A darahae, daragon saga

My YG LIFE ^_^

A week after the party…


“Oh oppa where’d you go? aren’t you going to have breakfast?” CL asked Jiyong just entered YG house.



The two of them walked to the dining area and Jiyong discretely looked at the table and caught a glimpse of Dara. He was about to say no when Dara stood up and bade goodbye.



“I have to go.”



Everyone turned to look at her as she gave out a weak smile and leave. After watching her walk towards the door and after hearing the door close everyone turned and looked at Jiyong who just sighed in return.



The atmosphere has been like this after Kiko showed up at the party and the media went on frenzy. Dara, being the introvert, does not want any confrontation or misunderstanding that she just avoids being in the same room with Jiyong.



“Seriously Jiyong when are you two going to talk to each other?” Top asked looking annoyed.



“I can’t believe you guys are acting like kids!” Chaerin agreed shaking her head.



“You don’t think I’m trying to reach out to her? She’s been avoiding me, not answering my calls, my texts. She can’t even walk down the hallways once she sees me at the end of it.” Jiyong told them.



“Noona became super quiet again.” Mino said sadly.



“You all know that’s her personality, right? She does not want to be a burden to us that’s why she thinks the best way is to avoid confrontations.” Bom shared to the group.



“Yeah but it’s not really helping noona. It’s kinda tensing up everyone.” Seungri said.




“Don’t worry about. She’ll come around.” Bom assured them looking at Jiyong.




Jiyong sighed and began eating his breakfast. After the party the media just went on frenzy regarding his relationship with Kiko. Not to mention a lot of his and Dara’s fans have really gone angry at Kiko and started bashing her on social media.



Kiko does not really mind those things but lately it has really been a nightmare. Raw eggs are thrown at her car while parked, or even on the street while she’s using it. She gets bashed on her social media accounts. People call her an opportunist clinging unto Jiyong’s fame. And they have been fighting because of this.



-a few hours ago-


“I can’t even go out in the open without someone staring at me angrily.” Kiko revealed to Jiyong.



They were near the YG house at Kiko’s van talking. She really is upset because of the mess that came from the party.



“What do you want me to do?” Jiyong answered. Honestly, the best way to react at this situation is to not react at all. Reacting would further ignite their fan’s hurt feelings and they might lose a lot of them.



“I don’t know. Say something about it.” Kiko demanded.



“Say what?”



Kiko looked at him as if saying “I cannot believe you just said that.”



“At least something that would stop this!” Kiko insisted.



“What could I possibly say that would stop them? Nothing. Let’s just keep quiet about this.” Jiyong told his decision.



Kiko stared at him for a moment, her face showing how Jiyong’s decision hurts her. She did not like the idea that Jiyong will not say something to defend her.



“Are you just going to let those people bash me!!! I can’t believe you!!! Didn’t you hear what I said awhile ago? I have been harassed the past few days, eggs are thrown at my car!” Kiko said raising her voice.



“And whose fault was it?” Jiyong looked at her getting annoyed.






“Who told you to gate crash that party?” Jiyong was now trying to suppress his anger.



He has been keeping quiet and not take sides just so both Kiko and Dara won’t get hurt with what’s happening.







“But you know that was for broadcast. I told you before, right? That whatever you watch in that TV just ignore and trust me. Yet, you had to go and gate crash that party getting me in trouble and dragging Dara into this mess!” Jiyong angrily answered back.



Kiko didn’t like hearing her name. She knows that even if it was years ago Dara still has a special place in Jiyong’s life. And that Jiyong would drop everything even Kiko once Dara asks him to be with her.




“I cannot believe you’re defending that girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Kiko glared at Jiyong. “She’s the reason I’m in this mess!!!”



“DON’T. CALL. HER. THAT.” Jiyong said glaring back at Kiko. You can do everything you want but never mess with any of his YG family especially Dara and he’ll simply explode.



