Se7en's comeback

My YG LIFE ^_^

Se7en’s POV




I was on my way to the YG mansion. Nervous. I just got out of military service and YG wants me to be on TV right away.


“Relax” Jjangmae told me. How can I relax? I’m going to be on TV again. After the scandal and my ex girlfriend leaving me for another man, I’m going to be filmed 24/7. That means people might see me suddenly crying because I hate my ex too much.


“You will be ok. Dara and the girls are there, so are Big Bang I’m pretty sure YG got you there because they want you to have fun and stop thinking about what happened.”


“Yeah sure.” Was the only thing I could say.


After a few minutes they’ve arrived at the mansion.


“Here we go.” I uttered while Jjangmae gave me a pat on the back.


“DONGWOOK-AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Bom screamed as soon as I walked i the house.


“UHMP!”was the only thing I could say because Bom ran up to me and hugged me tightly.


“Give the man some space woman!” Top followed after her and reached for a handshake. “BROTHER!”


Bom let go of me and Tabi was next to give me a big hug.


I can see new faces gathering around us. Some I’ve seen as trainees.


“HYUNG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Seungri screams as he goes down the stairs followed by Minzy and Hayi.


“OPPA!!!” Minzy hugs me tightly. “How are you?”


“Good and you?” I ruffled her hair. Wow. She’s all grown up now.


“Minzy you’re all grown up now!” I excitedly said.


“That girl has got tons of men lining up.” Daesung who was coming from the basement followed by Jiyong said. He then gave me a quick hug. “It’s been a long time hyung.”


Jiyong followed and without any words we just hugged. Aish this kid. I’ve seen him and Yongbae grow up following us around working cleaning at the YG building and here he is conquering the world.


“Wow. You’re all grown up G-Dragon.” I teased. “Where’s Yongbae?”


“I think he and Dara went for a jog.” Bom answered. “Have you eaten? I’ll cook for you.”


I waved my hand and said no. “Don’t bother I grabbed something to eat before going here.”


The boys introduced one by one the members of Winner and iKon and AKMU.


“Wow, the family is really growing huh?” I said as we all settled on the enormous common area. “Look at this. This is so big.”


“Don’t worry about too much now Hyung. We will help you gain money for YG.” Seungri smiled brightly at him.


“Hmmm... I’m still undecided about that.” I revealed.


“What?! You can’t leave us!” Top and Jiyong said at the same time.


Just then the front door opens and Dara and Yongbae walks in.


“WE’RE HOME!” Yongbae shouted and was taken aback when he saw me sitting on the sofa. “HYUNG! YOU’RE HERE ALREADY!!!”


Yongbae ran up to me and gave me a hug I smiled but my attention was focused on the skinny woman walking towards me her eyes teary eyed making mine too.


“Baby girl.” I uttered as I smiled and spread my arms wide opend.


“Dongwook-ah.” With that tears started to flow and Dara embraced and buried her face on my chest. “You were gone too long.”


I hugged her tightly as a tear fell, “I’m here now baby girl. Don’t worry.”











Normal POV




Dara and Se7en sat at the side of the pool waddling their feet in the water.


“Wow, YG did good huh?” Se7en said as he looked at the big mansion in front of them.


“Yeah. He really knows how to take care of us.” Dara agreed.







The two of them laughed.


“Wow. This feels like a first date.” Se7en teased Dara to which the lady splashed water to him.


“So Is it true about you and Ironman?” Se7en followed up a question.


“Stop.” Dara rolled her eyes.


“Well it was the buzz at the YG building when I got back. Teddy told me you were all lovey dovey at the housewarming.” He teased even more.


“Uhm let’s not talk about it.” Dara said as she looked at the mansion where you can see Winner and iKon having one of their wrestlings again.


“So are they official?” Se7en pointed his head towards where Jiyong and the rest of the Big Bang members are gathered.


Dara just shrugged her shoulders. “Let it be.”


“What?” Se7en looked at her waiting for a response.


“Just let it be Dongwook.”


“Sandy don’t you love him anymore?” Se7en has this feeling inside him that she still does but he had to hear it from him.


“HYUNG!” Seungri yelled at them as he approaches where they are seated. “Bom Noona is cooking a welcome dinner for you. She’s asking for Dara Noona.”


Se7en looked from Seungri to Dara and the two stood up and head back to the house where everyone else is gathered.


“Ah! Just who I needed, Dara you and Jiyong take Hanbin, Hayi and Bobby grocery shopping.” Bom said handing out a paper with a list  of food to be bought.


Se7en looked at Bom to Dara to Jiyong. Hmmm.. wonder what’s going on? He thought and continued to observe.


“Why me?” Dara protested wondering why she had to do it with Jiyong.


“Cause your team is very effective in grocery shopping. Now go!” Bom ordered pushing Jiyong and Dara towards the way to the basement.


