Chapter 17

My YG LIFE ^_^

Author’s POV:


“UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!” YG’s voice boomed at the conference room.


After the incident at the beach the whole YG family has returned to Seoul but news spread faster than their airplane.


The video of Chaerin and Yongbae quarelling and Chaerin slapping Yongbae has been uploaded in the internet. The thing is the two weren’t wearing their lapel mic so what they were saying was not really audible.






“That’s not exactly freedom.” Jiyong blurted out loudly to which everyone shifted their eyes on him shocked at the comment.




“Hyung, calm down.” Jinu tried to pacify their boss.                             


“How am I supposed to calm down? Because of this mess everything will be put to a halt. Ikon’s Debut, Big Bang’s Comeback, CL’s American Debut, Winner’s comeback,  Lee Hi’s and AKMU’s comeback!!!” YG has stopped shouting but you can hear and feel in his voice that he was really furious.


“Even this reality TV is at stake now!” YG sighed rubbing his forehead.

“YAH! What the heck have you been doing ei? What everything we worked hard for you’re just going to throw it away? Because of some petty lover’s quarrel?”


Yongbae didn’t look at their boss. He knew he was at fault, he became careless, he let his anger control him. He looked at Chaerin but she had been completely ignoring him.


“Daniel, Mithra, Tukutz, even you Se7en, what were you doing letting a thing like this blow up?”


“Believe me hyung we tried, but I guess this is something that needed to happen for everyone.” Se7en explained.


“Sajangnim can I fly to L.A. tonight?” Chaerin suddenly broke her silence.


“Ani. You will stay here. You will not go anywhere.” YG disagreed.


“I don’t have anything to do here.” Chaerin answered back. She was getting pissed already. She had enough of everything. They wanted her to shut up about the relationship, she wanted them to do her US Tour and now she can’t do any of the two.


“Well you can’t leave it will only add flame to the fire!!!” YG gritted his teeth.


How did his kids became problematic as these? Oh wait. They always have been but has never been broadcasted on air.


“How are we going to fix this?”Tablo asked.


“We’re not.” Jiyong who has been quiet in a far corner listening to everything suddenly talked.


“WHAT?!?!” YG looked like a vein in his neck was about to burst.


“Jiyong-“ Jinu looked at him telling him it’s not time to mess around right now.


“Let me finish first. The theme of the Reality show is YG Life. And this, whether they like it or not is the reality. We get in each others nerves, we’re too busy to eat dinner at home. We seldom see each other. We sleep instead of partying. This is YG. We work until our feet tells us no.” Jiyong seriously answered.


There was a moment of silence and everyone just stared at the floor. The younger artists are wishing they weren’t in the room to hear the wrath of their boss but they know all of them were at fault.


“The kid has a point Hyung.” Psy whose voice was coming from a speaker suddenly was heard.


YG paused for a moment and thought about what Jiyong was saying.


“Let’s just let them see who we really are. Banning us to go public and go on with our lives will not die down this rumor, I’m telling you.” Jiyong explained.


Dara looked at Jiyong worriedly, Jiyong met her gaze and winked at her.


“YAH! YAH! YAH!” YG exclaimed upon seeing Jiyong winking at Dara. “I’m warning all of you right now, you gotta know your priorities arasso?”


The group didn’t say anything but Seungyoon and Minzy heard their CEO loud and clear. Minzy’s priority right now was 2NE1. Now that they are back in Seoul, play time is over and their arrangement has now ended.


“Sajangnim, can I go now?” Chaerin excused herself. She wants to go home and just rest. Their vacation was more of tiring rather than relaxing.


“No. Everyone else go, you and Yongbae stay.”YG said dismissing the rest of the artists.


Seungri and Dae quickly got up and left not wanting to be included in another war that’s brewing.


Dara placed a hand on Chaerin shoulder and their leader just gave her a soft smile. Jiyong took her other hand and pulled her to head off.


As soon as everyone has left YG began asking the two.


“Now who wants to tell me what really happened there?”


For a couple of minutes the two didn’t say anything to which their boss let out a deep sigh.


“Look if you don’t tell me I’m going to suspend all of you right now that no one will debut or have a comeback anymore this year.” He warned the two.


“It was my fault.” Yongbae finally talked. “I wanted for Chaerin to talk to me so bad. But everytime we talk we just end up fighting because of her stubborness.”


“My stubborness?!?!?!” Chaerin blurted. “I cannot believe you are saying that I’m stubborn and what do you call yourself?”


“ENOUGH!” YG angrily stopped them. “Please the two of you. Just stop it. Think about your members, think about the others and how what you are doing is affecting you. I know why this is goin on. If you want to tell the world that you’re together just fine and go with it.”


There was a pause from the two but then Chaerin stood up with a poker face.