“I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU!” Kiko started screaming again.




“YOU KNOW WHAT? Nothing’s going to happen here because you wouldn’t listen. Let’s just talk again once you’re cool.” Jiyong said and opened the van’s door and walked towards the direction of the YG house.






“I cannot believe you’re so childish!” Bom told Dara over the phone. “Get home now!”



“I just went out for a walk. What’s so wrong about that?”Dara lied as she sat down at a bench.



“Really? You thought of going for a walk the moment Jiyong entered the dining area?”Bom sarcastically asked.



Dara did not answer. There was no use defending it to Bom, she will not believe it anyways.



“Until when do you plan to avoid him Dara?”Bom asked.



“I’m not!” Dara insisted.



“Sorry I’m late. Have you been waiting for too long?” Bom heard a voice in the background.



“Who is that?” she curiously asked.



“Donghae. I’ll call you later ok?”Dara said hanging up.



“YAH! YAH! YOU’RE OUT IN THE OPEN WITH LEE DONGHAE!?!?!?! ARE YOU CRAZY!!!!!!” Bom screamed at the top of her lungs but it was to no use since Dara already hung up.






“What’s up?”Donghae asked.



He was shocked to get a text message from Dara asking if it’s possible for them to meet up. He usually is very cautious with whom he meets publicly but since Dara is a very good friend he could not possibly say no. Though like Bom he also heard a lot of screaming from his Heechul Hyung and Eunhyuk.



“I don’t know. I just need some fresh air. And some non-YG company.” She sighed.  Things are really getting out of hand.  Being in the house is suffocating and seeing Jiyong for some reason makes her sad. Probably because she was affected seeing him with Kiko that night.



“Jiyong?” Donghae asked.



Dara didn’t answer and just sighed.



“Yeah, the media is out to get you guys. Things are crazy after that night.”Donghae chuckled.



“And now I can’t even stay in the same room as Jiyong.” Dara revealed. Rubbing her right arm trying to comfort herself.”


Donghae looked at her in disbelief. “Really?”


Dara just nodded in reply.


“Why?” Donghae asked.


“I know Jiyong. He will not let this issue get in his way to acting how he likes, even when I’m around. Meaning if he wants to get close with me he will still do regardless of what the media says.” Dara explained.


“That’s a bad thing because?” Donghae could not fully understand where Dara is coming from. Heck If the person she likes acts close to her shouldn’t she be happy about it?


“Because I’m not the only person involve. A lot might get affected because of this.”Dara worriedly answered.


She didn’t say anything else after. She kept quiet and thought about the past few days and how the media continue to make it sound like Dara and Jiyong are cheating behind Kiko.


She’s really upset about this. Donghae realized.


“Hey. Stop sulking. You know. I think you’re just overthinking things. Give Jiyong a break. Maybe he’s really sincere in being friends with you. I mean, why would you stop someone from being your friend just because of the media.”


Donghae tried to calm her with his words and maybe she would stop feeling bad.


“You said so yourself Dee. Jiyong is a nice guy. It’s kinda rude that you’re not giving him the chance to explain himself.”


I should pull her towards me, but no I had to be the good guy and help the great G-Dragon. Donghae thought to himself. He has this longtime crush on Dara but he’s too shy to ask and to afraid to risk the friendship.


Dara looked at Donghae as if asking if what he said was right and in return he smiled confidently.


“Come on Dara. Did you call me out here on a beautiful day to just sulk? How’s about showing me a smile?” Donghae started teasing her pointing at her cheeks knowing that Dara would get irritated.


“Ugh you know I hate that!” Dara said chuckling.


“Well then…” Donghae said then started teasing her pointing his index at Dara’s waist pretending to tickle her.


Dara chuckled. “Ah sincha Hae stop it!”


“Good. Now how about we eat something for breakfast? I figured you didn’t get to eat any just to escape the dragon.” Donghae offered to which Dara beamed and agreed.


