearing anything from me, he continued to walk towards the house.


Damnit Chaerin.









Every Wednesday night Jinu, Teddy and Sean meets up with YG in his office to informally talk about what’s going on and the news going around. Teddy and Sean were already inside the office and they were all waiting for Jinu to join them.


“Everyone is hooked in My YG Life. Even people from our industry are getting hooked.” Teddy told YG.


“My wife said it’s quite addictive too. Like she switches the channel but gets curious on what’s happening to the others that she flips it back to YG Life.” Sean says.


Just then Jinu barges in looking worried.


“Sajangnim, trouble in paradise. Netizens are catching on and the kids are being to careless in front of the camera. Hanbin and Hayi are hot items and netizens are sensing a couple in the making. But tonight, Chaerin and Yongbae surpassed it all. They had a fight by the pool. Well not really a fight but seemed like Yongbae got mad at CL and now the netizens are going beserk.” Jinu relayed.


Sean and Teddy began looking at their phones to check on the SNS reactions and both of them frowned.


“Should we call on the kids and have a meeting again? Maybe we could ask them to lower down being vocal and stuff.” Sean asked to which YG shook his head.


“Let them be.” YG said with conviction.


Jinu, Sean and Teddy stared at him with wide eyes. They couldn’t believe that YG just instructed them to let them be.


“ermm hyung... maybe you haven’t heard me the netizens are catching on the real life couples or soon to be couples inside the company.” Jinu repeated.


YG clasped his fingers and nodded his head. “I know. I said let them be.”


“Hyung, what’s really your plan?” Teddy couldn’t really let this pass, he has to kow what YG is planning.


“Nothing. The plan is to show who really the YG artists are. We have a 24/7 camera we can’t really hide it. That would enrage the viewers more!” YG explained. “They want to see how their idols are, let them see who their real idols are.”


Just then Seungri barges inside with Se7en and Bom in tow. “SAAAAJANGNIM!!!!!”


The four men stared at the panting Seungri.


“Hyung I have an idea!!!!!”






The next day... YG OFFICE...


Jiyong’s POV


“You guys are going to the Philippines for a vacation.”  (@[email protected]) Did YG just said that we were going to the Philippines?!?!?!


“You’re all going to Boracay!” our dear president excitedly anounced.


By this time a thousand things ran through my mind and most of them are connected with Kiko.


She’s really going to kill me now!!! I promised her something on our anniversary and here I go again in danger of not accomplishing it.



I watched as the other’s faces excitedly brightened.


Of course. iKon and Winner are excited among us they are the ones in deep need of a vacation. Top Hyung well he’s quiet but I know he likes to spend some vacation time with Bom Noona, Daesung and Seungri doesn’t care as long as they’ll be meeting girls there. Yongbae’s expression was blank and sort of frowning but he can’t object since this is all abut our work.


But the most excited of them all was Dee’s. Yes, in my mind I still call her Dee, just like before. But when in front of them and her she’s now Dara Noona.


Dee has a deep connection with the country she first started to be a star. She’s big in the Philippines and based from what the others have told me regarding their AON tour in Manila well, she still is.


Lately I’ve been really clingy to her. I know everyone is wondering why but that’s what the fan wants and that’s what will bring peace to everyone, to me, to Dee, especially to Kiko.


“Jiyong, what do you think?” I was snapped back to reality when YG asked me this.


Everyone around the table turned their eyes on me and waited for my reply.


I looked at Dara again and saw the pleading in her eyes. I guess she really wants to go back to Manila and all.


“I’m ok with it why wouldn’t I? But in one condition.” I answered.


Okay I don’t know what urged me to think and say this.


“No rules when we’re in vacation. We can date if we want to, we can sleep in the sand if we want to. We can get drunk if we want to, We can go cliff diving if we want to.” Whew! I wonder where did I get the courage to say this in front of the Sajangnim.


The other YG family members were staring at me and then YG smiled evily at me. I’m not sure why but I felt like his smirk was saying “got you in my trap”


“Ok.” Two letters, one word. That’s his answer.





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