“Well, I think it’s too late for that. Is there something else I need to know? If none, may I please be excused?”


YG sighed and just nodded. She knew Chaerin since she was still a teenager but this is the first time she has acted this way. Well he was at fault in some way since he thinks this war between the two started because he didn’t want them announcing publicly their relationship.


Yongbae stood up, bowed at him and then left as well. YG pressed his intercom to talk to his secretary.


“Neh Sajangnim?”


“Call Jinu and Sean together with Bom and Seungri. Tell them I want to see them.”







“He said that?!?!” Teddy couldn’t believe what he just heard.


After YG has dismissed them the YG artists went their separate ways, to which Big Bang headed to Teddy’s studio. Since he saw what happened through the 24/7 pay per view he asked the guys what really happened.


“Well Tablo Hyung told me they were already fighting the night before, but Se7en hyung was there and scolded them bad. They thought the two caught the message already but then the very next day hat happened.” Daesung told Teddy.


Jiyong was spaced out adn was thinking about how to fix things. Of course he needed to back up his plan otherwise he’ll get reprimanded by YG.


Teddy was going to ask some more but then Yongbae entered the studio and everyone became quiet. Then, Seungri’s mobile suddenly rang and he excused himself seeing it was Bom calling.


“Uhm.” Daesung coughed. “So what did the Sajangnim say?”


The boys listened intently waiting for Yongbae’s answer.


“He said we could go public.”


That caught Jiyong’s atention and he turned to look at Yongbae in disbelief.


“SINCHAYO?” Top asked again. It was hard to believe that YG would finally allow them to go public with a relationship.


“Yep.” Taeyang nodded but then let out a big sigh.


“What did Chaerin say?” Jiyong asked him.


“Well, she said it was too late already.” Taeyang regretfully shared. He then buried his face in his hands and shouted. “AAAAHHHHH!!!”


Tabi patted his back. “I’m sure she’s just mad right now. She needs time.”


Daesung nodded in agreement.


“Ah Jiyong!!!!” Taeyang looked at his bestfriend pleading for help.


“I’m thinking! I’m thinking!” his bestfriend answered back.


“Man, if there’s one hard thing to do it’s pleasing a YG girl.” Tabi scratched his head.


They were all deep in their thoughts when Seungyoon and Hanbin went inside the studio looking gloomy.


“What happened to you guys?” Teddy asked.


The two didn’t answer and just slumped at the couch beside Daesung.


“Let me guess? Girl problems?”  Daesung asked and the two nodded.


“What is going on with this family!!!!” Teddy couldn’t believe what he’s hearing this is the first time in so many years that this has happened between their artists.


“Ani. Minzy and Hayi kicked us out of the studio when Chaerin Noona barged in crying.” Seungyoon explained and scratched his head.


“Chaerin was crying?” Taeyang felt a small pang in the heart upon hearing this. “UGH!!! JIYONG!!!!”


“Well we wouldn’t be having this problem if you haven’t been an to her you know!!!” Jiyong reminded his friend.


Just then Seungri got back to the studio and everyone turned to look at him.


“Where have you been?” Daesung wondered.


“Well uhmmm a friend called and I had to step out cause he needed my advice for something.” Seungri lied and made Hanbin sit on the floor so he could sit on the couch. “So what’s going on.”


“Chaerin is crying.”Tabi informed him. “And the Sajangnim allowed them to go public.”


“NO WAY!” Seungri lied again, the Sajangnim just told him and Bom that he allowed Taeyang and Chaerin to go public already if that is what’s going to stop their ‘civil war’


“Yeah but the thing is Chaerin said it’s too late and I don’t know what to do!!!!!”Yongbae whined.





That afternoon...


“Are you sure this will work?” Dara worriedly asked Jiyong.


Jiyong held her arms and rubbed it gently. “Relax Dee. I got this.”


“JIYONG! Did you check the things I asked you to?” Bom nagged him upon seeing the two. “WE DON’T HAVE TIME!!!”


She was supposed to shout at Bobby and Chanwoo who were playing around but then Top scooped her up from her feet and carried her upstairs.




“You have got to calm down my lady!” Top said putting her down on the couch at the second floor lounge area.


“But we need to fix the house for tonight!!!”Bom insisted standing up but Top pushed her back to sit down.


“Look my lady, The people downstairs are pressured because of you. So chill ok? Jiyong’s got this ok. He’s not G-Dragon for nothing. Besides, let Yongbae worry about this. It’s his event.” Top reminded her opening a pack of chips and passing it to Bom. He then opened the TV and flipped through the channels til they found a good movie to watch.





“I cannot believe it took you 4 hours to shop Minzy!!! Really to think that we get free clothes from our endorsements!!!” Chaerin whined as their driver pulled over in front of the YG house.