The two stood up and Donghae offered his arms and without hesitation Dara linked her arms to his.  The two of them laughed hard as they were walking not noticing the camera hidden by the bushes near them.











The news spread like wildfire and while Donghae and Dara were having breakfast their managers suddenly appeared and had to sneak them out of the café as fans started to gather outside and take photos.


Dara was directly brought to YG Building and was now waiting at the conference room with Jjangmae.


“How can you be so careless Dara?”


Jjangmae has been their manager for a long time now. He has known 2NE1 since their trainee days and have always been protective of the girls with any scandals. That’s why when he saw the news this morning his soul went out of his body and rushed out to find her.



“I’m sorry I was not thinking right. I needed some air and I forgot that we might be followed. I was just thinking we were friends and everything so no big deal. I did not know this will happen.”


Dara explained. Her phone rang and it was Donghae. He was probably worried that Dara will get scolded because of this. She was going to answer when the door opened, and the other members walked in.


“Charanda, Dara charanda.” Bom sarcastically told her.


“Unnie.” Minzy softly tapped Bom asking her to calm down.


“Unnie kwenchana?” Chaerin asked Dara worriedly.


“I’m sorry. I don’t know what I was thinking.”


“You weren’t.” Bom butted in.


“Unnie.” CL looked at Bom and gave her a warning look. “She said she was sorry.”


“If you had just listened to me and went home instead of being a stubborn then this wouldn’t have happen and we wouldn’t be here.” Bom scolded Dara.


“I know. I’m sorry.”


“Not to mention you dragging Donghae into this mess Unnie.” CL worriedly said.


“Don’t you think –


“Ok. So, what have we got now?” Dara was cut off with YG’s voice as soon as he entered the conference room.


The four girls kept quiet because they knew better than to cross the line with an angry YG.


“What happened?” YG looked at Dara.


Jinu, Sean and Se7en entered the conference room.



“How can you be this careless Dara?!?” Se7en reprimanded her as soon as he entered the room.



Yang Hyun Suk raised his hand stopping him. “Let’s hear her explanation first.”



Dara was about to speak when the Big Bang members entered the room.



“What are you doing here?” CL asked them worried that Dara won’t talk because the boys are here.



“I called them. We have to fix this issue once and for all before I fire all of you.” YG said suppressing his anger.



Everyone grew quiet as the boys sat down. They all waited for Dara to talk.



Dara looked around and saw Jiyong and how worried he looked. She sighed before saying her statement.



“I’m sorry guys. I was just not thinking at all. I wanted to get out and have some fresh air.  Donghae said he was out jogging and I asked if we could meet up and since it was too early I thought there wouldn’t be anyone there. Being followed never crossed my mind.”



She was holding back her tears and YG could feel it.  The room was quiet for a moment before YG sighed.



“I give you an inch of freedom and you go all over the place.”



“This was all because of that stupid peck on the cheek.” Dara blurted out and regretted it as soon as she did.



She caught a glimpse of Jiyong looking hurt because of the comment.



“And Kiko going to the party.” YG surprised everyone with the sudden comment.



“Now hold up.” Jiyong was about to say something when Se7en glared at him.



“Actually, everyone is at fault here. We all knew what being on this show meant. We all agreed to do it. And yet we carelessly showed stuff we shouldn’t just to hurt one another.” Yongbae butted in.



“Admit it Jiyong. I’m sorry but it’s more likely the crowd will like DARAHAE than JIKO.” Se7en declared looking across the table.



Jiyong frowned. 



“I was against this from the very start. Hyung, you said this will not get out of hand.”



YG scratched his forehead.


“Because I thought you’d ask Kiko to stay away. I never expected Kiko to be showing up at that party.”



Everyone fell silent.



“Can we stop talking about Kiko and start addressing the problem?” CL said frustrated.



“What I don’t get is we just had that one date. It’s a friendly date. Nothing more and nothing less.”