“Winner and iKon you’re in charge of cleaning the house. Minzy, Hayi and Soohyun you’re helping me cook later and the rest of you clear my way otherwise I’ll punch your faces.” Bom ordered and to Se7en’s surprise everyone followed what she said.


“Hyung, let’s go upstairs I’ll show you your room.” Tabi offered.








Jiyong’s POV




“Hmmm... I have a feeling.” I uttered loudly. We were now walking inside the supermarket.


Dara turned her head and stared at me.


“I have a feeling that we are going to this more often.” I told them.


Dara nodded in return and the three at the back agreed too.


“Should we mess up then?” Dara suggested and the rest of them chuckled.


“I wouln’t want to see Bom Noona get mad at me.” Bobby disagreed and went over the chips area followed by Hanbin.


“Chips are not allowed.” Hayi mentioned as she got a couple of things on the list.


Something caught my eye and walked away for a moment from the two girls and grabbed hold of a huge back of marshmallows.


I turned around and so Dara squinting her eyes on me. “What is that?”


“Mallows?” I answered smiling my innocent smile at her.


“Don’t give me that look Kwon. That’s not on the list.” She said sternly.


I pouted and had to have my pleading look. “I’ll buy it myself.”


“That’s not the rules Kwon.”


“Please?” I gave my Puss in Boots stare while the three other kids watched us.


“Jiyong.” Dara didn’t budge but I want my mallows and I have got to buy that.


“PUH-WEEESSEEEE” I whined like a child shocking the three dongsaengs. I don’t care. I’m desperate to have my mallows. “Please! Please! Please! I’ll pay for it please!!!!!”


Dara sighed and finally agreed. “You’re going to buy it behind our backs anyways.”


She knows me too much. She left us for a couple of minutes and got back with a big box of graham crackers and a small box of chocolates.


“What’s that for?” I asked noticing that it wasn’t in the list.


“Well, you like Smores so might as well make some later too.” She answered nonchalantly.


I paused and stared at her as she and Hayi walked passed by me  and headed towards the Meat Section.

A warm feeling eveloped me with that. Damnit. What is this I’m feeling? Of course she knows what I like! And so ok Kiko is not exactly the cooking or baking type.


“Hyung!!!!” My thought was distracted by Bobby who’s waving a bag of gummy bears in front of me. While Hanbin is runing my way with two containers of Pringles. I ignored them and walked hurriedly beside Dara. “The boys wants junk food.”


Dara turned and saw the all smiles of the boys. “Guys, that’s not on the list.”


Just like what I did the two whined endlessly. Dara sighed and turned to me. “Ok. Jiyong is paying for those.”


I had to prevent myself from smiling. I don’t know why it made me smile but it did so instead I turned towards the two boys and pretended to scold them. “YAH!”


“Wow we look like Dara Noona and Jiyong Hyungs kids!” Bobby uttered out loudly stopping me from saying whatever scolding I was about to say.


“Jiyongie! How many should we get of these?” Dara asked pointing at the meat in front of her.


I turned to look and couldn’t help but like the feeling I am feeling right now. Jiyong you jerk!!!!! This is not right why am I even feeling giddy with her asking me about meat?!?!?!


“Jiyongie?” Dara waited for my answer and I stared at the meat. Yes, how many should we get?


“How about two big orders of this and then 1 of that and then 1 of this?” I pointed to which ones we should get and she just nodded.


“Let’s just get big orders of everything and by twos since we have loads of men in the house?” She looked at me as if she was asking permission. . It really feels like a wife asking me what to get for our home. The weird thing is I like it. Damnit Jiyong you flirt! I thought to myself.


“Noona! Why don’t we get uhmm stuff so you can make your uhmm what do you call that? Mango Graham cake?” I asked and upon hearing the Mango in my sentence her face lit up.


“SINCHAYO?!!?!” She was so happy that her voice was so loud.


I nodded and smiled at her.


“Ok!” she excitedly said.









Back at the mansion



Dara’s POV




 We were now back at the mansion. And I’m feeling this warmth in my heart. The kind of warmth that I had before. Stupid Dara. I told myself. I shouldn’t let go of what I’m feeling. NO. After the efforts I’ve done to cover up my true feelings and after Donghae putting his life on the line being here and creating chaos online because of a Super Junior being in a YG program! And then here I am having all this weird feeling just because of  a supermarket trip with Jiyong.


“You’re back! Good!” Bom greeted as soon as I headed in the common area. She was about to say something when Jiyong holding lots of grocery bags stopped in front of us.


“Noona! You said you’re going to make your refrigerator cake!” Jiyong pouted.


Great. Out of all the people to hear this why did it have to be Bommie.


As expected Bom’s eyes stared at me with that look of disbelief. I sighed and followed Jiyong to the kitchen.


“So how are we going to do this?” Jiyong smiled and asked me.