“Mianhe Unnie. I just had the urge to splurge.” Minzy lied and glared at her Seungri Oppa waiting for a signal.


Chaerin was about to walk towards the front door when their manager called unto her.


“The front door’s not working.”


Seungri and Minzy exchanged glances and remembered they were supposed to enter through the door leading to the backyard.


“What? Why?” Chaerin asked wondering why they can’t use the front door when it was perfectly fine when they left.


“Something about the lock. Didn’t anyone call you?” their manager lied and glared at Seungri asking for back-up.


“Oh yeah. I forgot Jiyong Hyung calling me and telling me. Mian.” Seungri explained


“Aigoo this boy. Seems like your mind is still at the beach Seungri you’ve been preoccupied the whole afternoon!” Chaerin said as she entered the other door and walked towards the backyard.


“Seungri Oppa let’s help manager Oppa with the shopping bags.” Minzy suggested to which Seungri agreed.


“Need my help?”


“NO!!!”Both Minzy and Seungri exclaimed startling Chaerin.


“I mean, you must be tired Unnie so go take a rest.” Minzy explained and hurriedly ran outside following Seungri.


What has gotten to them? Chaerin wondered but she was too tired to interrogate Minzy so she continued walking towards the backyard. Why is this house so dark? Is no one home?


She continued walking and soon the backyard was revealed. There were lights, a lot of them, and then the pool was full of rose petals .


“Omo!” Chaerin uttered upon seeing this.


­on cue... play Thinking Out Loud...


When your legs don’t work than they used to before... and I can’t sweep you off from your feet...


Chaerin turned around and the whole second floor lit up revealing Daesung playing the drums, Jinhwan playing the piano, Seungyoon playing the guitar, Mino playing the bass and Junhoe on vocals.


What the? She didn’t understand up until Taeyang emerged from the dark .


Oh no.


“Chaerin, I’m sorry. I know I’ve been a jerk and I completely understand if you hate me. I’m sorry. I don’t know what to do anymore. I just... I just... All I know is that I’m losing my mind of the thought of losing you.”


Chaerin stared at Yongbae and saw the boy she fell in love with. His eyes, those innocent looking eyes that always showed his true feelings. The reality is she really missed him. She missed talking to him, cuddling with him. She missed laughing with him. Why did they fight anyways!??!


“I’m not sure if you’re ever going to forgive me but heck I just have to do everything to win you back.” Taeyang continued to blabber and apologize but he has already captured Chaerin’s attention.


The hurt and anger she felt these past weeks, had melted upon seeing Yongbae and his sad eyes.


Seeing that Chaerin was still unable to answer Yongbae knelt down to his knees startling Chaerin even more.


“So what do you say you give us a chance?” Yongbae said as he knelt down.


Oh heck you gotta stop pretending CL and just do it.


“Get up and dance with me.” Chaerin answered making Yongbae sigh out of relief as he stood up and wrapped CL in his arms.


“I love you boo.” Yongbae whispered. “More than you think I do.”


Chaerin closed her eyes upon hearing and savor the moment. “I love you too boo.”






Seungri and Minzy secretly sneaked in the house through the front door and joined the rest of the gang who were watching while hiding.


Top and Bom watched the two below while in a backhug and swaying slightly while smiling.


Soohyun and Hayi were both emotional and tears fell from their eyes as they watch their sunbaes.


“There’s just so much love around.” Hayi sniffed and Hanbin couldn’t help but smirk at how cute Hayi looked.


Bobby passed a tissue box at Soohyun and the girl wiped the tears that are continuously flowing.


Dara’s hands were clasped together and she was smiling while watching the two of her dongsaengs enveloped in each other’s arms dancing in their own world and just overflowing with love.


Jiyong sighed as he leaned on the wall and was just grateful his plan worked.


“Let it out.” They heard Seungri radio over to their pyrotechnic staff who were on stand by.


And as if on cue during the of the song... the fireworks lit up the sky making Chaerin’s eyes sparkle in amazement and ending with her and Yongbae in a soft sweet kiss.


Jiyong had his eyes closed still, probably because he was too tired from preparing and making sure everything was going to be fine when he felt a soft peck on his cheek. He opened his eyes and saw Dara standing next to him smiling her sweet smile at him.


“Thank you.”she mouthed and Jiyong smiled back at him as he ruffled her hair a bit.


The whole YG House was filled with love that night, the thing is... the cameras were all rolling... and in a split second the whole YG fandom was in chaos...




Author's note:


ho! ho! ho! sorry if this was a blurry chaotic chap but my mind is just overflowing with ideas now that I think I lost everything lol.... anyways... at least sunsky is now ok don't you think? don't you think? ho! ho! ho! weeeeee ^_^ comments, suggestions, violent reactions are very much welcome ^_^

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