“Noona. If you have photos of your jog this morning why not post it?” Seungri suggested.



Everyone turned and looked at him as if he lost his mind.



“I figured if Donghae and Noona just posted it and like without any apprehensions then the fans will not think so much of it.”Seungri answered.



“That doesn’t make sense.”Bom said.



“No. Seungri’s right.” Top finally breaks his silence. “If you post it like a normal day then fans won’t put so much into it. Media will not put into it. Eventually the issue will die down.”



“That is if Dara stops seeing Donghae in private.”Jiyong slipped a comment.


Everyone turned to look at him with Bom and CL raising an eyebrow.



“What’s that supposed to mean?” Dara asked annoyed that Jiyong is dragging Donghae to this when it’s Kiko who’s clearly overreacted when she barged into that party.



“It means if you continue seeing him in secret then you two would really be the talk of the town.” Jiyong explained adding fuel to the Dara’s anger.



“Donghae is a friend. I can see him whenever I want, wherever I want and it’s nobody’s business. Before dragging Donghae to this talk to your girlfriend first who thought she could be queen of YG house and just barged in whenever she wants.”Dara finally let out all the anger she was suppressing ever since that night.


“AND don’t you worry because that peck was a slip of the moment for doing something special for CL and YB  and nothing else. It was a sibling thanks and nothing special and it will never happen again.”



“NO!” Seungri suddenly screamed and everyone turned to look at him again.



“I mean. Don’t say it won’t happen again. I mean. There’s nothing wrong with showing your feelings every now and then noona.”



YG shook his head. “You know you used to be so easy to handle. Now, I’m just really getting fed up.”



“What do you say Dara? Do you like the idea of posting the photos?”



“I just asked Donghae and he just said it’s fine. I’m posting it now.” Dara told them.



“Ok. Please I beg of you. Behave.”YG pleaded.



Sean showed the tablet that he was holding to YG and a smirk got out of his lips.



“What’s up?” Jinu asked wondering the change of mood of their boss.



“YG LIFE has the highest ratings and pay-per-view subscriptions for YG LIFE 24/7 has just increased double. The cable network wants to have a talk about a possible extension of contract.”



“WHAT?!?!” Both Big Bang members and 2NE1 shouted in disbelief.







“Dara can we talk?” Jiyong asked softly pulling her arm stopping her from walking.



Dara turned and looked at the girls who nodded in agreement.



She didn’t say anything and just nodded at him.



Jiyong led the way and opened the door to one of the empty studios.



Once the door was closed Dara was taken back because Jiyong suddenly hugged her.



“I’m sorry Dee.” He said tightening his hug because Dara was trying to break free.



“Jiyong. Someone might see.”



“I don’t ing care. You’ve been avoiding me for too long and I can’t take it anymore. I’m sorry Dara. I’m a jerk. I’m sorry.” Jiyong kept begging for forgiveness.



“I. can’t. breathe. Are. You. Trying. To. Kill. Me?” Dara asked gasping for air.



Jiyong chuckled and finally let the hug go but he then cupped her face and made her look at him.



“I’m seriously sorry Dee.”



Dara pulled his hands away as she tries to calm herself down.



“What has gotten into you?”



Jiyong shrugged his shoulders and was about to kneel down when Dara stopped him.






“Really?” Jiyong asked suppressing the smile on his face.



“Yes.” Dara answered.



With that answer Jiyong finally let out his boyish grin.



“Just. Just be careful with your actions Jiyong. We all know she barged in because of the peck and I’m sorry for that. But, like now, we have can’t just act on what we’re feeling because a lot are at stake. We can hurt a lot of people.”



“Like Donghae?” Jiyong asked raising an eyebrow.



Dara rolled her eyes. “No. Donghae is different. He’s a friend.”



“Dee, friends don’t look at friends the way Donghae looks at you.” Jiyong pointed out to which Dara held up her hand to stop him.