“We?” I asked.


Jiyong nodded and waited for me to say something.


“Uhm well ok.”


I started taking out the ingredients. Condensed milk. Evaporated milk. Whipped cream. Mangoes.


Jiyong stared at me and waited patiently.


“Are you seriously going to make this with me? I can do this on my own it’s just simple.” I told him getting stressed at how he is staring.


“Oh, weh? Is Lee going to get mad?”


I froze at the comment. Donghae? Why is he included in this?


“No. You might be bored doing it.”


“Then give me something to do.” Jiyong smiled brightly at me.


“Ermm. Ok peel this mangoes and cut them this way.” I demonstrated on how he should slice the mangoes and he nodded his head.


“We’re making two since we’re a lot in this house.” I informed him giving him more mangoes to peel.


For a moment I stared at him and wondered what’s gotten into him.


“I just want to do something aside from bothering Seungri.” Jiyong suddenly said.


I looked away embarrassed that he knew what I was thinking. Damnit. He still knows me that well.


I started to mix the milk and whipped cream. Seriously we are being filmed right now and it’s just the two of us? What would Kiko feel? I put a table spoon of sugar and mixed it. She might think I’m seducing her man. And those Daragon rumors would start again. Aish. I hate it.


“Noona are you mad?” Jiyong stared at me.


“Huh?” I looked at him wondering what he was talking about.


He pointed his lips towards what I was mixing.  I noticed I was mixing too fast and hard.


“Oh uhm.” Ok. I don’t know what to say honestly.


“Are you that worried about Lee?” he asked raising an eyebrow at me.


No. I’m worried about your girlfriend you idiot. “No.” Was all I could answer.


“Good.” He smiled brightly and continued in peeling the mangoes. “I’m so excited with this mangoes.”


“Really?” I tried to converse since all the cameras are most probably on us.


“It’s been awhile since I had a taste of your cakes noona.”


It’s not me who drifted apart. I thought but yeah it’s not like I can tell him that right?


“Sinchayo? Well then don’t worry I’ll keep baking them while we’re here.” I smiled brightly at him. That’s right you Dara pretend everything is fine so you’ll not look pathetic in front of him and in the eyes of his girl.


After getting the right texture for the filling in between the graham crackers I dipped one cracker to taste the mixture and thought it was a bit sweet.


I dipped the cracker again and asked him to take a taste. “Can you taste if the filling is too sweet?”


He was taking a bite when Seungri walks in the kitchen and we all froze in our position waiting for someone to react.


Jiyong munched on the graham while a look away. Seungri being Seungri raised his hands and backed away. Damnit you maknae! Come back here! I wanted to say but then he was long gone.







Meanwhile at the third floor common room...



Minzy, Seungyooon and Taehyun were cleaning the common room.


“Uhm so how’s the fan meetings so far?”Minzy randomly asked the two.


Taehyun looked over to Seungyoon letting his hyung answer.


“Well it’s ok so far. We’re all excited in touring and reaching out to our fans globally.” Seungyoon answered stiffly not knowing why.


“That’s nice.” Minzy smiled brightly.


Awkward. Taehyun thought. Of course he knew that the two were just making conversation in case the cameras around them figures out that they are really awkward with each other. Just then Mino showed up calling Taehyun.


“Hey Tae, can you help me with something downstairs?” Mino asked to which the maknae obliged.


Seungyoon watched Minzy as she dusts off the figurines on the shelf.


I want to hold you. Seungyoon thought he waas about to turn around when the figurine being dusted by Minzy on the top shelf started to wobble and was about to fall that he rushed towards her and stopped the figurine from falling. His body was next to hers, he could feel her panicked state, she could feel him breathing behind her. Seungyoon was about to turn her around when Seungri unexpectedly appears.


“Min-“ Seungri stopped at the middle of the stairs going to the third floor upon seeing what’s happening. Seungyoon immediately walked away from Minzy while the lady was still frozen to her spot. Seungri didn’t even continued what he said and just started to walk down the stairs to the first floor and headed towards the backyard.


He opened the sliding door but what welcomed him was the sight of Hayi and Hanbin having fun by the pool splashing water at each other.


“Seungri! What are you up to?” Se7en walked behind him but Seungri turned around.


“Uhm I’m going out for awhile.” Seungri said reaching for his car keys placed on the hooks by the front door.


“Where are you going?” Yongbae wondered who was behind se7en.


“I need fresh air. Too much sweetness in this house.” Seungri smiled brightly and went down the stairs to the basement.


Se7en quizically looked at Taeyang to which the latter just shrugged his shoulder.


author's note:


hello sorry if this chap is poorly written I will try harder on the next one but then won't be able to update for a week or two! We just had 5 days of holiday here in the phils meaning tomorrow is the start of piled up work T.T COMMENTS PLEASE!!!!!!!

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