“He’s a good friend Jiyong. So don’t. He has been encouraging me, to talk to you about the situation. Cause I told him how suffocating it could get being in a room with you.” Dara revealed.


“Wow.” Jiyong said. “Was it that bad for you?”



Dara pouted as she nodded. “I felt so bad for Kiko.”



“Ok. Are you telling me it’s going to be awkward again with you after this?” Jiyong asked curiously.



Dara shrugged her shoulders.



“But I like how we were before things got awkward again.” Jiyong pouted.



Dara looked at him and couldn’t help think about how she missed that pouting face of his.



He still has an effect of me. I hate this.



But she was also going to hate what she was about to say.



“Ok. How about let’s just be careful. We can be close but friendly close only. Let’s just always remember that Kiko might get hurt if we act really really really close.” Dara bargained.



She knows how Jiyong thinks and if she does not bargain this, she might fall in a trap she can’t get out of and in the end, when the cameras stop rolling, Jiyong has Kiko and she has a broken heart.




Jiyong thought for a moment when he finally sighed to agree.



“Are we good? Can we go home now? I’m tired and I want to take a shower.”



She was about to leave when Jiyong suddenly gave her a peck on the cheek.



Startled, she looked at him questioningly wondering what the kiss was for.



“I just felt like doing it.” Jiyong answered opening the door and running away from Dara.



“YAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Dara screamed as she ran after him.






At the YG mansion



Jiyong and Dara rode at the same van going home. Apparently, the other members thought it would only be right for them to “talk out” their differences, so they all went ahead and left them.



“I’m going to go up to take a shower.” Dara told Jiyong as soon as they got inside the house.



Jiyong gave her a nod. “The boys are probably at the studio downstairs. See you later”



Dara went up the stairs and as she entered her room her mobile phone buzzed.






OH yeah. I forgot to give an update. Dara thought.



“Hey.” Dara greeted as she answered her phone.



“Was it bad?” Donghae asked.



“No.” Dara smiled wondering how long Donghae has been worrying if she got scolded big time.



“Really?” Dongahe asked worriedly.



“Yes. We’re fine. Jiyong and I talked it out and we’re ok.” Dara whispered as she got out of the balcony to avoid the mics that might catch what she’s saying.



“So my idea worked?” Donghae blurted out.



“What idea?” Dara asked.



“I’m really sorry for acting out on my own and not even asking you.” Donghae suddenly uttered fast.



Silence takes over for a couple of seconds when it hit Dara.



“You hired that paparazzi?”



Donghae chuckled in the other line. “It’s not really a paparazzi. It’s more of like my manager and Eunhyuk hiding at the bushes taking photos of us.”



Dara covered that was hanging open, in disbelief that Dongahe would deceive her like that.



“I cannot- you- Uhm – DONGHAE!”



Donghae chuckled loudly.



“Well, it worked out fine didn’t it?”



Dara shook her head as she paced back and forth. To think she was feeling sorry to everyone and the amount of scolding she got from Bom this morning.



“Do you know how much scolding I got from my members just because of this?!!??!”



Donghae laughed again.



“But it did work for our purpose right? Jiyong approached you first.”



Dara paused for a moment to think and realized what Donghae said was true.



“Well, We’re off to practice. I’ll talk to you later Dara.”



“Hey Hae.” Dara called him out before he could hang up.









“Anything for you my friend.” He said and then hung up.



Dara looked at the garden and pool area where the others are having a lazy afternoon.  The sun is setting and the sky was beautiful, Dara sighed then smiled.





Donghae stared at his mobile phone for a few seconds before sighing then smiling.



“Aigooo. Friendzoned Donghae. Let’s go!” Hyukjae said patting him at the back.



“How much do you like Dara that you’d go to this extent ei?” Heechul asked as he placed his arms around him.



Donghae just let out a smile and ignored them.



At least even as a friend I could do something to make her smile.


















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